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Total claims:1
no delivery »Feb 5, 200917/02/20099 advertised for various products at very strong discount, claim payment and have no stock.  Watch out

more details » [Traverse City]
Total claims:1
Shipping Costs »11/28/2008 22/12/20088

Hello Everyone!

This is my case- I hope you will read it before ordering from this company- [] (link: If the shoes are faulty- YOU will pay to return them! I will keep you updated as to my progress meanwhile I will keep posting to as many complaints companies as i can find until my problem is dealt with in full!

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20665Top Engraving [Kent]
Total claims:11
Scam?? »23.07.1120/08/20118
About a month ago me and my partner took a rescue dog, named Bella, in to our family. Bella comes from a welsh farm and therefore it takes a loads for her to get to used to the new, suburban ,life. One of the first things I was looking for her was the collar with attached ID tag. I found a company called Top Engraving in internet and after reading the reviews about them decided to order the collar from them. My order was placed on 23/07/11, from there the history of my order looks like that:
• 5 Aug You sent Top Engraving an email with the subject: What is the status of my order?
Message: "Hi, I ordered a collar on 23rd of July but have not heard anything from you, even after sending you an email already once before? M.Liepa"
• 29 Jul You sent Top Engraving an email with the subject: What is the status of my order?
Message: "Hi, I would like to know when will my order to be shipped, thank you, M.Liepa"
• 23 Jul Top Engraving charged your VISA xxx-8000 for £7.99. "GOOGLE *Top Engraving" will appear on your billing statement.
• 23 Jul Top Engraving received your order.
• 23 Jul You placed an order with Top Engraving on 23 Jul.

On 7th of August I received an email:
On Sun, Aug 7, 2011 at 4:44 PM, Polly Zerf wrote:

Hi there - Polly & I are so sad to see that you have not received your collar yet. It was processed & posted via 1st class on 27th of last month together with a discount voucher for our sister website. Every now & then we do have problems with Royal mail and your goods may have been lost in transit.

We will make you another collar this week and send it via recorded, tracked & signed for.

Many thanks - Craig & Polly

My replay on the same day:
Thank you for answering my email, I hope that this time the item will reach it's destination and Bella can very soon to show off her new collar.

Best wishes,
Monika & Bella

Have being waiting now another 13 days and after numerous unanswered attempts at contact through the phone I am just giving up and I sent today on 20th of August my last email:
We needed this collar because Bella is a rescue dog taken to our family about a month ago and we are trying to do everything to make sure she will be safe and looked well after.
As you weren't able to proceed my order since 23.07.11 I would like to get my money back. £7.99 was charged from my account on 26th of July.


How can they say on their web page:
“TOP ENGRAVING is an Award-winning pet ID tag business that is renown for its high levels of quality & service.” ???

more details » [Mesa]
Total claims:1
No rebate to date »12-12-0818/05/20096

I made a purchase from Knoxville Wholesale Furniture in Knoxville, TN that had attached to it a special promotion.... 'Get $500 in Free Gas' with purchase. 

I was then referred to the (now known as website, where I registered. The promotion is a little misleading, albeit not inaccurate. Instead of $500 of free gas, you turn in $100 in gas receipts each month, from the same brand gas station, and you get a $25 gift card for that station. 

For the month of Dec. 2008 the rcpts were mailed on 12-12-08

For the month of Jan. 2009 the rcpts were mailed on 01-27-09

For the month of Feb. 2009 the rcpts were mailed on 02-15-09

For the month of Mar. 2009 the rcpts were mailed on 03-23-09

For the month of Apr. 2009 the rcpts were mailed on 04-27-09

I did contact the company via email in March 2009 and I was told they had received 4 months of receipts and had mailed two gas cards.  To date I have not received any cards.  I have emailed them again and have not heard back from them this time. 

Original business info is as follows:

ID: 1000001718
Business Name:
BBZ Resource Management, Inc.
Business Address: 1839 S. Alma School Road #200
Mesa, AZ 85210

Original Business Start Date: 7/22/2008
Type of Entity: Sole Proprietorship
Principal: Justin Elenburg , President
Email Address: info

more details »

884Micro Heaven Limited [Surrey]
Total claims:2
Ipod Case »05/01/200911/02/20095

I ordered a leather Ipod case from the website [] (link: on 05/01/2009 as I thought it would make an ideal gift for my Dad's birthday on the 9th of that month. As I wanted the item to arrive within a couple of days I paid the additional amount of postage and packaging (Eight pounds in total) for express delivery. According to the website the case should have been with me within 1-3 days.

