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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
4894UNITED SAFETY LIMITED [Chesterfield]
Total claims:50
No delivery,No communication »31/08/0916/09/20093

ordered from this company on 31/08/09 they took payment on 1/09/09, very efficient!!

Today 16/09/09 having no goods and no response to emails, phone and fax always busy I decided to do a little research and found that this is far from unusual. these people seem to be a bunch of crooks and have obtained money by deception, I will be reporting this as fraud to the police but have little hope of any action. all I can do is to say DO NOT BUY FROM THESE CROOKS

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3939UNITED SAFETY LIMITED [Chesterfield]
Total claims:50
Goods not delivered »22/06/0931/07/20092


I ordered a pair of trousers from this company on 22nd June 2009 and have not seen or heard anything since. I have tried to contact them but like others in this site I have not managed to get a reply. I think I may have had a narrow escape as I only ordered 1 pair of trousers to check them for suitability before placing a larger order. I guess the next stage if they refuse to acknowledge me is to take it through the small claims court.

I suppose the silver lining is finding this web site when I started trawling looking for complaints against United Safety Limited. I'll be checking it out in the future whenever I make purchases from websites I haven't used previously.


Goods have now  arrived! No explanation as to why such a long delay but lessons learned and i will not be buying from them again.

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5361UNITED SAFETY LIMITED [Chesterfield]
Total claims:50
No Goods »11/08/0908/10/20092

I placed an order for some embroidered fleeces and polo shirts at the company's premises on 11/8/09 and unfortunately paid in full on the day.

I was told it would be about 1 week, and they'd ring me so I could collect them.

After two weeks I called in - was told that the shirts were out of stock and would be in any day.

Despite two further visits - still no goods.

On my final visit I found that the warehouse & offices were completely empty, the staff there told me that they were now going to be a 'completely on-line' company.

I was told my order was being processed that day - 3 weeks later I have still not received the goods. I have not received any replies to numerous emails and the phone doesnt get answered.

Time to complain to the Police and Trading Standards I think !!

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Total claims:50
Proforce Respirator & Filters »December 200811/02/20091

I placed an internet order for a respirator mask and filters (this is a protection mask to use when spraying paint or paint-like substances) on 13 December 2008 (it was for a Christmas present!). I never received anything within 28 days and then my emails remained unanswered. The phone number provided is always engaged. I succeeded in speaking to someone twice who made promises which were never fulfilled.

It is now the 11 February and I do not expect I will ever hear from that company again! I consider this to be fraud, and irrelevant of the relatively small amount of money involved I believe the people behind businesses like this should be prosecuted.

If anyone comes across this business please beware!



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1944UNITED SAFETY LIMITED [Chesterfield]
Total claims:50
goods not received or refunded »29 march 200923/04/20091

i placed an order on 29 march 2009, i failed to received goods so telephoned the company, was told they did not have the goods i ordered and would be refunded. i failed to receive a refund so telephoned back on numerous occassions and no-one answers the telephones

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2940UNITED SAFETY LIMITED [Chesterfield]
Total claims:50
No title »18/04/0922/05/20091

OK, I know it's a small amount but it's become a matter of principle.  I've been an internet shopper for many, many years and this is the first time I've been cheated. I placed an order for a gilet on 18/04/09; expected delivery was 5-7 working days.  11 days later I make my first follow-up enquiry via the 'contact us' on the website.  I've since done so several times plus have sent deveral emails to the sales@..... but no response to anyything.  I've tried phoning but the telephone line goes always immediately to  '....line engaged,press 5 for ringback..'  It's never rung back and I've been ringing constantly ever since.

I'm on a very small fixed income and £16 is enough for nothing; more important is the principle that they shouldn't get away with it but I can't make any contact.

The fact they were already listed on here is significant to me and I guess I'll not see the money or the goods.  However, thanks, it's good to get it off my chest.  They've almost ruined my faith in the internet but it's been redeemed by others.  Sadly two good companies suffered my reactive over-chase-up during this.

Great website.

Thanks again.

Judith W

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4430UNITED SAFETY LIMITED [Chesterfield]
Total claims:50
SAFETY JACKET »22/6/0924/08/20091

Looks like im another mug falling prey to this lot. After reading reviews  it dont look good, same as everyone else no answer to phone calls , e mails etc and if you do get through its only out of stock.  Report it to trading standards as soon as you can lets try to get these people closed down asap.  My order went in in june now end of august , Lucky it was for a small amount only but hey its my small amount not theirs so why should they get it i worked for it not conned others to get it. Ill waiting to see how trading standards get on then its police time.

