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Total claims:6
BOILER FAULTY »FRIDAY 13TH JAN 200920/02/20097

Boiler engineer told me what was wrong and can be repaired and the boiler was well mantained.

Homeserve told me the engineer stated the boiler was beyond repair!

Won't honour claim so Homeserve cancelled policy under

a get out clause !

Still taking monthly payments from my bank !


[] (link:

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1012Swiftcover Insurance
Total claims:4
Swiftcover Insurance »27/11/0824/02/20095

On 27th November I was a passenger in my car which is owned by me. A white van bashed into the front right hand side of the car, 2 men from the van got out, beat the driver of my car up and proceeded to smash my car up causing considerable damage i.e. all windows smashed, wing mirrors smashed, convertible top ripped up.. Everyone disappeared.

Police were called, luckily all 3 (including driver of my car) were apprehended, made statements to the police and were bailed. On 4th of this month they went to court and all 3 pleaded guilty and sentencing will be on 3 March 2009.

It seems as though my car has become an irrelevancy in this. I.e. no one can advice and it seems sentencing will only cover fighting and dangerous driving.

Swiftcover, my  insurance company will not cover anything as I wasn't the driver even though insurance was fully comprehensive and the car was stationary at the time. The company that owns the van has emailed saying "The matter has nothing to do with my Company and therefore nothing to with our insurance"



My car is a Mercedes CLK 320 and worth around £7.5K (today's approximate value) it is still impounded until I request for release (I have delayed this as storage costs will start to incur @15 / day.

I have a claim for £6800 as compensation.. But no one is offering advice (i.e. police or Criminal justice unit)


Please Help

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832swinton car insurance [blackburn]
Total claims:13
cancelation fee £50.00 »7 feb 200908/02/20094

had a non-fault car accident, informed swinton and insurance company as swinton is an insurance broker. the last payment by direct debit was not claimed by swinton, then i recieved a cancelation of insurance letter from swinton. upon ringing them a little man called matt said my insurance was cancelled and so was my claim. swinton also stated that I owed them £50.00 for cancelling my insurance,

so to cap it up...

they've lost my car (wrote off by third party and gone missing according to swinton)

i got no compensation for my car

They dont want know

and i got to pay them £50.00 for the sheer pleasure of being stupid enough to believe swinton is an insurance company.

people be aware swinton only want to sting you for your money, there not interested in providing a service..they didnt even have a record of my accident even though i phoned them myself.


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842Satellite Direct UK [Bognor Regis]
Total claims:5
Refund of DD Payment »28th January 200909/02/20093

Satellite Direct UK seems to use various names - SatLink Services - SatCover Ltd. (Tel: 08702 245777)

I have been paying them £6.50 a month for cover on our Sky TV system.  I should have done my research first as I now see that a number of people have complained about them.  However on 28th Jan an additional £49.99 was taken from my bank account.  I phoned immediately and it was suggested by Tom in their payments centre that I had ordered cover for Broadband and telephone.  I certainly had not done this and in fact had never had cause to contact the company previously.  He then said that an error had been made and that the money would be refunded without delay.  The money has not been refunded to date.  I have made 2 further phone calls and sent 3 emails.  The emails have not been acknowledged.

The annoying thing is that my daughter who lives nearby has also had the same experience.  £49.99 disappeared from her bank account on 28th January,  She can ill afford to lose any amount of money and has also requested a full refund.  No money has been refunded.

I wonder how many more people have lost money like this?

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10963TWG Services Limited [Mitcheldean]
Total claims:4
Failed Turbo Unit »22/1/1002/02/20103

I purchased the above policy for my daughter back in September 2007 from Warranty Works when I purchased the car for her, at a premium of £369.12. I was assured by a member of staff at Warranty Works that the policy was an extremely good policy, and that it covered all major components with the exception of service items such as brake linings etc. The list of covered parts was quite comprehensive and this gave me peace of mind when I handed the car over to my daughter. Sadly this has not been the case. In your letter attached to the initial validation Certificate, you state “We hope you enjoy many miles of trouble free motoring, however, should the need arise you can call on your TWG policy for assistance” on both occasions my daughter has called for assistance under the policy you have declined the claim unjustifiably.

