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446domestic bliss rachael corry [E-Bay]
Total claims:1
sixpenccooking »13/12/0819/12/20082

i purcheist and won a gas cooker from Rachael Corry Ruthin Denbighire 7 Bro clwyd Rhewl Denbigshire, her company is called DOMESTICBLISS

her E-Mail address is [] (link: she sells on E-Bay she dose not respond to any e-mails she has a phone number but it out of use and none of her details match on the e-bay site. she takes your cash and you dont get the goods or a reply. E-Bay should stop her from trading. but dont seem at all interested in any complaints for the frist 60 days. so if you want to commit froad use e-bay. all the other con men do why not you.This women is bad news dont buy from her.

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806Cam-toys [not known]
Total claims:1
Faulty goods, no refund »sept 200806/02/20090

Bought a remote dog training anti bark collar from cam-toys on ebat. The collar was faulty so I asked advise from the seller. He told me to hang onto the collar and try various things. He made out that it was my fault as i may have inserted the batteries incorrectly! I tried different things he suggested but the collar still did not work effectively. He told me to send it back which I did. He hung onto it for at least 3 weeks, by which time I could not leave feedback! Furthermore he told me that he woulfdonly issue a refund if I were to leave him positive feedback! Since I could not leave any feedback I never received the collar back from him and did not get a refund! I notified ebay, they have done NOTHING about this. Oh, I forget, they sent me a £20 voucher to spend on EBAY! I am so angry as this con merchant is still selling and continuing to con his way into positive feedback. Negative will not be shown because he stalls his buyers making it too late to submit feedback of any sort!! EBAY need stringing up for this and he should not be selling!!

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924frank oloughlin [westerly]
Total claims:1
unpaid bill »feb 16, 200917/02/20090

I had a man name frank o'loughlin of westerly ri bought a $200 software package. He told me he would pay me but he was traveling. After 3 weeks (too late for second chances) i sent him emails which he never answered. ebay gave me his phone number. His wife said he would handle it. still no payment, no emails. I called Frank up and he said he had to talk to his wife (henpecked). I asked to get word back by Sunday. No response. I called back and the wife now tells me he doesn't need the package. I told her that it is the policy of ebay that once you bid you are legally obligated. She told me they didn't care about that. I told her that i was laid off and i needed the money to pay for my insurance and she could resell the package because she is responsible for it. she said that was not her problem. (i think she wanted a lower price.) I told her i felt I was mislead and lied to and she had the nerve to tell me she would fight me infront of ebay about that. I have a money back guarantee so ebay told me to stop communicating with her because if she got the package they would download it onto their hard drive and then ask for a refund. The customer service rep on the phone couldn't been nicer. ebay did give them a strike.... however no one can see it and i still do not have any proof of what ebay told them. I spent a lot of time and money fooling around with these two. WARNING Frank and his wife are still on the system and Frank suggusted that second chance option too fast to not think he has done this before. From now on payment is due 3 days after invoice; otherwise I'll 2nd chance it. Please learn from my mistake of trusting people.

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1132Gadget Asia [Cheung Sha Wan]
Total claims:3
WARRANTY & RETURN ISSUE »27/12/0804/03/20090

A huge warning to those thinking of buying a Wii package from Asia - please don't waste you money.  This is what's happened to me.

I bought a Wii package from Gadget Asia as a Xmas present from Santa for my 2 young children.  It was £250 but included 20 additional games and Wii sports.  It was opened and set up on 25 December only to find that we couldn't find the games and no Wii Sports package other than the controls.  I contacted Gadget Asia via email to find that other games were on an SD card [ok] but Wii Sports game not included in the package.  My initial complaint therefore was why provide all the controls for Sports and why did the box state Wii games included. 