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4697UNITED SAFETY LIMITED [Chesterfield]
Total claims:50
Goods not recieved/No response »29th July 100903/09/20091

I made a purchase from this company on 29th July 2009 to the value of £57.84 I did not recieve anything and tried to call them only to get a answer machine stating they were on holiday until 24th August, so i tried callin on this date only to recieve a busy tone all day, this i have recieved every day since, i tried emailin but they are not acceptin emails, I feel i have been conned by this company and would like my goods or a full refund so as i can go to a reputable company with my future orders, if I do not recieve this a will be forced to take legal action.

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4984UNITED SAFETY LIMITED [Chesterfield]
Total claims:50
Goods ordered but never delivered »11 August 200922/09/20091

I placed an order for some safety clothing for a college course on 11 August 2009. I still haven't received the goods.  I have tried phoning but the phone is either constantly engaged or goes to an answering machine. I have also emailed requesting that they refund my money but I've never had a reply.

It is not good that the website is still being updated and offering sales and discounted prices to try and attract more buyers, as far as I can see this is fraud!

I have since had to go and buy the goods elsewhere as they were needed for early September and I would like my money back from Unted Safety as I really can't afford to lose this much money.


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5403UNITED SAFETY LIMITED [Chesterfield]
Total claims:50
No goods, no communication [Order No. 5287] »23/08/0909/10/20091

Like so many others, I placed an order with these people in good faith (Order No. 5287 of 23/8/09). Payment was taken at the time of ordering but, so far, after almost 7 weeks, I have not received the goods (overalls, safety goggles, dust masks ...). I have tried ringing the company on numerous occasions but like everyone else here, I either get a 'busy' response or the phone rings out for ages and nobody picks up. There is no email address on the Unite Safety site that I can find, so, with no way of enquiring about my order, I've now had to buy my equipment from more reliable sources. After all, this is work safety gear we are talking about. Was I supposed to just stop working for weeks on end while I waited for these people to get their act together? I think not.


So, bottom line, I no longer need (or want) the goods from United Safety. I just want my money back and to warn others not to use this company. In many years of 'internet shopping', this lot are probably the worst I've ever come across.

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6422UNITED SAFETY LIMITED [Chesterfield]
Total claims:50
non-delivery of goods »13 October 200909/11/20091

Had a partial delivery of goods ordered on 17 October with "to follow" for other item.  Have made numerous email enquiries with no reply, then found out that many others are in the same position.   Although only for a small amount, it has made me very wary about ordering good via the internet .  As a pensioner I cannot afford to "throw money away" and it makes me angry that this company is still trading.

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6518UNITED SAFETY LIMITED [Chesterfield]
Total claims:50
goods paid for but not recieved »11/11/200911/11/20091

Goods ordered on 28th October to value of £50.13.

Status of order has said processing since 30th October. Money taken out of account on 29th October.

Sent an email yesterday asking what is happening with the order, no reply as yet.

Can someone else tell me what the telephone number is ??? I cant see a telephone number on the united safety website [] (link: , i think this may have been taken off the site by them.

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9763UNITED SAFETY LIMITED [Chesterfield]
Total claims:50
Supplier »Pre FEB 200914/12/20091

My company was a supplier of paper disposables to United Safety pre Feb 2009. With goodwill we supplied various items on a 30 day of date account but it soon transpired that getting paid was an issue. After verbal dialogue with the business owner I was told how he `had loads of money in his account`, because they factored their invoices and got paid within three days and I should go and look into this myself.
Hasten to say the relationship did`nt blossom and I called in my debts a little further down the line, with the account in the 120 day region.
Please make your own impression of this companies business acumen

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9886UNITED SAFETY LIMITED [Chesterfield]
Total claims:50
Money taken - No goods received »29/11/200917/12/20091

I ordered some workwear for my Husband as a Christmas present, I have not received any information other than confirmation that the money had been debited from my account. I have sent several emails requesting either an expected delivery date or refund and have nto receieved any response. There is now much to my dismay no contact number (although if there was I would not have much faith in anyone actually answering it). My Husband and I are now going to take a trip up tp Chesterfield in an attempt to receive my money back, I no longer want their goods!! What a waste of time!

