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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
849Adult DVD Site UK [Burglen]
Total claims:9
Little or no contact regarding order not recieved »02/01/200909/02/20097

My husband and I placed an order for a dvd and spray from the above company. we used a site as we thought this would be alot safer to use than compared to a .com site.

We ordered the 2 items as both of them was showing as in stock, but once the order had been completed we were told that the dvd was out of stock and that it would take 28 days or less for it to come back into stock and be sent out to us. So we waited

We waited 2 weeks and the spray was showing as being sent but we had not recieved anything so I contacted the company via email to ask what had happened. They replied saying that the dvd was on back order and it would take 28days to arrive no response to my question about the spray.

So we waited another 2 weeks and sent them another emailing stating that we understood that the dvd was on back order but we had still not recieved the spray. They responded with an email again only mentioning the dvd.

So I decided to ring the number on the website, 0845 280 2706 this was only an answering machine so I left my details asking someone to call me as I had still not recieved any of my order even though it had been over 28days. I have still not recieved a phone call.

I have chased several times via email without any response. I have asked for someone to contact me about cancelling my order as still nothing recieved.

£25.60 is not a massive amount but when you pay for something no matter how much it is you do expect to get what youve paid for and some contact from that company when youve asked for it.

Please help.

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Total claims:1 Bogus Company - Avoid! »30/03/200918/05/20094

I ordered and paid for a DVD product from their website on the 27th March 2009. They charged my card 3 days later & the site seemed professional and genuine (I saw they had a contact number listed so it gave me the peace of mind to order from them).

However, this phone number is simply a message minder which they do not return calls from. I sent countless emails to the address listed as 'support' & only received one response. They stated that their delivery was late and that the DVD would be dispatched next week. It was clear it was a generic response and they have yet to respond to any of my follow up emails as of 18th May 2009.

The MD of the company is a businessman named Dieter Grolimund based in Trimbach in Switzerland.

The other two shareholders are Andrew Cosgrove & Denis Kelly (both from UK).

I have looked into this company & the details I have are below: hosts the 3 domains this company uses -, &

The sites are probably hosted from the USA.

The company, ADS Digital GMBH, is based in Switzerland.

All 3 sites are bogus and have been actively ripping off consumers since 2003. Internet research has unfortunately revealed this.

It is the nature of the adult material that possibly encourages people to 'turn a blind eye', or 'cut their losses' as they may deem it to embarrassing to go to their credit card company etc. This I believe is the fuel keeping this rip-off company in business. They also use 'bait-advertising' on their site (hurry, sale ends in 5 hours etc - this sale is on every single day). They also list 99% of product as 'in-stock' and 'ships immediately'.

I don't particulary need or want a refund - I just want to let as many people I can know about this company.

Handelsregister Registre du commerce Registro di commercio
No. 61 Monday, 31.03.2008 126. Vintage

â–  ADS Digital GmbH in citizens gl en TG, CH-440.4.021.045 -
0, Industriestrasse 3, 8575 Bürglen TG, Limited
Liability (new registration). Statutes date:
20. 03. 2008. Purpose: Marketing, acquisition, sale, storage and distribution
of consumer goods and services
in this area, particularly in Europe and overseas. The Company
may open branches in Germany and abroad,
in other companies or to participate with
these together and acquire land, hold
and dispose. Share capital: CHF 20'000 .-. In addition to performance
further definition in accordance with the statutes. Publication:
SOGC. The notifications are made to the shareholders
writing or by e-mail. According to statement by the Founder
20.03.2008 by the Company under any ordinary
Revision and waives a limited audit.

Persons: Cosgrove, Andrew, a British citizen,
in Lisbum (UK), shareholder, with single signature, with
100 ordinary shares of CHF 100, -; Kelly, Denis, British
Nationals, in Helen's Bay (UK), shareholder, with single signature,
with 100 ordinary shares of CHF 100, -;

Dieter, from Trimbach in Mellingen, Managing Director, with
Single signature.
Diary No. 1462 of 25.03.2008
(04406278 / CH-440.4.021.045-0)

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Total claims:1
+44203139905gb »04/12/200914/12/20092

I went on to an adult dvd site where my partner and i wanted to watch some movies. I was asked for my bank details as prove of age but it turns out ive been charged 25.98 three times in one day on the 4th dec. I am livid and would love a refund as i only recieve 55 pounds a week to live on.