Very unhappy with their response as didn't answer the questions.  However on 8 January, less than 2 weeks worth of play, we began to experience problems with the Wii as it kept switching itself off and then started freezing.  The response was that it could be the charger which I unplugged.  Sparks started to fly out of the charger once it was plugged back in.  I was told to send only the console back [not the charger] at my expense [£25].  It arrived at it's destination in HK on 17 January and although I tried to check it's progress, it wasn't picked up until 31 January.

I've sent so many emails trying to find out what's happening and my kids desperately unhappy.  After 6 weeks of waiting, I've now been told that there is no fault and that I've opened the console [an utter lie] and that it is not therefore under warranty and the warranty is now void.

And to get it back to the UK I have to pay an additional £20.

I've asked to speak to the Customer Services Manager and find out their complaints proceedure.  There doesn't seem to be one.

Please don't buy from this company. 

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1469Gadget Asia [Cheung Sha Wan]
Total claims:3
2 faulty DS Lites »from Dec 0823/03/20090

In December 2008 I purchased 3 Nintendo DS Lites from Gadget Asia as Christmas presents for my children. Once opened on Christmas Day one of the DS Lites would not recognise writing and words on the screen and therefore could not use games such as Brain Training or Sponge Bob drawn to Life. On pictochat it could not draw a straight line. On another of the consoles within a day of playing the A button became twisted and permanently depressed. After contacting Gadget Asia I then returned both consoles to Hong Kong (explaining to my very upset children that they had gone back to Santa's elves for repair). Three weeks later the consoles were returned to me, with no technician report, and were exactly the same as when I had sent to Hong Kong  nothing had been done to them. After a series of emails I have now been asked to resend them back to Hong Kong for their technicians to look at them. My children now have lost a lot of faith in Father Christmas, I do not want to pay AGAIN to return them to Hong Kong to only have them returned to me in the same state. Their customer service is appalling. They have been rude to me in emails - writing in capitals that I cannot reply to customer service responses. I at this stage do not know what to do.

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3767Gadget Asia [Cheung Sha Wan]
Total claims:3
Ps3 games consoles and other items or refund money »20 july 200920/07/20090

Dear sir,

I've gone so many birocracy from this company claiming that they still doing investigations about my bank statement regarding my postal/shipping address and billing card address which i persume they trying to delay the despatching my order items or they trying to cheat me and make run off my money. I've also sent them my personnel detail letter from the Cardiff council regarding my recent address, my tv lisening letter, my bills from different companies such as Carphoneware house, my paypal confirmation letter of my address. But the company still insisted they still investigated any fraud been made and gave me 5 days at least to been approved by their sales manager which for me too much to ask for. I did even sent them my list of transactions from my bank account statement. So far i haven't got any problems from any major companies regarding the same matter and all my order arrived as i requested and the items was far more expensive than gadget asia PS3 console which they said every items which is more than 100GBP should go through their security system for check. And for your info also i did purchased a PSP console from them amounting 170++GBP and they did sent me the item as promised but to my suprised this time it was beyond believe and outrages.

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11235Jacques Van der Schyff
Total claims:1
Misappropriation of Funds »2 Oct 200912/02/20100
I bought 4 x boxes of YMEA tablets @ £6.99 each & postage of £8.36 from this seller on EBAY. I received only 1 box of YMEA tablets. I escalated the claim to Paypal but have never received a refund from this person. I have contacted him/her via the email address given on EBAY but to no avail. I have posted negative feedback on EBAY about this seller but I am informed that he can continue to sell by using a different name and / or email address.

If I am unable to receive my money back by going through the correct channels, then I would like everyone to know that they should never deal with this person and if somebody could tell me how, and where else I can post negative feedback about this person, then please feel free to let me know.

Hope this helps.

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16006 just_treatyourself [Wrexham]
Total claims:2
taking mony from ac »10/01/1115/01/20110
i wase on web igot advert abut acai for 2.49 .isay ok on 10/12/2010.after that . 08000988526. took £75 in 24/12/10 when i found in my bank been used fraudly i rang companey about and they cancled for me they said i get money back. same date they took another £79.95 from my ac. i wen to bank again they gave me 08000988526 to ring .i am ringing but no ansuer . please help me to get my money back and stop taking money .stop auto-ship program .stop cheating stop fraud stop stop .STOP STOP STOP .

