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2875Bowden Publishing [Newcastle]
Total claims:4
Direct Marketing Agency Bowden Publishing Refuses to Refund New Client Within Cooling Off Period »20 May 200920/05/20097

After numerous refund requests, 24 hours after having money taken from my account without written consent or signed contract between our respective companies, Bowden Publishing refuses to give back £914.00.

A change in my own business circumstances, 24 hours after discussing a direct marketing campaign with Bowden Publishing, resulted in the need to defer marketing activity until later in the year. I had not signed any agreement with Bowden Publishing and as I am well within the cooling-off period for services, expected a full refund. I explained the want to maintain a good business relationship, however, a refund was necessary with a view to starting afresh in Q4.

Bowden Publishing refuses to refund any money - yet fails to give any reason for this decision and ignores it's own policy around "no contract being legitimate unless there is signed approval or email confirmation to proceed" - they have neither.

John Bowen, Managing Director, also works under a pseudonim of "Jack, the Finance Director". Either way, it was hard work getting a response out of either of them. Direct calls into my account rep were ignored and the doors quickly shut.

Any successful direct marketing agency is built on customer care, quality of contact data and most importantly, integrity. Bowden Publishing is a disgrace to the direct marketing agency. it has won and lost a new client in 48 hours - it has also shown it's cards to be, in my opinion, an untrustworthy company.

I will pursue this until all the money is refunded back to my account.

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22095Conservatory Outlet Ltd.
Total claims:1
Conservatory Outlet Ltd & their ambassadors Greenway Home Improvements Ltd. »28 January 201118/11/20117
Greenway Home Improvements Ltd (member of the Conservatory Outlet) deceived my family and left us with a non-energy efficient conservatory and we fear regarding the porch foundations.

My parents have spent over £20,000 to employ, Greenway Home Improvements Ltd to construct a conservatory & porch. Only to discover the conservatory is NOT energy efficient, doubts regarding the roofing system (supplied by Ultrafame) being structurally safe following an incident where the conservatory double glazed glass roof 10’x2’6” panel fell out of the roof frame, bowing down into the conservatory and allowing water to enter.

Greenway’s Fitters, Steve & John neglected to full fill the contract (agreed by Tom Tucker, Greenway Salesperson), by not carrying out the necessary building work whilst constructing my parent’s bricked porch. This Andrew Green – MD of Greenway Home Improvements Ltd will not address, neither will Matthew Glover & Greg Kane of Conservatory Outlet.

The response I received from The MD Mr Andrew Green, of Greenway Home Improvements Ltd concerning my email of complaint was:-

“have decided that your e-mail counterproductive. In Response, I have skipped to the end…”

To clarify matters.

The installation was stated as being complete and fit for purpose on 24 February 2011(fitters Steve, John & Rob of Greenway)

Yet Greenway fitters (Steve & John) returned 28 February 2011 to carry out issues on the conservatory.

Greenway fitter (Rob) returned on 19 May 2011 to carry out further issues with the conservatory e.g. water entering through holes in roofing trims etc. Rob got very aggressive towards me when discussing how the water was entering the conservatory. Also, Rob prised the double glazed roofing panel up to remove the backing from adhesive seals, which had been left on during installation by Steve, John & Rob. The valley capping and guttering was misshaped following Rob’s manhandling of the roofing glass. It was also reported to Rob that the guttering surrounding the conservatory sloped away from the down-pipe, thus holding at least 20mm of water.

What I found strange was that, Rob at this point knew exactly where the holes were situation in the conservatory roof, prior to any member of my family indicating how the water was entering the conservatory. How? Unless the fitter (Steve, John & Rob) knew the state they had left the conservatory in.

Greenway – MD Mr Andrew Green visited, on 25 May 2011, my family home, following the aggressive behaviour of Rob, the damage left by Rob and the issues (structural, energy efficiency etc.) with the conservatory. Mr Andrew Green took away a considerable list of outstanding issues, which now appear to have disappeared. Stated as, Mr Green will not refer to the issues itemised on this lists, just keeps reiterating, “complete this one small item”.