The facts of the most recent claim are as follows:-

On Wednesday 22nd January 2010 whilst close to home, the car suddenly lost much of its power and acceleration. My daughter immediately took the car to her local independent garage (Half Moon Garage, Main Street Pool in Wharfedale). There had been no prior warning that anything was wrong. The garage identified that the turbo unit had failed and needed replacing. My daughter telephoned yourselves, who instructed her to ask the garage to telephone you. The mechanic spent a considerable time without success trying to contact Sean at your claims office, and eventually asked my daughter to contact you as he could not afford to waste any more time, waiting on the line for somebody to answer the telephone. My daughter eventually got through after a wait of 28 minutes and asked Sean to contact Half Moon Garage which he eventually did. The garage reported to Sean that the Turbo Unit had completely broken down, and that he had ordered a new one which was being delivered that afternoon. Sean asked that the garage send the old turbo to the supplying company, to establish the cause of failure, and that the report be sent to TWG services once it was available. The garage agreed to do this.

Once the part arrived, the garage completed the repair and my daughter paid the bill of £950.00.

Sean at your claims office was advised by myself of the current status regarding the repair, and agreed to progress the claim further, once the report from the Turbo Unit suppliers was available.

The report was sent to the garage on Friday 29th January, and I spoke to Sean on the morning of February 1st. He asked that I fax to him the report from ITS Turbos, along with the invoice and a covering letter. This I did and within 30 minutes Sean telephoned with as he put it “bad news”. He told me that the claim would not be honored as the cause of failure was due to a foreign object passing through and damaging the turbine wheel. The report stated that this could have been an EGR valve and Sean stated that it could have been a piece of hard carbon.

I could not believe that you were not honoring the claim and referred Sean to the definitions on page 3 of the policy booklet which states:-

“Mechanical Breakdown”

“The sudden and unforeseen failure of a component, not by wear and tear, normal deterioration or negligence. We are not liable for parts that have reached the end of their normal working lives because of age or usage.”

The turbo unit is one of the parts specifically covered by the warranty and In this case the failure of the turbo unit was sudden and unforeseen, it was not caused by wear and tear, normal deterioration or negligence.

The definition of the word mechanical taken from the Oxford English Dictionary is “relating to or operated by a machine or machinery” and the definition of the word breakdown again taken from the Oxford English Dictionary is “a failure or collapse” In the case of the turbo unit concerned it is a mechanical part and it has failed.

I have fully read through your policy documents and all associated papers you have provided and nowhere can I find any reference to indicate that insured parts are not covered if the cause of failure is caused by a foreign body passing through an insured part. Furthermore, cause of failure is not specifically mentioned at all throughout any of the documents.

When I purchased this policy for my daughter it was to provide piece of mind for if and when such a breakdown occurred. Of course one would hope that no such breakdown happens, but when it does I expect the claim to be dealt with in line with the policy document without you putting unjustified reasons as to why you won’t honour a claim.

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2114Sureterm Direct
Total claims:2
Misleading »01/05/200901/05/20093

After useing to give me quotes on a new second hand car. I bought one as Sureterm Direct quoted me £229.24 for the year so thinking this was there offer to me. But when i phoned to pay for my policy i was informed that i had to pay £601.05 and that there system was always making this mistake. When i explaind that id bought the car on the strength of there quote i was told i should of phoned first to confirm and that there wasnt anything i could do about it. I'm now with a car that i cant afford to insure.

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16972Mobiles 4 Less Ltd [Llanelli]
Total claims:1
Failure to cancel as promised »28.02.201127/02/20113
Tried to cancel Mobile Phone Insurance policy but refused although in their T and C this is promised.

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Total claims:2
MUCH LESS TH>N SATISFACTORY »19th Dec 200819/12/20082

I decided to get the best possible deal I could for my car insurance by scouring the net, rather than sticking with the reliable but not so cheap insurance broker I had been using and found that MORE TH>N were offering a competitive quote, so quite happily set it up and got the confirmation email welcoming me as a customer..all good!  I'd had to set it up monthly direct debit rather than the whole payment which is probably just as well because, around 10 days later, having still not received any policy documents, I decided to ring up customer services and see what the hold-up was...

'We have no record of your policy, we have all your details but as far as we're concerned you're not a customer.  Ok, and so now what?  We have no record of your policy...silence. (After a few seconds) But I can run through some quotes for you..oh and you haven't been charged at all so at least that's ok.'

What she should have said is, your car hasn't been clamped or towed away, so that's ok.  I'd been driving without insurance for around 8 days thanks to a total shambles of a company, or more accurately their pointless website.  I don't think it should matter I waited until close to my renewal, I'm sure I'm not the only one and you should be able to start a policy there and then without wondering if it actually exists.  They didn't even seem inclined to apologise for a situation where I'm being CLEARLY told I'm a customer with a policy in place when I'm not.  As I said, if I'd given them a credit card I bet they would have happily taken it, even from a non-customer!  And that would have doubtless been another struggle.  All this tells me is that for something as important as insurance never trust a computer, always talk to someone and get it official over the phone.  But to be honest, even speaking to a person who represents MORE TH>N would make me less than confident anything was actually being set up properly.

