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16251activity superstore [saffron walden]
Total claims:16
Expired Cash! »September 201026/01/20119
My young son paid £45 cash for a "Massage for Him" voucher for me for my birthday in September 2009.
I have been unable to go and the voucher has now "expired"

How can cash expire? I cannot get a refund or even have the voucher extended. I am now in a position to go for a massage which I would be happy to do.

According to them I have NO redress whatsoever.

So that's £45 they get for doing absolutely nothing!?

more details » [middleton]
Total claims:1
total false advertising »14/03/200918/03/20094

Hello ok here is what happened and I want to make sure this never happens to anyone again. I am a professional dancer. I have studied every day from 7am until 8pm for 4 years to complete my dream of becoming a dancer. I was looking to get into west end work but came across a job offer of being a dancer in egypt. The advert read

' Hi
Thank you all for repying to our advert, could you please all have a look at and select the animation page, we do not want to reflect this job as a glorified holiday it is a 6 day week in a 5 * hotel in Sharm el sheikh. We are looking for young people that can work well within a team, energetic, hard working and bubbly. If you feel you meet the criteria above please contact me directly as trying to communicate out of egypt is like trying to collect stars from the sky,if you have further interest please contact me at
Many Thanks


Now dnt get me wrong i was fully aware it wasnt all dance work, and was hard work. Even though it was £250 a month i thought this was an experience of a lifetime. I made my way to eygpt was collected the other end and theyre was a couple of us all dancers and we were split up. We were dropped of at the hotel which yes was a 5* hotel but when i was shown to my room it was the 'staff quarters'. Its was a very small room with 3 single beds crammed in it, 3 girls who couldnt speak english and cans of empty coke and ashtrays full of cigarettes and rubbish everywhere. no bed linen, and flys and cochroaches swarmed the room. I was then told my the hotel manager there was no dance shows for over a month so i would be basically a clup rep, 9-6pm and back 8pm - 2am. When i went down to eat as food was included there wasnt anything left as we had to wait until guests had eaten and it looked as if theyd put out left overs for us. When i checked in they said they had to keep my passport.  And i was not allowed to leave the resort as it wasnt safe. I was taken to watch one of the dance shows which consisted of very un profesional dancers, bongo drums, and belly dancers. The manager Karen Grace looked over my profile and should have realised i was way over qualified for this. And not the point over qualified or not this was just wrong. The living quarters was squaller, we were basically just conned over there for slave labour, and then the hotel manager refused to let me have my passport, he took me in a cellar/basement where they keep them all locked up and he turned nasty with me and said i cant leave until i complete my 6 month contract. I have never in my life been so petrified. I eventually got my passport and got a cab straight to the airport where i just cried and cried until i got hold of my family to pay over £250 to get me home. I bumped into the girls that flew out with me the same day they were also in the same boat and going home. Not once after dropping me off did the manager of the company or anyone come and check if i was ok, even though i contacted one of them to say i wasnt happy. The experince has frightend me so much i dont know if i will ever pursue my dancing career or trust anyone again. This was a total con and misleading advert. It was placed on a dance website called starnow for professional dancers and this should not be allowed. There was no dancing, just rep work, the living condtions was squaller, everyone was very unhelpful, no food availble. Another 2 girls completed a month and at the end of the month were told they wasnt getting paid as this was a trial month! another lad came over and stayed and because the company didnt sort out his visa he ended up in prison, the company did nothing. I was warned by some very nice estonian girls who were with a diffrent agency to get out of there and the company called [] (link: was very very bad news. I hope any other girls dont fall into this trap.

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4451activity superstore [saffron walden]
Total claims:16
Drifting experiences »4th july - 24th aug24/08/20094

i first booked my experience though activity super store online on the 4th july for the drifting day experience that they were selling for a whole day for £169 ---thinking it was a great birthday gift for hubby. needless to say it was the worst idea and a night mare to follow....

once i clded them i was given a mobile number to speak to a Niall Gunn--- after the 4th attempt to get thouh a guy answered sounding like i had just woken him up at 1.45pm-it took me a week to finally get naill to answer my calls as he ignored all my calls and voice mail and txts asking for contact he then stated he would get back to me which he never did after 4 days i had to call again only to be told i had to pay an extra £131 for a whole day as i only paid  for half the day -

 after superstore then informed me a number of times with emails and calls as well as the voucher statin clearly whole day.Niall refused to answer any of my calls or emails once again i had to keep callin finally niall advised me that this was my problem and i had to sort it. THIS IS NOT ON!!!

