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Total claims:9
Money taken from acount with out consent »01/03/1101/03/20113
I have just now had access to my online bank account, when i saw i have had money going out each month from July 2010 to Jan 2011 that now comes to £83.72. I am on Job seekers allowance and looking for a job, as you can imagine it is hard enough living of the money i receive. I live on my own at the age of 21 and have only my self to rely on for money. God knows how much more they would have taken if i had not got online banking to see. This company goes by the name of "Post Net Ltd Bournemouth" and have taken my money with out my permission i have received no money from them i have not singed anything stating that they may take money from my bank account.. I have looked through all of my statements and i have not received any money from "Post Net Ltd Bournemouth"! I have looked this "company" up on the internet and have come across pages of people saying they have also had money taken with out permission. What they are doing is fraudulent and i want my money back!
Beth Carpenter

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1111grant thornton [bristol]
Total claims:1
unfair charges »january200803/03/20091

30/01/2009 67 ighten road



BB12 0HP

Dear sir or madam,

i would like to relate to you a situation that happened to me in the hope that it does not happen to anyone else.

In March of 2006 i was diagnosed with a condition called plural plaques,a form of asbestosis i was given a sick note for five years because it affects the breathing and i found that i could no longer do the work i used to do.

I owed my local council some money for council tax,i went down to there office and explained to an officer that i was unemployed and could we come to some agreement as to how i could repay these arreas.

The officer told me to leave it with them and they would get back to me with a repayment schedule,the next i heard from them them was to appear in our local magistrates court for none payment.I appeared a few weeks later and spoke to an officer from the council and came to an agreement that they would take £3 per week out of my benifits.The council started taking the money out of my benifits on the16/10/2006.

In Febuary of 2007 i went outside my home to discover that someone had run into the back of my car and drove off without leaving their name and address or reporting it to the police.A neighbour who lives across the road luckily has a cctv camera on his home and it looks down the drive to where my car was parked accross the road.On checking through the tape we found that my car had been hit by a parks and gardens pickup owned by the council.The council denied that it was one of their vehicles even when i produced a copy of the tape and a witness statement.After numerous letters and phone calls, that ony got me passed around from department to department i informed the council that i would have no choice but to take them to the small claims court to reclaim the damage costs to my car.

I reported this incident to the police but was informed it was a civil matter and that i would have to employ a solicitor to take the driver to court.When i gave the police evidence of the incident i was told that the statue of limitions had run out ,even though i had reported it within 2 weeks of the accident.I thought that for any type of crime there was no time limit.I got the impression that if it was a crime that the local council had commited then the police turned a blind eye to it.

In August of 2007 i recieved a letter of the council stating that they wanted all my arrears paid within 21 days or they would take me to court and apply for a bankruptcy order,i went down to my local council office and explained to them that i was already paying off the arrears at £3 per week through my benifits and i could prove this with a statement from the D.W.P.,two weeks later on the 11/9/2007, i recieved a letter from the D.W.P.saying that the local council had requested that they stopped taking the money out of my benifits, so they could take me to court saying that i was not paying anything to them.I then went to my local post office and purchased a postal order for 1 months payment being £12,i took this to my local council office and asked them to take it off my arrears,two weeks later they returned my postal order saying they refused to take any money off me.

In the December of 2008 i was taken into hospital suffering the the condition that i am suffering from,whilst i was in hospital the hearing for my bancruptcy hearing was heard and i was declared bancrupt in my absence.A week later i had to attend a meeting with an offical reciever in Blackpool which is some 35 miles from where i live,it was then stated that the only asset that i had was my home where i live.

The offical reciever told me that they would put my case in the hands of a trustee who would handle all my affairs,the trustee they appointed was in Bristol which is some 350 miles from where i live even though they have offices a lot closer to my home.When the trustee got in touch with me i agreed to put my property up for sale to sort out my bancruptcy they then sent round their agents without informing me that they were coming and they valued my home at £95,000.I then complained to the trustee that this price was a great deal under market value,i then got my own estate agent to value my home and they valued it at £135,000.I then put my home up for sale with my own estate agent and informed the trustee that i had done this.

In March 2008 the trustee,s costs were £5,561,in November 2008 this had risen to £6,050 plus vat with a provision of £3,500 for work he might have to do?.I was then imformed that if my home was not sold by the 29/1/2009 that the trustee would take me to court for a repossession order and inform his agent to sell my property at the lower price of £95,000 the difference between the agents price and the market value would more than pay off any debts that i owe.