During Mr Green’s visit of 25 May 2011, it was agreed by both parties (Mr Green & my family) that not to cause any further damage to the glass or surrounds, that additional trims would be added inside and outside to cover the substantial holes in the roofing trims. Mr Green also agreed that an additional down-pipe would be added to drain away the substantial water that was being held in the guttering. There were also problems with the valley capped that had been misshaped, flashing and the internal sills. All were itemised on Mr Green’s list to be rectified.

20 June 2011at approx. 8.30 pm I entered the conservatory and found water entering from the roof. On inspection it was discovered that one of the roof panels had fallen out of the roof support. Quickly furniture was moved, dust sheets were put down and my family had to prop up the glass in the roof(the double glazed glass panel which is approx. 10 foot x 2”6 had bowing out of the frame in the roof). An e-mail was sent to Mr Green marked as, emergency as my family feared the roof glass could collapse in.

21 June 2011 A member of my family telephoned Mr Green as there had been no response to the emergency e-mail. Mr Green was asked if he could came and look at the roof .Mr Green stated he was unavailable all day and would send Mr Haines (Greenway Surveyor), as he was the more of the structurally minded person, than Mr Green. Greenway confirmed that Mr Haines was to call when he returned from Gloucester. At approx. 3.10 pm on 21 June 2011 my family e-mailed Mr Green following Mr Haines non arrival.

At approx. 3.20 pm on 21 June 2011 Mr Haines arrive, at my family Home. Mr Ian Haines (Greenway surveyor) looked at the roof and informed my family to leave the prop holding the glass up in place for safety. My family discussed again the problems of the roof trims that were letting in draughts and water, etc. Mr Haines explained the trims are delivered pre-cut, except for the trims either side of the roof valley. My family know for a fact, the valley trims were:- one side undercut leaving a 1cm+ hole and the other wrongly fitted, at an angle, leaving another gap. When discussing the problems, each time Mr Haines response was, ‘see John & Steve when they call tomorrow’. Mr Haines also said he would phone the fitters at home that night. Additionally, Mr Haines did add that the supplier might have to become involved.

22 June 2011 at approx. 9.10am, John and Steve arrived; my family enquire the explanation of why the glass had come out of its frame, but both John & Steve were not forth coming with answers. My family did notice Steve didn’t reset the double glazed roofing panel, simply prised the glass panel across the roof frame with a screw driver. Questions were asked to the fitters, relevant to the job in hand. During the discussion with the fitters, it became apparent that all Mr Green had previously promised, was not going to happen according to Steve & John. Steve even went as far as to call Mr Green “A liar ………….”and” I’ll tell it to his face.” This put my family in a very awkward position. The fitters left at approx. 9.40am, stating that John was going to telephone Mr Green and request a follow up telephone call to my family. Following the fitters departure it was once again found that the fitters has smeared silicon on the centre of one of the self-cleaning panes of glass. This was a habit of Greenway Fitters while working on my family’s conservatory.

Anyone can clearly see, Greenway Home Improvements Ltd has had ample opportunities to rectify the list of issues with my conservatory and in fact each time has caused further damage.

Yet, Mr Andrew Green MD of Greenway Home Improvement Ltd, will not address the substantial complaint concerning the porch project, the poor workmanship, the attitude from Greenway Fitters, Steve, John, Rob and the conservatory project in its entirety (itemised on Mr Greens list taken on 25 May 2011). Yet Mr Green has acknowledged photographs of the poor workmanship of his fitter that were forwarded to Ultraframe, the suppliers of the roofing system.

W. Williams (Miss)

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26554Hunter Green Ltd [Warrington]
Total claims:1
Rip Off Data/Lead Gen »07.08.201231/08/20126
Please dont make the same mistake I made...

I was harassed by a guy called James Bedocs - real name Imre Bedocs, to test what he described as the best data money could buy...

When the data file was delivered, the file properties showed the originator was a company that is a renowned data thief...

