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1255Trade price hot tubs [London]
Total claims:20
Cancellation of Order and Refund »Jan 200810/03/200916


We write to you with concerns regarding a web based company ‘The Trade Price Group' selling spas and hot tubs and its relation to another company called ‘Spa Serve' which is based in Rugeley, Staffordshire.

 In January 2008, we placed an order for a swim spa with a company ‘Trade Price Group' advertising over the internet for what appeared to be a good deal (Christmas and New Year half price sale). I spoke to the sales person (who we now co-owns Spa Serve) on a Friday 2 days before the sale was to end and placed a refundable deposit (£500.00) to secure the spa, and subsequently visited their warehouse distribution centre in Rugeley near Birmingham and went ahead with the order as we felt the arrangement was reasonable. 

We met the sales person who came across as very genuine and told us that he was ex-army, he and his friends co-owned the company and were able to sell the spas at a competitive price because they were dealing direct and in large numbers without the expense of a show room.

The cost of the swim spa including delivery was £ 12000.00 third of which to be paid on order, second third to be paid when the goods are ready to be shipped to UK (we were told that the spas were made in United States) and final third to be paid upon delivery.

 Having paid the second third, in total of £8075.00 (including credit card charges, £ 4075.00 paid using credit cards and £ 4000.00 paid using cheque) in February, we were made wait without any correspondence beyond the projected delivery date. We made several phone calls and following a written correspondence, we were written back earlier in April assuring that the spa would be here by end of May, which has not happened. We took advice from Trading Standards and have now cancelled the order and the company has refused to refund the money paid.

 We initiated the dispute through Barclaycard as we paid the initial £4075.00 using credit card. Barclaycard have now concluded their investigation and refunded the £4075.00, but unwilling to take the matter any further with regards to rest of £4000.00

During the course we have learnt that the ‘Trade Price Group', which operates the website ‘' and the initial sales, are face of another company ‘Spa Serve'. All the payments that we have made so far appear to have gone directly to Spa Serve. All the written correspondence and dealings since the initial payment are with Spa Serve who also appear to have their own web site ‘' under an address ‘Spa Serve 123 Towers Business Park, Rugeley, Staffordshire. WS15 1UZ'.

Looking at the Spa Serve distribution centre on the website, the ‘Trade Price Group' warehouse we visited is exactly the same in other words Spa Serve is using ‘Trade Price Group' as a front. Therefore the web advertisement for ‘Trade Price Group' appears to be ‘Spa Serve' in disguise although this is not revealed in ‘Trade Price Group' advert nor was is it revealed at the time of order. Worryingly however the registered address for ‘Trade Price Group' is different as they are registered in London under the address ‘Trade Price Group, 3 Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8YZ'. Worryingly there appears to be a connection with a previous company called ‘Insparations' which has now folded.

 Several aspects of these two organisations concern us

At the time of our order we were given the impression that it was a limited sale. The web site form ‘Trade Price Hot Tubs' made it look like the sale was for a limited time with daily countdown. The sales person  asked me to place a refundable deposit so that I could secure the spa at a sale price. However after the end of sale the prices have remained the same. More importantly there appear to be further frequent sale adverts with a count down to lure customers in to false sense of urgency.

The sales person, who sold us the spa, told us that he co-owned ‘Trade Price Group' also apparently co-owns Spa Serve. He told us that the spa would be with us in 10-12 weeks. He also told us that in order to go ahead with the sale we had to make initial payment of 3rd the value to place the order (£4075.00 paid using credit card), the second third would be made payable when the spa is ready to be shipped (paid by a cheque) and the last 3rd upon receiving the spa. However after receiving the credit card bills I noticed that the money was paid directly to Spa Serve, at this stage I did not think much of it as I subsequently received the letter of confirmation of order from Spa serve and therefore assumed that Spa Serve used ‘Trade Price Group' to sell the spas.

