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337Tariam Ltd [Cheltenham]
Total claims:3
Satellite system rip off »8/08/200811/11/200813

In August 2008 we made contact with Tariam HomeNet to purchase a satellite system. We decided on Tariam because they had favourable ratings on several ISP forums. Our Contact in the company was Mark Luker.  After some consultation we decided to purchase the Homenet Lite package 2GB download.  An invoice was received on the 8th of August asking for payment in full by Credit card in Euros.  We informed Tariam that we do not normally pay by Credit card or in Euros.  We were informed by Mark that it was company policy for Payments to be made in full up and we could pay by BACS

On the 12th of August 2008 the full amount of £1,390.49 was paid to Tariam via BACS payment to Tariam’s Bank account.  We were told that the Satellite system will be delivered within 8 weeks by Mark Luker.

 After 8 weeks when we had not received delivery of the Satellite equipment we started to try and contact Tariam to chase when the equipment will be delivered.  We found them very elusive to get hold of and when we did get hold of anyone we were always told that it will be delivered the next week

 For the past 2 weeks we have found impossible to get hold of anyone in Tariam and we have not received delivery of any equipment

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3928YOOTEL INC [North York]
Total claims:2
Call center invoice »17th June,200930/07/200912

Hi this is sandeep narang and i owe a call center named my voice infocom in gujarat,india. I have been running the process of yootel which is the company from canada and i have not recieved a single payment yet from his side and when i am calling his person who is in india in coimbatore he is telling me that he is no more working with yootel and his name is prabhu sekar. The person who signed my contract his name is howell wang who is canada and not clearing my a/c yet.

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Total claims:12
Dont touch with a barge pole! »06/200827/08/20087

In June 2008, funds being a bit tight and my trusty PC having died, I thought it may be a good idea to source a [] (link: Plus informing me that from my billing date (which would be in approximately one months time according to the letter) I would be billed £19.99 per month. The wireless router arrived a couple of days later plus another letter dated 7th July with my screen name and password. On 27th July AOl took over £27 from my account, no-one could tell me why, my account details were inaccessible and my laptop had still not arrived. I then played customer service tennis being told to ring one number then another, finally I got in touch with OFFCOM who advised me to write to them (AOL have not replied). After a few more phone calls to customer service I was advised that my laptop was en-route and that I couldn't cancel my contract as I was legally obligated to pay for the 2 years! I finally received the laptop (minus the mouse & bag) on the 5th August only to find that the passwords sent to me for the set up were invalid. After 40 minutes @ 5p per minute to a call centre I was finally given a new password,and advised that I should call back if it didn't work! As for invisible mouse & bag; AOL say it is the fault of Carphone Warehouse who say it is the fault of AOL and after a further 67 minutes @ 5p per minute I have obtained a promise to call me back tomorrow. AOL is quick to try and enforce their contract and terms but are quite frankly apalling at holding up their end of the bargain. I have still to obtain or access details of the money taken from my account as each time I have logged on to my account there is a problem with viewing bills (even after dowloading the flashplayer AOL say is required!) DO NOT TOUCH THIS COMPANY WITH A BARGE POLE! My last comment being that at least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask!

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2610BNS telecom [Prudhoe]
Total claims:1
missed appointment »24-3-0912/05/20093

We have no record of a missed appointment or anything to state we have had a missed appointment. Basically this company bends all the rules when you switch from them they have already had me over by paying on a dual line for 2 years then made me pay up a 3 year contract now they have trumped up another bill, unbelieveable as far as I am led to believe they are one of the worst complained against telecommunications provider in the UK. They threaten you with turning your lines off losing your numbers are unreasonable to work with and after being in business for over 20 years by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. They also have some type of deal with NECC chamber of commerce as they also go under the name of Necc telecom I do not fully understand what is going on there but they use that to drum up business and stick people on long term contracts and threaten them when they try to move to a better company.


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5377Titan Telecom [Manchester]
Total claims:10
Dreadful Customer Service!!!!! »Ongoing08/10/20093

   My wife and I were brief customers of this firm - they are a telecom service for the 'business user'. We were persuaded to switch by my wife's ex-employer, (a small independent marketing firm) for the purpose of her working from home, tele-marketing TITAN TELECOM phone packages. (of all things!) He then chose to make her redundant within 5 days' of the line going live. He gave her notice by text message while we were on holiday, and failed to pay her any notice pay too, but thats another story...


