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Total claims:14

Lanwall con you into a 5 yaer lease on a photo copier on the assumption that it will not cost you a penny.  This would be because the built in no. of free copies would cover the rental cost and any shortfall would be refunded to you by lanwall to cover the cost of the lease hire payment due to CFasset.  Lanwall have now stopped making the refund payments and we cant get any ink or paper from them.

We are due in the region of £1000 and have a unit that we cant use as its out of ink - but in the meantime we still have to pay CFasset £350 a month


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stanley crook post office »August 200722/06/20096

Since leasing a photocopier from this company in 2007 we have not received a single rebate from them as promised in their terms and conditions. As we knew our post office might be on the closure list we were concerned that we would be left with the equipment having to pay £350 per quarter. Lanwall assured us that this would not happen as the machine being so popular, it would be easy to uplift it to another customer who would then take over the payments.

The post office was in fact closed in October 2008. The shop was not financially viable without it and ,would you believe it , we are stuck with the photocopier, the payments and no income except pension. We are going to the small claims court on Junne 29th about the outstanding rebates.  Even if we win I have little confidence that we will get our money and we still have £350 to find for CF Asset every 3 months.

We wre not told clearly that CF Asset and Lanwall were not connected and feel that Lanwall completely misled us. They owe us over £1000 and more if you count the money we are still having to pay.

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Total claims:14
industrial tribunal »03/11/200815/06/20104
i worked at lanwall for a short time and when they they were late in paying me my due wages and expenses i asked if someone could put money into my bank account so that i could feed my family, all the reply i got was things are not working out and you are no longer required and they did not pay me anything.
on advice i took the company to the industrial tribunal and lanwall were ordered to pay me all monies due but they just ignored this order i again took them to court on nov 2009 and again they were ordered to pay me due monies but as usual lanwall seem to think they are above the law and ignored the court order.
i dont understand how they can do these things and claim the company is struggling when there sister company is doing so well with the same directors and how they just ignore a court judge [if i ignored a court order i would be locked up]

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Unpaid Rebate and loss of contracted support »21 July 0921/07/20093

Lanwall installed a colour photocpier under a 5-year lease on the assumption that it will not cost you a penny. This is because you are provided with a number of free copies that covers the rental cost and any shortfall in the number of copies taken would be refunded. In this way you are covered for the cost of the lease hire payment.

Lanwall have never made the refund payments and will not provide ink or paper from them.

We are owed £1600 and are stuck with a photocopier that we can't use as it is out of ink.

As the Lanwall deal involves 2 contracts - 1 with Lanwall, and one with a Lease hire company, Lanwall lose nothing by being in breach of their contract, and you are stuck with your Lease hire payment with a big company who don't care that you were ripped off.


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lanwall »200702/09/20092

Lanwall installed a colour photocpier under a 5-year lease and we were assured that it would not cost us a penny. Because you are provided with a number of free copies that covers the rental cost so any shortfall in the number of copies taken would be refunded to us In this way you are covered for the cost of the lease hire payment.Lanwall have never refunded these payments and we cannot get them to provide  provide ink or paper.

We are owed £2800 and are stuck with a photocopier that we have to try and provide  toner that costs at least £60 a time The original Lanwall contract involved two contracts - one with Lanwall, and one with a Lease hire company, Lanwall are in breach of their contract, and we are not able to get out of the contract with our Lease hire company who seem oblivious to our predicament and who don't seem to care that you have been conned into this agreement from the begining. i have tried my utmost to contact lanwall but all their phone lines are no longer connected. so it seems that they are no longer trading. i need help to get out of the contract with hire company as i still have nearly 3 years to go on the lease.


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Total claims:14
not word back and pos in liquidation »sep 200825/09/20092

I recently messaged you about lanwall systems not giving me any paper or ink or contacting me or me beibng able to contact them


I have had a few people contact me with questions of where others have contacted me and if there is any action is being taken.