However after a second supposedly shipping payment on 25th February 2008, it all went very quiet. As we were expecting the swim spa to be with us by end of march or at least some indication of delivery date by this time, and since there was no communication from ‘Spa Serve' we made several phone calls in early April. On 2 occasions we were told that someone would call back, which never happened. I made a further phone call on 14th April, rather annoyed and spoke to, the Office manager and was reassured and told that there was a small delay from the manufacturer's and she would come back to me with answers. Not being satisfied with the response I rang the sales line to ‘Trade Price Group' and was answered promptly by the same sales person. However this time around he seem to think that delivering the spa was no longer his problem as it had been passed on to Spa Serve for the delivery. After somewhat heated discussion he agreed to speak to sales manager at Spa Serve and I did receive a phone call and a subsequent letter stating the reasons for delay being on the manufacturing side and that the spa would be delivered by end of May, which of course has not materialised.

There were several people on ‘' who appear to have had similar experiences with poor reviews for both ‘Trade Price Group' and ‘Spa Serve'. Although I accept that one is more likely to write review on a bad experience, the poor reviews for Spa serve and Trade price Group far exceed others which have now miraculously disappeared after a supposed complaint by Trade Price and Spa Serve.

Interestingly I came across another set of poor reviews, this time around the company known as Insparations which appear to be the previous face of Spa Serve, which has been investigated by BBC Watchdog in the past. The website for this company no longer exists and appear to have some relation to these companies in question.

We did reasonable research before ordering the spa. We believe that the swimming pool and spa industry generally have a very  high profit margin, therefore when I saw the advert for the Swimspa on ‘Trade price group' web site I felt that the cost of the Swim spa was a reasonable deal. I checked for the credentials on this company as best as possible and found nothing adverse at that time. We even enquired with the trading standards for credibility but unable to obtain this information based on the data protection issues.

We have been in touch with Trading Standards who appear to have similar complaints and think that we should be able to reclaim the money based on time of essence.  We have now written to the company cancelling the order (in June 2008) and asking for a full refund and the company have refused to refund. They have tried to entice us with a different colour swim spa giving us essentially three day notice over the weekend before the notice period for cancellation ended (Stating that the delivery date could not be changed as the spa came directly from shipping port to installation site, knowing that it required a crane for installation which we needed to organise) which we had to refuse.

The terms and conditions of the sale however are quite cunning and unfair, as I have later discovered that it excludes cancellation on the basis of time of essence. The company also claims that our order was a custom order, which is not true as we simply chose one of the two colours. We were neither informed of the significance of these issues nor were we told about the involvement of ‘Spa Serve' at the time of order and signing the contract. In fact we were mislead in signing the contract on the pretext of it being a timed sale. 

We strongly believe this is a company with poor trading standards with several others like us at the receiving end. We therefore request your assistance in this matter including possible investigation to establish credibility and prevent others from having similar experiences.

Please be careful if you are dealing with this company.


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1914Virgin Balloon Flights [Telford]
Total claims:4
Flight Refund »21/04/0921/04/20097

Purchased 3 Virgin Balloon Flight tickets at a cost of £465.00 nearly two years ago.These flights have been cancelled on 5 seperate occaissions by the company.A refund has been requested but ignored by the company.All emails & phone calls not acted on.

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852Trade price hot tubs [London]
Total claims:20
Deposit »17/11/200809/02/20096

We wanted to purchase a hot tub but wanted a site survey done first to ensure we could get it into our garden. On the wbsite [] (link: it says that serveys are free. When you call them on 0845-094468 they ask for a fully refundable deposit of £500 that will be repaid if you decied not to proceed. Well they took our deposit and came to do the servey. The guy who turned up in his Audi TT then proceeded to drive straight accross my front lawn and parked his car by my front window some 30 feet from the drive way (that can park 6 cars on it!) we looked at the products but decieded not to proceed for many reasons the main one being the credability of the sales person. We have called and left messages for them to call us back and we have emailed them withou success. we are now passing the matter onto the police.

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6631Trade price hot tubs [London]
Total claims:20
non performance »09.11.0913/11/20096

Representative stated that payment had to be in full when placing order, when this is not the case.  When you read delivery info, it states balance payable on delivery. he also advised delivery would take no more than 12 weeks so should have been delivered in his words this week. Spoke to the aftersales team
who are very difficult and do not give out any information abiy when I could expect delivery then advised not until next year. I have tried
to arrange a meeting with the parners of the company who apparently do not get involved once they have sold the tubs, but the secretary has forgot to make the appointment all very convenient

I have been advised by trading standards to write to them stating I wish them to make time of the essence (it must be these words) and deliver my tub within 14 days or they will be in breach of contract.  which i am sending this weekend by registered mail

This company simply doesn't tell the truth - certainly the rep didn't, he even said that due to the month of August  and it being quiet, we would propbably take delivery of the tub even sooner than 12 weeks.  If only they would let customers know what is going on, how they operate, why the delay etc.