   Following this, we cancelled the service. (without the job we are just residential users only, and have no use for a business service.) We cancelled well within the '30 day no obligation trial period', as quoted on their advert - and straight away received a letter stating we 'will become liable to pay £150 termination fee'! As a result of this letter, I stopped the direct debit. When my wife called their office the following day, (they only stay open til 6pm) they agreed we would not be charged this fee, as we had cancelled within 30 days - but the letter was threatening, and I feel, enough to scare most people.

   My wife later received a couple of calls over the coming week, from a female call centre operator - probably from some sort of customer retention department,  trying to encourage us to keep the service. As we made it clear to her we did not want to stay with them, her tone became somewhat rude and sarcastic. She tried to suggest that we were only cancelling because of the redundancy, and we might as well keep the service! - The fact that they offer cheap daytime calls when we would never use them did not seem to register with her!


   Just after our service switched back to BT, I got another call from a chap asking me to reinstate the direct debit, because 'there are a couple of invoices' to be paid. When I asked how much they would be for - he said he couldn't tell me without going through the computer system - I got the impression it was a hastle. I informed him that they should send me an invoice and I'd settle by cheque. When the bill did finally arrive it was for just under £40 for the equivalent of one months' service!!

 We are very light home phone users, and the bill only included £1.21 worth of chargeable calls - so it was a shock to be billed for that amount.

   Amazingly, when you join Titan, they are able to calculate and charge for a 'part' month, but when you leave you are charged for a whole month - My service began 7th August, and ended on 7th September - a total of 32 days' for which I've been charged for 62 days. My bill itemises one period from 07/08 to 31/08, and then a second from 01/09 to 30/09/09, even though I left on 08/09/09. I now have to pay BT again for September.

   I've calculated that I actually owe just short of £23.00 for the length of service I had from them, and when we tried to discuss this with them on the phone, we just got more sarcasm and rudeness. I was informed - quote: 'that you can't just tell us what you're going to pay!'.

 I then decided to try emailing instead of using their 0844 number. - So far, not one email has been answered. Even emailing their compliance deptartment twice results in no reply - I requested the direct email address of a senior person to deal direct with on this issue, and got nothing in return.

   Finally, out of total frustration, I sent a recorded delivery letter to the 'Managing Director' with a cheque for £23.00, and a detailed letter explaining what I was prepared to pay for, and yet again got no reply. - Even when they have been informed of a dispute, they just ignore all correspondence and continue to send demand letters and even sent a demand text message to my wife's mobile requesting payment.


    I've now been sent a letter threatening a £10 fee for late payment, plus an interest charge, and £10 fee for paying by cheque. (The cheque I sent earlier was not acknowledged, or even rejected and sent back)


   I have now given up trying to deal with these people, and sent the remainder of the money - even though I know it is a total rip off. - Once the deadline for a response to my dispute is up I will be making a formal complaint to OTELO.



  Monday 12th October -

My wife took a quick call from a man called 'Tom' today, he was rather rude, as we've come to expect from these people - He informed us that he is not accepting my cheque - even though they cashed it 4 days ago on the 8th....Mmmm.

They've been paid in full and they still continue to harass!


  Tuesday 13th October -

Two letters arrived today - one telling me they are cutting off my service tomorrow - (even though they have not been supplying it since 8th September - can't wait to see what happens!)

The other says they are cashing my cheque but still expect the remainder for the service they did not supply. Apparently they are adding £10 'administration charge' to next months' bill.

   - They still don't realise it was paid on the 8th!!!





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Total claims:17
rip off sky broadband »30 08 0830/08/20082

I subscribe for the top fastest broadband wireless package to sky. First it is so slow, not the download fee I am paying for, but the most annoying thing is everytime in the last couple of weeks I go to logonto my email it says unobtainable please try later, getting to the stage where could chuck out the window, well could call them and sit on the line for 30 minutes plus and just get big bill, think this is rubbish

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Total claims:21
Failure to provide services »2008/200908/04/20092

 This is the letter talktalk should have sent me

Dear Mr ****

Thank you for using our home mover service to transfer your Talk International Anytime account to your new home.