Over 8 weeks I asked for a refund to be told that they dont give refunds - brilliant!! Never ever again

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911BT Customer Street [Lancaster]
Total claims:11
BT Customer Street Rip Off »23rd January 200916/02/20094

bt customer street claim that they have customers in your area, you will be listed at the top of each search site ie. for your selected area.  i was given areas that i did not want. the website is allegedly easy to find via google but only if a customer knew your business name to start with, not if they were to search for your profession in their area as promised.

 i was NOT told i was entering into a 12 month contract.  i was not informed of any cancellation policy or cooling off period.  turns out that there isn't one.

this company are targeting small businesses promising fantastic leads but do not deliver.

i have tried to cancel but i keep getting fobbed off and have found many similar cases on the internet from people also trying to cancel.  i want to get out of this before they try and take the monthly direct debit payment of around £60. 

strangely enough although this company are internet based i cannot find an email address to contact them by only 0845 numbers of post!

please help

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12207BT Customer Street [Lancaster]
Total claims:11
Mis-sold Package »Julu 200930/04/20103
I was made redundant in June 2009. Whilst looking for work I started advertising ‘balloon services’ on eBay. Within a day of advertising a shop on eBay I received a phone call from Customer Street. They told me that they were looking for a Wedding Balloon decorator in my area and would I be interested in them putting work my way. I would be guaranteed to be on the first page of Google for any balloon search in my area. Of course I was interested they made it sound too good to be true. I was then told I would have to pay a monthly fee to be advertised in their directories and they would build me a website for a cost. I informed them of my current situation and said that I couldn’t afford to be paying out that sort of money. They then came back to me with a cheaper price. I told them what I needed the website to do – to advertise balloon displays and to order online balloon in a box. They promised me that this would make me money, gave me examples of clients where they were inundated with business through taking on this deal. I thought because I was dealing with BT I was onto a winner, so I was taken in by it all and went ahead. My credit card details were took off me on that day and I was told that they would get me up and running for the weekend. I was told I would receive a phone call to tell me all was live. I didn’t receive a phone call I had to phone them. They said they would phone me in a month to see how things were going. Again they didn’t so I phoned up and complained. They apologised blaming their computer system. By this time I had the website for well over a month, it hadn’t appeared on any first page searches, I was unable to build a shop and I had not received any calls or interest. During this call I was told that an IT expert would ring me to see what he could do to help. He rang me and said that the package I had bought was a basic package and if I wanted to attract customers and get higher in the searches I needed to update my package costing me approx another £900. This would give me an online shop and make the website all singing and dancing guaranteeing customers. I said that there was no way I could afford this but I would consider it when my redundancy money was paid, he said he would ring me back in a month.

One month passed and I still had not had any business through the website. I was getting anxious that I had spent this money and seen nothing in return. With the prospect of no job yet I really wanted to get the balloons off the ground. I had another call and after lots of talk of his success stories with other business including his Dads business and a florist in Coventry I agreed to go ahead. He said I had a good business idea and this upgrade would make me so busy. I was impressed with what he was showing me. I felt confident that because I was talking to an IT person then he was genuinely trying to help me. It was later that I found out he too was a sales person. I was told that the he would make a great job for me and it would take about a week.

I paid the upgrade and was asked to supply some material to help them build the website. On the 18th August I forwarded on the info requested. I waited and heard nothing so on the 26th August I made contact again to see what was happening. It was then that I was passed to someone else. I had to supply all the write ups and photos for the site. I felt like I was building it myself. I had to keep chasing Justin for the website to be completed. Then the problems really started. I was left with building the online shop myself but had problems loading photos. For a month there were numerous conversations and emails of which I have copies(28 pages) where Customer Street could not solve the problem. I ended up making a complaint and was phoned back by a senior account manager who basically said there was nothing else to suggest for me to do to solve the problem.

Nearly 3 months had passed I had paid out in excess of £1200 and had not got the website or the business I was promised. It was then that I made the decision to open a shop and try one last attempt to make a go of it. Whilst in my shop I spent all day, everyday trying to work out the website. I eventually got photos to load and learnt how to optimise the site gaining ranking position on Google. None of this was I told about when signing up. During this time Customer Street made no attempt to ring me. I worked out for myself that due to my locality, the broadband signal was not strong/fast enough to load my photos. I couldn’t believe that IT experts had failed to work this one out. At this point I wrote to Customer Street to tell them how disappointed I was with them and the money I had spent had been a waste. At this point I had not had 1 customer email or phone call through the website or directories. I told them I was cancelling and did just that.

