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Total claims:21
full refund »20/05/200920/05/200938

My husband bought airline tickets for the both of us through Sea Breeze Holidays Limited. One is a 1-way ticket and the other a return. He used his credit card to pay the full amount. We were sent sent 2 invoices for which he signed and i emailed to Sea Breeze Holidays Limited - also running under Flight Heaven.

I was the emailed a 3rd party form for my husband to sign. How can he sign a form when the money has gone through.

We want our money back

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5899Diamond Resorts [Lancaster]
Total claims:9
TIMESHARE FRAUD »April 200926/10/20098

After this entry you will find the "ATTACK' by both Patrick DUFFY and ELIZABETH BRENNAN where they have said they will sue me. They still could not get my name right nor my address so the summons was sent to the wrong name and address.

However all of their nasty threats were to no avail as the Honourable Judge from HOLLAND told the lawyer representing Stephen CLOOBECK and Diamond Resorts International me KOCK that the 'TRUTH IS NEVER SLANDER" and threw out their 'case" THEY LOST.

What is more the Judge told Mr KOCK to inform his clien CLOOBECK and DRI to open a financial transactions office... that was April 2010... THEY HAVE NOT DONE SO. They have collected my m fees WITHOUT receipts via the Internet. They blocked me from entering my unit 7132 week 17 and even placed TWO THOMAS COOK HOLIDAY MAKERS IN MY UNIT so collecting my $1238.49 plus the payment from THOMAS COOK in Great Britain. Also I was told by WILLIAM PEMBERTON, even though he had seen the bank statements as well as the proofs received, he refused to allow me to check into the unit PAID for and it took him FIVE hours where he left me waiting with my daughter. CLAIMING I OWE THEM over $6000.. The one week 7206 week 33 where the 'balance' they claim is the $5 VOLUNTARY FEE WITH ACCRUED INTEREST   $5.07 SO THEY REFUSED ME TO BANK MY WEEK IN 2009 AND NOW AGAIN. All the statements as seen by the police officers showed that CLOOBECK AND DIAMOND RESORTS INTERNATIONAL HAVE RECEVIED THE MONEY.. THEY EVEN RE ADDED THE $15.58 PLUS COLLECTION FEES PLUS INTEREST... DRI CAN NOT DO MATHEMATICS... DELIBERATELY!

The Inspectorate of Taxes have the FLAMINGO BEACH BUDGET where it show from 2007 tp 2011 $32 million dollars revenues in M Fees collected for that resort not including ROYAL PALM BEACH CLUB EITHER!! BUT... that money was paid via the internet to LAS VEGAS and nothing on St Maarten..............NOTHING! SO where are the monies declared for tax purposes if there is NO ADMINISTRATION. NO MANAGER AT THE RESORT...

let us find out soon..

TODAY newspaper published an article TUESDAY 03 MAY 2011.

Type in to see the number of people joining the PROTESTORS association

Type in and search Diamond Resorts.

Type in and you will see that CLOOBECK decided to send his DESIGNER BRAND clothing to the women of Haiti rather than new uniforms for St Maarten and Hawaii.

The judge told the lawyer representing DRI and CLoobeck that I had printed the truth.   search Cloobeck was not written by me... but a reference.


They locked me out and now threaten to cancel my weeks I owned way before CLOOBECK came to st Maarten.

So now I have seen that all over the internet are COMPLAINTS>>> from the UK to the STATES toi


Diamond Resorts International here on the island of St Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles, this country was not on your list, had bought SUNTERRA FLAMINGO BEACH RESORT as well as ROYAL PALM BEACH.

The Maintenance fees went from in the $700 mark to $1008 each week.

They then added on Collection fees,Late Fees Interest each different but over $200.

A court injunction was placed but they defied that and sent out Termination of Leases Letters in April 2009.

My THIRTEEN YEAR OLD daughter was sent TWO letters by Certified Mail for the foreclosures!
Their Legal Counsel ELIZABETH BRENNAN ESQ said she would take legal action against me and denies that Diamond ever sent thos letters which were sent to THE BAHAMAS so I received them months later and the post office was not going to give them as they were sent to a minor of 13!

They claim that when they type in my address IT AUTOMATICALLY COMES UP AS THE BAHAMAS


We went to check in and were told our weeks were forclosed.

