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Rip-off Company »25/Jan 200910/02/20091

I checked my Virgin mobile phone bill online and saw I had been charged £18 in the form of 3 texts on Jan 25 and 3 on Jan 30th, and charges £3 per text. I checked with Virgin why I had these charges and they said it was a charge from They said that they did not know anything about this, but gave me the name of I eventually managed to contact boltblue who told me the charges were made because I had signed up for membership of their site and that I would be charged £9 per week for this in the form of 3 text messages at £3 per text. I informed them that I had been into their site and downloaded a FREE ringtone, as stated, but they insisted that I had signed up for membership, which I definately did not. Despite my protestations, they absolutely refuse to reimburse me the 'stolen' £18. I was finally informed that if I dial 81194 and text STOP, this would finish my membership. I did this, warily, and, thankfully, I have not been billed further by this company. ANYONE GOING INTO THIS SITE, BE WARNED AND BEWARE!


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27650boltblue/download club [no name 1300796744]
Total claims:1
free ringtones »8/12/201208/12/20120
today i went into youtube music/ videos saw free ring tones put in my mobile number not knowing what would happen, it did say free. next thing my mobile was going mad with texts or sms's next thjink i checked my mobile account balance,saw $20.00 was removed from my account they would have taken more but there was nothing left the last one i cancelled but did'nt recieved any downloads, or anything for my money. i contacted them back with text message, & sent emails to thier help desk only to have them returned. i put my name down as paula mobile 0416913106

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