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20569Kitchens Uber
Total claims:31
Kitchens Uber Court Case »30th March 201111/08/201134
Basic story: Bought a property in February to be my families first home. Me, wife, 17 month old son and one on the way. Property needed work including a kitchen. Had Alan Smith come out on 30/03/11 after contacting, paid £100 deposit, paper had The Kitchen Factory on it, he told us that Kitchens Uber was just the show room part of the business. Kitchen delivered on 20/04/11, at first glance handles were wrong so held back a bit of money but paid the rest. Our kitchen fitter came to fit it the following week, after an hour he called me to ask if it was a joke. Every single package had something wrong including missing parts, no holes drilled in units, units not fitting together, broken pieces, wrong units completely, missing doors, missing units. The next 4 months have involved roughly 100 phone calls, recorded delivery letters and emails. Get put on hold or they just put the phone down on you or they simply laugh when you ask for a refund. Now trading standards are involved and we are currently building a court case against them. Any information any one can provide me with will be greatly appreciated, like addresses etc., have heard others have taken them to court and won. One thing I have found is that there are a lot of kitchen that all have the same customer services, big scam which should of been stopped a long time a go. I look forward to hearing from you.

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22009Kitchens Uber
Total claims:31
I want to help »13/11/1113/11/201118
My name is Martin Sersen, I am the owner of kitchens uber. I am sorry to hear about the problems some of my customers are experiencing.
A lot of these problems have been caused by my supplier. Added to this I have moved office and am experiencing difficulties in obtaining my post. I have also installed a new phone system which is having problems and is dropping calls and crashing causing customers to think they are being cut off or hung up on. I can assure you my staff do not terminate any calls without good reason.
Should there be any outstanding complaints please contact my PA Helen on 07817 640138 or email

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19192future kitchens Manchester [manchester]
Total claims:31
Kichen scam »9th May 201112/05/201111
I paid for a kitchen from Future Kitchens but when the Kitchen arrived it was not what I had ordered. Parts missing, wrong sizes. Damaged carcases, bowed work tops and fittings that don't fit the units. The quality is so poor my kitchen fitter has refused to fit it as the units are now even square.
I am unable to speak to anyone about this at Future Kitchens. I am left without a kitchen as mine was removed. I have reported them to Trading Standards.

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19933Kitchens Uber
Total claims:31
Butchered kitchen and missing parts »25th May 201126/06/201110

I have copied and pasted an email that i sent to Kitchen Uber :-

I have been relating my concerns to Dean from fittings regarding my kitchen, I am so unhappy and am considering going to trading standards due to these problems. I had a builder and electrician come round this weekend to look at my kitchen, we have found many many problems.

1) Tiles have been taken down from my wall and not put back

2) Units are not properly fixed and units are damaged

3) Cut outs are not measured to shape ( Top left fridge and under the sink)

4) Plug socket behind the fridge cut out really badly.

5) Holes in units 6) Units not level 7) Water leak under the sink!!!!

8) Gaps between units 9) Screws not capped

10) No Strips on wood work

11) Units are unstable

12) Unable to use appliances aka microwave

13) Extractor fan is not straight, not completed nor does it fit my ceiling

14) The wrong sink has been fitted

15) 3 Doors missing and finishing uncomplete


I had been left without water for 4 days and left without cooking facilities for 6 days, the house has been left in a mess, and the fitters didn’t tidy up after themselves, inside or out.

I understand that you do not take away the rubbish but they should pick up nails and wood, wood chippings and wires ect.

When Alan S came round to plan the kitchen he assured me that this would be a quick job but he assured me that this would be a quality kitchen which would last for 25 years. This kitchen wouldn’t last a year! Also I was quoted a price for both parts and fitters so far the fitters keep invoicing me for extra parts.

I would like my kitchen finished by the end of the week with different fitters, I do not trust the company you are currently using to fit my kitchen as they are trying to look for short cuts to finish mine quickly so they can get to their next job! If this is unable to happen I will have no choice but to contact trading standards and get legal aid as I have spent a fair deal of money with Kitchen Uber.

Basically they have scammed me and i would like a full refund of my money because my kitchen is in such a mess. With missing items, the finishing hasnt been done all round a mess.