The Resort Manager a LOU told me 'Get a lawyer"

'If you want to stay we can give you the rate of $89 per night"

Having already collected twice $1008 plus twice $31.56!

They refused to contact us.

there is another court hearing here November 3 2009.

No Maintenance fees can be paid at the resort.

He has closed the sales office.

The only thing growing is the restaurant that is spreading like a cancer and most beach front units now look at the kitchen instead of  a sunset.

I also bought two weeks from an owner recently.

DIAMOND RESORTS refused to speak to me as a 'third party'

They were however happy to deduct the payments of $608, $308, $300 $400 $400 $31.56 $31.56

from the third party's credit card... mine!

When the owner called to get the transfers done she was told the weeks had been foreclosed.

This is how DIAMOND RESORTS INTERNATIONAL operates on the island of ST MAARTEN where there is no office with people to contact only mutes< EVERYTHING is done from Las Vegas.

The owner STEPHEN CLOOBECK also contributes to the Legal Counsel of a Senator under investigation as well as other political figures! With our Maintenance Fees?

Someone must investigate this man and the company
I have found that the land of the resort is under the name of 'SAINT MAARTEN TITLE LIMITED 'and the address is BONNINGTON st EDINBURGH SCOTLAND! for land on the island of St Maarten and the CORPORATE OFFICE is in LAS VEGAS USA

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Total claims:21
Seabreeze holidays »12/07/201127/10/20117
Guyz I also reseved the flight going to ADD with seabreeze holidays and the agent name was andrew he told the price 999gbp and after paying 100gbp deposit he charge me 25gbp extra when i called him about this he told me that this 25gbp is the service charges and i have to pay after a long conversation i agreed and pay all the money and then withen 10 hour i got my ticket.....I know they guyz charge 25gbp extra but it is for our favour and still they have most cheapest fare i recommend to Seabreeze holidays to all....and if we talk about the above situation ...if there is a bad side so we shouldn't forget about the good one.......


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1237Lanzarote Airfares [Horsham]
Total claims:3
Flight refund »18 September 200810/03/20096

We booked flights in February 2008 for the Christmas period of 2008.  We paid in full at the time of booking the flights, however never saw any receipts or booking confirmations.

In September following the collapse of XL.Com we contact Mr Andrew Thorns who advised us that we were booked on those flights.  Aftr more than 2 weeks he finally snet us claim forms through, which we duly completed and returned.  After numerous telephone calls and e-mails requesting our refund Mr Thorns finally posted a cheque to us in December 2008.  This cheque was then returned to us under the excuse of Theft Reported.  We have proof that Mr Thorns owes us the money as we have copy of the cheque, and have taken legal action against him.

This man has also been reported to the Police, Trading Standards, Consumer Direct.  We checked with airlines and the flight times we were given never existed, therefore we dont believe the flights were even booked.  We believe this to be obtaining money by deception

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29951Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours [dallas]
Total claims:2
Don’t let Westhill Consulting travel and tours ruin your vacation »12/15/201225/10/20135
So I decided to go trough a trip with the help of this Westhill Consulting travel and tours and I have nothing good to say. I have nothing but awful experiences with the company itself.
Before I continue in all fairness, I would like to give credits to the guide on my trip. She was amazing and hilarious and one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of going on a trip with. And it is not her I has issue with but again, the company itself.
This is how terrible Westhill is, if you want to be shred off on "optional" things you didn't even know about or can't easily opt-out of (either it wasn't marked as optional on the itinerary or it was but the price wasn't on there) to the tune of as much as twice the original price.
Then, you’d be pissed off by wasting half a trip making 100+ mile detours to switch buses so they can save money.
And boy oh boy, they will sent you to shitty hotels and shitty restaurants and spend a lot of travel time going to said shitty hotels and restaurants. And those to are one of the highlights of your trip! The place you’ll stay in and the food! The food!!!!
People are simply rude and has attitude problem, imagine the owner of the business to walk out on you to hightail it to his car while you're trying to ask him why they do any of the above.
The whole trip was a total failure, I did not enjoy any minute of it. I thought I was doing the good thing by not going on said travel alone with my parents, and I thought I'd have a fun time, but they completely ruined our vacation. Don't let them ruin yours. So never ever get their service.
I really believe this place deserves no star. So if you already booked a tour with this company, good luck. If you haven't, please, please do not even think about it. Shun away if you still have time to, do not even bother to go to their site or whatsoever. Just don’t. I tell you it’s a waste of time. You can thank me later.
I could say more but I guess this should be enough I don’t want anything to do with Westhill Consulting travel and tours anymore because memories go back and I still feel irritated whenever I remember it.

