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984ABACUS TAXIS [Kinmel Bay]
Total claims:2
Sexualy harassment »1/01/09 and ongoing21/02/20092

Abacus Taxis  are rude and obnoxious. First off, when you enter their taxis the first thing they do is ask if you're a customer of Dave's Minibus, if you say you've used them they charge you double as they have a problem with this other company.  Secondly there are two sons who work for this company, both have been previously charged with attempted rape where they sexually harass female passengers. They are abusive, loud mouthed and cheat their customers at every chance.  I would never use this company again and would recommend for everyone especially females to boycott this company.

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2498ajl taxis [bordon]
Total claims:1
over charge »10 05 0909/05/20091

i took a journey for 5miles with my wife and child,i was charged 27pounds

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13657city executive cars [preston]
Total claims:1
chauffer abuse -DO NOT USE!!!!!! »03-09-201013/09/20101

I used this company on refferal of one of my clients. The process to order time and date was very easy, and booked in for a trip to Manchester Airport. Then it all went wrong!

It was first 25 minutes late for picking me up, when i started to worry. After numerous calls to a very unhelpfull person the Mercedes pulled up at the front door. I was then greeted by a scruffy looking man, who stunk of alcohol. I at that point wish i never go tin the car. The driver was speeding and running red lights. When i asked him to pull over so i could get out and call another taxi firm i was shouted at and spat at. At the next available moment i got out of the car and called the police.

Although i managed to get out of the car i had left my suitcase in the boot. Which had personal belongings in. I had to cancel my appointment in Bruge which cost my company a lot of money but worst of all, when i tried to call to complain my case had vanished. I have contacted the police who can not prove the case was there.

I have spoken to Amanda and John Wood on a number of occasions but each time i am greeted with abuse and told to f*ck off. This is NOT a company i would ever tell people to use. I would avoid this company at all costs!!!!

JOHN WOOD IS A LIAR AND A THIEF, Help me get my case back please.

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818leeds city council [taxi @ private]
Total claims:1
treated badly »06.02.200906/02/20090

They treat you like a criminal and very unfair. And they do not listen to you if you have a complaint or issue. There for you have no human rights to try to reslove anyfing in a respectable way. If you try to speak they ring police and prosecute you.

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985ABACUS TAXIS [Kinmel Bay]
Total claims:2
Slander/strong arm tactics »200921/02/20090

as a former employee of this company who left and started a company of my own, I will testify that the owners of Abacus try every underhanded tactic they can to keep you from succeeding in business for their own self-gain.  As a new private hire company myself, they have sent out slanderess letters of lies to all local businesses in the area trying to discredit me personally. I can only say ,I would like to thank them for their stupidity in doing this as I have gotten loads of free advertising from them ,as everyone who doesn't know me now do, They feel a company who is supposed to be one of the top taxi services in the area who needs to stoop to such low tactics must be dishonest and desperate and they prefer not to deal with such a company; not to mention how they badmouth me and my company to all of their so called customers.  Thank you Abacus you have now increased my business and have put me out there as being a service to fear because of my professional persona.

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1122riverview taxis [Berwick-upon-Tweed]
Total claims:1
155104090227080924127 »27/02/200903/03/20090

I bought google earth 5.0 27/02/2009 with option for 3 years or 1 year I opted for 1 year google charged for 3 years. I would think I would get a refund sometime but if millions did the same as me I wonder how much interest google would accumilate, also I paid $20.00 for google earth plus about 2 years ago but did not get I have tried to contact them several times but never get the page to talk to them. I will dump google when I get this settled

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Total claims:1
HORRENDOUS SERVICE »22/01/0909/03/20090

This is a warning for all taxi passengers in the Denbighshire area, this company is to be avoided at all cost's, the vehicles are shabby, dirty, auction bought old bangers, only to be seconded by the stinky, unprofessional drivers, who will try rip you off at every chance they can, I personally have seen a driver crash into something, and not even get out of his vehicle to check for damage!!! they are rude, obnoxtious, arrogant people, who are unfit to be in a business that deals with the general public, avoid avoid avoid!!!!

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