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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
1315MRI Construction [Marbella]
Total claims:3
Rip off MRI Construction! »May 200814/03/200912

Bought a studio flat in Bansco Bulgaria for nearly 70,000 Euros from MRI construction. Promised mortgage by  Capital Financial Partners, never given. Lawyers Legal independence along with MRI and CFP all working together and not independent as promised. Contract totally one-sided. Tried changing clause in contract will not allow it. Risk losing 35,000 Euros plus nearly 6000 Euros for furniture which they are refusing to refund.  Making false claims and telling lies. A lot of people affected. Property highly overvalued facilities promised not yet built. We have contacted an MEP.

Anyone else affected?  

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1220Braganza Construction [Goa]
Total claims:5
refund of money paid »Jan 0709/03/20093

I too have been the victim of the SCAM & FRAUD involving CHURCHILLS and BRAGANZA.  The Isle of Wight police are investigating CHURCHILLS but nothing appears to be happening with Braganza and he won't return my emails or voicemails.

I paid for the Goa appt in Braganza World through Churchills. 

Have paid 25 % ( approx £4500) upfront ( approx Jan 07) and have receipts from Churchills and Braganza for that. 

Then paid another instalment of 25% a few months later- have a receipt from Churchills and a postcard type response from Braganza - which I have since found out is not a receipt.

The property does not appear to be forthcoming. 

Still have 50% to pay - but not a chance in the World will i be paying any more money to these scammers and i'd advise no-one else to give any money to Churchills or Braganza - no matter how believeable they sound. 


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1214Braganza Construction [Goa]
Total claims:5
Property Development Fraud »June 200708/03/20092

In June 2007 I paid a deposit on an off plan apartment in Goa in India through Churchill Innovative Solutions.  The developer was called Braganza Constructions and the development itself was called Braganza World.

I talked at length with Churchills before buying to satisfy myself that all was above board.  I was told that Ryan Braganza was a very wealthy man who had an extremely good reputation and had built successful properties in Goa already.

I Googled Ryan Braganza and all did seem to be above board. I paid £4500 deposit, and there were to be 3 more equal payments over the next 2 years until completion.

When the next payment was due in Dec 2007 and I had not heard anything i thought I had better just check with Churchills that all was ok before making the next payment. At this point Churchills said not to pay any more just yet as there had been a delay in starting the construction. I was a bit concerned but they said all was well it was just a slight delay.

I later found out that Ryan Braganza had never in fact obtained the planning permission for this development but had been taking money illegally from lots of other people as well for these non existent properties. At this point we all had an email from Braganza Constructions asking us to transfer to another development called Tropical Dreams in Goa.

I and many others said No Thankyou we want our money back.

Since then we have been battling with him to pay our money back. He mostly just ignores all our emails, but I did get one saying i could have a refund when he had been able to re-sell my non existent property!

Ryan Braganza should repay my money with interest immediately.  he is supposed to be a man of stature and good reputation in India but has clearly commited fraud in this case and has ripped off myself and many other innocent people.

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1216Braganza Constuctions [Goa]
Total claims:3
Braganza World did not exist. Braganza constructions took money and refused to make a refund when asked 18 months ago. »Summer 0708/03/20091

Ryan Braganza of Braganza Constructions sold properties, a one bedroom apartment in my case, without even obtaining planning permission.

Non-existant apartments replete with pictures  were posted on the internet. These images were SAID to represent 'Braganza World.'

Using UK agents such as Churchills Innovative Solutions [Isle Of Wight] they sold me an apartment that was to be paid for in stages over three years. They took a £500 deposit , then received £4,500 via a CHAPS payment  in 07 with view to the following £5,000 to be payable the following year and the last £5,000 payable in year three [09]

I told Churchills in February 08 that I could not continue with Braganza World due to a health issue [a blood clot] making insurance on long haul flights impossible. I asked them as an asidewhat progress Braganza Construction were making and was untruthfully told by Charlie Pritchard that "they are breaking ground as we speak". I told Mr. Pritchard that I was deeply suspicious of Braganza World and asked did it even exist? He got very upset and told me to deal directly with Ryan Braganza henceforth as he was "very upset" by my suggestion.

My suggestion turned out to be cold, hard fact. There WAS no Braganza World.

