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Total claims:3
Bad product. »january 200918/05/20095

I first bought 1 x 1Gb RAM from this company for my MacBook Pro but then decide that 2 x 2 Gb would work better and ask to exchange my first bought items. This was no problem and I send back the 1 Gb RAM for which I never received a refund. In the mean time I had already paid and received the 2 x 2Gb RAM sticks. Once installed it constantly crashed my computer. I tried several times with several possibilities (installing one original stick with one newly bought stick etc), no of the times my computer worked, it always crashed. I searched the internet for help and found a company Crucial who also sold RAM sticks and bought another pair ( 2x 2 Gb) from them and this time it worked perfect and still does. I know the first pair of RAM sticks I bought from Funky Giraffe are useless and they refuse to refund me although I have already resend them the very first RAM stick I bought. They only replied to my complaint with instructions on how to install and clean the RAM sticks but nothing works. They are selling absolute rubbish. The ones I bought from Crucial are not only working perfect but also look new.




more details » [Liverpool]
Total claims:1
False advertisement, fraud, theft and deception »23/01/0920/02/20091

I payed for a motherboard for a computer I was building from computerwebstore (recommended by google.) After waiting nearly two weeks I had still not received it nor any explanation as to why. So I decided to drop them an email. After hearing no reply I decided to do a bit of research into the company, only to find hundreds of people who have had issues with this company. Advertising parts they don't sell and refusing to refund my payment after they said they had done so twice is the reason I have reported this joke of company to police. However the authorities can not guarantee they can get my money back, can you??

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998Computer Planet [Bolton]
Total claims:2
Small Claims Court Judgement »June 200823/02/20091

After buying a computer from Computer Planet Ltd last March 2008 it was returned to them under warrenty 2 months later with a sound loss on one channel. 

Computer Planet kept the machine for weeks, it seemed they were unable to repair or replace it,  finally when I suggested it is returned and they meet the cost of a local repair they then started work on a motherboard replacement. However a week later the machine was returned in bits in a box,  un repaired with a faulty motherboard  windows Vista deleted and no memory. This after 10 weeks...!

We have had to have it repaired at a local computer shop and cover the cost ourselves, this work took 24 hours..

Despite Computer Planets threatening us with £5000 legal fees we have  issued a summons in the small claims court and the court has given judgement against them for our costs the sum of £547.26.

No we are having to instruct Baliffs to collect the judgement sum, running up more and more cost as we go.

My advice to anyone considering a purchase from this company is Dont Trust Computer Planet.Yell they are only interested in selling you a computer and  give no service what so ever when it comes to a simple warranty repair, and their attitude to complaints is positivly rude and their system of trading through internet and email is terriblyfrustrating as nobody will even speak to you over the telephone is you find you have a problem.


Paul Perera

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16107DataClinic [Gtr Manchester]
Total claims:1
Drive(s) Data lost by return. »9/12/1019/01/20111

Towards the end of November last year a hard disk developed a fault. Upon calling a few companies I felt confident that Dataclinic Ltd would be able to both recover my data and offer the best value. They arranged to pick up my drive (and a spare for the recovered data to go on to) and then contacted me to confirm they had arrived safely. A couple of days later I received an email detailing the cost of recovery (which had now risen to 3 times the cost I was expecting, after being informed it would be in the region of £250-350 it was now £650 + VAT, although I noted that most of this was added costs and the *recovery was still only 250*). Sadly I could not afford £650 + VAT so asked for the drive(s) to be returned and duly paid £20 + VAT for them to ship them back. However the drive never arrived and after some correspondence it became clear the Courier they had used failed to deliver the drive properly just leaving it on a bin outside my property. So now I have no drive to recover the data from, no spare drive that was sent to have the data recovered to and to add insult to injury they are now hiding behind their Terms and Conditions that state they are not responsible for the lose of the drive in transit (apparently it is my fault even though they choose the Courier and took payment from me for this service). So I'm now left with little alternative than to bring this to everyone's attention and try and recover some of my loses, although I accept I will probably never see my data again. Perhaps this will help someone else before they make the same mistake I did and expect DataClinic Ltd to be a professional and legitimate business.

On the 25th I started a claim in the county courts against Dataclinic and had a call from them today (2nd Feb) regarding that. It was mentioned they have started a claim (250) against the courier for the drives and that it only started on the 25th. Then this website and my *review* was brought up, seems they disliked my comments above. Well as it stands I have seen nothing to make me change my opinion of them.

However it does seem they are now looking at the matter, I shall update this again, once resolved.