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19366cheap kitchensReally [manchester]
Total claims:1
Incomplete kitchen »19.5.201121/05/20117
Kitchen designer(I don't think) came on 2oth April and asked for £100 cash (he needed petrol to get back to Manchester) would not accept a cheque. it was arranged for delivery on the 19th May. Driver pulled up in a Hire van and my kitchen fitters were told not to bother checking as anything missing would be put on the van tomorrow with the delivery of the granite.On checking we found numerous things missing and somethings that had been replaced. Kitchen quality is rubbish will not stand weight on base units, wall cupboards had to be modified to fit,some with glue on them. I phoned at least 20 times the same morning and was held on hold for over 30mins on an 0844 number. Other times was cut straight off. When I eventually got through on the 1302 number I was transfered and had no answer from them I got through and told them what my complaint was and I was put on hold again.On 20th my Husband phoned and cancelled and he was cut off. Approx 4hrs later they phoned me and asked if I would take delivery of granite on 23rd May,I cancelled it and was told I had not let them complete the order. I told her about my phone experiances and she cut me off. I too have reported them. I have also sent a formal letter of complaint to the Manchester department. My kitchen came from there Doncaster depot. The company is trading under the name of Really Cheap Kitchens BEWARE, WE HAVE LOST OUR MONEY. DO NOT DO THE SAME.

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20211Kitchens Uber
Total claims:31
Missing and damaged "Chinese" Kitchen parts »18/07/1118/07/20117
Kitches Uber are very good at selling you a kitchen and very very poor at after sales,customer support and customer service. I like many others have bought a kitchen from them (never again though)and found that parts were missing and some parts damaged. Also like others, I have spent hours on the phone in a queue with not response.Wrote letters and e-mails.Once exhausting my phone credit in waiting. One thing which really annoyed me was that when the salesman/designer (Saj)came to see me I asked him if Kitchens Uber manufactured the kitchens they sold. He said "yes they did, that is why we can do them so cheap". How was it then when I was unpacking the kitchen all the packing and manufacturing notes were in Chinese? Make no mistake these Kitchens are Chinese imports!!!I think what also grieved him was the fact that I am a property developer and was fitting the kitchen myself, so there was no money in it for them with the fitting. I can tell you that once bitten, twice shy and I would not touch Kitchens Uber again with a barge pole. I just wish I had read this "Can you trust them" forum before I had dealt with them.
I have now ceased trying to get in touch with them and have been and bought all the missing parts I needed from B&Q.It is cheaper than the phone calls and the time spent!!!!

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22325Martin Sersen [Rochdale]
Total claims:7
Kitchen Units - units do not go together - no refund, rude, aggresive »Oct 201101/12/20116
All the info below has been going on since Oct 2011 - Bought kitchen, sales rep all seemed fine etc, delivered all fine,£1000 gone ! when it came to putting it together, units didn't line up, screw holes not matching, screws kept breaking, parts backs etc didn't fit, had marks/scuff, gaping holes and generally just crap ! Phoned sales rep, he came round and agreed it was crap, said call customer services - after dozens of calls, being put on hold, cut off after a 30 / 47 minute on hold !, called / chased/ hounded rep, they ended up sending surveyor round who again agreed said a refund would be sorted, (quoted Sales of goods act, etc at them all) then week later had a call from "Becky" stating that no refund as hadnt had a chance to rectify problem, my only choice was another kitchen ! By this time (late November) I had borrowed money on c'card and brought one from magnet ! Said OK and asked for another to be delivered - delivery came he wouldnt wait and let us check it the delivery driver (think he was from the co.) got the office on the phone straight away (funny that !) they said he couldnt wait ! with that he went ! Not holding my breath - will prob end up flogging kitchen as seconds on ebay to try and get some money back ! £1000 down and counting ;-( 6 weeks+ and couting - AVOID KITCHEN UNITS - KITCHEN UBER - JUST KITCHEN - SIMPLY KITCHENS and the names Martin Sersen / Vance Miller

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20852uber kitchens [oldham]
Total claims:2
bad kitchen »25/08/1105/09/20115

i have been scammed by this uber kitchens company. at first everyone seemed nice, the person i spoke to on the phone and my designer were polite. my kitchen was delivered on the 25th of august. i thought everything was ok untill i had my fitter around, he asked me where i got my kitchen from because he said it wasn't very good quality. there was no markings and the units didn't join together properly. my kitchen units were white, when my fitter put screws into the units to join them the white paint was cracking off. also there was doors missing and the designer had not designed my kitchen correctly. he left a large gap which i didn't know about. i will be need another unit to complete the kitchen. i also asked for a glass door wall unit which i never got. it's september the 5th today and i have no kitchen, my fitter left because he said the kitchen was a mess, i had to pay him for the little work he did but he couldn't complete it with parts missings. i have called the company hundred of times but they drop my call, they are just so rude. i don't know what to do, everything is a mess and i'm so stressed out. i have a little 8 month old girl so i'm having to stay with my parents. can someone advice me please on what to do. i want my money back, this company needs to refund every penny for all the stress they have caused me and my family.