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29956Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours [dallas]
Total claims:2
Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours »Oct. 25, 201325/10/20134
I am taking time to write this review to warn people about this so that they wont experience the same thing we did. How do I even begin this review? How can I summarize the terror I endured?

Westhill Consulting travel and tours apparently doesn’t know what they were doing, its clear that they got no idea of what their company is suppose to be. They obviously got no talent in client service.

Let us start with how unprofessional and gauche the receptionist is at Westhill Consulting travel and tours. We went there for the first time today and were simply asking the receptionist questions about how Westhill works. The receptionist, instead of being grateful for the fact that we were inquiring about the business as a potential customer, assumed that we wouldn't pay the $85 per hour to help us plan our first trip. What a douche.

My husband and I, who might have been clients, are now entirely put off by this receptionist's insulting comments. My husband simply wanted you to answer questions since we never used an agency before but she was so annoying and very insulting. There is no way we are coming back at Westhill! If the receptionist treat people like this what more can I expect from their actual service I bet it would be crappier since they have crappy attitudes.

They got to remember that they are not the only travel agency and no one will ever deal with craps therefore no one will waste time going there just to be treated like that. They are simply pathetic, lazy service with absolutely no concern for new customers.

And of course we ended up not booking a tour with these guys. Who would?? And oh my cousin who actually did get a booking from them and she said the company is made up of a bunch of lying, manipulative thieves. The agents are incompetent and do everything for their own benefit, not for the guests. Oh boy, now talking about customer service huh? I do not think you would last long.
Just do not go for them or else you’re going to have a bad time. This tour company is only about ripping you off.

Check This Spammed Site:

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1316Lanzarote Airfares [Horsham]
Total claims:3
£1468 »AUGUST 200814/03/20093

booked 7 flights to lanzarote for 2009 ,that was in mid august,this company appears to be a small firm and if you ring them for any query they wont commit to any comment but insist you need to talk to the boss who does appear real friendly however 14 days after i paid in full for him to buy seats with jet2 i still had no flight confirmation of neither him or the airline,after ringing him he sent me confirmation with his heading on it but no airline stated so i rang jet2 @50p a min to see if i was on the flight list,guess what - no i wasnt,so back on the phone again and he told me he hadnt booked with jet2 as agreed and booked with pure flights whom have just gone bust. erm i cant give you your money back till you fill in the atol form to claim the monies back(i checked with atol and if you have no confirmation from the airline you cant make any claims at all) anyway i rang the agent everyday and he wanted to pay a deposit on my flights and not pay in full(which means if he dont pay i dont holiday as airline cancels tickets not paid in full by due date) hence i refused this offer as such.ok ill pay in full with jet2 for your flights (GREAT) well 1 week later and hes been too busy ,great news ive booked the flights for you >>>checks with jet2 again @50p a min and guess what - no records.Well rang the agent again and he said it was because he was a travel agent that jet2 had refused the booking (HOW MANY LIES CAN THIS GUY TELL)ok ill check with thompsonfly for the prices -yep they are fine ill pay the little extra for the hassle you have had BUT not till you send me the atol form to claim back the monies>well he got the form back and now he says the prices are too high and he isnt prepared to pay this

