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12293Local Events Calendar [Hove]
Total claims:18
local events calendar complaints pdf » 201013/05/201013

I have a pdf copy of one of the blogs that local events had erased if you wish to see the other 60 complaints.. I cannot upload it here as this site won't allow pdf's to be uploaded but if you'd like a copy, email me through this site and I can supply it.

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25655Gumtree [London]
Total claims:7
Fraud/Internet scam involving gumtree and paypal »20th June 201220/06/201212
On 19th June 2012, I registered with gumtree because I wanted to advertise an item for sale. I received an enquiry from a man called ROBERT WASDIN. We exchanged a couple of e-mails through the website but because it wouldn�t allow me to upload some photographs, we exchanged personal e-mails and I sent the pics to his private e-mail. He then decided he wanted to purchase the item and said he would like to pay by paypal as it was a secure payment method! I gave him my paypal e-mail. He asked for my postcode as he said that he needed to arrange shipping and then he informed me that he was including the shipping payment as I was required to make this payment. I assumed this was when they came to collect the item. A short time later, I received an e-mail from paypal informing me that my account had been credited and that it included £120 to cover the cost of shipping. They then sent me further e-mails about their change of policy and that it was now the responsibility of the seller to pay the shipping cost and that once done the whole amount would be made available to my once I had provided paypal with the MTCN number. They advised that I use western union to make the payment. I immediately contacted gumtree to see if they had any knowledge of this sort of thing and whether ROBERT WASDIN was known to them�..and I didn�t receive a response. So I responded to the paypal e-mail and said that I was slightly concerned about this as I hadn�t been able to find the funds in my paypal account. They assured me that the funds wouldn�t be visible until the MTCN number had been received. After several e-mails to and from paypal I decided to go and make the payment of £109. Within minutes, I received another e-mail from ROBERT WASDIN stating that the shipping company was now requesting that the item was insured and that I needed to pay a further payment of £200 and that he had credited that to my paypal account! I immediately called paypal and spoke to them and they informed me that they had no record of this or the correspondence and that there were other fraudulent companies now operating using their logo�s! I called my bank and spoke to the fraud department. They informed me that the payment was still pending but that they weren�t able to stop it as western union were the only ones who could stop it. So I called western union and they informed me that the bank had to do this. So��I called the bank back and by this time the payment had been made � so I intend to attempt to claim this back through the bank because they could have stopped the payment! Western union have taken the details of the person I made the payment to and open a fraud account and they informed me that they will hold any future payments made to that company/name. The real bug bear for me���I went onto gumtree and edited my advertisement to include all the names and e-mail addresses for all of these people. Then gumtree contacted me and told me that my advert no longer fits their criteria so they have removed it. I have sent 4 e-mails since to gumtree who have refused to respond. So I have just e-mailed them to inform them that I intend to take them to the trading standards tomorrow. I registered my complaint with the police and the saw the e-mails and said that they were very good quality. The police have informed me that their main complaints regarding internet scam/fraud is from GUMTREE! I have also logged my complaint with the Fraud department.

So if gumtree won�t let me name and shame then maybe this site will let me.
The name of the false buyer is: ROBERT WASDIN
His e-mail is:
His address (albeit probably false) is: 44 Beechwood Avenue, Thornton Heath, Surrey, CR7 7DZ

The names of the paypal scammers are: OWEN OLAS AND RICHARD WILSON
The e-mails are: and

Contact name is: AMOS OLUSHOLA
E-mails are: and


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27492Motor [Brentwood]
Total claims:11
Rude, arrogant and rip off merchants »23/11/201223/11/20128
This company contacted me in november 2011 offering advertising services for my car business consisting of a link on their directory website of businesses, claiming that they achieve a high number of website hits for businesses advertising with them.

I was not interested, so told them no. They then bombarded me with several follow up calls reducing the price to just £153, at which point it seemed to be a reasonable price so I went ahead.

1 year later now, and ive received a call from their team, namely a chap called 'Bradley' who doesnt have a surname it would seem, and claims to be the "manager of mutiple departments". A very rude and offensive individual, who needs a lesson on how to liase with clients.

He called stating that he was from the renewals team and would be processing my 'automatic renewal' at the cost of £2250. I was shocked at this ridiculous increase in price, and i told Brad that i am not interested in renewing as have no money for advertising.

