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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
28167ultramedicskin [Edmonton]
Total claims:1
Cosmetic Skin Care »01/12/201325/01/20135
Hello We have got excellent treatment by ultramedicskin in edmonton for best skin care treatment visit this company

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Total claims:1
Goods not received »3/12/200619/05/20091

I placed a order with Windaz for perfume to the value of $814, after sending numerous e-mails and promises that I would get my order to this day I have not received anything. I complained to paypal and they were  in my favour but were unable to recover any money. Over the last couple of monthe I contacted Windaz again and started receiving e-mails from somebody called 'John', I sent my order again and he promised that I would receive it but then the excuses started and to this day I have not received my goods a refund or even a tracking number. I have decided that I am not going to let this company get away with this.  

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29394DS Marketing Ltd []
Total claims:2
"Free Trial" »26/05/201326/05/20131
I went on to one of my suppliers' websites and there was a pop-up, apparently from them, asking me to complete a survey, with the promise of a free gift. As I trusted my supplier, I completed the survey and was taken to a page offering three beauty products - the only thing I had to pay was the P & P. (£2.95)
I received the email confirmation from and then logged into the account they had created when I placed the order. To my horror, not only had they put me on a continuous refill cycle, but I had 14 days to try the stuff at the end of which, unless I returned it to ISRAEL, I would be charged the full amount.I immediately emailed them to cancel the trial and then contacted my bank and found that they had taken TWO payments for £2.95!
Co-Op bank say I have entered into a Continuous Payment Agreement and they can do nothing. If and when DS Marketing bills the large amount, they will open a dispute.
I have made sure that the autorefill is set at zero and have now inundated the company with emails confirming cancellation and have told them that if they send the stuff, it will NOT be signed for and that I will take further action.
The ASA has upheld complaints against them, which they are ignoring; they are registered in Nicosia, Cyprus and apparently operate under Cypriot law. Please can you ensure that this company and their pop-up scam technique is named and shamed - I feel stupid for falling for it but I want others warned. Hopefully, they will not take any more of my money as I doubt I will get the P & P back.

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1033 [Pittsford New York ]
Total claims:1
PAID 97$ FOR GETTING NOTHING »24/02/200926/02/20090

This company, provides cosmetics around the world. In their terms and conditions page they do not talk a word about SEIZURE CUSTOMS questions, they only talk of their returning products policy (you pay 15% for storage expenses and sending/returning fees in case you decide to return the product)  I had a very angry problem with Spanish air customs. I order and payed $433.00 for two svectrin cosmetic cream and instead of the product, I received a letter from the spanish customs, telling my product was SEIZED. I phoned to the customs people, they told I needed a special importing costemics licence, and beeing a "particular" i was not able to claim and get the product!! I mailed to american lifestyle customer services asking what to do, several times... providing all the proofs and documentaction ...I did not get any answer for a week... I decided to rollback the transaction.... ONLY THEN I GOT AN ANSWER ... The told me their returing policy was I had to pay for sending and storage expenses and blah blah... I answered I had rollbacked the transactation as they did not answer me on time, and that in any case, it would be more fair to share the expenses, because they did not warn about the SEIZURE possibility, and I had no means at all to get their products... Thet did not answer any more... But two months later, they claimed to VISA and they charged me 77 €  (about 97$) amount !!!! I phoned to my bank office and they told me VISA usually gives their trust to the commerce, not to the client!!! So, now, I have lost 97$ fro getting nothing. I "thanked" the americanlifestyle people for all this in this way:

Dear sir/s: I've inverted my time, wich means money too for me, and
I think it would have been fair to share the expenses for the seizure inconvenience, WICH IS NOT MY FAULT!!!
Finally, you've charged me the wole 77€ for getting nothing, the whole "sending and 15% restocking refund expenses"... Pour cover well your back... taking no risks for all... All for the client... let me tell you several things:
In your page for terms and conditions you don't tell a word about seizure problems....
And I am sure you know that problem exists more often than it should, at least you should warn potential victims for that unfortunate matter... And the client would know if it pays to take the risk... Honestly, unless you would garantee a secure way for getting your products, I would have not taken the risks...Just if I had known in time.... Now you have lost a client... And surely, you will lose much more with your attitude.... At least, honestly, you should have the detail to share half or at least a part of the sending/receiving expenses for your products in exceptional cases like these...
I am very honest and I never have refused to pay what is fair... I talked to the customs people but they told me that I was not allowed to get the package IN ANY WAY...
You did not answer my mails until I rollbacked the transaction...
You haver charged me the whole returning expenses amount, and I have not means now to reclaim to VISA at least half the amount... As you have argued with them the transaction expenses and all that blah blah blah... But I've paid 77€ for nothing....
let me tell you have lost not only a client... You have lost the confidence of people who are not ready to risk to buy anymore by internet to your country.. and of course, I will not recommend to anyone to buy nor to your web, nor to any USA or foreign web wich does not offers any warranties....