As I had wasted my redundancy with BT I struggled to keep the shop going so when I was offered a job I took it and closed the shop. The 3 months had been a nightmare for me. I then received a phone call from Customer Street about unpaid monthly cost. I told the girl that I wasn’t going to pay for a service that had been miss sold to me. As you can imagine I feel disappointed by my whole experience and very let down by BT. I strongly feel that BT have miss sold me this package, failed to support me on getting the website up and running and conned me into thinking that a better website would attract more customers. I have since been advised that it’s the position and key phrases that gets you the business not how glam the website is.

I will now have to take legal advice on how to proceed with this. I know talking to other website builders that Customer Street have been taken to court for the way they have conned people. This adds further distress to my life as all I should be concentrating on is proving myself within my new job and getting my life back on track.

After receivng phone calls from a debt collector I have agreed to pay the outstanding £138.82. This has only been paid to prevent legal action. I will continue to fight the case against CustomerStreet unless some sort of compensation is applied to this case and someone stops them operating like this.

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1269BT Customer Street [Lancaster]
Total claims:11
Mis-selling »February 200911/03/20092

Informed that this was a Website design service which would bring in extra work - rubbish.  The Website is no better than free build your own website and the listing on various directories does not bring our name up as the first on Google or any other search engine.  Lies but once they have your bank details you are lost.  Trying to complain - no-one answers yopur letters or your phone messages - there is never anyone available to discuss the matter.  Try cancelling and even at the end of  otherwise you automatically renew!!!! Watch out this Company really bites!!!! 

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12426Bowden Publishing [Newcastle]
Total claims:4
Bowden Publishes or Smarter Emails do not give them any money »17/04/201025/05/20102
I would strongly advise you do not give any credit/debit card details to these people.

They sold us a complete lie. Promissing a great service yet delivered nothing. When we paid for the service we were told the turnaround would be a couple of days. 4 weeks and still waiting. They give you all kinds of excuses (server down, staff sickness). Once they took our money we never heard from them. Everytime we called the person we wanted to speak to was not availble

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12397It`s Cold Outside [Manchester]
Total claims:1
Phoney Adwords Management Service »02 Mar 201021/05/20102
This company claims to add value to your Google Adwords campaign by supposedly managing it so that you receive better results. What they actually do is charge you 3 - 4 times what running a campaign for yourself would cost.

Their input is nothing more than creating an Adwords campaign (which you could do yourself in about 15 minutes)then charging you a set fee of around £120.00 per month. And when you receive only a tenth of the clicks on the ads than what they initially led you to believe you would get,they then pocket the other nine tenths of your money.

It is a sham company who sell a `service' that does not exists and when you ask them what specific benefit you will get from using their service they waffle and become defensive and bascically struggle to justify what they supposedly contribute to the campaign.

Avoid them like the plague they convince you to pay them extravagent amounts of money for nothing.

And whatever you do don`t set up a direct debit over the phone or give them your credit/debit card number as they will deduct subsequent payments without either your knowledge, or consent. As they did with me. They robbed me of approximatley £400.00

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21102Genesis global and Ace Media [Manchester]
Total claims:2
SCAM ARTISTS! »19/08/201120/09/20112
This company, AKA genesis global or genesis media soloutions are basically a scam, they are run primaraly by three people Alan (aka "AJ"), Phillip and Andy. They also run other companies such as; Ace Media.

In a very short nuttshell they're a bunch of call-centre cowboy's who decided to get together and attempt to run a company - they offer a plethora of services such as; SEO, facebook ads, website developement and other online marketing (or so they say). In actual fact what they do is cold-call people getting them to sign up for a service (such as google sponsored ads to promote there site) making a lot of promises yet never providing, ever. When, like all clients you decided to cancel they do not allow you to - they'll likely try and talk to you about the verbal agreement (however the calls are not actually recorded!) and basically try to avoid you so you cannot cancel and charge you on a monthly basis. They never provide what they offer because not only do they not have the capacity to provide, but also lack the knowledge so I would recommend you stay away and if you're already stuck with them my advice would be to just cancel payments directly from your bank account - do NOT worry, it's not like they will take legal action as they have NO evidence, like I say, they do not even record the sales calls! the company has a short life-span, it's a sinking ship and already have several court cases being drafted for them.

