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29145Clifford Surtees [Plat bridge, Wigan]
Total claims:1
Cliff Surtees DRUG dealer!!! Runs Platt Bridge Sun Centre »201318/04/20134
Platt Bridge Sun Centre is not only a drug money laundering centre operated by Cliff Surtees a seriously convicted drug dealer (which can be checked).

They also use cheap high UVB out-put tubes which have a very high burn and cancer rate compared to a normal tube most salons use today. Many tubes are pre-used and have lost there tanning power and just create heat and burn. I know this as I know someone who knows Cliff very well. Cliff bragged to the wrong person!

Cliff received 8-10 years in a high security prison and beat his girlfriend regularly when he was high on drugs. FACT!

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954sunrays tanning star [lebanon]
Total claims:1
bad business »april 200619/02/20090

i was burned by sunrays tanning salon

i went into SUNRAYS TANNING SALON to buy a package and the owner asked me if i had been there before, i said yes. i told her my name and she asked, "are you related to this person?" (who happened to be my aunt). i said yes. after that her whole demeanor changed and had became very rude. she told me to "turn around walk out the door and never come into her business again". i tried to talk to her but before i could say one word she got very loud and was swearing at me. this embarrassed me so i left. all this was over a dispute her and my aunt had had. i had nothing to do with their situation but was found quilty by association.i dont think this kind of behavior is acceptable from any reputable bussiness. i was discriminated against because of who im related to.

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2039Sure 2 Tan [Thornaby]
Total claims:1
Poor Hygiene »20/4/0929/04/20090

The sunbeds are very unclean, they don't get washed after each customer, the floors are a disgrace, full of dirt. There is no perspex over the tubes making it more likely to burn yourself. On this occassion that i visited the sunbed there was urine in the bin!!!  When i asked the lady at the counter has it been cleaned she said yes, clearly it hadn't and she still didn't remove the bin. When i burnt my arm on the tube she said i should have been more careful. As my eyes were shut and there was no sign berforehand how was i supposed to know there was no cover or plastic/glass over the tubes.

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