finally after a week later superstore informed me that it was there error and only half day is advertised andstated by email and on the phone that they will compensated me for this i decided to continued with my booking for the 19th august - my husbands bithday. t

19th augustat  11.42 i called advised naill that my car had broken down and since we lived in horsham which is 2 hours and 30 mins away we would be late his exact words were "its ok come when you can,but keep me posted" fine so happy that his birthday wouldnt be ruined so i kept txting him to tell him how far we were no response from him so natually i thought this was okay finally i txted again to say we were 30 mins away and again no response  once we were by the gates after a 3 hour trip due to traffic  we called him for directions - spoke to naill who was extremly rude , i explained that it wasnt our fault that car broke down or traffic he then started swearing at me and told me it was a f**king inconvenice  i asked him to stop swearing at me and he needs to go for customer service training he continued to swear at me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i asked him for a manager only to be told he was the manager (nice) and told me that it was no point of comming - he confirmed that he had recieced my txts yet he didnt bother to tell me we were far to late to do the drifting. i under stand we were late but dont stated "come when you can " if clearly that wasnt the case, dont ignore txts from customers with update as to how far away they are if you cant be bothered to tell them they are to late.

so today after a number of once again inored emails from activity superstore and niall gunn at jdm allstars drifting at santa pod - i finally got though(me once again calling them)to super store and spoke to ashling munday who previously advised me i wld recieve my compensation vouchers for £169  over a week ago and what a surprise nothing has been recieved - she then tells me that they wont be compensatin me for miss sold product or alot of hassel and ruined birthday  and i will only recieve my £169 in to my card after tryin to convince me it will take 21 days to come though yeah right.

i have everything in writing and yet they think its ok to miss sell experiences and cause there customers once they have the money alot of hassel!!!!!

surely there is something that can be done.

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9588activity superstore [saffron walden]
Total claims:16
Not honouring gift request »10th December 200910/12/20094
Received Pamper Day as gift. Telephoned and asked if could be exchanged for something else. Instructed to send Registration Card with accompanying letter requesting the Global Wine gift. Sent letter dated 20th November with completed Registration Card and letter. Telephoned Activity Superstore on 30th November when it was confirmed that the wine gift had been processed the week before and I should expect delivery soon as the order would take 5 - 7 days. As nothing had been delivered I decided to telephone again today. The wine supplier's telephone no. was offered and I duly phoned. They said NO order had been received from Activity Superstore but they would check and phone me back. I telephoned Activity Superstore who said that an order had been faxed on 24th November and they would look into the matter and telephone me back. NO calls received so managed to get the no. of the distribution person who stated that NO order request had been received by them in my name and that they had told Activity Superstore of this. Again telephoned Activity Superstore and asked to speak to Supervisor. Did not manage this but was told again by Activity Superstore that an order had been faxed on 24th November. I said that this was not the case as I had just spoken to the supplier. I was asked to hang on - they then came back and said that the order had now been e-mailed to the supplier and I should expect delivery next week. They said they did not know who was to blame. It seems to me that unless I had made numerous telephone calls and spent time on this, then the order request would never have been made. I do not feel very confident that I will receive my wine gift. I do feel that the stores selling the Activity Superstore range should be made aware of the problems encountered. After all, people are buying these Gifts and Experiences in good faith and spending their hard earned cash only to give the recipient a great deal of hassle. I would strongly suggest that people give store gift vouchers instead!

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9580activity superstore [saffron walden]
Total claims:16
Failing to honour card »10/12/200910/12/20093

I received a gift on my 65th of an outing to watch motorsport for two. Due to sickness and a new Grandson, I had not been able to take it up. Having a little time on my hands now, I opened up the green covering card and phoned to make an enquiry as to making a booking.
I duly phoned 0871 384 1808 and after a very long delay, keep getting same message I was in a queue and was No 1, eventually I was put in touch with the most agressive and unhelpful female I have spoken to for a while. Eventually I was informed that the card had run out and I had no recourse to getting what had been paid for.

I can see from the number of complaints on the web, that this company thrives on ripping people off. I am not going to commit suicide over this, but I am at a loss how a company like this can just carry on doing this sort of thing. These things are given as presents, after being paid for and should be honoured - to place a time limit on them, without alerting the user on the outside of the wrapper is bordering on criminal. Bright side is no person I ever come across, including 90,000 folk worldwide in my company, will ever have to use their services after being warned! I suggest anyone else dealing with these shark-like people in my experience, do likewise - then perhaps the crabby woman can see about a worthwile job!