Mohammed kadir

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11931 just_treatyourself [Wrexham]
Total claims:2
Selling fake autographs on ebay »6/1/201002/04/20100
just_treatyourself ebay seller selling fake autographed music sheets

will not provide adress to return the items, has since had all of his auctions pulled from ebay.

For the 1000 people that bought these sheets it comes too late.

Not a bad earner for the online fraudster who has pocketed roughly £10,000 by selling A4 photocopies.

Has been verified online by an expert expert as fake autographs.

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17562McGowan Engineering [Redditch ]
Total claims:1
Con Man »22.3.201123/03/20110
Its not the money it's the way I was treated.
I recently won two packets of rivets on ebay from this company.
I paid immediately via paypal, what could be easier I thought?
I was sent a 2nd invoice as they claimed that I had not paid, when I contacted them someone by the name of MAC replied by saying I don't understand STOP NIT PICKING + JUST PAY!
So only after e-mailing Martin McGowan who I assume is this Mac was it sorted out. I then received a grovelling email from him blaming the computer, it was not his fault and that he's been in business 40+ years and will be for at least another 5.
The confidence of a con man I think.
I can only assume this Is MAC's attitude to all paying customers when he doesn't get his own way 1st time, probably most just walk away and leave him to it "NOT ME HEY MAC" so my advice is if at all possible don't do business with this opportunist con man he does not deserve the business.
Attitudes like that deserve to fail.
You have been warned...

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Total claims:1
Undelivered cocktail dress from ebay Chinese seller »19/01/2011 - 17/05/201116/05/20110
Having bought from this Chinese seller previously, I was pretty sure I'd done my backgroud work and that the seller using the name "especial1986" on ebay would be honest for my second purchase.

As this dress was being made from scratch and made to fit, I had no qualms in waiting some months as I had been notified that it would soon be their Chinese Spring Festival therefore a delay was to be expected.

I travel often for work so had set a "to be delivered by" date for the first week in May thereby leaving plenty of time for the seamstresses to work.

It has been 4 months since my payment and order and after initial promises that my dress will soon be sent out to the Uk being in the latter stages of production, the seller is now not replying to my e-mails despite my being amical and unagressive.

I have had no choice but to seek advice from ebay and paypal which has further angered the seller but at least I got a reply from them albeit vague stating that they will sort it out "tomorrow". But like they say, tomorrow never comes....

They are clearly taking advantage of the 45 day policy claim to a refund although they are unaware that the power of bad reviews can directly affect their future sales. (On ebay, one has a certain amount of days to give out feedback which obviously buyers who are waiting weeks or months for their customised dresses to be made cannot complain or leave negative remarks when they DO finally realise that the seller is a fraud!!!)

I will be taking legal action against this company in order to get a refund as this company is taking advantage of Western consumers. £79 is a LOT for the Chinese so I will not rest until:
a) Future buyers are alerted to this scammer and the company's sales are directly affected-

especial_you shop on ebay
especial1986 seller information

b) I receive action on their behalf in the form of a refund.

c) Failing that, the closure of the business of this fraudster selling and profiting on ebay international.

more details » [tomas12212]
Total claims:2
Ipad refund »2 march 201210/03/20120

We won a new ipad 2 off the seller tomas 122 payed for it via pay pal the same. Day 

Item #: 260969607901


Black 16gb

Time left:EndedCurrent bid:£300.00Bids:1P&P:£3.50Location:Northampton, NorthamptonshirePost to:GBCondition:NewPayment:PayPalItem #:260969607901Seller:tomas12212 (22) 100%