ell all i can say is the total un professional way this has been handled totally takes me back, i paid in full and now that he has his claim form he hasnt contacted me at all and the promises of ILL BOOK YOU THE FLIGHTS AS THE PRICE ISNT IMPORTANT AND ILL COVER THE EXTRA FEE FOR THE HASSLE YOU HAVE HAD was a load of bull as he played me along so he can get his monies returned through me just isnt on as he obviously paid for the flights with his visa (his words) so why not book me up and wait for his visa to claim the monies back like im doing now >>>all i can say is this guy is a total COWBOY and if you say other then you most probably work for him ,but then again maybe you dont because his staff wont comment on the slightest query and pass it on to him >>> just maybe its AUTHUR DALEY into a new line of conns
  well here we are in january 2009 and guess what ,i get a call from airfares saying we have received refunds from the caa for the monies you paid ( YES AT LAST)LETS FACE IT ITS ONLY BEEN 6 months ill send you a cheque today for a full refund ,so you will have it by tuesday at the latest ( fingers xd) well tuesday comes and guess what >>>no cheque mmmm erm where is my cheque that was promised by 1pm next day delivery,it was posted late , ok so you will gwet it tomorrow then ,ahaaaaaaaaa cheque arrives , for wrong amount and payable to a mr corbett ( probably ronnie corbett) oh im sorry ill send another out in your name ,<<<< holds breath,well another 10 days pass and still no cheque ,now this guy says its a problem with the girls in his office,well digging a little deeper this guy has no girls or office at all he simply advertises on the web and pays someone elses receptionist to forward all calls to his mobile whilst pretending to work for him, has this creep got no shame at all , i honestly think this guy should rename the so called 1 man company BILLY LIAR AIRFARES as i feel this is more suited, so PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS FRIENDLY CONN MAN and spend your well earned monies elsewhere or get some valium and ring him for more lies day after day month after month.

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20328Sea Breeze Holiday [Middlesex]
Total claims:10
overcharging scam, GOT MY MONEY BACK »16th june 201127/07/20113
We too got stung by Sea Breeze Holidays on their usual scam, wanting more money after taking full payment on debit card,making provisional flight bookings on different times and dates to what you wanted and they agree with you. Not returning phone calls, not answering emails, shouting at you when you did speak to someone. I googled them and although they have a "Bizspace" office in the UB postcode, which is a short term let so they can go at anytime. They are looking for staff in Pakistan. They are unbelievably rude, ignorant and once they have your money they are not interested in you or what you want.

They are ATOL / AITA bonded, which unless they go bust is absolutely useless to you if they stitch you up. Which seems to be a common theme.

My friend booked 5 flights to Vietnam, paid in full. received an email asking for another £175 and wanted a signed confirmation. We didnt sign the confirmation, which by the way allows them to keep your deposit etc. They now wanted £1000 more to book the flights

They said that it was their "cancellation procedure". I said if they hadnt PAID for our flights there was none to cancel, so nothing to sign.

I spoke to CAA and on their instruction sent them this letter:-

Your address
Your address
Your address
15th July 2011

By Email and Post URGENT
To whom it may concern

Re:- Breach of Contract
I purchased 5 seats from Harry Ali Khan on 16th June 2011 to go to Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. Travel dates agreed as per your invoice, 1st September 2011 return 18th September 2011 with Royal Brunei Airlines. Your booking reference S10818
Payment of £2550.00 was made in FULL using Visa Debit card.

On receipt of your email with confirmation and invoice, that you have requested I sign. You have added an additional £175 for booking fee which was not mentioned or agreed. If you had told me about it at the time of the quote, that would have been fine.

I have emailed you and telephoned you on numerous occasions but no one will assist in this matter and just keep telling me that someone will call me back. Which has not happened.

I have this morning contacted Royal Brunei Airlines who have informed me that the flights have a temporary reservation, NOT for the 1st September 2011, but for the day before, the 31st August. They have also informed me that as you have not yet paid for the seats, they will automatically cancel today.

I have called 4 times this morning and spoke to Abdul, Mona and then Harry. Both Abdul and Mona say as Harry booked it he will need to sort it out. Harry eventually answered his phone at 11.00am this morning, said sign the form, pay the money and then hung up on me, the number then went to voicemail.

Sea Breeze Holidays Ltd are in breach of contract. I request that you carry out the contract as agreed or compensate me, as in a full refund.

I would request a reply by Thursday 21st July 2011


Miss xxxxx

It was sent by email and recorded delivery. Within 2 days we had had 2 flights refunded and an email saying that they woyuld refund the remaining 3 over a few days. THEY DID, we did not sign the form which gave them NO hold over us. If yoiu have you can also possibly seek a refund even if you pay on a Debit card as long as it has a VISA sign on the Visa Charge Back system. Ask your bank. I thought it only was viable with a credit card, but it isnt, its debit too

Really hope this helps, its unbelievable how they can get away with it. I think Watchdog may be a good idea

Jo, Newport S Wales

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261On The Beach Holidays [Didsbury]
Total claims:7
Price Match Promise Refusal »30/08/0803/09/20082

I had already got the cost of the exact same holiday (Same hotel, same board, same dates, same airports etc. etc.) from "Travel Republic" (Who are fantastic, by the way), but this other company "ON The Beach Holidays" said that they would price match any exact holiday, but they did not. - Trying to get out of refunding our holiday money or refunding the difference.