His words were "i dont think you understand, you have no option, you will renew with us at the price stated and i am not calling to dicuss if you want to renew, but to find out how you'd like to pay".

He then proceeded to be aggressive and confrontational, telling me that my website suggests that i can afford to pay this amount of money, even though id told him that i do not want to renew, nor do i have any money to renew.

He then offered a lower discount rate, of £1600, still a ridiculous amount of money for a service that gives me no hits per month as per my own website analytics.

I declined, and got a final discount of £600. At this point i had been bullied and aggressively threatened with court proceedings and Brad stating that they WILL get the money and if i dont pay the £600 on this phonecall then they'll pass it on to collections for the full amount and theyve never lost a court case.

This scaremongering technique is ridiculous, and makes the whole business a complete joke.

They change their terms and conditions at random, and rely on an emailed newsletter for their customers to know this, which they have duty of care to confirm that customers have received.

With the way this company works and the way Bradley describes the Terms and conditions, they could quite easily write in there that the renewal price will be whatever amount they decide it will be, and you are bound to it.

Absolute chancers, complete bunch of cowboys that id strongly avoid. The stories online about this company are everywhere, bullying people into paying out loads of money for nothing, and the unintelligent Essex boys that they employ think that threatening down the phone is going to work.

Needless to say, i wont be paying anything to them, nor do i want any service from them anymore. Id advise other businesses, once again, to AVOID this company like the plague.

more details » [Langang 19]
Total claims:1
harrassment for unauthorised payment »2/2/0902/02/20097


I advertised my holiday cottages on this site.  After 1 year and no bookings through them, I tried to cancel.  I emailed repeatedly and in the end was threatened with court actionfor non payment of my next year's subscription apparently they need 2 months to cancel.  So I paid and at the same time cancelled my subscription for the following year.  One year later, they are back, demanding my subscription, even sending me a registered letter threratening action if I don't pay within 7 days.  There are no names to address correspondence to and 2 of my emails have bounced back to me today.  It seems that they are unwilling to be contacted, but send threatening solicitors' letters to persuade people to pay up.  Two other people advertising on their website have contacted me recently with the same problem.

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4354Range Publishing Ltd [Manchester]
Total claims:2
Publishing Scams »17/08/0921/08/20095

This may not be posted in the correct section and if not, I would be grateful if you could direct it to wherever it should be.  It isn't a claim so much as a complaint/query.

Has anybody heard of Range Publishing Ltd?   My elderly uncle, living in Scotland, and running a very small business  is being hounded (for want of a better word) by this company who are based in Manchester.   They are being verbally threatening about an invoice he has no recollection of.

Apparently they keep telling him, he verbally agreed to have an advert on their website for an entry into The Internet Safety Awareness Wallplanner.  He hasn't a clue what this is?  When I looked - it was there but really strange looking and certainly not particularly useful or helpful.  Not anything my uncle would be interested in.

[] (link: 

My uncle's hearing is not as good as it was and he has no idea what they were going on about.   They say they have him 'on record' as agreeing verbally.   I know for a fact if they had him verbally agreeing he would not have known what it was all about in the first place.

Has anybody else had any problems with this firm?   I have written to them on my uncle's behalf advising that he does not wish anything from them, but the effect was for them to threaten my uncle even more with all sorts including court appearances and their legal team!   They will not, however, put anything in writing to him as to what he has agreed to.

I understand the firm IS logged with Companies House but surely this type of hard sales, on particularly vulnerable people, cannot be legal?  If it is it really needs to be stamped out.  My uncle is having sleepless nights about it all, its affecting his life in a big way as he is so worried about what they will do next, he is frightened to answer the phone and yet can't not answer because of his small business.   He is also  finding that other firms are constantly calling now - most of them in the Manchester area too !   I have told him to hang up and not enter into any conversation with them but they are so persistent they phone constantly especially Range Publishing Limited. 

Any advice on taking steps to stamp this out?   Would be most grateful.

Even some advice on where to turn next.   We rang trading standards but they weren't a lot of use to be honest





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10961Medic Care Limited [Wigan]
Total claims:3
Advertising »0106200902/02/20105

I was informed by their agent that i had been recommended as the preferred mortgage broker of their choice in my area and would be on the NHS extranet and also on posters, monthly NHS magazine and in full view at clinics,doctors and hospital staff rooms for their members of the NHS to consider my advice.
I have now had the service for 3 months and I was informed that i would receive a large numbers of referrals and whether i would be able to manage the anticipated introductions, WHAT A JOKE this has not taken place and i have hasd no contact with any new clients from this advertising.I HAVE RANG THE HEAD OFFICE AND WAS TOLD THAT ALL THE PCT HAVE THEIR OWN ADVERTISING SCHEDULE AND THEY COULD NOTHELP ME. BEWARE DONT BE GULLIBLE LIKE US.

