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958Badgers Removals [London]
Total claims:1
Skip not collected »15 Nov 200819/02/200914

Dear Sirs,

I have started an extention at back of my garden the 15th September 2008.

I have used a skip company for waste removals, I hired 6 skips in 3 months period. This company never issued a receipt, even if I have asked for it.

We finished the extension in the middle of November 2008, since then I have called numerous time to let them know that the skip was ready for collection, they always answered that they were coming in about 2 hours, but never did.

The skip still in my drive, as a conseguence I have to park my car in the road. Since the date I called first time to colect the skip I had a scratch on the car and a damage at the windscreen.

I have a picture of the skip dated the 16th of December 08, that day was a month already that the skip had not been collected.

Furthermore we have 2 little kids and it is dangerous and inconvenient for them when they go out to cross the road to reach the car.

So decided to contact you, we are ready to take legal action against them.

Kind Regards

Giuseppe Ricciardi  


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10464Badger Quick Skip Hire [London / Kent]
Total claims:3
Skip not collected by Badgers quick skips »01/11/0911/01/20101

I had a skip delivered from the above mentioned company. When I was ready for the skip to be collected I called Badgers. They said it would be collected that day. It was not collected. I have since phoned every day for 3 months for it to be collected and have been told every day that it will be collected either that day or the next day. I have told Badgers that it is on my drive and I have workmen coming the next day to do a new drive for me and they promise it would be collected. It still hasn't. I have had to pay for builders to come and not be able to work as the skip is still in the way. This has been going on for over 3 months and is preventing me from completing my driveway.

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1143Badger Quick Skip Hire [London / Kent]
Total claims:3
mr white »Oct 200804/03/20091

I have been waiting 5 months for this disgraceful company to move their skip.I have tried everything but because of a loophole in the law they can get away with murder.I now have rats investing the skip and my neighbours are so angry I cannot rent or sell the property which i spent so much money refurbishing.They have treated me with such contempt and vulgarity i plead with the general public STAY WAY FROM THIS COMPANY because im not the only one the have screwed over....I now have to sue the pants off them...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.... 

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1052Badger Quick Skip Hire [London / Kent]
Total claims:3
Shocking service »January 200926/02/20090

We hired a skip from this company last year and asked them to collect it 3 months ago.  They consistently lie about picking it up and basically, because we paid up front and they have to pay to dump the rubbish won't collect it.  This has caused much angst with out neighbours.  The council tell me this company are notorious for this, had I known this I would never had dealt with them.  The service is really bad, the guy in charge is rude and I honestly don't know how they are still operating.  DO NOT USE THIS SKIP HIRE COMPANY.

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20778Quick Skips [London / Kent]
Total claims:1
quick skips »31/08/201131/08/20110
This company...aka roy skips, badger quick skips, quick skips is eager to drop off skips and receive cash payment but will not pick up their skip when requested. Infact the staff constantly lie to to you saying it will be collected but the skip remains on-site for weeks.

Our car has been boxed in for 13-days and the car was to be used to take a bride to her wedding..we told the skip company and it fell on deaf ears....This company is a cowboy outfit with no morals and should be avoided at all cost....

Please use an alternative company and tell every one not to use me you don't want the stress of using these waste of space cowboys......

Watchdog please we need you...............

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14120A.S.H Skips Brockley
Total claims:1
SKIP to be removed »October 201014/10/20100

Builder organised skip we paid builder job all completed skip still here after two weeks I have phoned everyday and have told yes it will be collected today but is still on my drive when I get home. Today I phoned and the owner told me I was a pest!! Well if he removed his skip I would never phone him again SIMPLE!

Any advice as to what I can do

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29879County Waste [Southam]
Total claims:1
Should be called Waste of Time »10/09/201325/09/20130

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29880County Waste & Recycling [Southam]
Total claims:1
Dont use this company »10/09/1325/09/20130
Steer clear of this company! We ordered an 8yd skip with exchange & off hire for same day, we got delayed so cancelled the off hire - however despite the job being half dug up & the second skip still being empty they removed the skip anyway. When we got back we rang them, they supplied us with a 5yd skip not an 8yd so we could not get all the waste in it. We asked for the 5yd skip to be taken away as it was no use & they refuse to refund us for the skip not used. We are contacting our card provider to get a refund as they refuse to do it however they have admitted it was there cock up!!!! Due to County Waste�s error it cost us an extra day�s labour for two men together with inconvenience to our customer

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