Our holiday with "Travel Republic" was also cheaper with the transfers included, than this bunch of chancers without the transfers included.

Their excuse was how can you compare the holiday as being the exact same when the other companys price was cheaper including transfers than their price was before adding the transfers!!!! Yes - unbelievable but true, I'm afraid. Obviously not at the front of the queue when common sense was handed out.

So BEWARE anyone using this company, the holiday prices look good until you press the final button and it works out dearer. And their "Price Match" Claim at the top of their Website is a load of Garbage - when you try to get the difference sorted out, you get fobbed off with a feeble excuse like the one given to me.

I am not going to let this subject drop, and will continue to make others aware of what they are up to, until they see sense, and honour their pledge to do a price match.

Thank You .

Yours faithfully,

Colin Stewart (Dunoon, Scotland) 03/09/2008

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3629Lanzarote Airfares [Horsham]
Total claims:3
Refund »26/1/0906/07/20092

I booked my holiday with Andy in January.  He took the full value of the holiday the same day.  I then had to chase him for an invoice, which needed amending 3 times.  At this point in March I informed Trading Standards/

Come April, and after finding complaints on the internet I told Andy I wanted to cancel, no problem he says, I'll refund your credit card.  Nothing came.  He then sent me a cheque, which was returned as the account was closed, and alas its July and Im still fighting to get my money back.

His latest excuse is that JET2 have now sent our tickets so he cant afford to refund us.  However I have booked before with JET2 direct and I know they send e tickets within seconds of you booking.

Needless to say Trading Standards have had to close the case in June cos he has evaded them for 3 months.

Sussex Police are now investigating as sending a cheque from a closed account breaches the fraud act 2006.

Oh and Andy, if you're going to run a business from your home address, I really would go ex directory, your home number albeit in your wifes name is all over the internet directories.  Anyone  who wants it try 01403 262813.

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2516Appolo Travel Direct
Total claims:1
Devestating Holiday »2 May 2009 - 9 May 200910/05/20092

We were sold a holiday from Apollo Travel over the phone. It was sold as a four star hotel, a family hotel and all inclusive. When we arrived I was devestated. I took my little girl of  years old, it was her first holiday. When we arrived the hotel would not have even passed as a 3 star let alone a four. We were given the pass to our room. I had taken a buggy and there were stairs everywhere, no ramps available so often had to struggle to carry the pushchair and my daughter up the stairs. The room was shabby and I had to ask for the linnen to be changed as soon as I got in due to cigarrette burns in all the bedding nd what appeared to look like a soiled stain on the balnket. Despite me asking for this to be cahnged it never was so we slept with  sheet on and had to remove all linned. The matress was falling apart, this I have evidence of. We were placed directly above the bar/entertainment area. The hotel was not a family hotel it was full of men on large stag do's who were very very noisy, so for a whole week we did not get any sleep at all, which reduced me to tears. There was no representative to talk too despite this being on the letter should we have any complaints once there. Myself and other family memebers including my 3 years old daughter were subject to listening to foul langugae and talk for the entire week, and the pool was taken over by men who were all very drunk on a daily basis. The food was terrible and the same each day. Any food that was left over was used as the snack food. One memeber of our party became ill over this and on four occassions we had to eat out as I could not subject my child to eating in the resturant. I am deeply saddened by the amount of money we paid and how the holiday was sold to us. This was not what we paid for. Despite my reservations prior to going the Travel consultant who sold the holiday reassured me that it was a perfectly good 4 star hotel that was family orientated. I have come back ill from the experience and devestated at what we were put through. On one occassion my door was nearly kicked down at 4am. I had to go out into the corridor to confront 4 grown men who claimed that the room I was in was theres... My 3 year old was in the room at the time and I am sure you will appreciated how scared we were. This needs to be looked into with immediate effect.