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21639Evertop Europe Ltd. t/a Tablet Store UK [London]
Total claims:1
Shipping Fees »2011100122/10/20111
Received item but it a used item only switched it on once and its not working the front screen is also lose this is definitively a used item winpad pro s

I phone Tablet store uk spoke to Jay Summers told him about the product they sent to me is a used product he informed me to sent the product back on my own risk and they will not pay any shipping
i asked him to explain to me how they sent out a used product,with out any documentation how the product works and no software cd, he told me they are not permitted to sent out any software cd`s and the product don't have a user manual,i told i bought a new product he told me it happens nothing he can do about it. but they will not cover the shipping and customs fees

All i can say is that they have to refund me my money back because they sent out a used product and expect me to return it and lose 305GBP in shipping and customs fees.

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Total claims:1
cyber business cheating »11/11/201129/05/20121
I sent money via T/T after talking many days by chat, when I confirmed supplier is looking good then I did T/T against hard disk. She gave me very cheap price & I agreed. T/T details are below :

20: Sender's Reference
IMAR 755006
23B: Bank Operation Code
32A: Val Dte/Curr/Interbnk Settld Amt
Date : 09 November 2011
Currency : USD (US DOLLAR)
Amount : #210,#
50K: Ordering Customer-Name & Address
57A: Account With Institution - FI BIC
59: Beneficiary Customer-Name & Addr
70: Remittance Information
71A: Details of Charges

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26879Angel Gong [Shenzhen]
Total claims:1
Fraud in purchase »28th September 201229/09/20121

My name is AMIRUL, we are looking for the WD external for starting our small businees. After getting a few email, we decide to choose Angel Gong from since the price quite cheap and everything look like good although the website is looking ok. On 28th September 2012, we make a payment to the company using moneygram to the SHUMEI PAN. They said want to provide us the DHL tracking no but until now , nothing we get from them and no email reply to us.
So i hope i can get my money back and hope anyone else careful to this person and company.

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892the link
Total claims:1
No laptop »January 200912/02/20090

I applied for an internet bundle with free laptop from The Link, when i received it, there was no Laptop in the box.

I rang to inform them that i had not had the proper delivery, and they have basically accused me of taking it.

Now the box it came in had been opened and re- sealed, this could only be told when it had been opened and the tape marks could be seen on the reverse flap of the box.

I have 3g waiting for me to pay my account and i dont have anything to use the internet with.

I have requested they pick the package up, and they have refused, and now all i get told is they will ring back, but they dont.

So in my house, i have an internet dongle, massive box, a contract account that has started, and no laptop like i ordered.

I have reported it to the Police like THE LINK asked me to, and as it was sent from a different region, they wont do anything, THE LINK are now deciding that unless i get a crime number its out of their hands, even though they have been told THEY have to get it as it went missing from their end


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956computer outlet [lebanon]
Total claims:1
bad business »june 200819/02/20090

i would like to let everyone know that if you ever need your computer serviced do not take it to COMPUTER OUTLET on hartmann dr in lebanon......i paid them $81 to remove virus/spyware and it toke over a week when they told me 2-3 days. when i got my computer back home and turned it on a message came up telling me my hard drive is going bad...i called them and told them about the problem but they wouldnt own up to being at fault SO BEWARE to anyone who needs your computer serviced and DO NOT  trust COMPUTER OUTLET !!!!!

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14749Computer Planet [Bolton]
Total claims:2
Public Information »October 200924/11/20100
Don't trust this company - ordered in August, didn't get delivered untill October, it was faulty, went back, came back faulty again, same problem.
It was sent back again in November, for a full refund (Had to threaten involving trading standards to get them to agree), they promised a refund within 30 days, but money was only repaid at the end of January (even then it was £100 less than the full amount.
Gave up trying to obtain the rest of the money.

DO NOT DEAL with this company, they are the biggest bunch of cowboys I've ever had the bad luck to deal with.

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Total claims:1
electrical fault »February 200911/03/20090

Bought a zoostorm pc that was fine at first. After 5 months it failed to start - clearly an electrical fault as nothing happened when you pressed the 'on' button. Was picked up for repair and delivered back with no further communication from company or repair details when returned.

When I turned on the pc I found that all data on it had been wiped, including hundreds of pounds of software/anti-virus programmes, all my accounts and my wife's teaching plans. Called Zoostorm. When pushed they admitted it was a simple electrical fault but that it was 'company procedure' to wipe all data and I 'should have been informed of this.' All they could say was sorry.