I was allways told to believe that if you tried to pay off your debts and had come to an agreement with someone, that you would pay as much as you can afford, that they could not take you to court and make this type of thing happen.

The local council are people whom we elect to office hoping that they will be upright and honest and not bend the laws to suit themselves,i for one have lost all faith in our local goverment and the laws that govern our country.

yours sincerely

Mr A F Drury







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Total claims:9
Unauthorised payment »06/01/201108/01/20111
I have recently looked into taking out a loan and was made one or two offers however none of them mentioned a company called Post Net Ltd. Before they would register my details & search for possibilities for me, the broker needed my payment details and I was assured that no fee would be deducted until any loan was taken up by me. I actually changed my mind about having a loan and cancelled my applications before anything was finalised. My bank account is now showing a deduction of £49.95 by PostnetLtd T/A CGS and after reading other claims that have been made I am getting very worried that more money may be taken!

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23703epmcashfinders [london]
Total claims:3
Took money without permission »14/02/201215/02/20121
I checked my online balance on my Lloyds TSB account and it says that a company called EPM Cashfinders have taken the above amount from my account. I phoned up to speak to them and they told me i had applied for them on the 7th December. i do not remember making this claim however i feel as it has been so long the do not have the right to take my money. I explained this to the person i spoke to and he continued to tell me about the loans that are available to me. I need that money back.

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24626Happy Mechanics [Stevenage]
Total claims:1
Happy Mechanics Loses Me Money! »27/3/1218/04/20121

Well, we had our meeting with Happy Mechanics - no resolution. We gave them every detail of what has happened so far, and all the evidence but they still refused to accept they had got it so badly wrong! They offered us £500 to take down our complaints - nowhere near what has been lost - and threatened us with legal action if we continue to complain. Naturally, we declined!

(By the way - do you want a tax rebate? You don't need this firm, you can do it yourself. Get a list of all the tools you bought using receipts or asking your Snapon or Mac rep for a list. (You have to do this anyway for Happy Mechanics, as we found out they won't do it for you, so what's the difference?) Then phone your tax office (the address is on your payslip) and explain you want to claim a rebate. They'll help you. And you keep it all, you don't have to pay Happy Mechanics nearly half of your payout!)

Since talking to them directly has got us nowhere, a friend came up with a good suggestion - take it Trading Standards, and the Financial Ombudsman, and a letter to Inland Revenue asking them to revoke Happy Mechanic's status as an approved rebate specialist. We will look into it!

Oh and here's another idea - Advertisng Standards Authority - Happy Mechanics claim a 100% success - demonstrably not true! Plus they say "we do all the hard work and make you a Happy Mechanic" - but they failed to do the hard work and then told Dean he should have done it himself! One very Unhappy Mechanic!


here is the full catalogue of Happy Mechanics errors - all the written proofs are available by request !

Complaint diary

1) December 2011 - Dean applies for tax rebate through Happy Mechanics. Discusses with the rep the purchase of tools both at Slough and previously at Heathrow. Rep offers to get the relevant information from Snapon and Mac about purchases made at Heathrow. Dean is told the refund should be around £1500 and should take less than 8 weeks.

2) January 31 2012 - Dean gets a letter detailing the tool purchases from 2010 to 2012. these are correct and signed off. Waits for a similar list for the tools bought between 2006-2010. This never comes. *

3) March 2012 - Dean told by phone that work was complete, and rebate was £300. Queried and told that they never applied for the rebate on tools bought at Heathrow. Told he should have done the work himself. (so why was he paying them to do it?) Also told it is now too late, as the law changed a few days earlier, on 17th March, and the rest of the rebate cannot now be claimed for.

4) March 26th 2012 - Dean's tax rebate cheque is sent to wrong address. *

5) April 2012 - tax rebate cheque is finally received. It's £260. As well as the 35% management fee, 20% VAT has also been taken off. Dean had not been told about this before. On checking, we find it is listed in the fine print, but of course Dean hired Happy Mechanics to do his paperwork for him as he wasn't confident doing it himself. If Happy Mechanics make their living by doing the paperwork for those like Dean who are not comfortable doing it themselves, then by definition, someone not good at paperwork should be told verbally what the conditions are, not given them in the paperwork! *

6) April 14 2012 - Dean's complaint logged at, using the official company email address, , as listed on the front page of their company website. Every time the squeakywheel webpage is clicked on, an email is sent to this address to notify them. The notification includes the return email address of *A,B,C

7) April 17 2012 - the squeakywheel page has been clicked on over 300 times - over 300 emails have been sent to Happy Mechanics, but still no reply. Post the same complaint on Grumbletext, using the same info@happymechanics email address to notify the company.*

8) April 18 2012 - still no response. Post the same complaint on , also using the contact address of to notify the company.