Ryan Braganza has been approached by me numerous times, he has also been approached by a group of us who want our refunds, indeed are entitled to our refunds [the only project we signed on for was Braganza World, any later 'projects' Mr. Braganza may claim to be working on are simply not part of the agreement].


To date no-one has received any refund from Braganza.

In November 08 my own life took an exeptional downturn when my partner was diagnosed with terminal T3 cancer of the oesophagus, plus secondary tumours in the lymph nodes and stomach glands.

Once more I made all facts known to Ryan Braganza. I told him that my partner had taken a 60% drop in income and that we had even had to seek a heating grant from MacMillan, the Cancer trust, I explained to him that the sheer stress of my life plus the stress of trying to run him to ground as he shamelessly hung onto my cash was heartbreaking.

This email was ignored.

Ryan has another project, called either Tropical Dreams or Tropical Haven.

It is TOTALLY possible he has started to use another business name.

The email we have for him is

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1416 [London]
Total claims:12
Fold House Ltd & Unfair Practices »March 200720/03/20091

In July 2004 I purchased a top of the range Willerby Vogue holiday home from Fold House Caravan Park, Head Dyke Lane, Pilling Preston, PR3 6SJ. The amount I paid was £38,000. Three years later they sold the unit on my behalf and marketed it at only £26,000, a depreciation (they said) of £12,000. Which means it supposedly lost more than a third of it`s value in only three years! They then went on to charge me £5,000 merely for selling the caravan. Selling Fees & `Commission'.


This left me with only £21,000 for something I had bought from them for £38,000 only three years earlier. What`s more they stipulate that unless you sell a unit within fives years of purchasing it, it has to be sold through themselves, otherwise the purchaser cannot live on their caravan park!


I am writing to warn anyone who is considering purchasing a Holiday Home to think long and hard (& examine the fine print), before buying from Fold House Park Limited.


One other thing, unless your ethnicity meets with the approval of their receptionist, do not expect a warm welcome.

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9619 [London]
Total claims:12
over charging of free trial »december 4, 200911/12/20091

I get a free trial of acai slim which should cost me $USD 2.95 but was charged in my credit card as $CAD 14.00. I got an email receipt confirming that I will be charged only 2.95 but they charged 14CAD.
Then, after a week, they charged me another $CAD94.21 or $USD86.93. I didn't confirm any subscription or anything but they keep on charging. Please be aware of Acai Berry since Canadian Health banned it from the border. The Canadian Health Agency announced that it contain hidden drug in the pill which has bad effect to health.
To those other victim of this scam, please advise me what to do to get my money back.

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2928Challenor Property Developments [York]
Total claims:1
Property Franchise »200722/05/20091

Purchased a franchise for £20K + VAT. No help given to start business, no literature, nothing!

When applied for refund due to utter incompetence on behalf of Challenor Property Developments, we cannot get a penny of our money back!!!

£20K + VAT down the drain.


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120153D Venture Real Estate [Dubai]
Total claims:6
Legal Advice »August 200911/04/20101
I have tried to speak with Mr Syed Arshi Mefhooz who tells me I am making deflammatory and uncalled for remarks about him on this website. Mr Mehfooz claims I dont know what I am talking about and that the property we have paid for is in fact our property. Mr Mehfooz claims he is no longer connected to this company 3D Venture real Estate and I should now deal with a Mr Rabi Youssef

This letter was sent to 3D venture real Estate regarding our legal position and still they claim they are doing nothing illegal.
Fax: 04-359353630th.August.2009

M/s. 3D Venture Real Estate
Tel: 04-3593535

P.O. Box 44582
Dubai, UAE

Without Prejudice.

As we act on behalf of our clients, in our capacity as their legal counsellors & representatives in the UAE, who has made available to us the documents pertaining to their claim whereby we are hereby instructed to notify you of the following:

Our clients have purchased Unit No. 412 in building D-21, Dubai Lagoon Project in the Emirate of Dubai.
Our clients have settled the sum amount of AED 171,500 (UAE Dirhams towards the abovementioned property.
To date, our clients have not received a sale and purchase contract to guarantee their ownership rights in the above mentioned property despite numerous reminders, verbal & written from our clients’ end.
Our clients were appalled in utterly shocked to realize that your company had purchased the above mentioned property from a principal developer and have resold it to our clients without obtaining consent from the principal developer which is contrary to the applicable laws governing the real estate market in the Emirate of Dubai.
Your above mentioned acts are in clear violation to the Civil Transactio Law, Article 246.1.