This evening at 6pm, when they were meant to shut at 5.30, a very helpful guy from my original insurer got me set up, gave me a policy number and yes it was a little more to pay.  But at least I know I'm insured.  MORE TH>N can just go and kiss my excess for the unnecessary stress they caused me so close to Xmas!!  Anybody else with similar tales?  I'd be really curious to hear them..     

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1062Valspar Industries/Guardsman Furniture Solutions [Didcot]
Total claims:2
Service request declined »27/02/0927/02/20092

I had my carpets professionally cleaned by a company (name witheld so far) and paid handsomely for additional 'cover' which promised protection against accidental spills which caused stains, amongst other things. I have recently had cause to enter a claim, havingused the supplied cleaning kit which was sent to me when initiating the claim.


The cleaning kit failed to remove even the most recent spills, which beleive it or not were caused by our toddlers tap water leaking out of her beaker! Having tried and failed to remove the numerous black stains from the carpet with the supplied cleaning agent, I filled out the forms and sent them off.


I have today recieved a letter from Valspar Industries (UK) Ltd, the parent company of Guardsman Furniture Solutions refusing to honour the agreement stating some obscure rules hidden within the guaruntee smallprint: namely as the staining has been ongoing, I should have reported each one as and when it occurred.


My complaint now is that they have rejected any responsibility for the claim, despite the fact they insured against this kind of thing. The carpet treatment is clearly faulty (if tap water is staining a beige carpet black) and are now attempting to wriggle out of their responsibilities. I will not accept this, and an email has been sent to them informing them of my intention to either see this carpet cleaned of the stains, or face further action.




It took a while, and a few more stroppy emails pointing out their misleading Policy Document, and them having been mentioned in the House Of Commons by a prominant MP due to poor service, and a couple of threats of court action....


Anyway, my claim has been settled, and I now have nice clean carpets again. My advice then would be to remember your rights and dont take no for an answer.

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768Tesco Motor Insurance [Leeds]
Total claims:3
Rip off motor insurance »04/10/0802/02/20092

Since the 04/10/08 when I was involved in a car accident in Central Manchester, which was not my fault and was proven to be the other driver, I have had the misfortune to have my insurance claim handled by Tesco Motor Insurance.

The level of incompetance to start with and then the deception afterwards has been quite staggering. To support my claim and to shame Tesco, I have attached a detailed document of written evidence which totally supports my claim. As it stands they have cost me money, and now are delaying paying a cheque for £800 which is rightfully mine and has been since early December 2008. They have lied to me twice regarding when this will be issued and have tried to manipulate circumstances, by claiming that it is my fault, when it is clearly not.

Finally Karen Henderson from their Chief Executives Office in Edinburgh is avoiding me, and as a result of all this delay I have issued them with an invoice for my time totalling £730 for loss of time and earnings, which if I do not hear back from them I will seek this through the county court.

I must warn everyone that if you have a car over 6 years old, and have insurance with Tescos they will try to have the car written off, due to beyond ecconomical repair, and will pay you buttons, but also will try to rip you off with the settlement cheque, especially if you deal with their Liverpool office.

Every Little helps, you have to be joking, you give a lot and they rip you off!!!

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13970swinton car insurance [blackburn]
Total claims:13
Billing me for £80 after non fault accident »Sept 4th 201004/10/20102

Had an accident where the other car came around a corner too fast and wrote my car off. The other driver and his insurance admitted liability, The other insurance paid out for my car very quickly but now I am receiving calls and nasty letter from my broker SWINTON who say I owe them £80 for my cancelled insurance, £30 for a cash back and £50 for cancellation. I had 8 months left on my insurance and they won't explain why I do not get a refund or why I need to pay the £50 cancellation as they stopped the insurance when it was written off. I seem to be hitting my head against a brick wall. They said that my claim is now a FAULT claim, which it can't be as the other driver was on my side of road and I had also tried to avoid him by driving onto the verge.
They have told me to pay up as it is being put into hand of a DEBT COLLECTOR and will cost me my good credit and £25.00
This accident has cost swinton nothing as it was paid out by the other insurers.