Awaiting a further response from trade price group and will update further

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3413Trade price hot tubs [London]
Total claims:20
Failure to supply goods »8th December 200923/06/20094

After a home visit from Simon I purchased a hot tub from Spa Serve part of the Trade Price Group on 8/12/2008 and paid in full. I signed the order form Simon completed not realizing that I was signing a contract. Terms and conditions are on the back of the form which he does not show you. He failed to complete the "due date" on the contract and did not advise me of my right to cancel the contract nor is there a section on cancellation on the terms and conditions. Confirmation of the order was dated 17/12/2008 showing that the hot tub was due into their distrubution warehouse "TBA Min 10/12 weeks." Both Simon and Stuart had promised us that the hot tub would be delivered to  to our house in Spain by the begining of April, at their expense, if it did not arrive in time to be shipped with other goods we were shipping at the end of February so we were not too worried. As February came and went and April loomed we contacted the company for a delivery date and six months later and many email and letters all they bhave told us is that it is made awaiting shipment to the uk. We have told them that it is unreasonable to expect us to wait any longer and have pointed out that they are in breech of the Sale of Goods Act 1982 and should have told us about our cancellation rights. We have cancelled the order and claimed a refund and after several letter asking us to bear with them a bit longer, they now do not reply nor have they refunded our money.

This company talk the talk but do not deliver. They tell you about all their happy customers and about ex-employees posting bad reviews but do not be deceived by the verbal promises that they cannot keep. From my experience this is not a company you want to do business with. Their products are cheap but it seems you get what you pay for or in my case you get nothing at all! Do yourself a favour and stay away from this company and I am not an ex-employee just one of the many mugs falling for their smart sales techniques.  

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2850Spa Serve [RUGELEY]
Total claims:18
Court Judgement »20th May 200920/05/20094

I ordered a hot tub from trade hot tubs discovered on the internet in May 2008.  I had a site visit on the 10th May 2008 and paid the balance payment making the total money paid £5402.25.

The San Francisco hot tub was delivered on the 29th of May 2008 - I must state that contrary to some other experiences everything actually came, however, to my horror my husband signed the delivery note without checking that it was okay.  Shortly after the engineers left the electrician came to the house to advise him that the hot tub was leaking but most worrying that he had told the engineers and they simply left anyway.  He had inadvatently signed the delivery note (with its small print) for a product that did not work.

Spa serve advised us to empty the hot tub, the fitters returned on the same day, stuck on loads of glue and silicon but it continued to leak.  Another set of engineers visited on the 5th of June after SEVEN telephone calls.  I sent about 27 emails between June and August 2008, fortunately I kept a clear audit trail which ensured that I was able to present evidence in court today. 

Evidence to support my claim that they made numerous promises to get an engineer out and failed to deliver on two promises to give a replacement hot tub.  I even got to meet Jonathan Husselbee.

Going to court was a lengthy process and the judge was not too impressed instructing spa serve to sort 'this out'.  I was awarded a full refund of the money I paid, interest payment for the 354 - three hundred and fifty four days that they have had my money and costs coming to a grand total of £6928.22 - to be paid within two weeks by the 3rd of June.

All I have ever wanted is a hot tub and I still intend to buy one.  The key question for me is can I trust spa serve to deliver one comparative to my court award or should I take the money and find a more reputable supplier.

My faith in justice has been renewed.