We normally need about 2 weeks to set up your new phone line and it takes about 4 weeks to connect your broadband, but as a long established and valued customer we have arranged a special service just for you.

This is what we propose:

  • 1    We will take over 5 weeks to establish a phone connection. We realize that this will leave you without a phone at a time when you need it most but never mind, you can always use a mobile (if you have one)

  •    2 We won't actually give you a broadband connection at all, although we will make a series of promises that we have no intention of keeping, just to string you along.

  •    3 We wont be providing you with a talk international anytime account either, instead we will itemise each call individual call at the maximum rate. Your phone bill will be enormous!!!!!

  •    4 We appreciate that we haven't actually provided you with broadband but if we ever do get round to it that will cost you an additional £180 a year.

To summarise then Mr. **** we will provide our "services" late or not at all and they will nothing like you have been used to (or are expecting). The cost will be exorbitant. 

Please confirm that you are willing to accept these terms. 

Naturally this is a spoof letter. We would not dream of posting it on to you as only a complete idiot would agree to it. But it is important to realize that we are not completely useless. Should you not pay immediately for the "services" that we have failed to provide we will be very quick to invoke the services of  a debt collection agency and threaten you with legal action. These people are similar to our own customer services i.e. a complete disgrace - for example you will tell them at least five times to put their demands in writing and not to telephone you but they will ignore you on every occasion.

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15467Titan Telecom [Manchester]
Total claims:10
harges and termination fee and also customer services »01/12/201021/12/20102

I moved to titan telecom when they were very new company, I have had nothing but greif with them since. They say that they are the cheapest company around and this is not the case, the may have cheaper call rates but this is because they make their money through charges and other means. We as a small company found that it would be easier to pay via a credit card for our bills and we were told that if we were to do this then we would have to pay £10 charge and then 2.5% on top of that, now I thought that bill payment should be easy for the customer and business but it clearly is not. When we called the customer service they came across very rude and young, they were very snotty. We have found that we could not work with Titan any more and have chose to move to another company, with that I was TOLD that I had to speak to another department beacuse of our contractal agreement, They were basically threatening me to stay with them or else. Now I have a right mind to send all my documentation to the financial services and let them deal with this problem, I have my last phone call recorded so there is no way that they can gte out of this. Also We had a fault on the line, they came out and they advised my staff that the fault was on some cable that bt had installed, now instead of Titan calling me and advising me of the problem (which would have costed me £5 to fix) they went ahead and fixed the cable and charged me over £110, this was well over priced and certainly unthought, they were only looking to make money. I have found another company who price matched this company and also advised that to pay via card payment there would just be a charge of £3.00 which is acceptable compared to Titans charges. I would highly recommend not going to Titan as they will lead u in and then charge through the roof.

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12844Excel Telemedia [London]
Total claims:1
Excel Telemedia Scam »28/06/201003/07/20102 have scammed me out of my earnings. Bunch of con artists. Refuse to pay saying they will send in the debt collectors if I make demands for my earnings.

These guys are exploiting vunerable ppl during a recession please Avoid at ALL costs. They will steal your money and make fools of you!

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27699Go2 Telecommunications [Manchester]
Total claims:1
Rip off/mis-sold/mis-leading »14/09/201212/12/20122
Hi the company's name is go2 telecommunications and its previous name was geezer telecom when i was joining them.their sales agent came to my shop and told me if i switch my phone and broadband to them from bt they will pay my termination bill which i get from bt and will apply it to my account as credit.also they offered me 50gb internet and phone for £22.99 so then he made me talk to their customer services over the phone and they promised the same price and same covering my termination charges from bt and they said that they can cover anything as long as its not above £ i decided to go for it and they gave me a switch over date of 14th september 2012.when 14th september came my broadband was still not working and i made so many complains to them but nothing happened and my business was really affected.then finally it was fixed on 30th september.then i got a termination charge final bill from bt for £157 and when i sent go2 telecommunications a copy of this they said we need some proof that u have paid to bt so when i paid bt i sent my bank statement to go2 as well and now they are not applying the credit to my account.also i wasnt told about vat on top of £22.99 monthly charge over the phone because i thought its 22.99 including they say that they will apply credit to my account but will extend my contract to 24 months from 12.i wasnt told this over the phone.i think they mis sold me this product,hide things from me and they are fraud.their service is poor and they are open from 9am to 6pm only on weekdays and closed on weekend while businesses need extended support.i had reported them to ofcom and looking forward to report to financial ombudsmen and office of fair trading.i want credit to be applied to my account on 12 months contract

