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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
957Solid Oak Warehouse/Harreds International Limited [Nottingham]
Total claims:1
Refund for returned damaged goods »06/11/200819/02/200910

Ordered a solid oak dining table and matching chairs from their website "".  Had problems with delivery, with the table which had cracks in it and with the chairs (not matching). I insisted on returning all the goods to them and demanded a full refund which they said was no problem.  This was almost 3 weeks ago.  We call daily to be told there is nobody that can deal with our claim, all the management and accountants are in the Far East and that there is no immediate return date.


more details » [Manchester]
Total claims:7
Don't Buy from Alfresia... »April 0905/05/20095

I ordered a BBQ from Alfresia in March.  They sent it but when it arrived it was smashed to pieces.  I contacted them and they told me to send them an email containing the photographs...which I did.  Since then, I have telephoned them everyday and sent numerous emails - it's been over 3 weeks now.  I have also sent a letter by registered post detailing the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and advised them that I will be taking legal action unless I hear back from them...the deadline is tomorrow and I have yet to hear from them...even though I called their parent company today and left messages there.  I am bored of being ignored as a customer and I am more than willing to take legal action, however much it costs, simply on principle.  I strongly advise you not to do business with them unless you want to spend a lot of money and receive faulty goods.  It has not been a pleasant experience.

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14456World of Fashion (Manchester) Ltd t/a Furniture In Fashion [Bolton]
Total claims:3
Missing Coffee Table »18/12/201005/11/20103

I ordered a coffee table in early Nov 2009.

I did not receive it until late November 2009.

There was a fault in the glass so I opened up a support ticket on 18/12/2009 fully expecting a replacement or refund.

I provided all the information they requested and even took the whole thing to my mums house in order for them to collect it from their while I was at work.

On 18/02/2010 they replied the following:


Our customer support team personnel has replied to your support request #1397

Dear Yasmin

We are going to get the whole coffee table collected and replaced as soon as possible we will come to collect this item tomorrow Friday 19.02.2010, if for any reason you are not available for collection then we will charge you £25.00 for a failed collection charge and that is for the same reason if the item is not in its appropriate packaging.
You can track when this item has beenm received and chekced by our warehouse staff by using a tracking number which is as follows:- 8999100054368

Kind Regards

We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, login to your account for a complete archive of all your support request and responses."

They collected the table BUT NOTHING HAS HAPPENED SINCE. It is now November 2010 and I have been chasing them online and over the phone since April 2010.

This is the response I got (copy emails etc also attached:

Subject: RE: Ticket 1397
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2010 17:51:20 +0000

Dear Yasmin

****As mentioned earlier you have informed us too late about this and are unable to do anything for you! Can we ask what was the delay in informing us about this?*****



From: yasmin khanum []
Sent: 04 November 2010 08:41
To:; VFS Help
Subject: FW: Ticket 1397

Yasmin Khanum

Subject: FW: Ticket 1397
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2010 13:14:38 +0000



Yasmin Khanum

Subject: FW: Ticket 1397
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 07:39:57 +0000

Yasmin Khanum

Subject: RE: Ticket 1397
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 13:13:02 +0100

Dear Yasmin

As this issue has been going on for a very long time can all complaints please be sent to: which will go straight to the managing director?

Thank you

Kind regards

Support Team

From: yasmin khanum []
Sent: 18 October 2010 13:08
Subject: Ticket 1397

To Whom It May Concern

Support Request 1397 – Complaint

I wrote to you on 15 June 2010 (see attached) regarding my coffee table and have not received a response.

My table was collected in February 2010 and I was meant to get a replacement. I have not got a replacement or a refund and we are in middle of October.

I am getting really fed up and I want a response within the next 2 days. If you cannot send me a replacement I want a refund asap.

My support ticket details do not work either. Please see your email below aswell.