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Total claims:11
Membership fees (£45) taken without permission »16-12-1103/01/20122
I followed a link to the Pointshop website to join for £1 and receive a free angry birds plush. I now realise that they have taken £45 from my account which I was unaware of. I really can't afford to make this payment which has made me overdrawn and cost me bank charges.

I contacted pointshop and asked for a refund. They insist that it it my fault for not cancelling before the 14 days free trial was up.

The link below will take you to our conversation. They are not budging on a refund

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3219BT Customer Street [Lancaster]
Total claims:11
Mis-Sold Product/Fraud »28 April 200907/06/20091

I signed up six weeks ago for what I was told was search engine optimisation and web design that would put me on the first page of Google for my area (Manchester) for ten search key phrases. This I was told would happen four weeks later. And now six weeks later I am only appearing for two out of the ten search key words.


I have made several complaints but each time get fobbed of with well rehearsed excuses. They prey on small businesses and sole traders promising to bring them lots of work via high visability on search engines. They do not tell you that there is no cooling off period, nor that you are `legally signed up' by mere virtue of their phone call to you.


I estimate that as a result of the £500-00 I paid them and lost business due to lack of visability on search engines I am out of pocket to the tune of £2000,00 in only six weeks. Their web design is so basic that you could use a free build facility and design one like it yourself. They also unilaterally changed the design of my website recently without consulting me making it look even less attractive


I feel that this company by offering a service that they know in advance they are unable, or incapable of providing are commiting fraud and need investigation by the Office of Fair Trading.

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4805BT Customer Street [Lancaster]
Total claims:11
Unauthorized Card Transaction »April 200911/09/20091

BT Customer Street. I have had huge problem with this compamy, who telephoned me back in April told me BT and would i like a free listing in the Directory. I was told i would have to give card details to confirm the free listing, few weeks later £240 had been taken from my card. I was lucky as the bank refund the money.

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12043Bowden Publishing [Newcastle]
Total claims:4
Bowden Publishing Or Smarter Emails Rip Off Mailshot Service »29th March 201013/04/20101
#### ####
#### ####

I chose Bowden Publishing to run some email marketing campaigns after being approached in an emailshot.

They seemed to offer a reasonable service promising double-opt-in contacts, regularly cleaned lead database etc.

However the reality is very much different. The data they use is completely rubbish, we checked it out, missing names, missing telephone numbers, email addresses that are missing, or just generic info@ etc. And the emailshots just produce no leads, complete waste of time.

We called and wrote to them to tell them that we wanted to stop, but they just kept charging our credit card, we are up to over £1600 now.

This company is a complete rip-off.


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13239Bowden Publishing [Newcastle]
Total claims:4
Service not provided »5 Aug 201005/08/20101

Bowden publishing sold me a email marketing campain, they said they would send 5000 emails out every month promoting my products.

They did this for one month then stopped. the report i got showed that no one had opened the emails and they were all spammed. Every month they have taken £200 from our credit card. You can't get hold of this company by phone, so I reported to our credit card holder to stop the payments. Credit card company still haven't stoped the payments and we have just received 2 receipts amounting to £400 for one months worth of email shot, also attached to the receipts they are saying that we owe 10 more payments from now. They are forcing me to pay for a service which has not and is not being provided I have had to resort to reporting the credit card details stolen to cancel the card and stop all payments. I really donlt know where to go from here, can anyone advise what i can do ?

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3233DLS LTD [Lancs]
Total claims:1
I have not received the goods »April08/06/20091

I have paid for a pricing gun and Labels for our company to DLS Ltd. I was promised the goods within a couple of days but it as been over a month and we have not recived the goods. After numerous phone calls, the owner is just making excuses, saying that he has couriered the goods but can not give us the tracking number!!! When I phone up he is making excuses of not speaking. The money as been paid but now I dont think we will ever get our goods. Dodgy company!