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12286Local Events Calendar [Hove]
Total claims:18
telephone scam »07-04-1012/05/20105

I was mis-sold an advertising campaign,i was told i would get 21 days freetrial if i paid £4.99+vat for art work,iwas also told that i would be contacted before the 21 days free trial ended to see if i wanted to carry on with the ad,when i was`nt contacted i contacted them on th 21st day to cancel ,i then received an email that said i would be charged for the period of time extra, which on there web page said to be £7.28 (or there abouts) per week,when i checked my bank balance they took £468.82,when i called them to find out why they where VERY RUDE TO ME and extremely unproffessional,and was told that i was trying to con them, as i am just starting out this was a huge blow to my marketing budget.I have told others that i know in bussiness not to trust them.

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16756Range Publishing Ltd [Manchester]
Total claims:2
offensive sales team »17/2/201117/02/20114
Was called by a advertising scammer who told us we had agreed to place an advert on a wall planner. No one in our business had agreed to this and now they are threatening us with nasty phone calls and payment demands

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27393Motor [Brentwood]
Total claims:11
auto renewal »31-10-12 15-11-1215/11/20124

my dilemma is simply this... after agreeing to some good deals sold to me in the original sales pitch last year, and at a reasonable price, they have shocked me this year by demanding a ridiculous amount of money from me. i paid just over £2500 in total last year including card fees and vat after agreeing to deals that sounded good. i only started advertising my business last year and really thought they would help boost my company, they never mentioned an auto renewal service in this agreement. because there is an auto renewal clause in the small print they have now recently demanded a payment of just over £15000 excluding vat and card fees. they phoned me demanding a payment of £1200+vat first, they then phoned my a few days later demanding more money. and again days later demanding more. and more. and more. so far i have had to pay just over £14000 and still they want more. they have threatened me with a full amount with no discound, saying it would come to roughly £30000 - £50000, if i didnt sign the new email agreement there and then. i really dont know where i stand on this but i have spoken to citizens advice bureau and have asked my solicitor to take a look too. this is totally not fair, they have hidden charges buried in the small print and not once did they remind me that my account was due for renewal. if they had done then i wouldnt have renewed. i have had no work from their advertising campaign last year and i doubt ill get any this year. they have threatened me with baliffs if i dont sign, they say theyre trying to help by getting the cost down and that im not helping myself by not signing and getting a discount! i just dont see how they can justify such a huge payment difference from last year... i am going to be a full time father anyday now and have to give up work. i simply cannot afford this huge debt they have placed on me, i dont want to go bankrupt but fear that may be the only option. they have taken money from my credit cards and maxed them out so now i have to find close to £300 per month to pay the minimum payment. this is money i simply do not have. i am a mobile car valeter and my income just doesnt cover these costs. but they simply dont care,  i have emailed watchdog about this company too, and really hope they get named and shamed on national tv. i fear i dont have a leg to stand on because of the agreement call they make you agree to is always recorded to cover their backs. funny how they dont record the sales pitch or the pressuse call to get you to sign there and then... take my advice, avoid this company at all costs...

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26887EBS Marketing [Manchester]
Total claims:6
EBS Marketing Manchester SCAM »05/06/201229/09/20124 EBS Marketing Manchester SCAM
Fixed Fee Google Adwords & Facebook Advertising Schemes

—Avoid SEO companies offing fixed-fee advertising schemes that end up costing you dear
Jenny Marsh — first posted 08/2010 (updated 6 Aug 2011)
Fixed Fee Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising schemes are aggressively being marketed by a slew of companies that can end up costing a lot more money and agro than if you simply opened your own Google Adwords or Facebook advertising account.