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7164New ID London W.1 [London]
Total claims:5
New Id Studios »05th October 200901/12/20092

My dad bought me a makeover and photo shoot for my Christmas Present in 2008. I went along at the beginning of Oct for the maekover and shoot. I arrived their soaking wet, and there was no offer of coffee etc when I got there! I did not get an explanation as to what the day ahead would entail. I had my hair styled and there was a lot of waiting around in a rather small waiting area, with offer of cheap bucks fizz. I finally had my makeover done, and nails, again I was waiting a long time. I finally had my photos taken, and again after waiting a long time was called in to see the photo's At this stage I was told that originally the CD would cost in the region of £600 I said no way, and that I could not afford this etc, there were a couple of people in the room with me, trying their hardest to sell to me, I must say that it was a real hard sell. In the end, I agreed to pay £225 in addition to the originallt £75 pound that I had to pay £25 admin fee and £50 that they would double if I pre paid for the photos!
I left the studio feeling rather harrassed and bullyied, and a couple of days later tried to contact the office were the original booking was made to try and cancel the order, all my calls were ignored and no body got back to me! I emailed over the order form I had received on the day and explained that I needed to cancel the order, again all correspondence was ignored. I eventually got hold of the manager after several weeks, she said that I was not allowed to cancel the order, and that I was obliged to accept the photos(that I still did not recieve) Approx 6 weeks later the photo and CD have arrived, I have not opened them as I do not want to accept them and contacted Emily the Manager again to say that I will be sending them back and that I want a full refund, again no response!
I am now at my wits end, as I have a parcel sitting on my kitchen table worth £300 that I do not want!

I was led to beleive that a cooling off period is part of the trading standards, I think that they feel if they do not answer calls and emails that you will go over the cooling off period and then have to accept the purchase!

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

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11635New ID London W.1 [London]
Total claims:5
Goods not as promised »26/02/201014/03/20102

The day at the studio itself was not too bad however some treatments that I was supposed to receive were not given and I wasn't offered any refreshments as stated in the whole 5 hours I was there. After spending a long time deciding which photos I would like to receive the very pushy sales girl made alot of notes on what I wanted to be edited, she made alot of promises that were not kept! I received the "edited" Cd with my photos and was extremely dissappointed, the photos had been poorly edited and the things I had asked for and things that I was told were going to be changed were not! Infact one of the photos only a quarter was there and the rest was just one big grey square!! I believe that as I have not received what I was told I would receive my contract should be void, am I correct as I am happy to send them the cd back and have nothing more to do with them!! I would like to cancel my direct debit before they even start to take anything from my bank.

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5894activity superstore [saffron walden]
Total claims:16
novelty week end brake »28/08/200926/10/20092

i bought a novelty week end for my husbands  60 th birthday, he filled in form to get regestered for the week end, had to ring up 5 weeks later has to what was happening,they said they had not recieved the form, they told us to send photo copys of reciept and what was in the pack what i had bought from agos, to no answer from them the srcond time after many emails and telphone calls,we then went to argos to find out what we had to do to get intouch, argos phoned them to say we are regestered and we would recieve the date we could go on the weekend novelty week end, they said we would recieve it berore 19th october to no avale we have not had or heard anything at all, so we just want our money back and a bit of compansation for all this hassle my wife is very upset because it ws sopposed to be a surprice for my 60th which will not come round again.

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6706activity superstore [saffron walden]
Total claims:16
Appalling customer services »Nov 200915/11/20092

My husband was given a family day out voucher as a gift. Trying to redeem the voucher was a nightmare. Ticket options were very inflexible and often more expensive than buying direct. Tickets were booked but not sent. We were first told they must be lost in the post and then activity superstore admitted they had not been sent. They then sent one ticket, not the 2 we had ordered. Again they claimed one must be lost in the post. Finally the missing ticket was found at their offices and sent out. All the delays meant we missed out opportunity for our day out.

Made a complaint about the poor service we had received. Offered £30 compensation which we accepted. We said we didn't want vouchers as we did not want to deal with thise company any further. Asked for it to be sent as a cheque made payable to a charity of our choice. We were sent vouchers anyway. Complained again. Activity superstore agreed we could have a cheque if we returned the vouchers. They say they never received them - lost in the post again. We had sent them special delivery and checked that they were delivered and signed for. They again agreed to issue a cheque within 21 days. It didn't arrive. Complained again. Again told a cheque would be issued in 21 days. Needless to say it didn't arrive. Gave them one last chance and was told a cheque had been posted. Again it was 'lost in the post'.