9) April 19 2012 - still no response . Post a shortened version of the complaint on *

10) April 19 2012 - Squeaky Wheel notifies us that the emails to info@happymechanics are now bouncing back - and suggests that Dean might like to change the contact email address. *

11) April 20 2012 - I check to see whether Happy Mechanics have simply blocked emails from squeakywheel, or have taken down that email address altogether. The info@happymechanics address bounces back emails sent from other email addresses too, proving that it's not that the squeakywheel emails that have been blocked - the happy Mechanics company email address doesn't exist any more- it has actually been taken down.*

12) April 20th - Searching online, I find another email address on Facebook, and change the notification emails to this on the complaints websites. * I also update the existing complaint sites giving this contact address clearly in the text of the complaint for all to see. I also try sending a personal email, but no response.

13) April 24th 2012 - finally a response. Sally Gittens, Client Service Manager phones Dean and over the course of several friendly-sounding phone calls she says she has investigated, can see where it has all gone wrong, and wants to meet with Dean to put things right. They arranges a meeting for Wednesday 2 May 2012. Sally phones Dean yet again and asks him to take down the complaints, pending the meeting. He is reluctant, but after some pressure, he agrees.

14) April 24 2012 - I update the complaint webpages with the good news of a meeting for those who are following, (except the hellopeter site which cannot be modified until after resolution.) and then on April 25th I take down the complaints as agreed. (except , again, the hellopeter site which cannot be modified until after resolution.)

15) April 25 2012 - after the complaints have been taken down as agreed, a letter from Sally Gittens is hand-delivered . Very different in tone from our friendly phone call, she first of all states that we have taken down the complaints as agreed, then contradicts herself to state that we have not done so and threatens legal action.

She claims that Happy Mechanics never received any of the 500+ emails that were sent to the official company email address, never changed the email address to avoid our flood of emails, and that Dean refused to give her his email address on the phone. Actually, she never asked for it - and in any case it was clearly given on every one of the 500+ emails sent to the company! And on the right hand side of the squeakywheel complaints page there is a direct link to email Dean - when you click on it, your own email software is activated and clearly gives his full email address. *

16) April 26 2012 - squeakywheel contacts us again to say that emails to contact@happymechanics are now also bouncing back but with a different error message , indicating that they are being rejected by an automatic spam filter. Squeakywheel say they will use a manual email generator now to avoid this problem. We try personal emails to contact@happymechanics - they don't bounce back but get no response either. We also ask squeakywheel to conform whether the two email addresses bounced back right from the start or only after a few days. *

17) April 26 2012 - Sally Gittens phones again and threatens legal action. We say that after her letter we are now unwilling to negotiate further by phone, and repeat that we have a meeting on Wednesday and will meet with her then, but if she feels she needs to take legal action earlier than that, to go ahead.

18) April 30th 2012 - It seems that rather then deal with our complaint properly, Happy Mechanics prefer to hire a solicitor and try to frighten us into shutting up! an intimidating letter from Foreman Laws, accusing us of making false and defamatory statements against them online. Also demanding we take down three of the four web complaints, including banners, by noon tomorrow. The texts have already been taken down, but the banners have left to update followers that there is a meeting pending. The 4th cannot till after resolution, which Happy Mechanics knows well. * A I reply by email. In it we state "And in light of the fact that your client has claimed to received none of the 500+ emails they have been sent, I want proof you have received this. I therefore request a read receipt from yourselves." No read receipt has ever been received, so Foreman Laws appear to be every bit as useless at emails as Happy Mechanics.*B

19) May 1st 2012 - I go to squeaky wheel site and try sending several messages manually to Happy Mechanics to say page has been viewed. I also send personal emails from my computer to both info@happymechanics and contact@happymechanics email addresses. info@happymechanics email bounces back. No reply from the contact@happymechanics address. *

