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1044De Agostini [Newcastle upon Tyne]
Total claims:1
breach of contract »february 200926/02/20090

I have a a subcription for the Taggart DVD collection since October 07 and have received all the DVD's to date (having had  to request items not received (lost in post) about 3 times)

The incentive to subscribe was a portable DVD player, which was due to be sent to me December 2007, and after many emails, phone calls and letters and a threat of going to a solicitor in Late December 2008 I eventually received the said DVD playerSmile but despite the best efforts of my husband and my son it does not workingFrown.

There were no instructions (ie Guarentee or even makers name and contact details) on what to do if this event. 

They were still advertising this gift for new subcriptions very recently despite the fact that the series is nearly finished.

I wrote to De Agostini and asked them to advise me what to do with this useless bit of equipment in early February and to date I have not heard a thing from them.

please advise



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3631Triad Publishing Group Vern Firestone
Total claims:1
Tails in the woods book »august 200806/07/20090

I sent my manuscript to Vern Firestone, owner of Triad Publishing Group in Sarasota Fl. last Feb 2008. He called me a couple of days later and stated that he absolutely loved my book and wanted to publish it. He told me that he would charge me $800.00  to publish, market and distribute my book. I agreed and sent him 1/2 down ($400.00) He kept promising me that the book would be "ready for release soon" I had numerous people that wanted to order my book. (this was my second book published, the first one was published by another company that did not charge me anything) anyway, Aug 2008 I started hearing complaints from other authors that Vern Firestone had "ripped off" people who's books he published but he never paid them their royalties (to the tune of thousands of dollars per author) I contacted him and he told me "your book will be ready soon." Then he disappeared, never to be heard from by any of us authors again. He left with our money, our dreams, and our manuscripts! I have filed complaints with the florida BBB, and Fl. Attorney Generals office, and the Fl. District attorneys office, all to no avail. One of them did find Vern and he told them that my book was "ready to be released but that I had changed my mind" This peon is the biggest scammer I have ever met. He's made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars of his authors money (not to mention the $400 of mine) I truely wish someone would find him and use him as a book marker (sorry) My $400 was a lot of money for me to send, but the other authors involved lost out on thousands and thousands of dollars in royalties and unfulfilled hopes. It's been a year since this happened to me, I'm just now getting the courage up to submit my manuscript to other publishers again, but never again will I pay a publisher to print my story. I've learned a hard and expensive lesson. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Sincerely Mary Mignerey

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Total claims:1
One year ago I became membership of Int.Whos who with paying 1.800 USD. One week letter I decided to cancel. They send me a letter I signed, according the papper we signed they have to pay money back 978.80 USD. After that time I called them 6 times, each time they said they will inform account department. I send them 11 times email they did not answer any of them. Today I called them 7th times and they said the same "story" again. They are not calling me back. If they try to pay the credit card they charge they have to call me because this card was cancelled months ago because of it is stollen. So they are cheating people, do not trust them. Be aware of lost money, be carefull.

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