EDITOR'S UPDATE (6 Aug 2011) The Mirror British newspaper reported on 2 Feb 2011 that: "…Dotcom Chrome and [its] boss … have agreed in the High Court not to pass themselves off as Google or claim they can guarantee search positions. They have also agreed to pay Google £30,000 in costs." ... ses-not-to.html

ebs marketing manchester mount street
Take jamie mc dougal of dotcon to court its cheap as chips to do it only costs £40.You will win because I no of someone who has just won and claimed all the money he stole from him plus expenses and court costs.The little bad mouthed wimp will not attend the court because he knows the police,trading standards and google are all watching his every move and he is in the wrong.
Report all threats to your local police and inform trading standards of your case.Then look into small claims courts.When you win give him 14 days to pay then hand the case to a debt collection agent who will be able to take goods to the value of to [pay you back,they will also add to the total and he will also pay them for the privalige of repoing his assests.Its not the money its a principle thing.THE MAIN THING IS TO ENJOY DOING THIS TO A VERY UNPROFFESIONAL RUDE PERSON WHO HAS HAD HIS DAY.

ebs marketing manchester scam -Check out some of the following links: ubb=showflat&Number=208568
ebs marketing manchester scam

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1794WRT Group plc [Kirkham]
Total claims:2
Fraud, Lies and Misrepresentation »07/08/08 to date14/04/20093


I own a very small IT business which was set up following a long and totally disabling illness. I had to give up teaching and lecturing and set up the business which is run on a very part time basis as energy levels allow. I have returned to teaching on a part time basis.

A salesman persistently called by phone. Eventually I agreed to meet him at my home.

The salesman offered advertising on a post box in our local branch of Sainsbury's.

I declined the offer due to the very high cost. I explained that I could not possibly risk such a large sum of money as advertising in our local newspapers failed to produce a single customer.

The salesman, on his way to the door,  turned round and then misrepresented and/or deliberately lied on several important details, offering a far more  attractive deal with much lower costs  including the right to cancel at any time and have a full refund on all monies paid (except for initial deposit of £157.58 for artwork etc) if no customers came forward. This is roughly what I would have spent advertising locally and thought it was a reasonably good deal. I again asked him to confirm that I could cancel if there were no customers and he again confirmed that. That lessened the risk considerably. I signed up.

No copy of the "agreement" was left with me.

Artwork arrived after several weeks. It was of extremely poor quality. I had to design my own artwork which was sent to WRT. A copy of my original design was then posted back to me for approval.

The salesman said that the advertising campaign was imminent

The post box advertising started months after the suggested time scale set out by the salesman. It commenced just before Christmas.

Not a single customer responded even during the busy Christmas period.

I wrote a letter of cancellation which I was told I was entitled to do by the salesman. My first letter was ignored. Later I had a phone call demanding money. I explained the situation and was told to email Customer Services. I emailed them a copy of my letter

Other people state that all Customer Services are interested in is prohibiting people from cancelling their contracts and threatening them with legal action. "Don't touch them with a bargepole" is how one of their customers put it.

Customer Services and Accounts at WRT Group plc sent a letter demanding the rest of the entire sum (over £500) and said that I could not cancel.

A further demand for payment later arrived  threatening legal action and the hiring of a debt recovery company.

I again wrote to Customer Services repeating the information I had already given them and outlining the problems I had experienced with WRT. I warned them that I would expose them and would contact Sainsbury's (who seem to endorse this particular company - but for how much longer if they treat their customers like this?), Watchdog and others.

As their correspondence indicates they are still insisting on payment of the full amount I will contact the managing directors of Sainsbury, Tesco and all other companies they deal with to let them know how this company treats their advertisers. I will also contact the OFT, Trading Standards, Which? Magazine am seriously considering taking legal action against these sharks. I will demand full repayment on everything plus compensation payments for harassment and the time spent on writing letters etc.

A more detailed letter arrived stating that an investigation had taken place, that the salesman denied making such claims, that the artwork was satisfactory (as I had approved my own copy), that the timescale was within reason (even by their calculations it was many months), that I am locked into a full two year contract with them and there is no facility whatsoever to cancel, despite what their salesman promised and that I owe them the full amount.

I think their attitude is indecent, dishonest, outrageous, greedy and probably illegal and will be taking legal advice in this matter.

It would appear that others have experienced similar problems to me. Just look at comments made on the Internet about this company.

I urge NOBODY to even consider dealing with these LIARS and CROOKS.