Finally threatened to reclaim the money via the small claims court. Manager phoned me to say a cheque was on the way. Still waiting...

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10300activity superstore [saffron walden]
Total claims:16
Where's my £200 »05.01.201005/01/20102
BEWARE OF ACTIVITY SUPERSTORE!!!!!!! We bought my son a driving experience, £200, for his 21st birthday then forgot to register the voucher. As we missed the cut off date by about a month the company won't renegotiate or compromise. So they've got our £200 and we've got nothing. When I phoned and asked why they weren't prepared to offer any compromise they just kept quoting 'Terms and Conditions'. They still run the activity we want, they've still got our money so 'What's the problem?' I asked. "Terms and Conditions" they said. We had about 100 days to register wit them. By comparison, a balloon flight I booked recently gave us a twelve month time slot to take the trip and they said they would have rung us to set a date if we had overlooked the booking procedure. BEWARE OF ACTIVITY SUPERSTORE. Do not book anything with them unless you are absolutely certain that you can meet all the conditions in their small print including height and weight restrictions, track and date availability, and you are willing to pay £15 every time you want to extend your deadline. Andrew

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11712activity superstore [saffron walden]
Total claims:16
Experienced bought not received »Dec 200919/03/20102
I bought a Proffesional haircut, or so I thought I did for my mother for Christmas 2009. The voucher told her to call a number to book it, which seemed simple enough. She has called many occasions since Christmas trying to book the experience (all an o871 number, so sounds like a scam where they make their money by people calling) only to be told someone will get back to her. no-one ever did, so I tried myself- 3 months after she has been trying only to be told the same thing. I got fed up and asked for a refund, they told me to write to customer services by email which i did and guess what- no email or refund received.
this is disgusting that a company can offer and take money for a service they clearly cant. (not to mention the amount of money spent on calling them!

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Total claims:1
Entertainment Venue SCAM-LMG/THE WAREHOUSE CLUB BIRMINGHAM SCAM! AVOID!!! »7 Feb 201307/07/20132
To Watchdog & RipoffBritain,

This illegal scam company operates from Custard Factory, Birmingham and charges deposits from individuals/companies anyone wishing to book the venue for their event or private party. The deposit terms state 'will be refunded if the event is cancelled within 48 hours' in real life, the owner has no such plans to do so and pockets all deposits. The money is then used to fund other events and is pocketed privately.

On this occasion the venue was booked for 2 children's charity events/fundraisers where all profits were going to both charities (50% each) we had to cancel the event due to low ticket sales and hoping the understanding venue manager will refund us as per promise/contractual terms. Unfortunately 4 months on, he changed his mind and decided he won't refund after all. We have had to explain to UNICEF UK and Cash For Kids charity in Birmingham, why we are not able to donate the deposit money back to them and take the shame. We are the official ambassadors for UNICEF UK and ran 2 major fundraising events for them including Birmingham Fashion Week where we donated 50% of the event ticket sales to Childrens Emergency Fund that help children around the world with water, food and education.

We are still in the process of getting the money back from the Fashion Week pre-event at the Warehouse Club Birmingham operated by LMG MANAGEMENT, in order to donate our promised £1500 that was paid for a deposit in order to hold the event.

Due to non refund from the scam venue - LMG, we have been unable to do so now for 4 months. Our official charity is aware of the complications LMG is currently causing and they have been understanding in this situation and we have agreed to refund them as soon as LMG court case has finished and we know the outcome. Both parties have agreed to send this story to press and we have 3 local newspapers including Unicef's London support that are interested in running the full story as soon as the court hearing has finished. Currently we are awaiting for the hearing date in County Court in Birmingham. We have also budgeted to take this further once the hearing is over, as we feel the £2400 isn't enough based on the damage this company has caused us and our charity.

Venue owner is still running the illegal business and charging companies deposits that he hasn't refunded once they have cancelled the event. This venue operates on these peoples deposits and pockets the money from all cancelled events. They must be stopped and named & shamed. The owner is a previous failure who has been in trouble with the police, previous business has gone bust as well as covered up illegal happenings in previous venues in the Midlands he has managed. This man is a scam and needs to be stopped before more people lose their money. He is very persistive with asking for deposits before anything can be confirmed and claims it must be paid ASAP or the venue won't be available on your required date. We have tested it since our event and the same scam still operates as he is constantly asking for deposit to be paid into his account.