I made orders previously with this company without problems.

I ordered Svictrin costemic cream. I must tell too I ordered cosmetics creams from other sources in USA without problems before, and never had heard on any seizure customs problems, but with americanlifestyle I had...



Imagen1.jpg --> seizure letter received where they ask me a SANITARY PERMISSION
Imagen2.jpg --> The letter with the details for where to address to obtain a trading official document permission
( They told me as a particular I could not obtain that permission; absurd  burocratic laws)
Imagen3.jpg --> The letter of a fax sent by me giving explicit orders to the customs to return the package to
you, the sender, with no time delays
The international reference number : EG011503445ES 



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1240Click Body Care [ Harrow, Middex]
Total claims:1
Retin-X Surgical Alternative 30ml »25/02/0910/03/20090

I bought  this item "Retin-X Surgical Alternative on the 25 February for £24.99 they offered free delivery which take 3 to 5 working days, they sent me an email to say that my product had been dispatched There is no telephone number to contact them and they do not respond to their emails. Webbizz Ltd is their internet provider.

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1505Avon Cosmetics
Total claims:2
Allergic reaction to skin care product »Febuary-March 200925/03/20090

I used the Skin so Soft satin glow daily moisturiser Avon product on 2 occasion's. The first occasion I had a rash all over my body that itched and needed hospital treatment and then antihistamine and steroid cream for three weeks to get rid of it to any degree. Not sure it was this product I used it again this time I had the same all over fiery itchy rash but my face swelled up so much I couldn't see in the mornings as my eye lids had swelled so I couldn't see out. I went to Hospital and received treatment and am currently still on a course of antihistamines and cream to lessen the itching 5 days later. The cream was the only common factor that hasn't been ruled out on both occasions. I have never had any type of allergy before.

Damage Resulting
I missed two days work = £100 I got behind on my University study and the condition effected my ability in exams and on coursework. I missed a scuba dive weekend trip already paid for £320 as I could not see properly. It has also impacted on my confidence therefore my social life. I paid out in the region of £100 on treatments for this condition. My skin is dry and flaky and my face is blotchy and red.

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5466Avon Cosmetics
Total claims:2
allergic reaction »17/03/0812/10/20090

started ordering avon on-line...thought i'd try their age defying skin so soft body a bath at 10 pm...put some of the body wash on a sponge and started washing my neck got some splashed on my face and my eye was stinging like mad..i washed my face with the bath water, could'nt stick my eye burning and face, got out of the bath and washed my face with cold water for ages,went to bed and could'nt sleep, felt my face burning all night, later on when my husband awoke he said look at your face it's all swollen and red, went to gp got steriods 6 a day plus tabs to stop the burning pain and face cream..had to take them for 10 days 60 steriods in total..avon said it's not their fault i'm allergic to their products and offerd £21 odds to pay for 3 prescriptions..wasn't enough to pay a solicitor they told her the same..i've seen allergic reactions on tv and mags but I am the worst i've ever seen, still got the photo's..creepy..i'd lost thick layers of skin and now have wrinkles that i'd never had before..i'm depressed from this, no-one can help me :( avon always seems to win i'm told !!!

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2510Lancome [paris]
Total claims:1
Golf prizes for charity open »10 th May 200910/05/20090

The ladies at Ashfield Golf Club Co Armagh Nr Ireland received a letter from Lancome stating if we held held a competition for breast cancer that Lancome would give us first second and third prizes we decided to have an openday and include more people we sent posters to all the sourounding Golf Clibs and invited them to come along and be patr of our day to increase our charity money

On the day 10th May we still have no prizes ew sent numurous emails to this company and they assured us that the prizes would be there on time we had to buy our own

more details » [New York]
Total claims:1
Absolutely no communication »7/13/200901/08/20090

On 7/12/2009, I placed an order through for cosmetics.  They e-mailed back an automated response saying that I would receive my item in 7-8 business days, and that I would receive an e-mail when my item was shipped out, with the tracking number. One week later, on Monday 7/20/2009, when I still hadn't received my shipment e-mail, I called them to inquire about my order and when it was going to be shipped.  Interestingly enough, my credit card was already charged back on 7/13/2009.  The call went straight to voicemail, and I left a message stating my name and phone number, and to call me back asap.  When they did not call me back within 24 hours, I called again, and also e-mailed the two e-mail address available for customer service.  I did this on a daily basis until that Thursday, 7/23/2009, when there was still no response from them.  No calls, no e-mails, nothing!!  I finally called my credit card company and placed a dispute, saying that I had not received my item, and that they had still charged my credit card.  I then called/emailed, telling them to cancel my order due to the fact that there was no response to my multiple inquiries.  My credit card company said that they were going to investigate this.  Yesterday, 7/31/09, I received an mass e-mail from, saying that they apologized for the delay, and the shipment would be made immediately.  I immediately called and e-mailed them, saying that this was absolutely ridiculous, that I had already cancelled my order more than one week ago, and please do not send the order because I was not willing to pay for such bad service. Unbelievable, today, I received another e-mail from them saying that they had shipped the item, and gave me the tracking number.  It was as if they had ignored my past 20 emails/calls!!!  I called my credit card company tonight, and they said they had not heard from them after they had contacted them on 7/24/09.  This transaction is an absolute nightmare from start to now, and it is still not over...the worst part is, is that they refuse to answer any e-mails/phone calls and completely ignore you.

