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2464Bell Broadcasting Channel [Dartford]
Total claims:1
disfigured plastic surgery »200508/05/20091

Three Words: Select another practice and not Dr Mallucci!


this surgeon left me disfigured and due to his total lack of confidence and inexperience I believed him !


Before you select a surgeon in any field particularly plastic surgery where this practice is clearly just into the dosh do your homework! this guy lied and did not have the experience although he assured me he had....... Ask to speak to former patients! They will tell you "oh data protection" as this surgeon clearly now in hindsight had noone interested in vouching for him! They will also state that this post is from a competitor!: if it was really from a  competitor and I can assure you noone of repute would seriously compete with London Plastic Surgery Associates!  and they would be very fast to sue them just like they attempted to sue me!


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1137the sun [colchester]
Total claims:2
sun holidays »0303200904/03/20090

I booked a holiday through the sun holiday £9.50 offers ,and then found out it would of been cheaper to book it direct from the holiday park.When i rang the sun about it they weren't interested in helping me,they just kept saying they had done nothing wrong.What upset me was the fact that they were not prepared to meet me half way on a solution,it was like talking to a robot who had been trained to keep saying they had done nothing wrong.I feel really let down by 'the sun' and definately won't be booking anymore holidays with them.

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22225the sun [colchester]
Total claims:2
sun perks »current25/11/20110
We have saved religiously for these sun perks but when it comes to actually using them we can't!! We have no access to a printer so we have been told basically 'tough!' What a complete and utter waste of time and money on our part and what a complete lack of care on theirs!

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