I have had about 3 people call and all stories vary, all worse than my situation.  One person supplied them and is owed thousands and others like me have not got any paper toner and the photo copiers are not funtional and are owed hundreds to thousands of rebate money.

I have had an update of info that may or maynot be true, but apparently Lanwall Systems LTD are in or almost in Liquidation, so if you havent taken action yet, I suggest you do so.  Maybe get some legal advise, but so far no one contacting me has come up with positive info on whether we can get out of the leasing contract and not pay the monthly/quarterly sum when lanwall clearly are not fulfilling there side of the deal and quite possible are incapable of once in liquidation.

If you have any info give me a call on: 07931 764 119, so I can advise others on possible ways out of continuing to pay the leasing amount for the next 1,2,3,4 or for the really unlucky ones 5years + !!

Or if you don't know what to do, give me a call and I can tell you if I have any more info on this matter,



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Total claims:14
Unpaid rebate »Ongoing23/07/20091

I signed up with Lanwall Services Ltd in November 2007 after I was led to believe that it would be at no cost to me as any shortfall between copies sold and cost would be paid by Lanwall services.  When the first rebate was due I contacted them and was then told there had to be 3 consecutive rebate statements before payment!  This went on until I eventually got a payment about 12/13 months later.  They tried hard to get me to upgrade to colour photocopier but would not touch with a barge pole.  Have been given ever more wonderfull excuses as to why rebate has not been paid. Have been trying ever since to get my rebate which is currently £250.  I did have the mobile no. of the owner a Mr Mark Waller I left numerous messages on his answer phone but to no avail.  This number is no longer working surprise ,surprise!  I have been ringing the head office and all you get is the annoying answerphone message to say they are busy and someone will get back to you, which of course no one ever does.  I today phoned the Finance lease company (Key Commercial Finance) to see if they could help. They said they were aware of a problem with Lanwall and had had to take legal action against Lanwall as they were not returning emails/letters/phone calls.  So  I am left paying £90 a quarter to a finance company for a machine we do not want with no hope of getting our rebates.  It would cost us £900 to pay off the lease, what a rip off!  As a member of the NFRN I only went with this company because they were recommended by the NFRN, but they seem to have washed their hands of the matter as well!  All in all it would appear that I and lots of other people have been taken in by this company who appear to have no shame!

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Total claims:14
Unpaid Rebates »01/07/0924/07/20091

We are a computer shop in Pontypridd,South Wales We swapped to Lanwall from a local company who has supplied us with copiers for nearly 10 years without a days problem. Lanwall approached us in June 2008 with their brilliant deal which seemed to be perfect for us. Everything was fine intially and end of Nov the ink light started flashing. Contacted them and they promised more ink. Nothing arrived, copier stopped working in Feb. Soon after they stopped answering the phone and we probably called the lanwall numbers every day. We contacted both CFasset and RBS through phone and letter, who basically said tough luck, not our problem. Eventually end april we got through and they sent us more ink. What a relief!! They even sent us a statement with how much they owed us and contacted us to check everything was going ok.

But Alas, we haven't received any credits from them and now they are not answering their phones again, we have tried daily for at least a month.

Also our ink light is now flashing again so the copier will soon stop working again.

We are disgusted that Lanwall can con so many people (all small businesses) and the finance company just wash their hands of the problem as though they are not involved.

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Total claims:14
no service as agreed »12/05/200928/07/20091

lanwell got us to take a copier on a wont cost you anything, we refund differance between lease and copies done basis.Sounds too good to be true ,well its seems it is just that copier not working as out of toner lanwell can not be contacted we have tryed every way including through bank of scotland (who say we still have to pay them as its not there problem) so now we left with a copier that is bringing in nothing but costing us over £100 a month seems lanwell only winners as they have the said lease money from bank of scotland i have stopped direct debt to bos and am now waiting for them to take legal action !!!!!! how can a company be allowed to do this and how can bos justify helping lanwell con people as i t transpires im not the only person with same grievence



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Total claims:14

i HAVE HAD MY LANWALL CONTRACT FOR A BLACK AND WHITE COPIER FOR ABOUT 3 YEARS NOW, BUT FOR ALMOST A YEAR, I have not been able to get intouch with them to order ink or paper!