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Total claims:21
Holding of flight seat »25/07/201006/05/20112
I was looking for a flight to Singapore, I came across the company Seabreeze Holidays Ltd. I made a phonecall to enquire about the price of flights to Singapore. The agent that was dealing with my enquiry was called Sam (Ejay). He found a flight for me on my specified date and price of 649 inclusive of tax and told me I could ‘Hold’ the seat for 50 or 100 pounds. I asked if I changed my mind would I get my money back, he advised me yes and that he would send the invoice through with the flight details the next day.

When the invoice did come though to my email address the cost of the flight was much more than specified. It included credit card charge of 22.22 pounds and booking fee of 25 pounds bringing the cost of the flight up to 694.22. I called up immediately and asked for the seat to be cancelled as I had not been told about these charges over the phone. I was told to print off the invoice, mark a cross through it and send it through to the accounts department in which I did. I asked Sam to refund my 50.22 pounds and I was told by him that he could not.

I am annoyed that I was not told about the extra charges upfront over the phone and annoyed that 50.22 pounds was taken from credit card and not refunded as asked for and promised. When I did call up I was dealt with in a very rude manner by the sales staff. I feel I have been cheated out of my money and sales procedures were not followed. I Appreciate on the invoice that followed it states ‘Tickets are non-refundable, non-changeable and deposits are non-refundable.All fares and schedule are subject to change without Prior notification. Full payment will secure the fare, deposit is non-refundable and does not guarantee final price. This booking has been placed with ATOL.75GBP cancellation per person before ticket issue and after non refundable’. However as stated before I was not advised of the terms and conditions over the phone and was not told that my 50.22 was to be used as deposit purposes. I have held flight seats with other travel companies for upto 3 days with no charge. These people are RIP OFF Merchants. I have written to them aking for my money back. I would ever recommend this company again and surprised they are still in business.

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Total claims:21
get my ticket on time »25-oct-2011 03/11/20112
Hi! my name is Eric im also buy a ticket from sea breeze holidays going to kathmandu and they give me very good service and on the total amount which they gave me they just charge me 15GBP booking fee on top of it and issue my ticket on time.....and i m very much satisfied with seabreezeholidays ltd.....

more details » [Barcelona]
Total claims:1
eNightmare »18.04.1019/04/20102
This is a SCAM site - I cannot remember how I came across it but it was during a search for cheapflights Athens - Mykonos return.

I purchased 2 return tickets on 18.04.10 (£152.20ea) and received a confirmation email. 9 mins later, I received an email stating my bank card had refused the payment and I should contact them with alternative bank details or check current card.

I called my bank (Barclays) who confirmed the money had indeed left my account. I emailed the '' recommended email address stating the money had left my account (as per other customer complaints on Ciao). Brief response telling me I needed to verify the transaction. As it was a Sunday, I could not contact anybody by phone.

All morning today (19.04.10)I have tried to ring them on both the UK number (08712882892) with no response - an english speaking voice tells you to wait - then there is nothing - then a recorded voice saying something in German. I have also tried to call the 0080055885500 number linked to the site - again with no success.

I have emailed their customer feedback via - and it was returned 'undeliverable'.

Obviously I have been scammed and wish to warn others. I have also alerted Watchdog BBC to this and put this on Facebook and Twitter. My bank will help me (after 30 days) to lodge a dispute for the payment so fingers crossed I get my money bank.
Want to do all I can to get this site TAKEN OFF the internet and am chasing up avenues through online trading services, watchdog, my bank of course and consumer affairs.

Please do not use this site.

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70Easy Car
Total claims:2
EASY CAR »26/12/0706/08/20081
I have read several other online forums, and seen the exact same complaint:

People rent a car from EasyCar's online site, and they are charged for the full amount of the car rental. But, when they go to collect the car, no car is available or the reservation has been inexplicably cancelled, but the money not returned. What's worse is that because EasyCar works through suppliers, when you arrive, there is no one from EasyCar to talk with about your reservation, and the supplier only has the cancellation. What's even worse than that is that if you try to call EasyCar to sort out the problem, the customer service call costs 60 pence per minute! And after you start paying 60 pence per minute, what they don't tell you is that no one at the calling center actually has any authority to solve the problem -- to get a new car, or to refund for the cancellation. After two hours on the phone (the supplier thankfully let us use their business phone) the only thing the call center was authorised to do was send us an email requesting a "covering letter" describing our "complaint."

It's been over two months since my reservation from EasyCar was inexplicably cancelled (before the pick-up date) AND STILL NO REFUND.