My bank account was debited with the full £32.42 on 07/01/2009 and so I was very disappointed when i still hadn't received the item in time for his birthday. I then e-mailed the site requesting an explanation. Here is a copy of their response  -

--- On Fri, 9/1/09, wrote:

Subject: Re: Contact Form From Web Site
Date: Friday, 9 January, 2009, 12:56 PM

"Dear Customer,

Your item was sent but appears to have been lost in the post by Royal Mail. I
have arranged for another unit to be sent to you via special delivery, we are
due fresh stock of this item in the next couple of days. Please let me know if
the original unit does turn up so I can act accordingly. Thank you for your

Kind Regards
Customer Services
Micro Heaven ltd
Unit 2 Chapel Lane Works
Westcott Dorking
Surrey RH4 3PJ

T: 01306 400106"

I then purchased the item from another retailer and requested a full refund from this site via their 'live chat' service and they assured me that the refund would be processed that day.  

When the refund had not been credited to my account by 20/01/2009 I e-mailed them again to chase the matter. I heard nothing for two days and then received the following -

--- On Thu, 22/1/09, wrote:

Subject: Re: Contact Form From Web Site
Date: Thursday, 22 January, 2009, 6:44 PM

"Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email, I can confirm our accounts team will action a refund
for you today. This money will take 5-7 working days to go back onto your card.
Please note if you paid by Paypal you will need to log into your Paypal account
and withdraw the money. If you pay by credit/Debit card you will not need any
further action, the money will simply be credited to your account.

Kind Regards

Customer Services
Micro Heaven ltd
Unit 2 Chapel Lane Works
Westcott Dorking
Surrey RH4 3PJ"

Since ordering the item I had also tried several times to contact the company by phone. On each occasion I had been kept on hold for several minutes and then cut off.

I have still not received a credit to my account to date and have contacted them again today by e-mail. I am now waiting for a further response from them and consider their service so poor that I felt the need to "name & shame" them in the meantime!

I realise that it's not a huge amount of money but it has made me so annoyed! It is now the principle of the matter that is most important.

I do a lot of shopping on-line and generally find it easy and hassle free. This has, however, made me consider twice about using a site that I've not used before and is less well known. If Only I'd ordered from Amazon in the first place!

Please help!

Kind regards,

Lynsey Turvey



more details »
Total claims:3

I subscribed in mid March. It took me two months and several emails just to get my first issue, and then I never received another. I received my one issue in mid May, and by July 25th nothing else had arrived. I demanded on July 25th that I be issued a refund for the 11 issues left on my subscription.

They insisted they had sent 4 issues total, and only gave me a partial refund. When I told them that I would pursue this matter if they didn't do the right thing, they accused me of blackmail. Then they blocked my email so i could have no further contact with them.

Copied from my email in full:


We will not be blackmailed on something that has already been resolved. The correct refund amount has already been returned to you based on what has already been sent – a breakdown of which we already sent you.

I will this morning be contacting and will be providing them with the tracking numbers for the issues we have sent you.

We will not be responding to any more of you emails as the matter is resolved."

The next email I sent received this:
"System Notification - *blocked sender*"

They took forever to respond in the beginning, and ended up ripping me off for 50 bucks.
I will never buy from them again.

more details » [Armadale victoria]
Total claims:11
none receipt »3-12-0826/01/20094

2009-01-26  15:21:21

We ordered 4 pair of "ugg boots" for Xmas for my wife and kids and had a promise that we would get them in 14 to 28 working days. Its now 25-1-09 and we have been told we can not have our money back even though we have only had 1 pair of boots. We had to go out and buy the boots for xmas presents  on xmas eve from our local town centre. Now we have no refund X 3 and no boots X 3.

Please Help.