Yasmin Khanum

> To:
> Subject: [#1397] Broken Glass
> From:
> Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 12:18:36 +0000
> -- do not edit --
> Yasmin,
> Our customer support team personnel has replied to your support request #1397
> Dear Yasmin
> We are going to get the whole coffee table collected and replaced as soon as possible we will come to collect this item tomorrow Friday 19.02.2010, if for any reason you are not available for collection then we will charge you £25.00 for a failed collection charge and that is for the same reason if the item is not in its appropriate packaging.
> You can track when this item has beenm received and chekced by our warehouse staff by using a tracking number which is as follows:- 8999100054368
> Kind Regards
> Support
> We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, login to your account for a complete archive of all your support request and responses.
> FurnitureInFashion

THEY HAVE DECIDED THEY WILL NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT BECAUSE ****As mentioned earlier you have informed us too late about this and are unable to do anything for you! Can we ask what was the delay in informing us about this?*****

I am so angry - I have put in numerous calls, letters and internet logs but nothing has been done and now they say it is my fault!!!!!.

I cannot believe they are getting away with this.

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17312Solid Oak Warehouse / M Range Globe Ltd [Ilkeston]
Total claims:1
Worst company I have ever dealt with »7/2/201115/03/20113
Ordered sideboard on 4 th Jan 2011. At no point when ordering did it advise me that the goods were not in stock. When I chased my order I was told I may receive it by end of month, but if I wanted to cancel, would not get my money back for 30 days. I said they should not have taken my money, if they did not have stock. They said they needed the money to buy stock. I also had an internet chat with the company on the same day, where the operator said that I would get my sideboard before February as they had a shipment arriving end of Jan. February arrives, no furnitire, advised it would be beginning of March, so they were going to struggle to even keep within the sated 6-8 weeks. Please note that I have bought from several different furniture companies on the web and have not had to wait for more than 2 weeks. Advised them I would go to trading standards which I did. After taking advice I wrote to them cancelling order, but telling them that I thought that waiting 30 days for a refund was unreasonable and expected my money sooner (section 75 Consumer Credit Act 1974). This was on the 7th February. It is now 15th March and no refund, also not able to get through by phone.
I have ordered another sideboard from elsewhere who were more than happy for me to pay half as a deposit. This is the shoddiest company I have ever dealt with.

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25Hammonds Furniture Ltd
Total claims:9
Nightmare »200005/08/20082
In late 2000 we spent almost £20000 having Hammonds refit all four of our bedrooms. The saga of getting them right lasted almost a year. Since then we have gone back to them due to various problems, peeling handles, discolouring of veneers in the main bedroom, etc. Imagine our horror when, just outside the guarantee period, the laminate surfaces in 2 bedrooms began to peel off. All the door and drawer edges have large gaps where the surface has delaminated. The options offered by Hammonds are:

Chargeable replacement doors and drawers
A free visit from the french polisher.

The french polisher is due tomorrow. I will post an update after his visit.

Even in the 21st century, £20000 is a hell of a lot of money to spend, only to find that the furniture is literally falling apart after 6 years. By contrast, our MFI kitchen units, fitted in 1992, regularly clean up like new, with hardly any deterioration. Compare a kitchen environment with a bedroom environment. Even worse, one of the rooms has hardly been used for 3 years as our son is at university, so this is not normal wear and tear. I am disgusted that this company pass off cheap rubbish as high quality furniture.

On the face of it, Hammonds show little interest in customers once they have your money.

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Total claims:10
IKEA treats its customers like dirt »10/11/0705/08/20082

Bought a complete kitchen for £2700 including £355 induction hob, they took around four months to deliver all the items. Two boxes containing kitchen units were obviously damaged, which they eventually replaced; unfortunately the hob was also smashed inside its box, which didn't look damaged but must have been dropped. Sadly, by the time I discovered this it was more than six months from the date of purchase - and under the Sale of Goods Act you only have six months to examine the goods. Ikea are now saying I must have broken it myself, and are refusing to help whatsoever.