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16462Medic Care Limited [Wigan]
Total claims:3
Advertising »23/7/200904/02/20113
I was sold advertising by this company on the promise that my advert would be appearing daily to 20,000 local nhs staff who HAVE to use their intranet pages daily to use other services, not just sitting on a hidden page. Since the service 'started' in september I have not had one single enquiry, and neither do i believe my advert is ever seen - I have had people who work for the local nhs check the pages and they cannot find my ad anywhere despite looking for it.
No where has ever heard of these 'gold cards' and from what I can see it is just very clever salesman tactics preying on small businesses in a recession.
Like many others I've tried calling the head office many times but constantly get an answerphone message and no letters are ever responded to.

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12292Local Events Calendar [Hove]
Total claims:18
Local Events Calendar are Illegal » 201013/05/20103

This company, based in Hove, Sussex UK has been ripping people off for months. Originally there was a blog available on the internet listing similar complaints as above,against this company. There were about 60 complaints on this blog. However, Local Events managed to get it deleted from the internet. Recently there has been a facebook group called: Conned by Local Events Calendar. It appears they may have also had this group deleted. Their company is completely fraudulent and unethical in the way they operate and I believe they are currently under investigation from Trading Standards in Brighton UK. Their employees who deal with complaints on the phone deny any wrong doing and they claim the wife of the owner of the company has been attacked by someone that they conned, hence their ability to seemingly get online complaint sites removed. If you have been conned by them, you are not alone and there have been nearly 100 complaints that have been documented. They are determined to have all negative publicity erased from the internet. They will probably try to erase this site. But if you have been conned by them as I have, list your complaint here so that people can join together to get a justified refund and then have this company prosecuted.

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12338Local Events Calendar [Hove]
Total claims:18
Local Events Calendar scammers »19/04/1017/05/20103
They contacted me and offered me a free advert, I was told I would have to pay £4 for the advert to be drawn up, they said I could cancel within 28 days and they would contact me to see if I wanted to continue. The advert is not visible anywhere on the web, it took a good four hours of searching to try and find it, and then they took £468.82 out of my account after 21 days. The £4 fee is obviously just so they have your bank details and can
then take the money from your account.

I wrote to them to cancel, but they claimed not to have received it and state that their terms and conditions mean they are within their rights to take a years worth of advertising. I wouldn't mind so much but the advert is hidden anyway. I want my money back, stear well clear of this bunch of crooks.

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12244Range Publishing [Manchester]
Total claims:1
The Internet Safety Awareness Wallplanner »15th April 2001006/05/20103
say they called and that l agreed to the wallplanner have never seen any ark work or evidence that it has been done have refused to pay and have had all sorts of threaterning calls, have told them to do what they like that l am not paying now getting calls from their so called solicitors, (all no's are witheld) have told them to put everything in writing. but it does'nt end there, now have about 9 other companies claiming the same thing. they all catch you with saying they are from the child portection agency so you think you are talking to the same people, its only when invoices start arriving form companies you have never heard of the penny drops.

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18794Motor [Brentwood]
Total claims:11
advertising »10.12.1029/04/20113
dont know how to begin last september 2010 motor trades called me to take out advertising i said no thank they kept on 7on&0nso i took some 300 pounds then the next day another one came on i thought it was to cancell the first one and take another so i did to cut a long story short,they took me for �£14.000.00 poundsthis year i went crayzy told them i did not like there taktics,so we made agreement to put all the packages in one lump, of ���£4.000.00,paid over two years.all transaction on my debit card would stop hey lasmonth ���£375.86 was taken on my card i rang them they put it back 3days later,hey the took there monney by standing order,on 28.04.11 and then on the28.04.11 they took another ���£186.53.on my debit card,do i have a case to cancel this contract,and get some of my monney there is 5 to 6 differnt dates they have made numorus contracts agreeing on amount to come out of my acount but still draw on my card,they are not listening.