Thank you


J Batty

more details » [?]
Total claims:1
1501110 Toner Cartidge »25-04-200921/04/20094

Dear Team,

I ordered a toner carteidge from this website on the 25th March.  They debited our business account with the £37.94 the following day.  On Monday the 30th March I telephoned them, it took several attemps as they were constantly engaged, but got hold of a man called Gordon who said it would be with us by Wednesday.  I also sent and e-mail that same day and had a reply to that effect fro a Sarah Fraser.   

Our toner did not arrive as promised, so I sent another e-mail on 02-04-09.  I had a response on 06-04-09 again from Sarah Fraser to say it would be dilivered on Tuesday and she would confirm the courier details and tracking information. 

Tuesday came and went and still no toner.  I telephoned on the 9th April and spoke to Gordon again who said we would get it but they were very unorganised there.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt.  I waited a further week and nothing. 

I sent a further e-mail on 15-04-09 requesting a refund.  I have tried to phone about 6 times each day leaving the phone constantly ringing but my call was not picked up. 

Interestingly, i just tried again today (21-04-09) blocking our telephone number and the call was answered by a lady called June who didn't know much, I asked her for a refund and gave her the velevant details.  She said that she would pass this on to someone else but could not give me a name who would be dealing with it but would get an e-mail sent to me with confirmation of the e-mail. 

Also when the money came out of our account it was under the name of R. J. Stennis & Co Ltd.  I cam't find an address for Offike but R. J. Stennis & Co Ltd are on the internet at the address - Unit 1 River View Business Park, Friarton Road, Perth, Perthshire, PH2 8DF.

I'm not holding my breath!!

Hope you can help.


Zara McLean

A & A King

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15307Fireplace Warehouse Ltd. [Stockport]
Total claims:1
Compensation for Abysmal Customer Service and Consequential Loss/Distress »13 November 201016/12/20104

This appalling company claims on its website: "We are respectful to your requirements and guarantee delivery on time." This is a lie. The company also claims: "Our mission is to provide our customers with...excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on the high standard of customer service given by our dedicated team." This is also a lie, and pure fantasy. I would not trust this company one inch. I ordered a gas fire from this company on 13 November.This allowed plenty of time to book a tradesman and get the fire fitted in time for Christmas. I was given a "confirmed delivery date of 7 to 10 days later. I paid in advance. The fire did not arrive.The fire has still not arrived. It is now 23 days after the promised delivery date. It is now 33 days since my order. "Guarantee delivery on time"? The company offers me an "apology" and blames its supplier who has "let them down." But, if the supplier is so bad, how on earth can this company claim to "guarantee delivery on time." It is a moronic claim and bears no relation to reality. It is ME who has been let down and this company needs to stop using weasel words and start taking responsibility for its utter failure. I removed my old fireplace in preparation for the "confirmed delivery date" (totally fictitious) 33 days ago. This company's transparently insincere apologies do not keep me, my wife, or our children, warm. If this company does not voluntarily provide compensation, commensurate with the degree of its failure and the consequent loss and distress caused, I will expose them, and continue to expose them, in every media outlet so that potential future customers will be fully informed of how this company behaves. There is one simple lesson: never, ever buy from Fireplace Warehouse Ltd. Never, ever buy from I intend to make sure that everyone becomes aware of this.


I now see that Mr Leahy has found the time to make a comment (but not to deliver my fire.)  It is  absolutely in line with his previous arrogant and dismissive attitude. As usual it attempts to avoid all responsibility by providing misleading information and to shift blame and accountability.  He is trying, quite transparently, to cover his tracks, as he usually does - this time by maligning me.  (Last time, it was all the suppliers fault.)  Customerr service? I don't think so. Not in any form that I recognise.  I see that it is now MY fault that Mr Leahy's company has failed to deliver the fire that I paid him for 33 days ago. Perhaps it is also my fault that I have had a tradesman waiting all this time to fit this fire and he is now fully booked for pre-Christmas work. The strange world of Mr Leahy's "customer service."