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10455The Trade Price Group [RUGELEY]
Total claims:20
Non delivery of Hot Tub »July 200911/01/20104
Similar to the other noted stories of woe, we succumbed to the sales pitch of The Trade Price Group paying almost GBP 7000. up front to a salesman called Matthew, who insisted he was not a salesman but was only the surveyor. As it turns out he wasn’t a sales guy, he was an outright liar! We paid our money up front to secure a “priority” delivery time of 6 weeks. As it stands currently we are 5 months in and still waiting! Despite endless phone calls we are no farther forward. Each call is met with the same well rehearsed diatribe that they are waiting on shipping schedules. Clearly from reading the other stories on this site we are all aware of our rights under the consumer protection act, however it seems that despite this the company refuse to acknowledge this and no refunds are forthcoming.
Please can anyone confirm if they actually received the goods ordered or if we have in fact just poured our money down the drain or has anyone actually got their money refunded from them?
At the risk of stating the obvious DO NOT DEAL with this company!

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5646Trade price hot tubs [London]
Total claims:20
Unreasonable Terms and Conditions »31 March 200919/10/20093

Hi ordered a hot tub from this crowd and they promised delivery within 12 weeks and said more likely to be 6 weeks.

I made numerous calls to them asking when the hot tub will arrive. Every time I was told that they are waiting for shipping documents from the manufacturer. I was told to send them a letter advising time is of the essence and if I don't receive my hot tub by 20/08/2009 the contract is rescinded. Naturally, no reply from them. A Statutory Demand was issued against Mr Foster of the Trade Price Group. He had to respond to that via his solicitors and according to clause 4.2 of the Terms and Conditions 'time for delivery shall not be made of the essence by notice.

Although I have received a letter from them stating the hot tub is ready to be delivered, I do not want it on principle. After reading on the internet, they are dodgy cheap hot tubs which come from China and not USA as they stated when I first ordered one. Who has to pay £7.5K up front and wait nearly 200 days for an item ordered?

I am therefore stuck unless the courts would see that the Terms and Conditions of this organisation is unreasonable. What are the chances of this?

I really need advice as to whether I would win in court where they would reimburse me in full as well as statutory interest and legal costs.

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9812Trade price hot tubs [London]
Total claims:20
Undelivered Goods »18.09.200915/12/20093

We ordred our hot tub on 18th Sept 09, similar story to all the other compliants!
Pushy salesman called Matt whom sold the hot tub to us. On the 2nd visit he would not leave our WORK premises until we had made the payment.
We requested samples of the prducts we had ordered (these have not yet turned up), we were promised delivery within 6 weeks for paying 50% up front.(so we paid)
We then received a call 4 weeks later (mid Oct 09)requesting the balance to be paid as the hot tub was due to be shipped.
As we were on holiday at the time we made contact when we returned to discover the hot tub wasnt ready to be shipped and no shipping date was in mind.
Following 6 weeks from the purchase we began to chase the shipping / delivery and installation date! (apparently there can be a number of weeks between these !)
We kept and KEEP making contact with the trade price group only to be consistently 'fobbed off' by various salemen / directors / staff, SJ Foster, KC Foster, S Cox, Jonathon husselby, Katie Wheeler, Katie Hodgkiss,Michelle Graham, Zoe Crossley(to name a few).
We even suggested we would take one from thier current stock as a compromise, which was to no avail.
Following final communication today and we are still no further forward, we have put the current payment into dispute with the credit card company and the next step has to be legal action and national public humiliation to enable us to recover the monies and also prevent others like us from purchasing something that clearly doesnt exist.
We have a full detailed account of all events leading up to the purchase and since paying the monies.

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9472Trade price hot tubs [London]
Total claims:20
pmchugh »14/08/0908/12/20093

A Mr Stuart cox came round to our propertyon the 14 August 2009 and spent over 2 hours telling us what a wonderfull company the Trade Price group is and how the product is made in America and how well it is made. This was 16 weeks ago and since then I have made numerous calls and as yet have not seen my Spa or heard when it will arive. Now having read all the complaints on your site about people in the same situaion I doubt I ever will. We paid up front on th false promise that we had priority booking and would get the spa in 6-8 weeks. I have sent a letter to the company cancelling our order and requesting our money back less one third. I have however read on your site that this does not mean you automtically get your money back.
What other course of action can I take. Does any one have any advise.

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4702Spa Serve [RUGELEY]
Total claims:18
SPA SERVE »02/11/200803/09/20093


I ordered an Emerald Spa from First Choice Hot tubs,Which is one of the sales
arms of SPA Serve  on 14th Oct 2008.
I paid £500 for a site survey and this was done by a man named Stuart.
As the spa had to be place inside a building ..