My only compensation is now to vent my spleen in forums like this (my sixth and counting) to try and cost them some sales. Avoid this bunch of careless, uncaring thieves like the plague.

more details » [Cheshire]
Total claims:1
sofa »08/200801/03/20092

In August 2008, i bought a sofa from eshopuk via After 3 months,the sofa started  fallen apart. I emailed eshop and they asked to send photo of the damage. After sending the photo, they promised to get back to me but they never did. I called them and was told they are waiting for the outcome. I had sent lots of emails but no replies.I tried calling them after some weeks  their phone was'nt working. till date i,m still waiting for the 1 year manufacturer warranty they promised.

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1350eClick Company Ltd [Ripponden]
Total claims:5
No Goods and No Refund »July 200816/03/20092

I ordered and paid for furniture from eClick in April 2008.  Some arrived but 3 items didn't.  The items that didn't arrive came to a total of £337.00. From April to October 2008, I chased up eClick for the furniture. In October 2008 I cancelled the order and asked for a refund.  To date I have made more than 100 calls to eClick. Whilst they agree a refund is due, they frequently promise to get a cheque sent to me but the cheque never arrives.  They have had £337 of my money for 1 year and I have spent a fortune on telephone calls to this company. I don't know what else I can do to make this company refund the money they have had from me for furniture they didn't provide.

I can leave up to 18 messages on voicemail or with a member of staff but no one ever returns my call. Mark the Customer Services Manager promised faithfully he would make sure a cheque went out.  Rachel, the individual the switchboard put me through to when I asked to speak to the Managing Director, told me that she would look into the issue and ensure the refund was paid but once more I have heard nothing. 

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1622eClick Company Ltd [Ripponden]
Total claims:5
Goods Never Received »3 March 200931/03/20092

I purchased a bunk bed on the EClick Furniture website.  I called them first to make sure they were legitimate, checked at Companies House etc and they seemed OK, so I proceeded with my purchase of a bunk bed for my son's birthday for an amount of £279.  The payment was made on 3 March.  Two weeks later, I chased them up for a delivery date and was told that it would take 14 working days.  I contacted them again via phone and they said that the bed was in stock and would contact the distribution centre to check why no delivery date had been given.  They never called me back.  I began chasing them, but their telephone system keeps saying "we are experiecing technical difficulties etc".  I have left at least 9 messages, sent 3 emails and have had no response.  It has now been 30 days so have written to them (at the office and to the Director's home addresses) as per Trading Standards advice.  I have requested a refund, but am not hopeful.  I paid via my debit card and my bank have said I am not covered.  All I want is my £279 back - I can't get my son another present as we have no money now!

I have now noticed a forum stating how bad this Company is - with entried sent through even today. with people having the same problem.  I have noticed that the scammers have kept their website running, so are still taking orders, but they have removed their phone number.  This site need shutting down.

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1792SCS [luton]
Total claims:8
2670 »08/09/0813/04/20092
we bought this suite from scs inyear 08 we had just lost our grandaughter at that time we where under alot of strain tryingto help our daughterthe suite was deliverid the deliveriy men saw a mark it was not much we said we would phone the office they sent a man out he touched it up then the marks started to come through went to the shop more than once theysent a man out he took a sample and also asked was their someone on medication he said we would hear in 2weeks time after phone calls after phone calls they said it was our fault we have been to citizen advice etc.

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1913furnituredirectworldwide [malaga]
Total claims:3
abe agnew »10 03 200921/04/20092

I have paid for a complete furniture package from a company called based in Malaga.When goods were due for delivery the company informed me that they were now in administration andtherefore Ihave lost a substancial sum ,and have still to find funds for a furniture package.Have I any rights in this situation.Warn others to steer well clear of this so called company.I now suspect I been a have  been a victim of a con. There is no number,or current address available for this company

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4840Naturally 365 [Stockton on Tees]
Total claims:1
No goods, no refund »31 March 200813/09/20092

Ordered 2 items of wooden sculpture, told a 20 week delivery, no goods arrived. Promised a full refund but as of this date, ( 14/09/09 ) there has been no contact to my daily on the hour telephone messages or my numerous daily Emails. It has been over a year now and I dont hold out much hope of getting my money back, but if I can stop anyone else falling into the trap with this company, it would help.