We have waited a. Week and still nothin so we tried to cancel. It on the 9th march But as enay seem to think we havent paid for it the resolution centre cant start a case. Paypal. Aparently phoned us on the 6th march and we confirmed payment could go ahead It left our account but. Itemis still listed as not payed for As i said we have attempted to cancel on the 9 and 10 we've both emaild And emaild. But no response we can not use the phone so cant ring This money was to get me a ipad as. A communication aid. But insted we havet got the money or the item and i will deregister as soon as u can sort this matter But i dont trust ebay or pay pal any more I want my money back now i need it sites like this need to be Stopped

Need this money refunded urgently


No reply from ebay except the automatic crap


We have both emailed them  zip all is happening




more details » [tomas12212]
Total claims:2
suspended account »07/08/201308/08/20130
I would like to make a complaint about Ebay after my account was suspended due to a problem with my Paypal account which I don't have and the Paypal account was created with my details and without my permission and was linked to my Ebay account without my permission.

I have tried to sort this problem out over the phone with Ebay and Paypal but they have refused to do anything about it and because I don't have access to this Paypal account I am not able to close it or remove it from my ebay account.

I have made many orders with ebay before my account was suspended and they weren't willing to tell me if I would still get the items.

I feel that for this problem to be sorted my Ebay account should be reinstated as it was suspended due to someone else and not myself.

I will be taking this matter further if my account isn't reinstated within the next few days. I will also be making an official complaint to Paypal and the ceo's of the companies and I do advise that any costs will be paid by ebay and paypal which will make a loss for them . If they however reinstated my ebay account they wouldn't have to pay anything as the problem would be sorted .

Also Ebay and Paypal customer servirce helpline is very poor they were very rude towards me and they didn't know what they were talking about.

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24086Legion media [Leigon media]
Total claims:1
My playstion 3 orignal is missing »Between 11 of augst and sept11/03/20120
My parner bought me a ps3 orignial for my 40th birthday

It s the bacward compatible 60gb

Well played it once an it was making a noise like a jet engin
Then the. Red and yellow lights heppend

So got intouch with the ebay seller and he arranged for it to be collected
And repaird at his expence since we hadnf had it a week

Legion media then email to say it was ok then email sayin it wasnt
They couldnt fix it so wound send it to sony

We have heard nothing since

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Total claims:1
Mrs_Bucher where is my money »2O1111/03/20120
Won a pspgo from the seller about october 2011

She said in her email via ebay mail yes you can have it for £30
But kept the aution running
It reach over £100

then she deregisyered

Disapearing with my money which i paied through paypal

Ebay only advice was contact the nation frud police and go from there

They seem to think everyone has the ability to use the phone
Its always the buyer who has to phone the seller but we cant due to disability

Agggh i what all my money back

First ps 3 the was over 100 then pspgo. 30.00 now the ipad £303.50

If my math is right £ 433.50 ebay sellers or ebay uk owe us

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26435Chris Howson [Middlesbrough]
Total claims:1
Fraudulent DJ »14/08/201223/08/20120

After paying for a pair of headphones found on Ebay Via a bank transfer the seller Chris Howson (DJ Chris Unhurdov) has ignored all e-mail communication over the items whereabouts.

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30166Reimond Haro [London]
Total claims:1
Reimond Haro is an ebay fraudster. WE HAVE FULL DOCUMENTED PROFF! »01/06/201401/06/20140
To anyone who uses E-Bay. I was ripped of with £500 on an iPhone 32Gig by Reimond Haro, or that's the name is is using today.

This man is ( goes by the e-bay name as Reimond Haro) a fraudster selling good like iPhones in fake boxes...

My name is Tracy Baker and I have 86 positive feedback with 100 percent record. While this man has 3.

He has stolen over £550 from me. I ram reporting him to the police for fraud as well as writing bout his fraudulent activities to as many blogs as I can find including

My boyfriend owned this site so we will also contact 3,000,000 people to watch out for this man.