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30076Deep Blue Publications Group [Deep Blue Publications Group]
Total claims:1
Deep Blue Publications Group Is this a Scam ? »1/11/201411/01/20142
The process of building wealth is indeed a difficult undertaking and the principals involved in achieving its essentially noble objectives requires us to establish some foundational works. The 3 basic steps enumerated in Deep Blue Publications Groupâ??s homepage somehow provides a beginning investor a natural way achieving that goal we have in terms of wealth, namely: Build knowledge. Build confidence. Build wealth.

Knowledge is essential in all human endeavors. The website presents the elementary information any potential investor needs to build wealth. And, when we think of it, even the final step (and goal) of â??building wealthâ?? is a continuing process of not merely making what you have in the beginning to grow but also assuring that what you gain along the way remains. Otherwise, building wealth that can be easily lost or is under risk of being diminished, at the least, defeats the entire purpose of building wealth. Building precisely means successful, progressive accumulation of income from an enterprise.

This continuing increase and maintenance of wealth â?? whether a little or great wealth -- is everyoneâ??s goal in life. Deep Blue assures readers that what the website presents are established on â??statistical analysis and conservative intrinsic assessmentâ??. Hence, the creation of wealth is seen as a long-term, gradual incremental effort to achieve financial stability using tested investing principles.

This is what Deep Blue aims to provide for its clients in helping them achieve their goals.

But how effective are these principles in reality? How sure are we that these advices are effective tools anyone can use in any economic system existing on this planet? But these are rather engaging questions that require a similarly involved scrutiny to attain the answers.

The website, however, provides valuable fundamental knowledge for every beginner in the stock investing industry. It is true in its mission to build up that essential knowledge needed for building wealth. The 9 common questions about the stock market slowly guide a tyro into a proper comprehension of and appreciation for its basic nature, its components and its functions.

Read More:

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Total claims:20
Total incompetence »14/04/0914/04/20091

Around 2 months ago I viewed my account on the website and went to add an additional magic number to my account. These are numbers that you acquire every 6 months and are free of charge to call and not included on your bill. I found that Orange had wiped my previous 2 numbers and so instead of adding my 3rd number I was back to adding my first. I then phoned up to complain only to be told that it would take up to 16 weeks to restore them and that if I wanted to clai,m back any money I had lost it would be up to me to spend hours on the phone sorting it out. Following this I then tried to change my talk plan online. It appeared to allow me to change to a 'dolphin 30' package, usually charged at £30 per month but with this deal you only pay £25. Instead I ended up with the same £20 deal I currently had but paying £25. When I phoned to complain they said they would change my plan the following month, still leaving me 1 month out of pocket and then subsequently didn't. So I'm still paying £25 a month for a contract I don't want. Please someone take me away from this awful company.......I hate them.

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Total claims:12
phone line blocking »January 2009 onwards07/05/20091

We cancelled our contract for broadband and telephone with aol in October 2008.  Our phone line got blocked in January 2009 and we hd to contact aol who informed us we owed them money for the last 3 months - even though we had not used them.  After much heated talking we agreed to pay a said amount yet again to cancell the contract.  hence they put the line back on.  In march 2009 they yet again blocked the line - said we owed them money,  opps so sorry our mistake we will put you back on line.  Then on 2nd may we received a letter from AOl comfirming that BT were our new provider from 4th February 2009 -letter dated 1st may - oh great we thought the first letter we have ever received from aol.  Then on 5th MAY our phone line was again blocked - rang aol in India Javid could not appolgies enough and said it would be unblocked with 24 hours - yet again was not so rang aol again got Ashish - who said I had not rang befor but he would send an email to sancation the unblocking and it would take 48 hours.  Getting very angry at this point as it is a business line.  Rang again onthe 6th May and got put thourgh to aol talktalk this time in Ireland (via India) spoke to Rory who imformed me that we had a balance of over 35.00 owing to them for calls even though we paid for this from bt and have bills to prove it plus contacted bt to confirm it.  He said he would credit the account - that did not exisit and we would be back on line within 8-10 hours - 15 hours later phone still blocked.  Rang indai yet again who said - no you are not with us and it is not us - asked tothe transfered to Ireland - no we dont do this - after much complaining surprise surprise they transfered me.    Ayesha said that there was no block on our line and we were not a customer it is bt at fault.   Told her to speak to Ror, she did this and then told me that I would get a call back from there agent within 1/2 hour as she was stil insisting the block was notby them.  They rang me back to say they were going to contact bt to sort out the problem as it was not talk talk but there Agent - .  They also told me to get bt to lift the block, but but said that they can't to do unless they write to the company which wil ltake 10 days otherwise it would be illegal for them to just unblock.  hence bt are yet again writing to aol to get them to cancel.  we are still without phone access unless we dial a number which aol gave us to enable us to dial out (not that they caused the problem in the first place).  True to form I am still waiting for aol to call me back I still have to dial ****first but this does not help us with call diversion.

