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Please do not take my word for this, but please review U.S Visa processing on their incomplete website. It will cost you more money than you think.

Please further note, there is no right to appeal this process, so please keep in mind you are paying for a process you have no rights to complain.  You are also paying for a process where you are not guaranteed entry into the United States, and more importantly you give them the right to detain you indefinitely.

To al British Citizens...WARNING!!! Under the new ESTA program make sure you are truthful on all questions. If you have ever been questioned by the police, convicted for traffic violations or arrested for anything You are required by U.S immigration law to give this information truthfully. By implying you have been sujected to the above mentioned you would not be eilgible to fly VISA FREE to the U.S. Additionally, if you are questioned about this upon arriving at any port of entry into the U.S concerning any questions used on the visa waiver pilot program I-94... you affirmitive respond to any question with "yes" you will be detained and subjected to the unthinkable. So if you are planning that trip to DISNEYLAND or anywhere in the U.S.A make sure you are fully truthful when you answer the questions under ESTA. You will find Most Britains need a Visa to travel to the U.S, and this newly introduce ESTA program leaves you very open the very graphic interogation upon arriving in the U.S.

As this story travels I will be listing my evidence of what happened to wife...and my two young children.


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