more details » [Chesterfield]
Total claims:4
No corespondence, No Goods »May 200928/05/20091

I placed an order for 10 boiler suits and 10 hard hats on the 11th May. The items were for a set of costumes which I needed to by 1st June so plenty of time I thought. The money was taken out of my account but nothing arrived. I tried to phone on the 17th May but the line was permanently engaged. I e mailed asking for an order progress but receieved no reply. Despite phoning repeatedly and emailing again on the 22nd,27th and 28th May I have heard nothing. I then googled 'problems with orders from UNITED SAFETY LIMITED' and found this site. What a suprise- some complaints from other customers.

They have wasted my time, caused me stress and forced me to find an alternative supplier in case they don't come up with the goods in time. I am now in danger of being late with my deadline. This has never happened to me in the many years of internet shopping and they are not going to get away with it


more details » [Chesterfield]
Total claims:4
non delivery TAKEN PAYMENT »4th oct 0913/10/20091


ordered mens lab coat chest 42 on sun oct 4th you debited my account on the 5th oct and we still haven't had the coat, started getting suspicious when you didnt answer phone or my e-mails. Then I came across this website and realised I wasn't the only one that you had taken money from and not supplied the goods. This is ROBBERY plain and simple!!! As for your letter R Bennet you say that 95% of your orders are fullfilled and you call the other 5% glitches, well I'm one of your glitches!!!! so in order for you to put this glitch right, I ordered a  white lab coat size 42 my order number is 5786 the total icluding p+p is £12.05. Not a vast amount I know , but its the principal that matters to me. The coat was not for me it was for my son who has just started uni he can ill afford getting ripped off like this, SHAME ON YOU, COME ON, DO THE RIGHT THING R BENNET AND FULFILL THIS ORDER AND THEN WE WILL KNOW WHETHER YOU ARE A CON OR NOT WONT WE? If you fullfill our order or refund our money we will gladly say that you have .



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3222UNITED SAFETY LIMITED [Chesterfield]
Total claims:50
goods not received »15 5 200907/06/20090

paid for 2 sets hi vis wet weather gear .Have not received goods nor any response.I have tried phone & fax .Its been 3 weeks now , just give me my money back asap . Or I WILL SEEK LEGAL ADVISE / ACTION.

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3262UNITED SAFETY LIMITED [Chesterfield]
Total claims:50
Regatta Thermoguard Bodywarmer NEW »11 March 2009 14.0110/06/20090

Paid on-line on 11th March 2009.

Never received the goods. I have tried to ring with no reply on over 15 occasions. I have emailed countless times. No response. They have banked my money and sent me nothing.

I have demand to have my money refunded and they have never replied.

I am disgusted.

Charlotte Hart.

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3809UNITED SAFETY LIMITED [Chesterfield]
Total claims:50
Goods ordered not delivered »6/6/200922/07/20090

We ordered some safety clothing and safety trainers on the site processed the payment using the debit card and waited for delivery.  Now the 22/7/2009 no goods, phone line is always engaged, fax line does not answer and no response to emails.  Yet I can still access the website as if they are still trading.  I have spoken to the bank who say they can't do anything because we paid with a debit card and also the protx (now sage pay) peole who say all they do is encrypt the details. After reading the comments on this site and others I have reported them to the police.


I have also mentioned to the police that the website is still trading and they will look in to it.

Companies house also state the accounts for July 2008 are overdue nevermind July 2009!!!

I have lost my faith in internet ordering and won't be risking my money (hard earned) with anybody else without googling 'problems with ......' to see what people have posted.

I truelly hope nobody else orders anything and gets scammed.





It is now late August and have received both items that we ordered.  Not sure if we were lucky or if they had a finance issue for a while.

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4228UNITED SAFETY LIMITED [Chesterfield]
Total claims:50
No product received »15/8/0915/08/20090

Not surprised that there are so many other complaints about this company.  I paid for the goods online and they didn't arrive.  When I tried to contact the company, their phone is always engaged and emails are undelivered because the company Inbox can't take any more.  Not sure that sending a letter is going to be another waste of money but interested to see if that will be returned too.  This is obviously a familiar story with other people with this company.  I'd be interested to know if anyone else managed to get a refund or made any progress registering this as fraud?

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