What kind of company can block phone calls and then say yes it us and then say oh no its not us.

We dont even use the phone line for internet access so when we cancelled I did not even need a map code thingy as we were not transfering to another provider.  what a load of cowboys I would never recommend aol and aol talktalk as they are rubbish. 

In all the time since january 2009 we have never received any bills for aol or aol talktalk for broadband or even phone calls but they can still put a block on your line and say you owes us money when we have bills from bt to prove otherwise.

BT on the otherhand are tryingto be helpfull but as they go down the legal road it takes longer to sort out - with yet another letter to aol from bt with a cancellation request on a phone line number that when you ring aol customer services in india it is not an account number with the, but yes we have blocked your outgoing calls.  It just keeps going round and round with us the poor people in the middle.

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Total claims:6
fraud »26/05/0926/05/20091

Dear Sir,

Having been refused a refund of said money, I would like to tell you that this item, (DFTA17CA) is still on sale at Argos, ( Cat No 532/160)
This offer clearly states on the box, "1 months free Setanta Sports, INCLUDING connection".
At best this is sloppy on yours and Argos's part, and at worst fruadulent,
This email has also been forwarded to a firm calld, who deal with consumer complaints.
I found that your operatives statement that you could not find the recording of my phone call interesting yet expected

I expect a full refund of said £14.99

P Platt

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266Tariam Ltd [Cheltenham]
Total claims:3
Deposit Rip Off »01/10/200705/09/20081

In September 2007 I contacted Tariam Ltd in regards to their BGAN offering. I spoke to Karla Kershaw which was a sales person at the time and we proceeded with a 2 week trial of the BGAN service in October 2007. For the purpose we hired one of the BGAN terminals they offer “Explorer 500” and as per their terms and conditions of the trial paid $250 fee per week or total $500 for the 2 week trial+ prepayment for service usage. They also demanded a $3,000 deposit for the BGAN terminal we hired which we paid together with the other charges.


The Explorer 500 device was delivered to our door by one of their stuff – Mike Hayles who was the same person that collected it after the 2 weeks. Upon collection he advised us that their accounting department will calculate rental and service charges and refund the rest of the deposit a little over $3,000 within 2 weeks. A month passed and then few more weeks I didn’t not receive anything from Tariam. I tried to call them but couldn’t; get through to anyone and then it was Christmas and here we are in the 2008. I tried to contact Mike Hayles on his direct number but only managed to get through to Voicemail. Left many messages but no response. For the next 3 months till April 2008 I tried to get in touch with Tariam on all their available contact numbers and emails but at best I only managed to get to a receptionist who informed me that the company is moving offices and she can only put calls through to sales.


After numerous calls I managed to contact Karla Kershaw who was our account management and she told me that Mike Hayles does not work for Tariam anymore. I explained the situation and she advised me to email her with all details and she will forward this to Simon Clifton who is a senior management within Tariam and will deal with my request.


3-4 weeks passed and as you may already guessed no one called me or emailed me. I called Tariam again just to find out that Karla does not work for them anymore and I started getting worried that i am dealing here with a “phantom” and will never be able to get my deposit back.


I was away on business for 6 weeks this summer and when back in the UK I resumed my attempts to resolve the situation. Again after many, many calls I only managed to get through to sales and this time was a new guy called Mark Luker who wasn’t much help either and Mr. Clifton was as elusive and invisible as ever.