The salesman assured me that there would be no problem ,
as my builder could remove the roof and as the Spa would be deliverd by SPA SERVE
they had a Crane-like machine that would lower the spa into the room in the garden.

I was assured by the saleman that all servicable parts would be placed in the front of
the spa for easy accsess.It was only after delivery that I found this to be UNTRUE

        I telephoned thier office and paid for the spa in full.... I was told the delivery
would be in 8 days.
        The following day I was informed that delivery would be 2nd November 2008
The day before delivery I was contacted by SPA SERVE and asked if I had hired a Crane
and what time the Crane would be at my property.
        I was Shocked,as the salesman had told me that they had a crane-like vehcle
to do the job.
         Spa Serve insisted that they never have anything to do with Crane hire and
they certainly do not have one.
         I was then told that I had to accept delivery on 21st Nov 2008..
If I had missed this delivery slot delivery would not be until well into the New Year.

 make a long, long story much shorter, the spa was delivered and
installed and filled and instruction given.

         The following morning. I checked the spa only to find lot of water had
drained out..... the spa was leaking.

          I called SPA SERVE to tell them and was told if I paid £75 and engineer
would be able to call....but not untill 13th DECember 2008
          I paid and an engineer did call on that date....He looked at the Spa
and then said he would order the neccessary parts and a new DVD player as this
... The Spa would remain Unusable.

          In July 2009... eight months later...after so many Phone calls to
Spa Serve . I decided to put a video complaint on YOUTUBE ..
           I Telphoned SPA SERVE and told them what I had done and within
One hour they called me to say that an engineer would call on 7th Aug 2009
and my Spa,at long last would be in working order.

           The engineer arrived on the said date... He installed a new DVD player
and fitted a new shoulder massage jet control,the original one kept popping off
every time the pump was switched on and the water would run out of the tub
           He also replaced the one way air control valve...He discovered the original
valve was not only fitted upside down but was fitted to the wrong side

           He advised be not to fill the tub until the following day.. so the adhesive
could set..He promised to post to me another jet that was causing a problem...this he did

            The following day I filled the Spa.. put on the pump and the shoulder
massage jet popped off straight away.. the water gushed out to that level...within 12 hours the
spa is half empty... so obvously the leak has not been fixed

             I imediately called SPA SERVE to tell them... they said they would
call me back with an engineer appointment
              After so many calls one has called me back... 4 weeks have now
passed since the engineer called.

              It is also 10 months since the SPA was delivered and I still cannot use it.

              I think it is now time to pursue a full rufund through the small claims court
and get SPA SERVE to remove the Spa from my Property at THIER expense


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6617also known as spa serve [London]
Total claims:1
Awful company stay away! »31/3/0913/11/20093

We first ordered and paid in full for our hot tub on the 31/3/09 being told it would take on average 6-8weeks for delivery. 6months later we are still waiting however we are currently seeking legal advise and will not let this matter end.


I would recommend getting in contact with trading standard as they have been a real help. 

Watchdog, this is one for you!

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878Trade price hot tubs [London]
Total claims:20
£500 »August 200711/02/20092

On Christmas eve 2007 my fiancee was injured in Afghanistan resulting in him losing both of his legs and his right arm, after his initial recovery and lots of rehabilitation he was finaly allowed home. Learning to use prosthetics and going through intese rehab took it's toll on Mark and he used to have a lot of back and neck aches and pains etc... After a brief discussion we decided it would be a good idea to get a spa to help relieve the tension and aches in his body, after looking through the internet we decided to buy one from Trade Price Hot Tubs as the offers seemed unbelievable so we paid our deposit of £500, that was in August 2008, shortly after we decided to ask for our money back as we read a lot of negative reviews about this company (should of checked before so that was our fault) After numerous phone calls and conversations we were given constant excuses about the accounts department having lost our details (twice) and after another phone call they have lost our address (not a very professional team im sure you'll agree) it is now 6 months later and i still have not had a refund and spent a fortune on phone calls as they never ring back like they promise to. We have now given them our address for a third time and they have promised to send us a cheque after we fill out another form and send it to them (which will probably get lost) if any one is considering buying a hot tub from this company please reconsider as you would be a lot better off visiting a dealer and making the in person, it will save a lot of stress. 