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Total claims:1
Tesco drove me to near Suicide!!! »October 200821/04/20092

After going through a total saga with Tesco's, over the last 6 months, I HAVE A WORD OF WARNING TO FELLOW DRIVERS OUT THERE! if you value your sanity please stay away from this organisation. As a result of their 'PERSISTANT HARRASSMENT OF ME', which has taken me to the point of near 'Suicide' and has resulted in me having to seek counselling for severe depression and loss of work. Even though I had gone right to the top, to Sir Terry Leahy it got me nowhere, and they still maintain they did nothing wrong. Their Chief Executives Office in Edinburgh is staffed by people who tell lies, and the same can be said for their Liverpool office. Also I have found out that the organisation which is masquarading as Tesco' Motor Insurance is actually called 'UK ASSISTANCE!!!'

To make matters worse they offered £100 IN COMPENSATION, and then said smugly you can always go to the Financial Ombudsman Service, knowing full well that's a waste of time.

If there is anyone from BBC Watchdog, reading this can you please investigate this company on your programme!!!!

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2763e car insurance [bristol]
Total claims:2
refunded deposit »07/05/0918/05/20092

i had a policy with ecar for my car and paid a 250 pound deposit and they cancelled it because they said i stopped the direct debits and i lost my deposit but they didnt tell me my policy had been cancelled it took the police to pull me over before i knew i wasnt insured so i set up a new policy and they sent me a letter stating they needed my no claims certificate so i sent it to them two times because at the time i was aprehensive because of the first policy being cancelled so i thought they would definatly get it if i send two but i receieved an e mail saying my policy had been cancelled due to them not receieving my no claims certificate so naturally i phoned ecar to query this decision and they said because i had a policy already cancelled i should of told them that my no claims bonus was from ecar and not norwich union which i then said i earned my no claims with norwich unoin not ecar and they said it was and because of this my policy is cancelled i have lost a300 pound deposit over the two policies i have lost over 8 hundred pounds in deposits and premiums and ecar has only offered to refund me 93 pounds and i still have not receieved that your help with this matter would be very welcome thanks

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3707ONE CALL INSURANCE [Doncaster]
Total claims:10
Threat of legal action for cancelled service »08/07/200912/07/20092

I purchased car insurance from this company at the end of April, I gave direct debit details over the phone but was then informed that they only take direct debits for payment by installment.  so instead I made an initial deposit of approx £30.00,  and would send a cheque for the remainder of the balance.

When I received the documents confirming the details,  it turned out that there were many inaccuracies.  I tried to contact them,  but was simply put on hold throughout the day.   When I eventually managed to get in touch the following day I informed them that i wished to cancel.

I then returned the documents by post as required.

The following month,  my bank statement showed that they had withdrawn 105.98 from my bank account.  I tried to chase them up on this,  but was simply told no one could handle my call but someone would call later.  No one ever had the courtesy to do this in spite of me making at least 10 seperate phone calls over the month - every time it was the same,  left on call for periods over half an hour,  and when eventually someone answered, I was told "no one can deal with your call right now,  but someone will call you back later on today...".

Having failed to recoup my money direct from the company,  I asked my bank to claw back the cash under the direct debit guarantee in mid june.

On 24th June I recieved notification that they would cancel my car insurance if i did not make the payment to them.    This was not an issue to me as i was already insured with a different company frm 07/05/2009.

Last week (8th July) I received a demand for 104.10 with a threat of legal action to recover this money if i do not pay up within 14 days. As I have said,  the policy was in fact cancelled within a week of first taking it out.

I began to look into the company,  and have found that this appears to be a common experience for many of one calls dissatisfied customers - a large number of such reviews are available at this web address...

I have decided to pay the money after taking legal advice,  though I am not prepared to leave it at that as I personally feel that I have been coerced into paying them money for no service at all! From reading other reviews on other sites, it appears that this is their way of generating income from people who have gone to them in good faith only to find that faith was misplaced.  Their delaying tactics are very effective,  which allows them to cynically abuse the debt recovery regulations.  

I know they have broken the law in terms of taking money from my account without authorisation,  and that I have fulfilled my obligations by cancelling the policy within the cooling off period.  I am not sure if the use of threat of legal action constitutes demanding money with menaces.

In terms of my own claims against the company,  I would like to charge them my contract rate (I am paid up to £50.00 per hour as an IT consultant )  for all my time that has been taken up dealing with them. Once again I do not know what my rights will be here.

I would be grateful for a legal opinion on this matter,  and also what other possible forms of legal redress i might be able to take.

Also, would a letter referring them to Arkell Vs Pressdram be an unwise thing to do?












