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701The White Teeth Company [Buckingham]
Total claims:1
Refund required »6/2/0822/01/20090

In February 2008 I wanted to have my teeth whitened.  I went to the White Teeth Company on recommendation from someone who hadn't actually used them.  My Therapist recommended two treatments which in fact cleaned my teeth, making them look lovely whilst in the treatment room and to maximise the look, I also had a third treatment to a total cost of £249. However despite taking all the necessary precations, the whiteness did not last beyond a couple of weeks and the therapist did a fourth and final treatment free of charge in view of this.  Whilst undertaking the fourth treatment, I pointed out to the therapist the damage to my front tooth which I believe I incurred during the earlier treatment process.  She couldn't/wouldn't confirm or deny this.  My dentist confirmed that my tooth had indeed encountered a trauma, however naturally was unable to say 100% whether it was due to this treatment as he hadn't seen the tooth immediately before.  I was completely disapointed with the results and on a friend's advice contacted the company to advise them of this.  They said that it doesn't work for everyone and sent me some Polar Gel.  The gel was to the value of £29.99 and cleaned my teeth far better than the laser process, however I could have obtained this myself and feel that I have been ripped off.  The representative I dealt with latterly was quite unhelpful and does not wish to do anything further to rectify the situation. I know that my teeth can be whitened as I had a very successful treatment over ten years ago and merely thought I was obtaining an updated process. It is now June 2011 and I have never heard back from them. My front tooth is hugely damaged and is going to have to be crowned.

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1035oraldentil [kings lynn]
Total claims:1
negligence »15/01/0926/02/20090

I went to the dentist had two fillings but while doing them the dentist dr tasima kept hitting other teeth and i noticed when i left she had chipped piece off another tooth when i complained the receptionist told me to write a letter and there was no other dentist available. also previous to this i had a tooth that really needed extracting but the same doctor said it would be too difficult for her and left it open for a year then charged me to fill it i now have no dentist

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