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11013Trade price hot tubs [London]
Total claims:20
manhatten spa »30/09/0903/02/20102
salesman stuart, visited on 30 september 2009, promised us an american made spa, in about 8 weeks if we paid in full there and then, longer if we split payment. we really wanted our tub for christmas so paid in full by cheque. the info stating we could cancel within 7 days of order date wasnt received until @10 days after order date! 18 weeks later we still hve no spa and a list of excuses. I have e-mailed the company today and am sending letters to both addresses tomorrow asking for a full refund their t&c's are unfair and unethical. I would never have ordered a spa made in china! will keep everyone informed of progress

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3209Spa Serve [RUGELEY]
Total claims:18
SPA SERVE Ongoing frustration!!! Help!!! »MAY 200805/06/20092

We Ordered a Spa from them on or around 12/05/2008 and have an acknowledgment to confirm this to which we then had a survey carried out in our home on 20/05/2008. Where we paid Spa Serve upfront the sum of £4390 by cheque.  We were given an installation date of the 01/07/2008 so I took the day off work to be present whilst the installation took place.  I was then contacted later that day at around 12.30pm by Diane in their office to say that the wrong colour had been ordered by them and that we had two options available, these were either to have another one ordered which would take approx 6 weeks, or to have the one in stock which was the wrong colour but we could have it re-varnished on the outer shell.  After already Waiting 8 weeks we decided to have the one in stock.  This spa came to us on 08/07/2008.  I took another day off work in order to be present.  The installation guys grazed the top of the spa getting it into the garden, knocked a tile off the garage roof which broke and cracked one of the jet stream buttons.  I was then told not to worry as a repair guy from Spa Serve would be out to us in around two weeks to resolve this and fix these.  Spa Serve installation guys then proceeded to sand down 2 panels of the spa for re-varnishing which looked a total mess!  I asked them to stop as this really wasn't satisfactory.  We then ordered the panels back in the original colour. At this time we had a filter missing the stereo wouldn't work and the TV was missing we also didn't have the winter cover for our Spa. As well as the spa looking a total mess!  We were then given a date for their maintenance guy to come and resolve the issues we faced on the 24/07/2008.  Again I took time off work in order to be here for the works to be carried out however nobody came that day and we were not informed.   We therefore phoned Spa Serve and spoke to Diane who apologised and said she would call back with another date.  Unfortunately we didn't receive any contact from them and our best endeavours to contact Spa Serve resulted in no reply from them, the phone kept going into a fax line or their automated message stated that they were closed even though they weren't. 

After still not hearing anything back from Spa Serve, we took it upon ourselves to drive to Staffordshire at our own expense and see Diane in person in order to resolve our matters.  We visited on the 12/08/2008 and spoke to Diane at first who then seemed to disappear never to be seen again, and then Rebecca and Jo Spa Serves sales managers who drafted a list of the defects we had, even though Diane already had this list!?  We were promised by Spa Serve staff that this would be put right ASAP and that everything was in stock other than the panels for the Spa and the TV.  We were advised that our TV for the Spa would be upgraded to a bigger and newer model, and that they would contact us as soon as they were in stock to arrange for Installation and correction of our defects.  We then received a phone call from their office stating that everything was in stock which was  the Bar, Stools, Panels, Steps,  T.V, Stereo and filter. We were told that the guy would be here on the 16/08/2008 and would fit all of the above and make good the scratches on the Spa leaving us with a completed Spa.  The gentleman arrived on that day in the morning however he only had the panels for the Spa, the stools, the steps and the new stereo.  Still no TV and matching Bar, still scratches on the Spa and a Jet stream button that is cracked and sprays out water.  He apologised and stated that we should have been informed.  We immediately phoned and spoke to a lady in Spa Serve offices again as this was getting totally ridiculous.  We were told that the TV's were being held in customs however there was no excuse for the other items not being rectified.  She explained that it would be best if all of the remaining defects were carried out in one last visit and that she would get back to us ASAP with a date.  We have tried on numerous occasions to contact Spa Serve and when we finally get to speak to someone, they  feel it's acceptable to constantly lie with the promise of them getting back to us, YOU NEVER DO!!!!!  On the 24/10/2008 I received a text from number 07797803731 this is what it read:  Just a quick update to advise I am still looking into your missing items and will update you shortly, many thanks, Spa-serve.  We found this to be extremely unprofessional and cowardly and a month on from the text we received we are still awaiting news???!  The product that we have received does not match the description that we purchased and this is completely unsatisfactory. We are now a year down the line and nothing has changed.