In the circumstances, we are instructed by our client to call upon you, which we hereby do, to notify you to furnish our client with the sale and purchase contract for the above-mentioned purchased property, whereby you are hereby obliged to comply within a time period not exceeding (5) working days from the date hereto, failing of which our client shall be constrained to initiate appropriate legal proceedings against you before the Property Court in the Emirate of Dubai where you shall bear entire risk as to all costs and consequences.

The foregoing is without prejudice to our clients’ right to seek any other legal remedies, which are available to them under law or equity, all of which are hereby reserved.

We reserve all the rights.

With respect,

On Apr 11, 2010, at 12:51 PM, I wrote

Hi Rabi

I have been given your details by Syed Arshi Mehfooz (he is copied into this e-mail) who tells me he no longer works for 3D Venture Real Estate. I always dealt with this person, and have been misled by Arsh/3d Venture for quite sometime now, therefore I dont trust anyone connected to 3D Venture Real Estate any longer. I have taken legal advice in UK and Dubai on this matter and know my legal rights therefore dont try to fool me as it wont work.

We purchased a studio apartment D412 on Dubai Lagoon development in 2006, to date we have, no contract, no property and you have £30k sterling of our money. You are grossly in breach of the sales agreement we originally made and we do have receipts for the purchase of this studio.

I worked in the construction industry and if the company I worked for,(who also have business interests in Dubai) delivered their contracts this late, there were very serious penalty clauses for late completions resulting in millions of pounds, this project is already 2 years over the due date.

I have reported this matter to Interpol as you, Arshi or whoever have obtained money by deception because you have offered us nothing in 4 years. Now I want my money back forthwith along with interest, and I want this money back right now. I hope this is clear and you fully understand where I am coming from, as this fiasco has gone on for long enough, and someone has/will take responsibility for stealing my money.

I have supplied Interpol with Syed Arsi Mehfooz name and details and I am now supplying Interpol with your details, therefore it wont take too long before they start making arrests I would hope.

Please do not ignore this e-mail because I am in no mood to be messed around or misled any longer - I hope this is perfectly clear.

Following a skype conversation with Mr Mehfooz I then send an e-mail to Mr Youssef who responds like this


Your email really made my day! Its really funny what inferiority complexes some people can have.

My Name is:
Rabi Youssef
My Phone number: +971 509956777
my email:

Now, please also report me to Interpol.
From now on, you can do whatever you want, i will only deal with you once i get a phone call from Interpol, followed by a fax from them.
Stamped and signed.

If not, forget to get any response from our side.
Lets see who is the liar here!

The language you use, is unacceptable and very rude. You can speak like this to your family, but not to me or my team.

I wish you a nice day.

Rabi Youssef
Head of Sales

After sending Mr Youssef the legal letter and advising him of this website which he chooses to denounce as per the latest e-mail

Thank you for suppliing me with a private made homepage where endusers exchange experience.

And you think we are foolish enough to believe your kindergarten-stories.

I wish you a nice day

This is our savings we are talking about and these people seem to think its all a big joke, therefore please do not take your custom to this company as this is what they actually think of their clients.

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258263D Venture Real Estate [Dubai]
Total claims:6
Emirates Pearl »200701/07/20121
In the year 2007 we 3 friends purchased 3 flats from 3D venture Real Estate in Emirates Pearls Ajman.
After paying 50% the company became out of reach and gone in hiding. We are waiting to get an answer from 3 D venture. At the same time we and other 5 purchasers looking out for a good property lawyer to taThankske our case and get our money and damages.

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27557Phil Wright [Salford]
Total claims:1
rental payments »01/09/12 30/11/20121
Guarantee rental payments for Water Front Campus, Greenock, Glasgow Not received.
Frest Start Living won't communicate and won't pay my guarantee
rental payments for student room purchased from Fresh Start Living on 16/11/11.

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1273Braganza Construction [Goa]
Total claims:5
More Details of the fraud »March 200911/03/20090

The story may be more complicated than a simple rip-off by Braganza.  Churchills in the UK were involved in defrauding investors across a range of developments.  See

for more information

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1221Braganza Construction [Goa]
Total claims:5
Braganza World Development - Goa »23/07/200709/03/20090

We purchased via Churchills Solutions an off plan property in June 2007 in Goa.  After 18 months of nothing we then receive notification that this development had been refused planning permission, and we were being trasferred over to another development Tropical Dreams which was supposed to have planning permission.  We refused to do this and requested our money be refunded as we had not breached the contract at point of sale.