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22692uber kitchens [oldham]
Total claims:2
missing kitchen doors, handles and plinth. »23/12/1123/12/20114
I purchased a kitchen from them in November, paid £100 deposit to there kitchen surveyor and paid the remainder on delivery, completed the kitchen last week, and have continually tried to contact them, I get through to the switchboard and they say they are transferring me to customer services, I am then told the line is busy and please leave a message, which then say's the mailbox is full, I am totally at a loss as to how to obtain the 2 doors, handles and plinth. My kitchen is incomplete and I am so frustrated, I wish I had read the reviews beforehand, I think I have been well and truly done.

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20954future kitchens Manchester [manchester]
Total claims:31
Ripped off big time! :o( »10/09/201112/09/20114
I had ordered a kitchen from Future Kitchens and got the shock of our lives to discover the goods were damaged (we didnt look as everything was so tightly bubble wrapped we thought it would be OK) obviously damaged before dispatch. Although advised to check everything upon delivery, we thought if only a few handles are missing or whatever we would be fine. What we got:
2 Damaged carcasses
No instructions
No guides for drilling holes
No drawer fronts
No Drawer Bases
2 Damaged doors
3 Different types of woods for the doors
Poor quality materials
Instructions for a carousel in Italian
Simply put - was so bad the people employed to fit it refused and left. leaving us with nothing - we don’t blame them.
I have tried to call future kitchens but the line is now dead. I have paid 1200 for this and I now have a completely unusable kitchen as we can not afford to go out and buy new carcasses. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Also, it was only once the sales guy had my deposit in his hand he told me it was cash or bankers draft and would not give me back my money and said I was rude and walked out of my house. We still have to pay this money back to the family who leant it to us on top of sorting our home.

Please do let em know if anyone has managed to resolve this! :o(

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22414Kitchens Uber
Total claims:31
Half a kitchen and lots of lies! »7/07/1106/12/20114
Just seen on BBC-I-Player yesterdays Rip off Britain about Kitchens Uber! Series 3 episode 6! Have a look! I have also had a post from a lawyer who said he's willing to take these scumbags to court-free of charge!Just waiting for reply.

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25097Kitchens Uber
Total claims:31
Excellent Kitchen »15/05/201216/05/20124
Me and my wife ordered our kitchen 2 weeks ago and it arrived yesterday and we're thrilled at the kitchen. After we placed the order we had seen that there was a lot of complaints against the company which obviously drew cause for concern but we decided to see what happened. Our Kitchen Fitter inspected each and every single component this morning and has said that everything is perfect and spot on. Don't let the negative comments on this site throw you off about ordering a kitchen - these guys do sell excellent kitchens.

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26175Kitchens Uber
Total claims:31
Excuse for a kitchen »7/07/201129/07/20124
I have been awarded �£3,000 from these scumbags but cannot get it!!!!!!! Will you all who have been conned go to Vance Miller must be stopped facebook page to sign the petition to get this rogue stopped!!!!! Thanks

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24021M SERSEN ect ect [Rochdale]
Total claims:1
KITCHEN »31 01 20`1207/03/20124
7 weeks going nuts 8hrs on phone more lies KITCHEN UNITS AND ALL YOUR STAFF DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH All i wont are 4 doors 3 drawers 1 wine rack to conpleate my kitchen .no after being nice and calm nothing so STAND BY WHAT I JUST SAID DIE.

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36Rock Solid Kitchens
Total claims:13
Totally unprofessional »03/200805/08/20083
My mother bought s kitchen from this company and as with other comments had major problems. Normally she would check out companies she deals with bt did not do this on this occassion.Parts missing on the original delivery which held up the fitter from getting on with the build. She had to wait 3 weeks for missing units.Meanwhile my mother who is 70 has no cooking facilities. All the units have no predrilled holes for shelves, doors hinges,or drawers, good job she has an excellent fitter(her own source)who knew how to cope with this. Customer Services are a joke and frankly unprofesional. Buyer Beware- go to Wickes or B&Q for a cheap kitchen.


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20024Kitchens Uber
Total claims:31
RIP OFF KITCHENS »14th june 201104/07/20113
Purchased kitchen on 14th June paid £2,000. On the 15th June put all cabinets and doors together and have been sent wrong doors and one door missing. Telephoned Kitchens Uber to be held in a queue for 30 mins you are always number 2 in the queue so have gave up on that and have wrote 3 letters sent recorded delivery which they sign for but still no answers to where are my doors. Reported to trading standards and will be going to court as my kitchen is incomplete. BEWARE OF SALESMAN PHIL SCOTT OF KITCHENS UBER MANCHESTER WHO DRAWS A PLAN OF YOUR

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20316Kitchens Uber
Total claims:31
Kitchen Shambles »7/07/201126/07/20113