  We then eventually contacted Spa Serve to repair the scratches to our Spa that THEY had put on it, they stated a man from a company called Magicman would be out to repair this on 20/05/2009... Guess what... he came and couldnt fix a thing!! I have made around 30 phonecalls to this company!!! I am a young woman who suffers from Arthritis and thought this Hot tub would really soothe my aches and pains... we have had this tub a year and only used it for 3 months, we have had it shut down and are awaiting Spa serves response.  We have had nothing but stress caused from this company!!  HELP!!!! We seem to have no joy at resolving these issues and wonder if we ever will??!

Click Here to read Small Claims Reply »»

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4995Spa Serve [RUGELEY]
Total claims:18
Refund for monitor/Cdplayer »Dec 2008 till now22/09/20092

In Dec 2008 we had a hot tub delivered by Spa Serve/Trade Price.. whoever. they might be..

Included in our package was a monitor and cd/dvd player worth £1495. The TV monitor has never worked and the DVD/CD player cover leaks so the player doesn't work. We have rung this company about a billion times and are advised every time that they have no monitors in stock. They say that they are awaiting a delivery from China, but boats come and go and there are never any monitors. They also say that we should have put mastic over the cover to stop it leaking, so they will not replace the DVD Player.

They continue to advertise TV monitors on their website and have done so for the last nine months even though they say have none in stock.

We have also been charged £150 for them to come and fix a fault on the spa, even though the spa is supposed to be guaranteed for 2 years.

Whenever we have had problems and rang up for advice the engineer never calls back. Thry have ignored letters, but have on occasion replied to emails (just to say no monitors in stock etc etc)  

This company do not care about their customers at all, they grab your money and then blatantly ignore their responsibilities. Avoid them like the plague, I have approached Trading Standards and am about to try and take Court Action.

Staffordshire Trading Standards have sent me a survey to complete as it would appear they are investigating this company.

The address I have for them is slightly different. I have 117 to 118 Anglesey Court, Towers Business Park Rugeley Staffs WS15 1UZ. Apparently the Directors names are Simon Foster, Stuart Cox and Kate Foster. You never get to speak to them though. I feel sorry for the office staff that they hide behind.  

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5062Spa Serve [RUGELEY]
Total claims:18
want a full refund »Ongoing25/09/20092

I am looking for help.  SPASERVE this has got to be the WORST company I have ever dealt with.  We purchased a hot tub Summer 2007 year £5000.  We were told that the delay in the delivery was due to it being shipped from the US - since then I have found out it has come from CHINA and they are cheap and nasty. 

We advised them that as we were building an extension they needed to ge the delivery to us before the garage was built so that they could wheel it through to the garden.

We delayed building internal walls as they still had not delivered and we had to complete our build.

I spent a christmas with no kitchen as they kept promising it would arrive.  Eventually they sent a so called REP down to check that the unit would fit through the house while the walls were down.  We also accepted to take a different tub as they had it in stock.  When the delivery arrived it was very obvious it was not coming through the house.  We refused the tub they offered

Therefore we delayed our internal building for 3 months over the xmas period FOR NOTHING.

Eventually it arrived and we had to at our expense crane the unit over the house.

We had it set up and it seemed to work okay - apart from the fact that the TV broke immediately and the casing round the DVD leaked.  The corner steps they promised never arrived - that was there compensation offer instead of the standard step (how generous!)  Still no sigh of them either

Sadly we lost our 17 year old in April last year so our thoughts were really not on pursing a hot tub company. 

Then it broke, the diagnosis made over the phone was that the heater had broken.

After a couple of attempts the engineer eventually turned up about 2 months after it breaking and we had to pay him - outrageous

When he opened the tub he saw that it was the pump which he showed me it was corroded and it was used for less than 6 months surely this is not right.  He then told me that the parts come from China as this is where they are from.