There are no other emails or numbers to call within this company but sales and they go to receptionist and will a little luck you may get some one on the other line.


There is no accounting or senior management to contact and sales people (only 1 that I know of) are not allowed to transfer calls or give away contact details of other senior management or Mr. Simon Clifton himself.


As far as I know for 10 months dealing with the company they do not have a legitimate office or any other people working within the company then Mr. Luker and Mr. Clifton himself.


As of today I have not yet managed to get a response from anyone from Tariam Ltd and I have no other choice but to look for other ways or provoking a reaction and hopefully to get my deposit back.


I hope you will respond to my request to print this letter so we can protect other people to go through what I have been through and loose money.

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Total claims:21
cessation fee »09.10.200810/10/20081

Talk Talk feees me with a cessation fee of 70 GBP as I changed from them in between two weeks after I started my mothly standing charge with them and changed to outher electric talk. Now I donÄt undrestand if they are alowedto bill me with this fee.

yours sincerely Rudolf May

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Total claims:21
Don't believe their promotions! »01/04/0909/05/20091

Seems a small amount to get cross about huh?

Not when you have been promised a cheque for £35.00 in order to get you to sign up to their phone package.

Beginning of April I came across their letter that said welcome to Talk Talk blah blah, and I thought I would give them a ring to see when the promotional cheque would arrive as it hadn't yet, the woman told me it had been sent at the beginning of March, and as it hadn't arrived then they would cancel the cheque and sent me a new one. Ok so far and I was feeling happy that I had phoned as otherwise how would either side know there had been a problem otherwise?

Well it is now 9th May and still no cheque I have enquired 4 times, one of them through their online forums. Each time apologising and promising to sort it out but to no avail. Funnily enough as each person says they will sort it they all claim that there has been no contact about it before, so clearly they lied each time and didn't leave notes on the account.

I have actually cancelled their direct debit now (a few days ago) and I will be looking somewhere else. I am a new customer and within a few months they have proven that they are unreliable and untrustworthy.

What makes it even worse is I left another large company for lying and cheating customers to walk straight into the hands of another.

I hate companies that lie, why are they lying to their customers? Doesn't make sense!

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Total claims:21
Cessation Fee »30/06/200930/06/20091

I am wondering why after 3 years of being with Talk Talk my mum is being charged a cessation fee of £70, she has been with Talk Talk for 3 years now and decided to take up an account with another provider as she has failed to receive satisfactory customer service with Talk Talk after numerous complaints about their service.

After my mum recently explaining to them that my father had passed away in April 2009 they failed to mark this down on their computers so each time my mum rang up the customer services rep had asked for my father to be put onto the telephone which as yoou can imagine after being reminded of my father no longer being around caused her much distress and she did NOT receive much compassion from Talk Talk.

My mum was furious and decided to take up a landline account with Virgin, she then received a letter from Talk Talk of a cessation charge of £70 which to my knowledge is not correct as she has never breached the minimum contract with Talk Talk, what can be done about this, is there anyway of sorting this out as my mum is very upset about it all and they're basically charging us adminstration fees as well each time they send out a new bill even though we are not with them anymore

Mike Cullen (Son)

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1692unicom [manchester]
Total claims:2
broadband »3/10/0706/04/20091

failure of unicom to put broad band into our computer after trying for over 37 days having done every test that requsted us to do  we could not recieve it. they have told me that many lies first it was our equipment had it all tested by two qualified it people no fault found the  told me engineers had been to our premises and there was no fault with broad band we had checked out and found out that bt was doing a lot of work on the lines at the time and broad band was not avaible. unicom toof 4 monthly payments out of our account totaling £126.86 and refused to terminate our 3 year contract unless we paid over£1400.00 this is still ongoing at the april 6/4/2007 we are also trying to get complaint on watchdog we have full documentation from start to end and have dealt with over 20 people from unicom


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2699QTBill.Com [Carmel]
Total claims:1
Billing statement »May, 5, 200916/05/20091

They claim the billing was from the telephone number 707-746-5897 TO 707-746-5897 for 1(one) minute.  This was bad enough, but $17.95 sounds a little much don't you think.  I was in the hospital on May 5,  but they claim I pressed 1(one) requesting a direct bill for this service, and had given them pertinent info.

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