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11407Hammonds Furniture Ltd
Total claims:9
Mis-sold Finance »06/01/201022/02/20101
To cut a long story short, we were lied to by the Designer/Sales person. christine Croxon told us we could have more discount if we took out finance, we told her we had cash but she confirmed if we took out finance over a year we could have a discount. She also told us that in no circumstances would interest be applied in the first year and after a year we could pay the balance without paying interest.

We only received one statement a year later whcih confirmed interest had been charged monthly. We sent several letters of complaint and were basically told "tough luck" The company is not a registered finance company and therefore the claim cannot be taken up with the financial ombudsman. I shall however be investigating others means, including a small claims court appeal against the company and designer.

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14912Hammonds Furniture Ltd
Total claims:9
Delayed Installation »September 201002/12/20101

Any organisation that arbitrarily changes a committed delivery and installation causing stress and additional out of pocket expenditure deserves to be exposed so that others may take care and have second thoughts about using them.

Such an organisation is Hammonds Furniture Ltd.

We purchased bedroom furniture from Hammonds Furniture Ltd for our new apartment on the expressed need for it to be installed before we completed the purchase on the 16/9/10. The need to install before that date was understood by the Designer and the Surveyor as we would not be able live in the apartment with the bedroom installation taking a scheduled two days. We were therefore very angry when we received a letter from Hammonds stating that delivery and installation would take place on the 27/9/10. Many phone calls to Customer Service, during which I was accused of switching the date myself were not fruitful. The Designer eventually telephoned and confirmed that a new date for the installation was the 13/9/10; he confirmed this by a text message. On the 13th I waited in the apartment for the delivery only to find, after calling Customer Service that their scheduled date had reverted to the 27th! I complained vehemently and eventually a new date was set for the 21st; 5 days after we moved in with all the ensuing chaos with clothes in packing cases and furniture all over the place in our small apartment.

As the installation then took three days we were left with no alternative but to book into a local hotel for two nights and take an evening meal at a total cost to us of £240.95.

Many letters requesting that Hammonds repay us these out of pocket expenses have been rejected; the only “goodwill gesture has been a bunch of flowers, sent, as with most of the correspondence, to our old address.

I withheld this sum (£240.95) from the final payment. They cashed this cheque, and then issued a threat to take County Court action to recover the £240.95.

The whole experience has been one of great stress as my wife is suffering from a severe back condition that requires extensive surgery; this was the major reason for moving into the apartment.

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26865Hammonds Furniture Ltd
Total claims:9
mis fit wardrobes »april 201228/09/20121
hammonds wardrobes and customer service a disgrace
dated 28th september 2012

they also supply to john lewis

i had three orders ( 3 bedrooms) and all been a total mess . missing parts, and yesterday the final straw when they cancelled my order at 8.30 pm yesterday (same day) due to wrong size tall chest being ordered.
do not pay them the full amount due like i did until you receive your dream bedroom completed
in my eyes this is not a dream but a nightmare for the last 6 months#

a fitter told me that you only need to pay a percentageof your total order and pay the balance after satifactory completion

i will now be taking hammonds to court and will report all my emails i received via hammonds through to john lewis

i will do my best to stop hammonds treating customers the way they do

you will never speak to the same person once or twice if you are lucky

i know for a fact they move there staff around all the the time due to the customers complaints

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27748Furniture 123
Total claims:10
No goods no refund »17/12/201217/12/20121
I have ordered a dining room table and chairs especially for Christmas Day. Furniture123 said it would be 28 days. I have sent 20 emails and called countless times but never get a response. Do not buy off these cowboys! The company have changed there name a few times but unfortunately they have never changed there morals!