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906Adult DVD Site UK [Burglen]
Total claims:9
No delivery or response »10th & 23rd Janurary 0915/02/20091

Placed 2 seperate orders for 4 DVDs for a Special weekend stated selections in stock and ships immediately took money immediately informed items on back order two template responses sent heaps of emails to Aus  and Uk offices asked for refund left phone messages at Aus Contact number no response. Just a rip off company all beware read the other claim seems like they do the same in the UK

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1919Adult DVD Site UK [Burglen]
Total claims:9
dvds »9th april 0921/04/20091

Hi. Don't usually need to do this, but feel I should make you all aware of this site. Similar story to the above... bought 2 dvds from the site ..paid on 9th april 09...the goods were both (2dvds) advertised as in stock.. dispatch within 48 hrs.

2 weeks on after numerous emails about no goods I have had 2 replies .. on on the 15th, and 1 on the 20th april. These are generic emails saying the dvds are being back ordered and with be with them within 7 working days..mabye up to 28. I recieved the same mail twice.

I said this isn't good enough as the goods are not in stock and for the duration, from ordering to this day, those goods are advertised as in stock, which they aren't. This is bait advertising I do believe and totally illegal (have read into this).

I would be happy with a mail just saying when I can expect them, apparently I am asking to much. Will keep you updated on the results of this. Depending on the outcome I will be contacting trading standards.

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5022Adult DVD Site UK [Burglen]
Total claims:9
Delivery of adult DVD title »17th Feburary 200923/09/20091

I ordered a title from this website. After a few weeks, I received a title, but it was the wrong one.

I then contact them via the website, and asked their advice. I then returned the DVD title (by adding Return to sender) on the packed. I was then told (via email) that they will send out the correct title (This was stated on the 16th July).

Since this date, I have not received the title requested, and although they did reply to a few of my enquiries, it is now the 23rd September, and I have still not received the title, despite several 'enquires' : My last one (a week ago) was written in anger, and not 100% polite (use * to substitute letters of swear words) but by this point I'd had enough!

I had orderd other titles in previous orders, which arrive fine, and yet this one not so (title was called 'Extreme Close up with Jenna Jameson).

It is not just the cost : it's the principle of not getting what I ordered

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3059Adult DVD Site UK [Burglen]
Total claims:9
not received order properly »janaury 200927/05/20091

i ordert 3 dvds for 20 quid each in january, i got send 1 wrong dvd.. i sendet it back and they said they will replace it.. but i only got 2 answers for my mails and then they ignoring me. now how can i get my money back or the replacement disk??



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3755Adult DVD Site UK [Burglen]
Total claims:9
Bad buisness Practice »17 june 200918/07/20091

Same story as the others really.  Only when I mentioned the possibility for them to make even more money they answered my emails. Recently received the money back after having posted a compaint here and forwarded the link to the complaint to the Adult DVD site.  The other complains on this web site (search ADULTDVDSITE insread of ADULT DVD SITE) denonces the company as fake, just a scam or as they say boggus. I do not know whether it is true but their methods are not buisness like. I will definetly never order again from this company.




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Total claims:2
Adult dvd »09/12/200914/12/20091

Same thing here, i was asked to provide my bank details as proof off my age as my partner and i wanted to watch some movies but when i checked my bank on the 9th dec i was billed 39.99... All these sites that have said they are free have ripped me off,over 100 pounds was taken by these kind of sites. I would be very greatful of a refund if possible these sites cant get off with it anymore

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4355Blubay DVD [Burglen]
Total claims:4
Overcharged »7th August21/08/20091

I ordered a DVD from BlubayDVD on 7th August and agreed to pay £16.36. I checked my bank account and I was charged £47.86 on 7th August from them. I was sent a follow up email saying that the DVD I ordered was out of stock and they would aim to deliver it in the next 7 days but could not guarantee it would be sent in the next 28 days. The mentioned nothing of overcharging me. I have contacted their sales and support teams via email and called the number on their website and left a message. However I have never had a response from them.

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5008BlackRock entertainment [london]
Total claims:1
Adora Belles fake clients »22/09/0923/09/20091

I signed up with Adora Belles with a full understanding that there was no adult fun involved and that i would acompany single women to functions and that the women would pay £600 on arrival to the rendevous point. I signed up on the 21st and on the 22nd i had 2 calls from a lady called veronica, then a Kelly who sent me an email with all the details for registration.

I then had another call immediately after the email was sent to say i had a client waiting and that they can not give me the booking unless i pay the £251.85. I went to the bank in a hurry and asked the Lady, is this genuine and i did not want to be scammed. She told me a fake clients name and even said a taxi had been booked to pick me up for the evening.