Mr Leahy is perfectly aware (although he avoids all mention of this)  from my emails to him of 13 December, 15 December and today that the situation is crystal clear.  He has chosen not to respond to these emails.  Nothing to say, perhaps? Or avoiding putting something in writing. By contrast, I am very happy to publish these emails here for all to see. (Files)

If Mr  Leahy prefers to spend time writing here (providing misleading information), rather than have the simple courtesy to respond directly to my emails, perhaps he would like to answer the 6 simple questions below:

1. Has the fire that we ordered 33 days ago been delivered?

2. What is the delivery date now?

3. Do you guarantee it?

4. What responsibility do you accept for this situation?

5. What are you going to do about it and how are you going to express your "sincere apology?"

6. What compensation are you providing?

For myself, I shall continue to expose the abysmal level of service, and the continuing attempts at misinformation with Mr Leahy's trade association, the Office of Fair Trading and all available media outlets, until this situation is corrected properly.

Over to you Mr Leahy.

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Total claims:17
EBAY SELLER FRAUD »8/29/200807/10/20093

I got so fed up with eBay and PayPal, having been cheated both as a buyer and as a seller, after years of paying and earning money for eBay, having been afflicted by feedback blackmail, having had false PayPal scam claims made against me, I finally, no matter how wise I had become to try and avoid such issues, decided to give eBay up as a bad joke.

My buddy is in EXACTLY the same boat; he decided to launch his own fraud free auction site to get back at eBay, [v Bid me] (link: (do NOT use the link code if it is not allowed - if links in the html arte not allowed simply put "v Bid me"); he does not charge sellers listing fees or commissions for basic / regular listings, which is nice. But me, I think I have decided to go for legal action against eBay and PayPal.

I want to share some info and advice with others, to help them I hope.

eBay security BS - eBay claim they are doing all they can to prevent fraud, but that is false. Just look at the eBay UK registration process and compare this with the eBay com process. OMG, you have to provide card details and your home phone number (which eBay checks) on the UK site but ANYONE can open a .com account with a free gmail address! Why is that? Because fraud enforcement is MUCH tighter in the UK, so eBay has to comply and take greater steps to prevent fraud. So then ask yourselves, how is it eBay dot com are doing everything they can to combat fraud?! It is a nonsense.

eBay feedback - Got a problem with a buyer or seller - too late or can not leave feedback on eBay / eBay remove your feedback? Find an eBay user warning site and leave feedback for them there; just look at what Google shows for certain eBay users names (search for the likes of "leonmad", "majabali" and "history_relics")

I hope this helps. As I said, I am going to sue eBay and PayPal. If anyone wants to chat about this, let me know.


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399Models and Modistas [Dublin]
Total claims:27
Scam artist »18-11-0828/11/20083

I was looking for some Shure E4c headphones on the internet and found the site Models and Modistas,they were advertising the headphone for a very good price.

The site looked very professional so i paid with my credit card using,i was supposed to get a confirmation mail from Models and Modistas but i recieved nothing,so i decided to use there contact form on their site,no reply.

I even tried to phone them but was given an answer service,no reply after leaving several messages...The long and short is that they took my money and i never recieved the goods.

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Total claims:13
ripped off and bad service »30/04/0901/05/20093

I went on Google to book my sons Theory driving test for Tues 12th May 2009. I clicked on the site called booking service which appeared at the top of the page.

The test confirmation came by email the day after booked for Wed 13th May. I tried to reschedule on line on DSA site but it insisted I pay again so I contacted the Test centre.

I find out from the test centre that are not the official site and lots of people are conned by them. I was charged £48 when the test only cost £31 through the DSA site.

I was told they pay Google to put them at the top of the page so many people make the same mistake in thinking it is the official booking site.

So not only couldn't they provide a good service by giving me the wrong date but I was overcharged by £17.

I was able to reschedule with the Theory Centre for the date and time I originally asked for. 

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9814erotic clothing [Wakefield]
Total claims:4
Goods not sent »24/10/0915/12/20092

I ordered five items on the 24th October, two of the items subsequently arrived with no word of the outstanding three. It states on the website that out of stock items would arrive in 28 days, it is now nearly twice that. I have asked for a refund for the balance but they are not answering my emails. There is no telephone number on the website or on the original delivery note and I have drawn a blank trying to locate one.