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27980Motor [Brentwood]
Total claims:11
Forced into paying ridiculous prices »03/01/201308/01/20133
I had a call from motortrades in march 2012, the guy on the phone was called Joe he seemed very friendly and offered what seemed to be a good deal on advertising on the net. As i had just started the business at the beginning of febuary i thought this would be a good way to get some work through the door (wether or not it has is debatable, just seem to get people selling PPI), i signed up at a cost of £307.50.
In july 2012 joe rang again very friendly offered me the rest of the surounding area for a cost of £295.20 again seemed a reasonable price (still not sure if it was bringing any extra work in) so i signed up, then in july joe rang again offering catagory sponsorship £1620, sold it to me well as not quite sure what it is but i signed up. There was a bit of confusion with this one, i didnt return the direct debit mandate so received a call from someone called paul rang, we came to a agreement and i paid £1107 on top of the £225 initial balance, saved £288 and received a free blackberry (doesnt work).
On 03/01/2013 i received a call form someone (cant remember there name was in absolute shock at whats to come) informing me that i hadnt opted out of there auto renewal scheme and demanding payment of around £15000 but disconted to £9000, when i said i didnt want the service was told this wasnt an option and payment had to be made there & then, if i didnt the balifs would be sent or i could loose my home, i paid this feeling i was being bullied, sick and under pressure.
Having just had this shock around 20 mins later i had another call this time the same arrogant i dont care about your situation attitude, i was told i had another £17000 or so to pay, this was discounted to £10760 and again fearing for my home e.t.c. i paid clearing my business of all funds.
I rang later in the day to find out what these charges were for and was told just to be happy with them or the discounts would be removed, then basically bribed into sending a email saying i was happy with that.
They have said i didnt give 60 days notice to optout of the automatic renewal.
On 03/01/13 there was 83 days to the end of the first contract.
On 07/01/13 i received another call this time in the same manner telling me i owed £30000 but this could be discounted to £15000 then £7000, this time i refused payment, then received verbal abuse on how i thought i was the big man from up north & my house was at risk the balifs would be sent e.t.c.
After paying £20760 i dont know where they think i can find anymore money, i may have to close the business.

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244PFA Media
Total claims:2
Just been tricked »28/08/0801/09/20082

Just realised I have been tricked, I`m new to self employment and got a phone call asking about advertising which I agreed (verbally) over the phone. They said someone would contact me soon,5 mins later someone phoned saying they heard I was interested in advertisement I presumed they were the same company so again I agreed (verbally), again they told me the magazine goes to all policemen/women so I asked my friend who is in Greater Manchester police what the mag was like, to my surprise he had never heard of them, i called them to ask why he had never heard of them, they then said only Cheshire Police get it (confused by now) time passed I then got a letter regarding CCJ I panicked and paid in full over the phone.
No receipt came so I called them to ask for one and a list of places where the (advert)will be seen surprise surprise nothing arrived in post as yet. Does anyone think there are 2 possibly 3 companies working together(obviously can't name these but would be interested to hear from anyone who thinks the same. Some pathetic mag did arrive with my advert in, I decided to do some investigating myself by phoning other ads on my page, most landlines ring then cut off, all mobile no`s not recognised except MINE.

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1200Gumtree [London]
Total claims:7
rip-off »07/03/0907/03/20092

I paid 70 pounds to gumtree to have my ad (double bedroom for rent) which was supossed to be featured for seven days and after the forth day the ad desappeared. I has afected me a lot because the most important time for this type of ads are the weekend and they suspended my ad on Friday, there was no explanation for this and is impossible to get hold of them. I feel like they just stole my money and made me loose my time.

I have checked on the internet forums and aparently this is a common unfair trade from gumtree

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Total claims:12
Sales scam »March 200920/05/20092

My ref with yell: 15760960

Dated 11.05.2009


In investigating advertising with for my company EnerMech in Aberdeen, Scotland, the salesperson Pol Mead caught me in between meetings to find out if his quote had been approved. I informed him that my Business development director would have to approve it, and that so far, he hadn't.

Pol then asked me to reply to his last email (which contained the quote) with a password 'so that he could quickly show me what our ad would look like on the web'. I did, and then received an invoice for the full amount.

I immediately queried this, and Pol 're-directed'me to another department, and so began a long sequence of department-to-department shifts, with no acceptance or concedence on the part of that they should have proceeded without an expressly signed order.

It even became a problem to get them to remove the online ad that they had now posted, despite our complaints that the ad must be taken offline, and was not approved.

Interestingly, their 'order' email has contradictory statements in it. One line says you must reply with a password AND signed order, and the next says you only have to reply with a password. And in fact, it's only supposed to be the 2nd and 4th characters of your password, neither of which I strictly did.

Overall I feel this was a very badly handled situation on the part of, especially since we were planning on advertising with them, but needed an aproval first. Now of course, our company will neveruse themagain.

They've attempted to resolve the issue, the result of which is that they will not accept that the order was derived unethically. They've also conveniently lost the telephone recording with the salesperson where he was clearly informed not to proceed without a go ahead.


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