I paid the money and called her back to confirm again. i did not get her. I called 3 times to the company and a lady said thay should have informed me of the process, while on the phone supposedly another withheld number called and i was made to believe that that was the client , as i did not answer she had cold feet. Cold Feet!!!!

I called to ask for my money back, i was again ressured that another client had me on priority list and that they would not be refunding my money as i had not given them the chance to book me . i am awaiting the call, guess what it wont come.

I will be going through with this and promise to get my money off this scam.


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5912Adult DVD Site UK [Burglen]
Total claims:9
Unacceptable »06-07-200927/10/20090

 I placed an order with The Adult dvd site on the 06-07-2009

I Waited a couple weeks ,when I loged in onto the site ,I was told that they were out of stock of the items that I ordered. I selected different items.

I was notified by e-mail that my order was sent on the 08-10-2009 and it would take approx 10 days to receive the order.

I have never received my order to date , I have contacted the site by e-mail on numerious occasions , they have never responded .

I have the feeling that I have been done in and I find this unacceptable as I placed the order with trust and the site looked legitimate.




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12341Adult DVD Site UK [Burglen]
Total claims:9
Taken money not supplied goods »2/5/1017/05/20100

Placed order of stock items(02/05/10), paid, requested 24hours delivery, as present for someone. One DVD arrived, nothing else, was sent email saying items was not in stock I have sent 9 emails asking for a refund with no reply or refund. Phone number on site is only a fax! This company has taken my money and has not supplied, complete rip off

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17492Adult DVD Site UK [Burglen]
Total claims:9
Payment taken goods not supplied »17th February 201121/03/20110
I ordered 2 dvds which were showing as in stock then when I checked my order on the website a week later it said out of stock but they had already taken the payment from my bank. I e-mailed them 5 times about this without reply the number given is not working I think they are fraudsters or have gone bust either way I've lost £40 DONT GO THERE ! IT SAYS IT IS A UK SITE BUT IT ISN'T. I have had to cancel my card now which is more hassle as well

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Total claims:2
free age verification »24/12/0914/01/20100

On the 24th of december 2009 i used my credit card as age verification online and on 30/12/09 the ammount of £39.95 was debited from my account On 7/1/10 another ammount of £49.95 was also taken wothout my permission and i believe this is conected with the same company, i have alerted my bank and they say they cannot do anything about it except write a letter to the ombudsman, i am unhappy to say the least regarding this especially when i have not receieved anything in return. i would more than appreciate some help on this issue if possible .
thank you

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4278Terri\'s Tots LLC [unknown]
Total claims:1
Site scam »5/17/200918/08/20090

An adult website [WWW.HOTSEXYTOYS.COM] (link: http://www.HOTSEXYTOYS.COM) I ordered product from this company and received several email that the order was being processed

by other company Terri's Toys LLC. and about 3 weeks went by the status of the order was still being processed and it never happen. Two orders that I paid for with my credit card and nothing was never  then I tried to contact the company again and no response.

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4755Blubay DVD [Burglen]
Total claims:4
Membership »May/June/July/August 200908/09/20090

Ordered 4 DVDS. When checking credit card statement noticed they were charging a monthly membership fee of 56.99 per month. Not advised of this and taking money without my authorisation out of my credit card.

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5069Blubay DVD [Burglen]
Total claims:4
Ripoff »august-september25/09/20090

tried to buy dvds from site. gave billing info and called to confirm shipping. told dvds shipped but later received a e-mail stating that they no longer were going to sell dvds. NEVER received my dvds. later found out I was auto enrolled into some club and billed almost $50 dollars. WHAT?!? I never received product and was screwed by the company. Avoid them. Had to cancel my card to stop them from ripping me off.

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6667Blubay DVD [Burglen]
Total claims:4
Over Charged »23 June 200914/11/20090

Ordered DVD's from this company and were not only overcharged but where charged twice. These items never arrived. Was also entered into a subscription. By the time you have realised it you have been charged several times for the items and the subscription. Altho they say it was in the terms and conditions which is true, they broke there contract by not sending the items. This makes the contract void. I have asked for a refund and postal and delivery documents but the company is now silent. This is a well thought out and organised con.

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13594adultdvdsite,com,au [Burglen]
Total claims:1
adult toy »02/08/201008/09/20100

I placed an order with this site on 01/08/2010.the site claimed postage on 02/08/2010, but nothing has ever been recieved.
I have emailed several time in the period since, but have never recieved a reply.
Surely their failure to even reply to emails, would suggest that this site is nothing but a scam, and buyers should beware

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