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Total claims:10
refund under garentee »04.03.1114/04/20111
Once upon a time, in 2005, I bought myself an Ikea Malm king size bed and a Sultan Hasselback 160x200 Mattress with a 25year guarantee. I thought I was going to live happily ever after and sleep like a princess.... I did for a while, but one morning in March 2011 I awoke with a pain in my back. After checking under my mattress for peas I noticed springs were visible and a deep crevice had appeared in one side of my mattress. Not to worry I thought I have a 25 year guarantee against defects and called my local Ikea in the nearby land of Nottingham. No problem they replied just pop it into the back of your car and return it to us. I regaled them with my tale of woe. Alas I explained I have no large car to accommodate a king size mattress and had paid £58 delivery in 2005 to have the mattress delivered to my castle in Northamptonshire some distance away... They gave me an email address to contact to explain my sad tale, so on 04.03.11 I told the email my story. They then asked for a scanned copy of my receipt which they received. I then received a call from a lovely lady who said she would send a prince to look at my mattress (he called himself a service engineer).
My prince came on 30.03.11 and must have travelled great distance to take so long, but he agreed my mattress was defective and said I could have another....I was so happy, but alas on 31.03.11 my dreams of a good nights sleet were shattered. A horrid ogre phoned and said they no longer made the mattress and that I could pay extra for another or has my £250 refunded. I sadly accepted a refund and was told the Ikea purse holder would call me within two days to arrange this. Two days came and went, then another, then another... I phoned the strange land of Ikea customer services who said Nottingham was bad and had lost my paperwork...but promised to call me that very night. That was the 11.04.11. No call came so I called again on the 12.04.11. This time I was assured it would be sorted the very next day. It is now the 14.04.11 and alas no call, no refund, no sleep. What is a sad princess to do? I know I will email IKEA's CEO, the sun newspaper and warn others on this here site of my plight. I hope one day that I will have a peaceful night’s sleep. THE END

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Total claims:1
4 month delivery wait!! »07/200706/08/20081

We ordered for two single reclining sofas and a three seater on 14-July with Allders Store in Croydon, and paid the full amount (around 1000GBP) on the same day. The estimated delivery time was 12-14 weeks. But, its already 15 weeks now, and when I went in and enquired about it, they had no clue on the delivery dates. So, one of the salesmen took my details and promised me to call back with some details.

It took them around a week to come back to me, but as per the Allders Manager the items have to be shipped from China and the shipment is delayed somewhere in the ocean between China and UK. So, they are looking for another 3-4 weeks of delay. We are very dissappointed because as first time buyers, we dont have any furniture in the house, and have been looking forward for these sofas to arrive soon.

What can we do in this case??? I think its not worth going to Allders and claiming our money back, as they had already had it for 4 months now. Also, it would take another 5-6 weeks to get in new sofas from any store.

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654iP20 Wardrobes
Total claims:1
Breach of contract »January 200916/01/20091

Having commited to an expensive newly designed and built  walk-in and fitted wardrobes with iP20 their pre-sales service was nothing short of awesome. 

Sadly their post-sales experience was inversely proportional to this. 

Having paid a significant amount up front (50%) the installation was intended to take three days but is still not finished after over 2 months. 

We paid a further 30% on the promise of completion prior to Christmas and even though the monies were transferred the parts did not arrive and the job was not completed. 

The company are now refusing to complete the job without full and final settlement in advance, refusing to take our calls .  In addition, through our complaints the managing director has provided us with what we believe to be a fictisious contact to escalate this, an individual that nobody at the company has ever heard of.

Under no circumstances would I do business with this company as they seem to have no ethics and simply continue to demand more money regardless of a contract that includes final payment upon satisfactory completion.  I am seeking legal counsel to address this situation.


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1090euro carpet warehouse Limited [Coventry]
Total claims:1
Bed Furniture »28/02/200901/03/20091

Bought a Bed for £500.00 when it was delivered the base looked so cheap, I could not even put it together. Had to phone the owner on his mobile supplied, he could not come round for Monday 2nd March, he could only make it for Tuesday 3rd March. But I wil be calling him monday 2nd March that I would like to return it as it is of very cheap and poor make and material

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