We have been advised we cannot have our money back until they sell our property, how can they sdell a property they never had planning persission for in the first place, and where has our money gone.

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1227Braganza Construction [Goa]
Total claims:5
Property scam »sept 200709/03/20090

This company were supsosed to be building holiday appartments, they were selling them of plan and completion was to be dec 2009.

As to date these appartments have never been started, we have been fobed of with all sorts of excusses and even the attempted forced tranfer to another development called "tropical dreams"

Basically this company and its director Ryan Braganza are con men.

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1215Braganza Constuctions [Goa]
Total claims:3
Beaware of this fraud Builder, Brananza Constructions »02/01/200808/03/20090

In Dec 2007 I paid a deposit to invest in Braganza world , an off plan apartment in Goa in India through Churchill Innovative Solutions.  The developer was called Braganza Constructions and the development itself was called Braganza World.

Churchill Innovative solutions, Isle of wight,Tel-01983550400  assured me of complete trustworthiness of this developer and took 4500GBP  deposit from me. 

I Googled Ryan Braganza and all did seem was on track. I paid £4500 deposit, and then next payment in 6 months of time as adviced by Churchill solutions. Somehow they did not tell me not to pay this fraudster.

Since then I and lot of other people have been duped by Churchill solutions and Braganza Constructions. In fact now we know that he never had any planning permission to develop this property.

Both of them have stopped responding to our e mails and phone calls.

We are fighting to get our money back since almost 18 months now.

I am writing this to warn others if someone wanting to invest in Brananza constructions or Churchill Solutions. BEAWARE!!!!!!!!!!

Take a look at this website , Apeears authentic isn't it? But sadly we have been duped. Beaware.!!!

Ryan Braganza should repay our money with interest immediately.  He has clearly commited fraud in this case and has ripped off myself and many other innocent people.


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1428Braganza Constuctions [Goa]
Total claims:3
Investment Fraud »Jan 200721/03/20090

I paid 2 instalments on a property supposedly being built by Braganza Constructions in Goa.  They did not have planning permission at the time they were advertising the properties and have been unable to obtain it since.  They will not refund the deposits paid and obviously are not going ahead with the build.  It appears to be a scam from the outset in conjuction with Churchill Overseas based on the Isle of Wight who were the original contact

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4370 [London]
Total claims:12
Credit Card payment »25/06/200921/08/20090

I was contacted by best4loans, after having sent in a request via on the internet. They asked me lot of personal questions with regard to my employment status and salary, which I answered. They then said that they would contact me later in the day, which they did. They informed me that they had found a loan for me to the value of £2500 and that the money would be in my account by the following Tuesday, but before they could go ahead with they application, I had to pay £49-99 fees, which like a fool, I paid. Unfortunately since then I have been shunted from pillar to post with regards to the loan promised to me, and furthermore, after having sent them a letter with regards to claiming back the fees that were charged to myself. Have had no feedback from them. It is also impossible to get hold of anyone telephonically, because they give you the excuse that they are only the call centre.

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4694 [London]
Total claims:12
$240 scam via my Visa card »2/9/200903/09/20090

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5110 [London]
Total claims:12
PSYCHIC PHONY »2007-200828/09/20090



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5341 [London]
Total claims:12
natureberry and focuscleanse »august 200907/10/20090

got my credit card statement today and noticed 2 unauthorised payments for 119.02 USD each and called the credit card company who informed me that there were a further 2 payments on my next statement as well. Called the company (was put through by MBNA) and spoke to a very unhelpful lady who after some rudeness gave me some cancelation references and told me i would get an email regarding my complaint. I haven't received it yet. So I have emailed them at: [] (link: undefined)

 a lot of poeple have been ripped off.

good luck getting your money back.

 This is an update: MBNA can not help me unless i do not receive the goods. Email was bounced back from company and I have spoken to them twice by phone, once i was hung up on and the second time told me to wait for 72 hours for an email. have cancelled credit card. will keep you posted.

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6833 [London]
Total claims:12
wrong order and fake boots CC40743 »30/09/0918/11/20090

I received my order from after 7 weeks of waiting to find that not only they sent one pair in the wrong size but they are also fake! I have tried so many time to contact them for a refund but getting nowhere!

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