We are claiming for the original deposit paid £1500 including court charges £70 plus interest per day based on Late Payment Fee Act 1998 base of England rate 8.5% totalling £2400

I look forward to your kind reply

Alison Rackham
Fundraising Manager, UNICEF UK
Birmingham International Fashion Week

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615My Movie Portal
Total claims:3
Didn't get DVD's »7/12/200812/01/20091

Purchaed boxed set of DVD's via online shop for christma present NEVER arrived didnt n=anser nay emails until I complained to Paypay got his reply

we couldnt contact you beacuse we are having technical difficuties ???? But they contaced me to tell me that! DUH?

After waitng and waitng for Paypal to do something - Get respone that claim is in my favour but seller has no money in account. Surprise Surprise!

Hopeless! DONT buy from MY MOvie Portal they are still operating but jsut dont have Paypal availabe anymore dont expect Paypal to get you your money  back with therir 'secure' guarantee  there is so much fine print to coiver them its just a big fat WASTE OF TIME!


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13083harrys bingo
Total claims:2
Withdrawal of winnintgs »23rd July 201025/07/20101

I deposited £80.00 in harrys bingo slots. I won over £100.00 and decided to withdraw it, however I was not allowed as they said I would have to wager 8 times my deposit to be allowed to withdraw I am extremely angry and want to warn people not to go near them

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1412Miss Sarah Willis - Dancer [England]
Total claims:1
counter claim »15/03/0920/03/20091

Miss Sarah Willis was flown to Egpyt on the 15th March, received 2 nights in a 5* hotel with full board accommodation, transport etc,  to fulfil a 6 month contract, she returned home 2 days later not even having  done 1 full days work but received the above, we therefore seek full refund compensation and would suggest to any employer not to employ this totally unprofessional dancer.

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1501activity superstore [saffron walden]
Total claims:16
rally rush voucher »18th march 200925/03/20091

i bought a rally rush experience for my boyfriend for his birthday and we were late activating the voucher so the company asked us for £15 late booking fee which i paid. i sent a cheque off registered post and after a few weeks of not hearing anything i phoned them and they said they had not received my cheque. i then sent off another cheque and proceeded to make a booking over the phone for seaton ross on 18th march. on turning up at the venue having both of us taking days off work, we were told that no such booking had been made and were told that nothing could be done. i contacted the activity superstore only to be told that that date and venue hadnt been arranged and infact the venue had been arranged for northamptonshire!! why would we go there when we live in North Yorkshire? to cap it all the manager emily atkinson told me that i would have to pay £25 more to re-book. i am furious. the rally rush man told us that this happened all the time and in fact some people travel from scotland only to be told that the booking hasnt been made. this is disgraceful and i am going to go down as many channels as possible in order to claim some recompense for this ridiculous situation. at the moment i have lost my voucher money, 2 late payment fees, have been treated very unfairly, been accused of lying and my boyfriend still has no birthday present from last june. i have been in contact with trading standards who are very interested in this case

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12098activity superstore [saffron walden]
Total claims:16
Appauling Customer Services »19/4/1019/04/20101
I purchased a voucher from activity superstore through Argos around a year ago for my partners birthday present. He sent off the information around September last year and we never received back the booking form, I called to complain and was told that one voucher that was sent out got lost in the post which must have been ours and he would send another out straight away, however I was worried that by time it eventually came through that it would have run out, the gentleman we spoke to said that he would extend it and we could book it before January. We again never received through the form, I called back to complain again and still have never received our form through to book the experience that I paid £170 for must still be lost in the post!! I called again to make a final complaint and was told that I should email my complaint and if I felt necessary could request for a refund. now that i have emailed my complaint asking for a refund as i felt that they had messed us around for 6 months and was not being delivered the product i had paid for! i then recieved through a confirmation of extension on the voucher!! but i feel now that we would probably never recieve the booking form through and do not want to waste another 6 months trying to. i do not wish to partake any further with this company! having expressed my opinions via another email i recieved one back telling me that if i really wanted to escalate the issue further that i would have to now express so in writing to somebody else in the company! how many different ways are there to complain!! next i will be told i will have to go their in person! its getting ridiculous the amount of different people i am having to go through to get my voice heard!! warning to others do not get involved with this company because if something goes wrong you are likely never to see your money again!!!!