20) May 1st 2012 -Squeakywheel come back to us to say they can't tell whether the contact@happymechanics emails bounced back straight away or whether they were initially received but then blocked. *

21) I begin to think that maybe Happy Mechanics didn't take down their info@happymechanics email as a response to our complaint - I wonder whether Happy Mechanics have ever had their info@happymechanics email address working. I check online - they have been publishing this address since at least 2011. Can they really be so incompetent that their official published email address has never actually been set up? I'm pretty sure this is illegal. A limited company's address has to receive landmail by law - I think their email does too. Can they really be so inefficient that they have never noticed? Can they also really be so incompetent that their contact@happymechanics address exists but has no-one reading the incoming mail? How many inquiries have they missed, how many customers have they lost? The sheer scale of the incompetence and inefficiency takes my breath away.

22) May 1 2012 - at last! A reply from Happy Mechanics, Karen Pett, to one of my personal emails from "Howard Baker" testing the contact@happymechanics mailbox that was sent on 20th April! So that address does work, they did receive the emails, and yet claimed they didn't, and threatened legal action saying we hadn't emailed them. *

23) May 1st 2012 - another reply to one of my emails, this time sent by "Roger Frazer" using the contact@happymechanics address and replied to by Sally Gittens. It seems that at long last they have discovered that this address wasn't being manned. I replied using the info@happymechanics address but it bounced right back - they clearly haven't yet discovered that their official company email doesn't exist. *

24) May 1st 2012 - another missive from Foreman Laws, by email so now they finally have acknowledged our email address. This time it's Craig Rennie - we have replied yet again that there is a meeting booked and we will discuss everything then. *



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1258UK Taxclaims
Total claims:1
Paid to do tax returns but they were never done! »2007 and 200811/03/20090

for the past two years we have sent UK Taxclaims our tax returns and filled in the paper work and paid them the money and we would contact them to find out what was happening and people would make up excuses and we were told that they were waiting for more information from us but would never tell us. we were also told at one stage that we would receive all the money together for both years.

after doing some research we realised the company went into dissolution end of last year and our new accountant has found out that our tax returns were never filled. So we apid them over £500 for nothing. and to top it all off the one they did fill to hmrc 3 years ago they never paid us for!

I have emailed and called and been lied to several times and i think it is because they have dissapeared back to South Africa they feel they have gotten away with everything and that we have no leg to stand on?!

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2205American Trust Management [New York]
Total claims:1
786968 »4-20-200904/05/20090

American Trust Management called to inform me I had won a large sum of money. Now they want me to send 3,965.00 for lawyers fee's.

Since I will not send the money I wanted them to escrow the money if I have really won it. They make up names now and hang up because I want to turn them in. Someone may send them this money and it is a scam. I would have been ripped off had I sent them this money.

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Total claims:9
theft of money out of bank account »19/01/1121/01/20110
i had been reciving emails from this plusnet limited at the time i thought it was just websites trying to get you to take out a loan with them but what i dident know was that someone had taken a loan out in my name or attempted it and give my bank details out by looks of it as when i went to bank to get money out for my little girls nappys and milk my card was declined as they had taken £49.95 out with out send anyhing through post to check these people who set this account up were who they said they were as if they had got somthing set out to sign or even checked of right address i would have contacted them to say it was fruad which now ive tryed to contact them and they are really hard to get hold of funny enough so i will take this to the police and fraud department as they are not doing a good job of make sure fraud dosent take place

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Total claims:9
money stolen »23/11/201023/11/20100

I was checking offers of loans online. I went to LOAN FINDER website.I ve
answerwed for few questions like :how much money i want to borrow and lots of personal details.I ve never heard about company such a POST NET LTD, No agreements or contracts had been made with them. I was so shocked when I saw my account statment and details of company i have nothing to do with.I would not authorised anyone to take many from my account for sure!So good advice for everyone: be aware of my accident and do not hesitate to fight for your money back even if it needs to end up in court!