Product quality - appalling if you get an electrical fault after just a few months

Customer service - shocking - no point in telling me 'I should have been informed' and why didn't they start with the electrics which all the evidence pointed to. ANd why didn't they back up the data?

Attitude - disgusting. Tried to pass the buck back to ebuyer through whom I bought the pc despite their being responisble for the error.



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1674Do not know [Whitchurch]
Total claims:1
Compaq Laptop Battery »03/01/200904/04/20090

I ordered the above battery from Battech and followed their directions on how to charge the battery correctly.  I charged the battery three times and then the comnputer made a strange noise and the battery would no longer work.  I replaced the original battery and the laptop worked but the new battery would no longer run the laptop.  I have sent several e mails but have not had a reply, I phoned the number on their invoice but was told by an automated service that the number was not allocated.  What has happened to Battech they no longer have a website.

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1718Desktop Options Ltd (also known as PC Option) [Nottingham]
Total claims:1
Refund of Cost of Computer »12/2/200907/04/20090

Ordered PC on 12/2/09, delivered 10/3/09 (despite invoice advising that should take 7-9 working days)

When requesting software details for the computer there was an option to have your existing Microsoft XP licence loaded onto the PC.  I chose this option & paid £25 for this service.

When PC arrived XP had a trial period of 30 days loaded & advised that a Product Key needed to be entered to activate this.  I had specifically asked that my Product Key (which I emailed twice) was loaded - for which I had paid £25.  Upon contacting Microsoft I was advised that I could not use my existing Windows XP product code as it was from a preloaded PC.  In addition to this problem I noticed that the eject button for the CD disk drive would not eject the CD loading tray.  I emailed Desktop Option on the date of delivery (10/3/09) & asked if I should send the PC back to them so that they could address these 2 issues they advised to check the power cable to the CD disk drive.  This I did and found that it was not connected.  Although I was able to now insert a CD the PC did not recognise the CD disk drive which was not showing at all on the system set up.  I asked a colleague at work to look at the computer for me to check if it was something simple.  She advised that the BIOS set up incorrectly on the disk drive & that the jumber on the CD was set up incorrectly.  She was able to correct this & then the CD disk drive was then recognised by the system.  Meanwhile I emailed Desktop Option again to advise that I could not install my product key & that I had contacted Microsoft who advised the reason why (as mentioned above).  However Tom from Desktop Option (the Director) advised that the code should still work & even offered me his own licence key to use.  Of course this would not work either.  When I advised Tom by email again, he advised that I should take screen prints to show the error messages.  This I did, to which he replied by email that I needed to use the telephone number mentioned on the error message.  I explained that I had already tried this & was referred to my PC supplier. 

I have emailed Tom on several occasions over the last few days & he has not responded at all.  I suggested that I return the PC to him & that he refunded my credit card in full as he had broken the law by providing me with a PC with an Operating System installed without a valid OEM key. 



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2233The Doctor Is In! [Middletown]
Total claims:1
Breach of Warranty »04/29/200904/05/20090


I purchased a Dell M2010, a 21" portable Notebook customized to my specifications for $3,999 plus tax. Due to its size and weight, this unit comes with a carrying case which is a piece of luggage on four wheels with a retractable handle for pulling. Knowing I'd be transporting the unit daily between my two offices of employment, I took out the extended Warranty through 2010 which covered defective or damaged hardware, parts and acessories at the time of purchase. Note: The carrying case is defined in the Warranty as an "Accessory." After only 8 months, the retractable handle locked in its base and no longer extended.

In my first online Chat session with Dell on April 29, 2009, they confirmed the carrying case was covered under the Warranty and ordered a replacement. In trying to provide Dell with an image of the carrying case, I noticed it no longer appeared or was available on their website. Nonetheless, they provided me with all the information I needed to track the replacement dispatch and confirmed the delivery would be in 1-2 business days. After a week passed with no replacement arriving, I tracked the order, only to find it had been canceled! So I contacted Dell again online, this time requesting a Supervisor.

Long story short, Dell stated they no longer provide the carrying case (which wasn't theirs to begin with, contracting with a 3rd party), and therefore they could not provide me with a replacement even though it's covered under the warranty. This explained why it could no longer be found on their web site, which they took down WITHOUT WARNING OR NOTICE!

Dell provided the original carrying case and included it under warranty still in effect and now have breached that warranty by not providing a replacement for defective merchandice. I intend to pursue what legal actions are available to me.