The details of my incident are as follows, but as I have said, many others have had eerily similar stories:

1) On 29 September 2007 I rented a car from EasyCar from EasyCar’s online website, and received an email receipt for the rental of a BMW I series or similar (which incidentally was intended as a birthday present); my credit card was debited for the FULL AMOUNT of the rental of EUR 265. 22;

2) On the same day, 29 September 2007, I received the voucher for the vehicle (4709-1217-7091-1 - 29/09/2007) which indicated that the supplier of the vehicle was Guy Salmon at Gatwick airport;

3) On 7 October 2007 I received a document reminding me of my reservation and telling me which documents to bring to Gatwick on my arrival, because I wouldn’t get the car unless I had all of the documents;

4) On 12 October, I arrived at Gatwick airport, and went to the service desk for Guy Salmon (which is operated by National and Alamo as well) and was told that my reservation was cancelled (reservation # 602U81701, Account No. E96401 EasyCar Guy Salmon — D9547) and that there was NO CAR AVAILABLE, AND NO CAR FOR ME TO RENT;

5) On the same day, I called EasyCar Customer Service from the number provided on my rental contract and spent HOURS on the phone with them trying to get my money back for the rental, since there was no car. Fortunately, Alamo let me call from their number so I wasn’t having to pay the 60 pence per minute.

The Easy Car Representative spoke directly with the supplier from Guy Salmon/National/Alamo. The supplier told her that there was NO VEHICLE for me to rent, and that the reservation was cancelled as of 1 October 2007. STILL, THE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE HAD "NO AUTHORITY" TO REFUND THE MONEY.

Neither Guy Salmon nor Easy Car informed me of the cancellation, AND OF COURSE, EVEN THOUGH THE CAR WAS CANCELLED OVER TWO WEEKS BEFORE I CAME TO COLLECT, I RECEIVED NO REFUND. Neither has refunded the money debited from my credit card. In fact, I received a reminder to pick-up the vehicle A FULL WEEK after the cancellation.

Exactly like the others, I was told that if I sent a cover letter and supporting documentation, they would “investigate” the matter. I STILL have not received the refund for 265 euros two months after the cancellation. This means that EasyCar is making interest off of my money, and I am out 265 euros.

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749Diamond Resorts [Lancaster]
Total claims:9
Diamond Resorts »199731/01/20091

I purchased holiday points which allow you to book holidays each year at various resorts run by the company. When I purchased the points the company was called The Grand Vacation Clun. It then changed its name to Sunterra and was then taken over by Diamond Resorts. I hesitated to purchase the points as there are fees to be paid every year. I was concerned that if these ever increased dramatically I would not be able to afford them, especially when I retired. I was assured by the sales girl and the manager who she called over to confirm that the largest increase had been 2.5% and they could guarantee it would never be more than 3 - 4 %. I was also assured I could relinquish my membership at any time. This year the increase in fees is over 40%. I wrote to the company asking them to refund my purchase price of the points as I considered the assurance of no massive increases had been 'broken' and I had therefore purchased the points under false pretenses/misrepresentation. I have written to the company three times now but receive a reply that does not mention or cover my request/complaint at all. They seem to be ignoring this. The last letter I received told me I could not relinquish my points, I can only sell to an existing member or transfer to an immediate family member. These options are not viable, I am aware of many others who can't sell and have been misled when purchasing as well - and there is of course a transfere fee.

As the company appear to be refusing to answer my main complaint about misreprentation I am hoping that this will generate a result!




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976Diamond Resorts [Lancaster]
Total claims:9
0 »December 200821/02/20091

When i joined DRI it was called GVC, then Sunterra, Whilst it was in those names i had no complaints at all, in fact it was a good value holiday.

Now that DRI have taken over ,the management fees have gone up about 37%, judging by other comments and blogs on the internet, i am not the only one that cannot afford to pay this enormous increase.The worst part about this is that when i tried to surrender my membership  for no financial gain,(even though i paid £5500 for it in 2001 ), i was told that i cannot surrender unless i am bankrupt, in dire financial trouble with lenders, over 75 or dead ! This is outrageous ! One of the reasons i need to surrender is to stay out of financial trouble as my business has been badly hit by the downturn. As a business owner i cannot afford to go bankrupt, especially for the sake of a holiday !! It's not as though flights and food are included in the fees DRI charge, that all has to be paid for .