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Total claims:9
07933037578 »19/11/201023/11/20100


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Total claims:9
refound »30/1130/11/20100

I have money taken from my account by this company without any notice

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Total claims:9
Just took money »12/02/201115/02/20110
I went to check my personal bank account and had found that this company had taken the amount of £49.95 from my account without notifying me first that they were going to take it. I would like this amount to be replaced back into my account as soon as possible. Thank You, Mr. Edward Quick

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Total claims:9
scammed »17/02/201122/02/20110

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Total claims:9
i was trying to find a small loan to clear up my overdraft, i tried a few and yesterday(sat) i had found £49.95 had been taking out of my bank i phoned my bank but seeings it was taking out via my visa debit card they cant do anything by 30 days by law, ive look for a phone number for this company but nothing has come up, i see on your site that there has been quite a few conplaints about this company, if you can help, would appreciate it many thanks

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19237power capital
Total claims:1
taking money out of my account without my permission »01/05/201114/05/20110
i went to get my benifets out of my account and discovered a debit of £67.70 was taken ouy of my bank account. i never gave my bank details out as im a single mom and wouldnt risk money going out of my account. i then waited 5 days for the name to appear on my statement. i tried researching your company but found nothing until now. i would like a full refund. i have also been advised that you as companys cannot take my benifets.

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23664epmcashfinders [london]
Total claims:3
stolen money »1302201213/02/20120

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24321epmcashfinders [london]
Total claims:3
loans »20/3/1226/03/20120
About a month ago i recieved a phone call off a company called powerloans after attempting to apply for a short term loan.I couldnt really understand what was involved and why they needed my bank details.They rang me back about a week ago,and i told them i changed my mind and i'd like to cancel all of the agreement.They told me to ring their customer services and all i get is an answer machine.Recently ive discovered they took over 68 pounds from my bank account on the 20th of march this year.I sid some research on the net about them and i was appalled at what i read.I'm a single mum of 4,so need to get my money refunded and them to be dealt with asap.

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23925Integra Global Solutions [Thatcham, Berks]
Total claims:1
certainly not chartered and not fit to act as accountants »12/1/201229/02/20120
Integra global solutions positions itself and markets itself as if it were a firm of chartered accountants. In doing so they have caused irreperable damage to the industry and to our business. They do not have the requisite qualifications, skills or training that are required to attain chartered status. They will take your money and mislead you into thinking that they can deliver your accounting project to the same high standards that a chartered accountant can.

Even the ICAEW, the body responsible for awarding chartered status has spotted them. They've taken them to court over this. See -
Please do not be fooled - some prospects and clients mistake them for us because of the name similarity.

Our business has suffered because of their actions. The sooner they stop misleading people, the better.

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25903Accura Accountants Business Recovery Turnaround Limited [Accura Accountants Business Recovery Turnaround Limited]
Total claims:1
Re: 1st class trucking handling customer complaints »2/07/201205/07/20120

I spoke to a lady by the name of Rebecca Novani of Accura Accountants regarding refunds as they were the appointed people dealing with the liquidation of 1st class trucking.
I contacted her because their details were passed on to me by Fair Trading Standards with regards to getting a refund.
As soon as I told her about 1st class trucking she straight away said " unfortunately no refunds will be made".She didn't ask my name when we had dealt with the company or any details even to see if I was maknig a valid claim.
When my wife questioned her further it is only then she even took down my name and in a matter of seconds said my name had not been passed down by the director.
when we pressed on she said only deit or credit card holders will be dealt.We again said we had paid by debit card.
Then she said to contact the Bank with regards to a refund and they said as it was over 18 months they would not be able to give a refund.When I passed on the information she got back saying that she saw on some online forum that we have dealings with the company in April when in truth we knew and paid the company in June 2009.I complained on the online forum and I have not mentioned any month so where she got that information I have no idea.
She said in 2009 the company was operating and why I hadn't questioned the bank then.As I had paid in installments and not the full amount I had no reason to question the bank.We acted in good faith when 1st class trucking said they would let the money be paid in installemnts and no time limit was given.It is only that I havr the money to pay the balance so it it only recently we have tried to contact them.When we were not able to do I researched and found it has gone to liquidation.
Accura Accountants had not informed us about the liquidation and my enquiry was dealt very unprofessionally and false alegations were made regarding the months we knew about 1st class trucking.

I do not understand why Trading Standards gave their details to us and to contact them as they have no intention of helping getting refunds and in my opinion they are also part of the scam.

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30088kiddie kingdom
Total claims:1
no refund »1 /01/201424/01/20140
Hi I bought a graco cleo 2 in 1 pram after 3 months the wheel just came out when I contacted the kiddie kingdom customer service they said they will send a replacement but today I reieved small pin witch does not belong to the buggy and they told me that is all what they can do .my pram still under warranty and they are just ignoring me what I could do help please.

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