As you can imagine I was very surprised and we had been told on every occassion the unit was shipping from the US.

 I have lost count of the amount of calls, emails and letters we have sent.  I want to get them to come and collect their rubbish and give my money back - but I would bet that I do not have a cats chance of getting that back without spending a fortune taking them to court.  What can I do

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12871The Trade Price Group [RUGELEY]
Total claims:20
Hot Tub Con »12th August 200905/07/20102
The Scam, I too can confirm this is a scam, its a complete con, they keep 1/3 of your hard earned cash giving you back 2/3 of your money months or even years later without ever getting your spa Shipped!!

They are still trading paying on a sponsored link now using the name this is still the trade price group, aka Spa serve (you tube spa serve & enjoy the video!), aswell as numerous other web domains too many to mention Simon Foster as of July 3rd is registered as owning 100 domain names, his partner STuart Cox has domains as does his wife Katie Millward using her maiden name with hostmaster in uk, canada, france & now the Netherlands........ oh, and also PAUL WATKEY is the owner of another TPG company aka Firstchoice hot tubs...


Kay WAterman & Tim Dunning

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882Trade price hot tubs [London]
Total claims:20
Full Refund »Feb 200911/02/20091

I like others featured on this site, was lured by the prices of Hot Tubs advertised on the Trade Price Hot Tubs web site, unfortunately, I went a lot further than them, and actually made a purchase.

I Originally spoke to the sales Rep In September last year, who turned out to be representing a company called SPA SERVE based in Rugeley, Staffordshire (and yes, he drove an Audi TT) and I was made numerous false promises. I was told that I could have a tub delivered by the end of October, I received it finally at the end of January. I was told that the Warrantee covered Parts & Labour for 2 years and the shell for 10 years, (Note that this wasn't All parts and labour.) None of the Audio/visual extras are covered unless you pay an additional 500 pounds. There was no mention of the fees I would later be charged to cover petrol costs when the spa went wrong (150 pounds). I asked how they could sell the spas so cheaply, he noted that the tubs were shipped directly from the USA, and that there was no showroom overheads, but there was no mention of the cheap softwood panels which were untreated on the inside, and had no insulation attached.

The customer service has been diabolical, after numerous requests, I still have not been able to speak to a manager. There was no contact other than that made by me when the spa delivery got later and later.

When the Spa was finally delivered, 3 months late 2 of the three extra items I ordered were not with it , and still havent arrived (Pop up TV & Parasol). One of the two free bar stools had a split in one of the legs from top to bottom. The Spa was delivered at 7 o'clock in the morning, and the team returned to carry out the installation/demonstration at 10:15 that night. The Installation/demonstration which I paid extra for took aproximately 20minutes, and in my opinion was not worth the money I paid.

After 1 week of using the Spa, it sprang a leak from the pipework underneath. I contacted SPA SERVE to have an engineer fix the fault, and this was where I was told it would be at least two weeks, and I would have to pay 150 pounds to cover their petrol costs.

I am now sitting with an incomplete order, which is unuseable due to a fault (unless I pay the petrol surcharge) The order was 3 months late, and the warrentee isn't worth the paper it's written on. I would urge anyone thinking of buying a Hot Tub STAY AWAY FROM TRADE PRICE HOT TUBS and SPA SERVE

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3838Trade price hot tubs [London]
Total claims:20
refund for spa »22 april 200924/07/20091

I foolishly requested a visit from one of The TRade Price hot tubs sales team.  I was visited on 22 april 2009 from leon.  he sold me a manhattan luxury Spa in what he called the easter sale, he advised me that i would have to pay for the tub in full as they had to put the money up front due to them being made in the middle east, then shipped off to america for all the extras that he told me i would be getting for free!!  I wrote him a cheque for £5,495.  He promised me that the minimum waiting would be 6 weeks maximum 8 weeks due to sales being slow.  I have made several phone calls to the distribution office, the staff there always say the same that they are waiting for paperwork to come, then they would be able to let me have a date.  I have since investigated and read lots of really sad cases about other poor people who have been let down badly after parting with their money.  I have written two letters to the company, still no reply, I would now just like my money back.


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