His a bay details are as follows:
Default user image reimondharo ( 3 )

Feedback- He only has 3 users with all false feedback ( from the same ip address)

Member since: 19-Jun-13 in United Kingdom

Registered as a business seller

The actual i-phone is a 16Gig not a 32Gig as sold. It was all sold as new but it was full of contacts and very used with a frozen screen.

This man is not only a con man but a nasty piece of work who is aggressive and threatening...

I will upload his details as I find out more about him

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30471charms of old ltd [leicestershire]
Total claims:1
beware,beware,beware »17/11/201519/11/20150
ok guys. i see myself as being quite an inexperienced ebay user. i only have a feedback score of 57 & thats from mostly items i have bought. anyway i want to warn others about my recent experience on ebay.
now i decided to list some inherited gold. so i listed a ladies accurist gold watch . then ebay user " fairsfair11 " a person named deb approached myself & asked me to add a buy it now price of £300 which i agreed to do & they then bought it & paid via ebay.
anyway next thing i knew , the payment was held by paypal til dec 2nd so i refunded the payment back to the buyer & sent a sale cancellation request which they ignored. i then relisted the watch & few days later. this deb messaged me again, insisted they still wanted the watch & that they was sending payment thru again.
i was suspicious, it was as if they was desperate & i dont know how they did it but payment was sent straight to my paypal account & the payment was not held this time so i honoured the sale & i was told to send to d&j jewellery sales at 3 royds avenue,heysham,morecambe,lancashire,las 1 pa so i sent the gold watch by special delivery on 17/11/2015 & thought that was the end of it but on the 18/11/2015, i had a message off the buyer again asking where the rest of the jewellery was.
i could not believe the cheek of it. now if you look at the ebay listing, you will clearly read what the sale is for but because there is another pict of both the watch & a load of other gold items. they was after all that aswell for the £300 & now because i wont give them all that aswell. they have damaged the watch & filed a claim with paypal so you need to take note of all the info i have gathered so far & stay clear of these 2 scammers who have quite a sophisticated opertaion going on.
so heres whats going on. the pair's names are debra / debbie / deb schofield & joel schofield. residing at 3 royds avenue, heysham, morecambe, lancashire, la3 1pa, home tel number 01524851603 , mobile, 07463524821,both born in 1970 by all accounts lol.
now either is approaching sellers of jewellery on ebay via joel's ebay account " fairsfair11 " they are using this account to do all the dirty work & leave shit feedback when they dont get their own way or when sellers see thru the pair & change their mind. just check out the feedback this pair has been leaving sellers. its really disgusting.
then when they have obtained bargain jewellery by ripping people off. they are then listing it on ebay under debs ebay id. "debbieschofield ". in addition, both deb, debbie, debra & joel have other company interests.
these include. " charms of old ltd " company number 05436044, 43a st mary rd, leicestershire le167ds . ebay " charms of old "
kinky minx ltd. 3 royds avenue, heysham,morecambe,lancashire, las 1pa. ebay user : kinkyminx1 company number 08288138.
in addition to the above. i have several email addresses so far & these are as follows: , ,
im sure im going to be digging up even more information on this pair yet incl a photo when i go visiting them. to be honest, i am really annoyed about being threatened of having bad feedback left on my ebay page for not giving them more gold for free & especially now that they have filed a false paypal claim & damaged the gold watch.
be carefull of these two, they are clearly scammers,yes so they have filed a paypal claim against myself, but luckily i was suspicious & withdrew the money before i sent the watch so the watch will come back but theres no refund funds in the account lol so they will lose out in that respect but others are no so lucky esp if they have funds in their account.
now personally i dont give a toss about my ebay account. i can always set up a new account & im certainly not bothered about my paypal account. i prefer cash on collection anyway so the account balance can stay at minus £310. one thing for sure, i wont be adding any funds to the account lol, paypal will tell them to return the watch they damaged which wont be accepted on delivery & returned back to them so they will then have wasted their postage too pmsl..
i need to prepare all this properly & ensure it goes global so bare with me whilst i prepare it, the best is yet to come guys pmsl.

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