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856Dolphin Bathrooms/Homeform Group Ltd [Manchester]
Total claims:2
unsure »08/12/200809/02/20091

i cancelled installation of a bathroom by phone as i explained to sales team i needed both kitchen and bathroom fitted together but was refused credit for kitchen.

i then found out that dolphin and moben are one company under the umbrella of homeform group ltd.

 i was then contacted by moben and asked to submit another request for finance and to include partner if unsucessful to be able to get both kitchen and bathroom approved on finance by GE Money.

the result of this was the same no kitchen finance only the bathroom was financed, i spoke to dolphin/moben sales and tried obtaining finance everywhere even though i have a excellent credit rating.. i was unsucessful, they would not accept that i needed both completed and arranged delivery of the bathroom with a fitting date penciled in. i felt very pressured.

the bathroom was delivered but after a number of days i realised that this agreement was not what i needed or wanted. 

i called and confirmed cancellation i spoke to a number of the staff at dolphin/moben and eventually a gentleman asked me to put my request in writing.i had no response to letter so i called and i was put through to national sales director mr jeffery wells i asked for the goods to be collected with a breakdown of any costs i might be liable for. i have not been supplied with any cost and have called again leaving a voicemail with my contact details on. but you try to find address contact details about this company and you will begin to realise that they are decietful in intent to be as dificult to c ontact as is humanly possible

what i would like to say about this company and certain individuals within its ranks is unprintable. they are a shameful company which are allowed to operate within the lax consumer laws we have

but they are an unethical company from which consumers need better protection from................. who is out there to champion the consumer and fair play

i submitted  

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2009Thornton Tiles and bathrooms [Thornton Cleveleys]
Total claims:1
Kitchen Re fit »September 200828/04/20091

We had cause to contact the above company re our insurance company due to a flood in our kitchen. The company arrived and gave us quotes for the full job from replacing the floor and joists, supply and fitting the kitchen, removel and fitting new gas cooker, decorating, re tiling, re wiring.

The work was contracted out without our knowledge or approval. The work is unbelievable. I can not go into too much details about the assault on me by one of the workmen as this is a police investigation. The gas pipe was cut and moved by two guys who we have now been told let their corgi registration lapse. The kitchen has been fitted and no guarantee has been given. The floor tiles should have been spanish porcalin tile which turned out to be a cheaper chineese tile. The floor has been replaced again and the tiles have again cracked. The under floor heating does not work due to the thermastat being cut off by tiler. The floor is in a dangerous condition and the director has seen the kitchen but states he will not repair it as it is not his problem. He contracted it out to a third party and they should pay. They have told us we probably have broken the tiles by dragging the fridge round the kitchen!!! and now the excuse is the house has subsidence!!! why if the later is true were we not informed? I am disabled and partially sighted so this floor is of great concern. We have asked and telephoned this company and they have failed to contact us and we have had to ring them again and all we get is excuses. We also note VAT has been added but we do not have a VAT registration number on any paper work.

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12682Dolphin Bathrooms/Homeform Group Ltd [Manchester]
Total claims:2
Mis Sold - not as per the spec »10/06/201016/06/20100

I arranged for a Dolphin designer/salesperson to come to our home and give us an estimate for re-furbising a toilet and a shower room (also containg a toilet ). The salesperson gave us a price of £13625. Upon enquiring the high price he told us that almost half the quoted price is for the labour costs. He then stressed that Dolphin only use superior quality fittings and that out 2 rooms will be upgraded. He further said that the installation will be carried out by employees of Dolphin and that the 2 person team will be supervised by a 'site manager'. He also said that if I did not accept his offer there and then , the price will go up. Few days into the installation I discovered that the work was being done by sub-contractors (who had their own sub-contractor for electric work). Also noticed that the quality of the fittings were of much inferior quality to what I already had. Some of the fittings were not the same as specified in the contract. (Was told that the under sink cabinets would be solid wood - they are not this is just one example) The installers did not follow (perhaps they were unable to read/interpret technical drawings) the agreed design. The so called 'site manager' showed up only once for about 5 minutes and that only on the second day. The installers were supposed to remove a piece of false floor , instead they also ripped out the solid concrete floor (which they were not supposed to) and upon realising their error they went on to fill the gap with wooden planks hence leaving the floor prone to leaks. The installation is not according to the agreed desin and of course the quality of fittings and the service is not of the promised quality. I have informed Dolphin that the goods and services provided are not acceptable. Basically I want my money back because I was mis sold If it was made clear at the time of sale that Dolphin will use sub contractors I would never have agreed to have the work done. Undertakings about site manger and quality were not true .

02Feb2011 - Still not resolved - bathroom / toiloet still not usable after 8 months

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26624Robert Kent Interiors [Sheffield]
Total claims:1
Shoddy work without any after service. »06/09/201206/09/20120
After various problems with Mr Kents work I am still having to pay out to various trades ment to rectify problem with the bad workmanship Mr Kent has left me with. I have had numerous problems in all the rooms fitted out by Mr Kent. The latest one is having to have work done on my work tops due to Mr Kent not cutting the hole for the sink to the correct size and not treating the worksurface above the dish washer to stop it from warping. This will reqire the entire work surface replacing so that the sink can be re sitted correctly and the surface above the dish washer treating correctly to stop the wood from swelling with the moisture created.

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27614neil hand (aka kilbride) [Cupar ]
Total claims:1
Rogue Trader »20/11/1205/12/20120
I paid Neil Hand £2000 to fit a new bathroom in my house. He kept the money and failed to turn up to do the job. I later found out he has a criminal record. He had no intention of doing the job.

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27615Fife Studios (Bathrooms) [Cupar Fife]
Total claims:1
rogue trader - bathrooms »20/11/1205/12/20120
Everybody should be warned that this firm is run by a fraudster who took £2000 deposit but failed to show up to carry out the job of fitting a new bathroom.

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