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11438activity superstore [saffron walden]
Total claims:16
Activity Superstore expired activity »18/2/1023/02/20101

I was somewhat nonplussed to learn that despite the fact that my wife paid them, via WH Smith, £111 for this activity day for my birthday I am no longer entitled to it, because I unwittingly did not realise that there was an expiry date on it. This company is so inflexible - or maybe going bust?. I notice that they feature pretty highly on various complaints sites on the web as well, which does kind of prove my point. I think it is perfectly reasonable for me to expect either a refund or to participate in the activity that has been bought for me and have asked perhaps they re-examine the decision as I see this activity is still available on the website and they have been holding my money for some time now at no cost. I have little doubt that should I refer this back to WH Smith where this was purchased from, that they will refer me back to you. If we cannot resolve this - and I have no idea whether you are still their current supplier- I will be writing a formal letter of complaint to their MD and Purchasing Director and also informing Essex CC TSOs of your actions. I will be interested to see where they go from here.....

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12210activity superstore [saffron walden]
Total claims:16
Voucher Expired Won't Reinstate or Refund »30th April 201001/05/20101
To make this easier I'll post the script from the letter I recently sent them.

"I’m writing to complain about being unable to renew my voucher. I was bought the voucher for Christmas 2008 by my wife as it’s something I’ve always fancied doing. During the course of 2009 I tried on 4 separate occasions to book the experience only to be told that the date I required wasn’t available. I tried 2 of the different venues (Leeds and Worksop) The Leeds venue was the one I would have preferred to go to and tried booking for that venue on 3 separate occasions the last attempt I tried booking for my birthday on the 28th of August only to be told that they were fully booked up until the end of the year. I rang to see if I could extend the voucher and was told that as the extension would only be for 6 months I’d be better trying to ring closer to Christmas. I tried on a couple of occasions but was on hold each time for over quarter of an hour (I didn’t use the automated service as I wanted to explain the problems I’d had booking the experience). The voucher got put in a drawer and was forgotten about until recently when clearing out. I rang your help line to see if it was possible to extend the voucher but was told that as it had expired it wouldn’t be possible.
I can understand that the voucher has expired but what I find hard to except is that it isn’t as though I’ve not tried to book the experience. Surely if an activity is going to be that popular, that they are going to be booked up 4 months in advance, then more venues ought to be available. I appreciate that the voucher has to expire sometime but find it a little harsh that we’ve spent £45 on an activity that I’ve not been able to do due to lack of places. I think the fact that it also cost £15 to extend a voucher is also a bit ‘off’ in circumstances like this. I’ve done two other experiences in the past (Sphereing and the Ferrari/Porsche experience) and never experienced any problems like this.
I’d appreciate it if someone could look at this with a view to possibly having the voucher reinstated as I feel that I have took reasonable steps to book the experience and even extend the voucher I don’t see why I should be penalised for there not being enough places on an experience or for the phone lines being so busy."

I today received a letter back basically saying that having looked at it they can't book my voucher as it's expired and 'that contact wasn't made prior to this point to request an extension' bloody cheek as I mentioned in the letter I rang them on a couple of occasions only to be left on hold for over 15 minutes each time, taking into account its an 0871 number, so not only have they ripped me off £45 for an activity I've not had but I've also had to pay for half an hours worth of phone calls and not ended up speaking to someone.

A VERY VERY unprofessional company who cannot be allowed to continue getting away with this. If people pay good money for these experiences then they should deliver or refund end of story.

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9918Creative Connections Studio [Ventnor]
Total claims:1
Idiot or Liar? »Sept. '0717/12/20091

I bought a house from the owner of this place, Karen Diamond. She signed a Sale Agreement in which she certified that the place had no oil tank of which she was aware. Nine days after I moved in, I discovered a stinking, leaking underground oil tank in a small, concealed shed, back-to-back with a much larger shed.This woman lived in this place for NINE years, and I learned from a neighbor that she, her loving husband, and beautiful daughter regularly leaned their bikes up against the tank's three-foot vent pipe in the shed. Thus, my characterization of her as either an idiot or a liar. By the way, I know I'm an idiot for believing this woman & her husband.

Anyway, if you want a good laugh, then check out the Creative Connections Studio dance recital video on Vidmeo. I could go on about this woman, but the first 20 seconds of the video tell you everything you need to know about her. I mean, if the little Creative Connections dancers really were genuinely having fun, then they would not need having, "WE'RE HAVING FUN!!!" screamed at them by some deranged looking middle- aged woman who obviously needs to adjust her meds. Seriously, don't do business with this woman or her rip-off studio.

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