This company in my view are not acting correctly and dare i say it possibly not lawfully, and need investigating. A lot of their clients are retired and cannot possibly afford to pay these fees.DRI should hang their heads in shame for the stress this is causing to people, especially with the veilled threat of court action in 18 months time if you do not pay up..

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13398Diamond Resorts [Lancaster]
Total claims:9
membership warning »current20/08/20101
we joined GVC as it was then about 9 years ago because at the time it seemed a fair deal.
one of the things that we liked was we were told that if we did not pay are maintainance fee's are membership was over and we would lose are initial money. we liked this because we could finish whenever we wanted.
about two years ago i emailed diamond resorts (formally GVC, Sunterra etc,etc) to say that we needed to cancel due to me losing my job.
since then we have had numerous phone calls demanding money, threats of debt collectors from them.
BE WARNED, it turns out the only way you can leave Diamond is death, bankruptcy or selling your points to a company they own.
the yearly management fee's are still payable
NOT what we were told by the nice salesman.
after all timeshare is still timeshare!!
we have not used their services and told them we would not, but they still want money for something you do not use.
PEOPLE BEWARE of Diamond Resorts and the things they do tell you- and DON'T

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801Tropical Collection [North Wales ]
Total claims:1
Unauthorised Flight Booking »20.01.0905/02/20091


I booked a holiday for 6 people with tropical collection leaving from London Heathrow to Bangkok. When completing the booking the representative Laura discuss the external flights with me as well as the hotels. I agreed with what she told me and said she can go ahead to book the flight. When I checked on my computer later I saw the confirmations come through and realised that we did not discuss internal flights. When I emailed to ask Laura about the internal flights she did not call me back. I was then busy on another line and didn't check my emails again till the next day. When I checked my emails I saw that she had booked my internal flights as well, however without my consent and I was not happy with the times that she had chosen. I called the company and spent 30 on hold before someone answered only to be told that they will need to look into this and will get back to me within 24 to 48 hrs. I then had to call them as 3 days had gone by just to find out by another representative that no one has bothered to looking into this. The representative then took all my details again for the second time and again told me that she will have to find out. After making 7 to 8 calls to them each time I had to be on hold for at least 30 mins I was told they need to speak to Laura and she not there etc. When I was informed that the change will happen on Monday the 2nd Feb when Laura is at work, however due to me being at work I asked her to update another friend who was also booked on this holiday. She then called on Tuesday after no response and was told that this department does not deal with this issue and that she needs to go back to Laura and when she spoke to Laura that day she was told no she needs to speak to customer services. When she asked to speak to a manager she was informed that the manager is happy with the service they provide and that I was given 30 mins to called to change the flight information if I was not happy and the no contact was taken as its fine. I did not authorise this payment and they have taken all funds out of my card. They refuse the make a full refund and refuse to change the flight time. This transaction was illegally complete with my credit card without my consent and when I contacted them to inform them about it no one has taken responsibility of this least of all the managers who refuse to speak to us. I want to know what I can do to get the flight information changed and refuse to pay for any changes.  

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Total claims:2
Misleading advertising »October 200805/03/20091

We booked through which is one of 234 travel agent companies owned by The Freedom Travel Group. We paid for a 5* relaxing holiday with a free upgrade to a sea view. Due to the early hour of return flight we paid them for a late check out.

When we arrived we had a view that consisted of three solid walls and the front of another building. We complained and were told nothing could be done, contact your agent in UK. Found that we had not been provided with any emergency contact details.

The hotel was at best a 3* and you had to queue for each meal as the hotel had over 600 rooms with only 150 seats in the restuarant.

On last day we were thrown out of our room at 11am and our coach to the airport was 3am the next day. We complained and provided proof that we had paid for a late checkout. Hotel staff stated they do not take booking from travel agents for late book out customers have to do it direct at reception.

Wrote to Hotelsbooked and received no satisfactory answer and on 20th January 2009 I issued proceedings against them. The court served the papers on 26th January 09 and they failed to respond.

A Default notice has now been served against them. advertised the holiday through who have been really good throughout this situation.

Before booking a holiday check out the Freedom Travel Group based in the UK through ABTA or ATOL and you will find a list of all the company's owned by them.

All I say is BEWARE, they are only after your money!!

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