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5236Menstyle [Newark]
Total claims:1
Goods undelivered »2-09-0902/10/20090

This company looks authentic but I have called them 4 times since placing my order and each time been given a different story. The same woman answers the call each time and is very polite but has now told me three times that the product was dispatched 'yesterday'.

Seraching the web I see that I am not the only person to whom this has happened. It is postulated by others that they do not carry any stock of their own

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11519derma sensation [ Co Durham]
Total claims:1
PM derma sensation »23/01/201003/03/20100
ordered a free 14day trial costing only p@p.cancelled further orders in the trial period but when I recieved my monthly credit card statement on the 10/2/10 they had withdrawn £77.38p(119.02 usd)I have been very foolish and as a pensioner can never risk getting a so called free trial ever again.this is very hard on me and I would appreciate any help in getting my money refunded.

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16298cosmetics 4 less [Burray]
Total claims:1
Lousy Customer service »28/01/201128/01/20110
After three e mails to the company my wife had received no reply.
I telephoned them and asked why they had not replied, they lady on the other end of the line was most rude and put the phone down on me

Do not deal with them

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23469anti ageing store
Total claims:3
Charged without warning »monthly04/02/20120
Ripped off by Beauty company was a example product only now being charged monthly and cant stop it

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17089anti ageing store
Total claims:3
money taken from account without permission »03.03.201104/03/20110
I purchased some face cream for the value of 2.99 with free delivery in January. I looked at my statement today and noticed a transaction from my account that I didnt recognise. I contacted my bank account who advised the money had been taken from the above company and that they had experienced the same query from a number of people.

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19750anti ageing store
Total claims:3
Collagen cream »25/02/201113/06/20110
I purchased a free sample with just £4.99 to pay for postage. I never realised until I checked my bank statement that they had accessed my account and taken £96.35 and would have continued to do this on a monthly basis but I stopped my debit card (which caused other legimate suppliers to not get paid). My bank (Nat West) refuses to make a charge back which my branch told me they could do.
£96.35 is a lot of money to me and a significant dent in my resources which I cannot afford.

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Total claims:4
scam »end of january 201122/04/20110
this was meant to be a free trail and just pay p&p. they took 97 out of my account then refunded it,they refund this amount because they took it out to early, then they took 62.23 out on the 16th february 2011, they said they refunded my account on the 29th march but i still have not received it. i received the cream on the 29th january 2011 and returned it on the 31st january,i returned it correctly and they received the parcel the next day, sent them an email to confirm this and to cancel any products they wanted to send me as it is a scam. i still have not got a refund and now they are ignoring my emails. how can they take money out of my account 15 days after they received the product back not used or opened

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Total claims:4
unotherised money taken »27th january20/05/20110
i ordered syrum on a 30 day trial,but was billed the same day, i cancelled the order and asked for my money back and got it, but then was billed again so i cancelled my bank account then they could not take any more. now they have gone straight to my bank and told them i owe them money, so the bank says they are going to give it to them whilst this is sorted.i cant get in touch with the company what do i do.

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Total claims:4
pure collagen - trial offers - say no »31/5/201231/05/20120
Make sure that if you have signed up you check bank account for a CONTINUOUS PAYMENT being active - and cancel it - unless you like the product

In my case I never got a sample - no contact from them - no response to emails - and now trying to get £57.50 back


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Total claims:4
pure collagen face pack »23/10/12 - 22/11/12 - 24/12/1227/12/20120
I received an free offer for a trial pack to the value of $3.87 for postage. I had not authorized any other payment to be made to my account. I have the received the small trial pack. No other packages have been received by me even though I have had 3 amounts of monies taken from my account. I have written to but have not received any reply.
I am extremely angry over this instant.
yvonne hammond

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20398chb products lcc [boulder co]
Total claims:1
sending creams not wanted »january--july31/07/20110
Ordered a trial of the antiaging serum which I recieved but did not ask for further tubes. They kept sending them but there was no return address so I have had trouble returing the goods. I found a site which told me I needed a ref number so I asked for one but have heard nothing from them.
I have since been on the complaints site and I would appear that a lot of people have been caught in this scam by this same company
Ann Bainbridge

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