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3648marketing ventures [Toronto]
Total claims:1
CHARGE TO MY CREDIT CARD »04-07-200907/07/20091

i order a samples for 5.95$ with my visa card 19 june 2009 and the 4th july 2009 they charge me in my credit card the amount of 94.51$. I'll never receive the product and don't want to have any other charge.  I'll try to send this company a message but the send failed out, their adress is not correct. I want to cancell.  I need help to cancell all of it.


tank you

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14206Be First Marketing [Aston-Upon-Lyne]
Total claims:3
Google ads »AUG1019/10/20101
I believed i was dealing with Google when i agreed to take a one months trial of £49 + vat and £20 set up fee for search engine optimisation, i was also told it was a money back guarantee if they didnt increase interest to my advert. I was told everything would be sent out via email- it wasn't i also couldn't find my advert online. When i complained i was told i wouldn't recieve a refund and have been told different things from different people in the company, i found them to be very unprofessional,decietful and rude. I was told over the phone that i could cancel for £49 + vat then i was informed by email that it would cost me £99 + vat to cancel.

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17268Be First Marketing [Aston-Upon-Lyne]
Total claims:3
Taking money when not authorised »11/1/11 & 16/2/1112/03/20111
I had a call from someone claiming to be from Google in January.
He told me that they would using key search terms,run me an ad that would guarantee me at least 16 extra laeds a month.
I agreed to one month and that I would look at it at the end of the month to see if it was working.
I have never received an invoice or email of comfirmation from Be First Marketing.
After about 3 weeks I had no new leads and then had a phonecall off someone who did actually work for Google also trying to sell me increased search terms.
During his sales pitch he took me on a backwards search of my website to see how they could increase in roads towards my site,which I then discovered had none and found no proof of any work done by Be First Marketing.
I then received my monthly bank statement last Wednesday only to discover that Be First Marketing had taken another £118.80 out of my account.
I phoned Be First Marketing the next day and spoke to a lady there who informed me that I had been emailed by them,once informing me about how my ad was doing and again to inform me that they would be taking another monthly amount out of my account.
I told her that I have never received any emails or invoices and that I was never informed that I was entering into a monthly agreement or in fact who I was actually dealing with.
She wasn't interested and just kept saying that I had been sent emails.
Because I paid the initial payment by debit card I have now been forced to cancel my card so that they can't take any more money.
I have also emailed Be First Marketing but they haven't responded to my complaint.

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Total claims:2
Payout »22 oct 201006/11/20101
See what I've earned.............

Total Cash Earnings: $ 20,700.0000
Total Point Earnings: 0

Account Transactions Summary
10/22/2010 05:49 Paid To Click Earnings 5,700.00000
10/22/2010 05:33 Paid Mail Earnings 14,900.00000
10/03/2010 21:00 Sign-up Bonus 100.00000


Now see what they are saying..............

You do not have required amount to request payout.
You may request payment after you have earned $20,000.00.

Upgraded members have no limits.You can withdraw any amount.

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24355RBM data [Doncaster]
Total claims:1
useless data »13/03/201228/03/20121
Further to our claim above, we did finally get the data requested, after receiving what could only be described as an abusive email from an alias Sarah. That said more than 75% was corrupt or old data.... so in effect totally useless. We could do absolulty nothing with it. April Lawrence confirmed the data supplied was cleaned every 28 days; the data provided had not been touched since 2009.
RBM Data do not even have an address in Armstrong House, Doncaster, this has been confirmed by the business centre Manager, Margaret plus Alpha debt collection agency based in the same building they claim to be resident in.
It’s obvious from April Lawrence’s previous activity with Red Banana Marketing that she is and has acted improper. Her previous company close with a £3000 CCJ. Some serious issues surround her and this company, which may constitute fraud with deception.
My advice would be to stay away from anything April Lawrence is involved with, and of course her current company RBM DATA LTD.

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