Had "Alan Kerr"(designer)out for a quote.Agreed on a kitchen -£1,800.He advised us to get their fitters to fit kitchen &booked it for the day following delivery.Paid £100 deposit and kitchen was to be delivered 12/07 & fitted 13/07.Kitchen came in an unmarked white van with one delivery man.Kitchen was piled into my garage.We had removed our old kitchen on 12/07 and therefore had no sink,water,cooking facilities etc.Fitters never showed on 13/07 & we called & were put through to "Dean"the fitting manager.He informed us that he couldn't get a fitter to us for a week!He advised we get a fitter of our own which we had to do that day.T he fittHeer came that evening and saw the way we had been left(I have a disabled husband who due to severe burns has no digits on hands & a 75year old mother).He started to build the units &this is when the problem began.1)Corner unit cracked.2)Dent in canopy.3)corner post missing 4)2 damaged doors 5)wrong taps 6)wrong handles7)600ml unit measured by "Alan"for 500ml space.8)Door missing 9)2 odd units at either side of canopy 10)sink didn't fit due to pipes behind washing machine which he never looked at!I am now sitting with a damaged half kitchen &have been promised a surveyor since last week-but nothing been done!I just want this thing removed & have my cash refunded!I am devastated as my pots,plates etc are out in my garden!!!!!! I had to pay a plumber £100 to cut the pipes behind the sink so we can have water!!!!Now contacted trading standards and The Judge in the Sunday paper!Cannot sit like this any longer!!!!

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20926Kitchens Uber
Total claims:31
Kitchens Uber »09/09/1109/09/20113
Well wish i had read this before going ahead. I too have been stung by this company.Same problems as everybody else, my kitchen is supposed to be complete but have the following issues, leaking sink, wrong cooker hood and oven, sink not fitted in properly, deeply scratched doors, cornices & kick boards not installed but still in my garage, cupboards and handles at different heights,worktops have been damaged and colour filled badly, wall cupboards un secure on wall, bottom of one has already come apart (thats with nothing in them too) and the shelves slid out narrowly missing my 5 year old, chipped shelving, drawers sticking, screws sticking out, nothing is sealed,no pressure in my taps, wrong tap. Very messy fitters with nothing being there fault.Paid out extras for what they needed as wanted the job finished. Waiting for a surveyor but not holding out any hope.Total mess and just want it all ripped out and my money back. Will be taking this forward to trading standards, The Ferret, Dominic Littlewood and through the courts. In the meantime i will call Ian White and see if he's as rude as everyone else from that company....someone got to stop them!!

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21510Kitchens Uber
Total claims:31
Kitchens Uber Rip U off »Aug 201113/10/20113

My mother recently purchased a fitted kitchen from Kitchens Uber, now the man came out and measured all the kitchen with the sizes being wrong. She has paid a fully qualified joiner to fit the new kitchen and he has being met with several problems when trying to fit this kitchen, some of the cupboards have actually been measured wrong, there is a black end panel for the cupboard missing, a large red door missing (width 250 & height 600), 3 drawer pack has no fixtures or fittings, taps were missing and no panel for under the fitted oven. My mother had made loads of phone calls to the company over the past few weeks only for all her details to taken then they say oh I will just put you on hold to we see if we have the parts to send to you, after a while on hold she is cut off. Now nearly every phone call lasts an hour or more! I have sent several e-mails with no reply back, E-mail address: another is which does not work but on the company invoice. its so frustrating knowing you have paid for the goods and there not there. My poor mother is stressed right out with all this. I just dont understand how on earth this company is getting away with all this, I have spent all day searching the internet only to be met with so many people in the same situation as my mother. My mother works two jobs 5 days a week and has saved every penny for a new kitchen only to be ripped of by these crooks & conmen! Where is the justice. One website I have came across who also owned Kitchen Factory, Future Kitchens, Maple Mill,Simply Kitchens. One company closes and another opens so there could be a new one already thats replaced Kitchens Uber. Area Manager- Ian White 07774 481015 when we tried to phone the line was dead. They need to be stopped!

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21749Kitchens Uber
Total claims:31
Fraudulent sale of Kitchen and theft of monies »27/10/201129/10/20113
Ordered a new kitchen from these crooks 12/10/11. Was delivered 27th in endless boxes and I was unable to check them as delvery men said they were on a tight schedule having come from Manchester. Reluctantly handed over monies as requested although we had been reassured by the "sales-person" that if anything was wrong any replacement parts would be dispatched after a call from "customer services" the day after delivery.
The kitchen is nothing like what was ordered. Half of it is missing and the rest according to our fitter is the worst quality he has ever seen.we have spent numerous hours of the phone today yesterday and Thursday trying to get hold of this company but people either hang up on us or place us on hold for 20 minutes before we get cut off.
It has taken us months to save the money for this kitchen as we are on a very tight budget. Now we have no old kitchen no new one and no money. Surely there must be a law in place to protect innocent members of the public from "people" such as this? Apparently Trading Standards know all about the company but a reluctant to tackle the thief who steals peoples money - a Martin Sersen whose name is all over what paperwork we have.

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