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Total claims:3
Large amount of memory ordered...all rubbish. No refund »26/08/201009/09/20100
I am running a small business and I had order 50 sticks of memory for a local School. All of which has turned out to be no good whatsoever. It is compatible with the machines in question, it's just dud. They are not respinding to emails in a timely fashion. I suspect I have lost £1500. Don't do what I did! Avoid them like th plague, they are a dishonest bunch.

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Total claims:3
Laptop RAM »10 Nov 201001/12/20100
I needed some RAM for my laptop. I found Funky Giraffe on the web gave good prices and checked the type and size of RAM for my laptop using FunkyGiraffe's on-line tool. This indicated it could handle 2 x 1GB, which I ordered at a cost of £63.98.
The goods arrived promptly, apparently in good condition. However, when the RAM was correctly installed in the the laptop, the machine refused to boot.
I took it to a local computer dealer, who explained that the laptop could only handle a max of 512GB in each slot. He sold me the correct type of RAM, installed it, and it worked OK.
I applied via email to Funky Giraffe, within the max 7 days since receipt of the goods, for the necessary RMA form and RMA number, so that I could return the goods and get a refund. All this was in accordance with their published Terms & Conditions.
Funky Giraffe have never responded in any way to any of my several emails on this subject.
Accordingly, I do not advise anyone to purchase goods from Funky Giraffe, as they do not follow their own published Terms & Conditions.
Of course, if the situation changes, I will update this case.

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2953U.S. Dept Of Labor [London]
Total claims:1
On the job Injuries »01/01/200922/05/20090

After being completely disabled for many years (do to 4 on the job injuries)the Dept. sent me to a foreign born dr.  for a 5th evaluation in 4yrs to see if I could work. the Dr. did not have a visable licence nor badge,lab coat,degree. Only a Driver's Lic.   He was suppose to evaluate the Lt leg. He reported to OWCP that I was able to work full time with no restrictions 8 hrs a day.   After this report OWCP quickly fired off a letter telling the Post Office to put me to work in 30 days. Inspite of me telling Owcp that he did not examine me completely and that my attending Dr. said I could not, they were determined to send me back to work.  Only after I called the medical company to find out what the Dr. was suppose to look at did they stop.  However they are now going to send me back to the same Dr. to yet again examine me, this time with all the history of my many injuries.   Owcp is determined to make sure you will work even if you are completey disabled. even going to a U.S. Repr. did no good in helping my case!

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3198DELL Electronics
Total claims:1
Fraudulent Sale »2008/904/06/20090

 04/06/09      DELL & ADOBE     COLLABORATE, collusively, in mutually beneficial FRAUD against the public!

‘ADOBE Photoshop ELEMENTS 6'  has, a  'Non Activated ‘ Serial  Number  but, deceptively, maliciously, fraudulently  states: -

" Use this media to install or reinstall this software."             (On the disc)

This software is ‘Bundled', by DELL  in collusion,  a conspiracy between the two companies, to  deceive prospective purchasers. As an  inducement to purchase from DELL!

                                In addition, ADOBE benefits, having sold to DELL
 In this malicious   CONSPIRACY to SWINDLE prospective purchasers!

These   malicious, COUNTERFEIT, premeditated stratagems, upon me, have inflicted-

Work, Stress, Pain, Waste of time and energy, lack and disturbance of sleep, i.e. damage to my Health and well-being. Additionally, hours / days/ months of abuse against my computer, attempting to do the impossible, etc.

Recompense, Compensation expected!

 Full Refund and COMPENSATION












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3615RJ Stennis [Perth]
Total claims:1
Non Delivery of Samsung Toner »30/05/0905/07/20090

Order on internet of samsung toner

more details »

5202EBuyer [London]
Total claims:3
Ebuyer sends empty package »15 Sep 200901/10/20090


I Purchased a Kensington DDR3 Memory module from Ebuyer on the 15 of september, a few days later a package is delivered to me, I sign for it close the door, turn around and open the package, which was delivered in a bag to me, the bag was empty contained only a packing slip.

I have spoken to ebuyer on about 5 occasions relating to this issue and today they have informed me they delivered a bag to me which was weighed on leaving ebuyer warehouse, and the delivery office and the weights were equal.

My response to this was if the bag with the packing slip in it was weight at both locations, it would have exact same weight.

Well today I have been informed that I should contact the credit card company seeing as I signed for the bag which I did not know was empty at the time of delivery.

Is there any way to report this company to a trading standards body, its not amount spent on the item I have an issue with, but I have had to do the chasing each and every single time, they could not even send me an email to inform me their investigation was over, I have had to chase them, with each time having to repeat the whole issue again and then going on hold before I finally hear i should go to my CC company

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