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437deal sniper
Total claims:12
Deal Sniper - BEWARE! »November 21 200815/12/20082

I recently order a DS Lite from them. After waiting weeks for it, I received a letter from HM Revenue and Customs saying it had been confiscated as it was counterfeit goods. So I am now out the money and ended up not getting the DS Lite in time for my son's birthday. If you have bought from them, you have likely received counterfeit goods. Be very careful if buying from these people. I would not do it as HM Revenue and Customs must be looking for stuff from these folks. BUYER BEWARE!!!

more details »

423Models and Modistas [Dublin]
Total claims:27
No Intention of Delivery »21/11/0808/12/20082

I ordered 2 ipod shuffles for my kids for xmas for nearly £70 on 21 Nov 2008 . Although email confirmation for payment confirmed and processed in Worldpay, no invoice or confirmation of order received from Models and Modistas.

Sent 5 emails to no avail. After phoning 4 times and leaving massages on mobile, eventually someone answered the phone and fobbed me off saying that they were awaiting delivery and only posted on thursdays. Needless to say no goods have arrived.

Follow up 13/12/08 after having posted on moneysavingexpert and emailing the company on given email address I have been reimbursed from worldpay - result!

Sad that a company has so little regard for its customers that we have all had to resort to reporting it on various sites before any action is taken.

(Just to note that this was 22 days after order,!)

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Total claims:3
refused refund »ongoing21/01/20092

I bought and paid for 5 dr who items on the 19th november 2008. This was presents for Christmas. They finally arrive on the 20th january 2009. 2 months and 1 day later !!! As i had to purchase items elsewhere i wanted a full refund. After many e mails later the still refuse. Even though the consumer protection (distance, selling)  regulations 2000 state that goods must arrive within 30 days or the contract is deemed cancelled.

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Total claims:3
Got nothing after 7 month »November '09 - May '1005/05/20102
I ordered a 12month subscribtion of the Dr Who magazine (90 pound / 130 dollar / 100 Euro) on 17.11.2009. I payed the money (they took it from my visa), but after a million emails (they always told me to wait "should be with you any day" "we will forward you with tracking numbers"...), i never received anything. Now after 7 month, still nothing.
Please, do not order there!
There are many people on the internet having the same trouble with whostore!

more details » [unknown ]
Total claims:3
Counterfeit GHD's »21/07/0924/07/20092

I have horrible hair, so thick, frizzy. well only hair straighteners that i've used that seem to do the trick really was GHD's. well i was looking for some and i saw some on a website and decided to go for it and buy them.

when i told my mate, she was worried and said she thinks they are fake. she had just bough some which were real and had the code and stuff on wire. She gave me a list which is from GHD and all you had to do and type the website in.

this means the site i ordered from isn't approved by GHD them selfs so it means that they must be fake.

I hope no one else makes the same mistake as i did and check before you buy these sort of things if possible.

Thank you

Jessica Murgatroyd


more details »
Total claims:1
non receipt and non contact for ghd's »1/8/0910/08/20092

I ordered for pairs of GHD's of the website [] (link:

on 1/8/09 with a total cost of £189.64 when put into brittish pounds, 2days after purchase on the 3/8/09 the company emailed me asking for my address to ship to, i sent them my address, they responded with thankyou for the quick response, the item will be shipped right away,

i have not heard anything since, i have sent 4 emails with no response, delivery time says 5-7 days

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Total claims:2
Product advertised but not available!! »01/07/0806/08/20081
Michael Molloy (Author) "Peter Raven Under Fire (Peter Raven)" I ordered this book, as well as another, from Amazon online as a result of a recommendation from the Children's Book Section of The Sunday Times newspaper for my eleven year old son on 16/5/08 and signed up on a trial basis to Amazon prime delivery. Still have not received this book. Then they emailed me that delivery was due between 17/06/08 - 23/06/08. Now they inform me 22/06/08 that they can not currently obtain the product and do I want to cancel my order? 1.) Under the current Trades Description Act is not illegal to attempt to advertise/sell a product when it is not available? 2.) Inducing me to sign up to a trial prime delivery service on amazon on the back of item(s) purchased surely constitutes misselling/misrepresentation and therefore tantamount to fraud? 3.) A company like Amazon which has no feedback/complaint mechanism plainly displayed on their account section of their website is surely in contravention of my consumer rights?

more details »

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