There are no details for emails to contact and they never pick up the phone, just the option to leave a message for paper deliveries, which they never reply or respond to.


As others on this site, I have had similar problems and i'm taking it from the responses here that all lanwall customers are experiencing the same thing.


We should collectively start legal action on them and give them a real kick in their backsides!!


If this happens, give me a call on 07931 764 119 (sam) i'm happy to join this action.  And a someone rightly said most of their customers are small businesses going through this recession with this extra financial burdon. 



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Total claims:14
rect 536 »april 200827/10/20091

i have been put in this contract and there is no way out of this. they owe me loads of money any haven't had single rebate. BOS is still taking my money as lease agreement.

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25718Rijo42 [Sean ]
Total claims:2
Rip off coffee machine »1/6/201224/06/20121
Sean you are a con man of the highest order do not come here again .changing paper work and even forging my signature

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Total claims:14
Lanwall »12/12/0824/09/20090

Lanwall have not sent a technician to fix the colour photocopier which I leased through them since december 2008, nor have they remitted any of the monies due to me under the agreement with themdespite the fact that I'm still paying for the lease agreement. I've telephoned many times to request payment and supplies but neither has been forthcoming.

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Total claims:14
they offered us a photocopier saying it would cost us a penny now its costing us £3.500+ »200920/02/20120

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Total claims:14
they offered us a photocopier saying it would cost us a penny now its costing us �£4.000+ in direct monhly payments »200920/02/20120
we took on the photo copier as they was sayin all they charge is a one off fee and take commision off every copy that is made now they have charged us �£4000!! and are taking monthly payments

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16620Beresford Copiers [CORSHAM]
Total claims:1
Lanwall - Fraud again.... »2008-201110/02/20110

Do not pay the finance companies for this debacle caused by Lanwall.

Google for Lanwall articles in 'The Grocer' under the dear Jac section to see what people have done.

The finance companies such as Bank of Scotland have not pursued anyone who has not paid in the past 3.5 years I have been working on the case.

They can't because they have continued to approve agreements done through Lanwall when serious concerns were raised.

Stay strong.

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25505Diesel and Petrol Generators Ltd [Worcestershire]
Total claims:1
Generator »July 201109/06/20120
This Company is being run by two guys, Mr Dave Palmer and Mr Gavin Palmer. They used to run DP generators Llp which went into liquidation on the 4th November 2011.

In July 2011, we had placed an order for a used generator from dp generators llp, and was told that there was a fantastic offer that was available and that we would be required to pay them a sum of £14,500 to secure the generator.

After the money was transferred, as you would expect, nothing happened. After pursuing the order for several months finally in October 2011, Mr Dave Palmer told us that he would be able to secure an alternative generator this carried on until early november.

According to the liquidators report, they were approached on the 3rd of november 2011 to seek advice on the partnership's financial position. I had spoke to Mr Dave Palmer that evening and he lied to me that he was locating the generator for us. The next day, No reply from DP generators. Staff at their office informed that Dave was in london for business and would get back to me. But never did.

The notification from the liquidators was never received as well as they had given a wrong address for our company. I believe that many others have suffered similar fate. I'm also impressed that there is so much protection for scammers in this country of law and order.

Anyway, this is just to warn others to stay away from this guys. If they don't have the item you require, don't pay them anything as there is nothing that they are selling. Lets hope that they continue to stay lucky but karma has it's way.

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25855Rijo42 [Sean ]
Total claims:2
BANKRUPT CON ARTISTS »22/06/1203/07/20120
Rijo42 collapsed into administration on 22/06/12. Details can be obtained from Manchester High Court, case number 2767/2012. They appear to have started up again the same day using the same name. Presumably just a scam to walk away from debt. There are many bad reviews about this company on the internet, including accounts of customers being conned into lease terms they didn't agree to. Avoid at all costs

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