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3996Sat Link Services [west sussex]
Total claims:4
taking excess direct debits from bank account »feb 2009 and june 200903/08/20092

I joined sat Link Services for sky tv insurance in December 2007 agreed to pay £5 per month, had a contract sent to me for this stating this amount.  They took £6.50 per month instead of the £5 that I signed up for in Feb 2009 they took an additional £49.99 from my bank account and have done it again in June 2009.  have tried contacting them on the two numbers that I have 08702 245777 and 08702 244777 and they cannot be contacted line temporarily out of use?  In total they have had £191.98 from my bank account.  Have been looking online and have found this has happened to many people, can I claim this back? if not from you is there another route I can take? was it a scam?

Today 3rd August 2009 I have cancelled my direct debit to them.


Many thanks


Mrs Tanya Hann

01795 890003

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684Churchill [Ipswich]
Total claims:4
Theft »1/11/200821/01/20091

I took out a Policy with Churchill for a Motor Cycle Policy they took my application and Insured me with NIG Insurance. The application was done by phone ( I have a copy of the Questions & Answers which they got wrong )

On the morning of 1st November 2008 I found that my Motorcycle was Missing I contacted the Police & the Insurance Company. The Bike had been kept at the rear of my property on the night in question, the theives broke a 6ft locked gate to gain access on this occassion my Bike had not been locked in the Brick shed that I have at the rear of the premises as I had major building work going on in my Flat with a new Kitchen & Bathroom being installed. The shed was filled with the contents of my Kitchen and Bathroom whilst the Renovation was taking place.

The Insurance company have said my claim is invalid due to the fact that my Bike had not been locked in a garage. Even though the Bike was out of view could not be seen from any public access and there was a 6ft locked gate.

The question I was asked on my application was Is the Motorcycle normally kept over night in a Locked garage. My initial answer to this was no as I did not have a garage / the person then asked if I had a shed which the Bike could be kept in which I replied that I had a Brick shed that I could keep the Bike in.

When I made my claim I was totally honest with where the bike was and explained the situation to NIG Insurance they refused my claim stating that the Bike should have been Locked in a Garage. I explained the whole situation to them and appealed against there decission. They agreed to relook at the case and said that they had reveiwed the taped application but then turned it down again saying that I had not kept the bike in the locked wooden Shed. I once again spoke with them and said that they had it wrong as I do not have a wooden shed. I then asked for a copy of the Tape that they had onf my application as I know that if they did have the tape it would back up my claim that it was not me that mentioned anything about the shed but the person who was taking my application was the one who raised it. 

They also got the original statement wrong as my Address clearly states that I live in a Flat but on the statement that they sent they have me as living in a House.

At no stage has anyone visited to see what the situation was. I fully beleive that I have been miss sold a policy that was not fit for purpose. I was paying for my Insurance by instalments and have cancelled the policy. The insurance company is now hounding me for payment which I am refusing to pay as I don't have a vehicle just a lump of scrap metal.


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2879Tesco Motor Insurance [Leeds]
Total claims:3
stolen car »16/8/200520/05/20091

we had a four year old alpha romeo stolen from us in 2005. it was found by police a few weeks later and stored at the police garage in liverpool the car had been involved in a robbery while it was stolen and my husband decided that he wanted to terminate his agreement with the finance company as it was a "marked car "which he was in his rights to do. we kept tesco insurance know every thing and it was arranged for finance company to pick car up from peoples garage where tesco had moved it to.unbeknown to us the finance company was told that they would have to pay storage costs of the vehicle and never recovered it. we didnt find out about this until nearly 2 years later when a debt company sent us a letter. contacted tesco who said they didnt know where the car was.cut  a long story short tesco had car for three years but didnt tell us, they have now dumped car at our house undriveable, unselllable and have had no pay out for car that is no good to anyone. tesco admitted liability at first ( have letters)offered us £5.700 the value of car at time it was stolen then withdrew blame and offer dont know where to turn for help as feel tesco have ripped us off. please help

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18937Tesco Motor Insurance [Leeds]
Total claims:3
Mr D Walton »23-3-1105/05/20111
Mr D Walton
Without Prejudice

On the 23rd March I was driving along and was confronted by a car pulling out of severe left hand junction which forces cars on to the opposite side of the rd, I swerved into the left and hit a pot hole the left hand ball joint snapped forcing my car into the kerb and on the pavement.

Upon looking at the damage it was obvious that the car couldn’t be driven, I called a local reputable recovery/accident repair company which I had dealt with previously.

They immediately collected the car and took it to their compound.

On Monday I called my insurers Tesco and asked them to send an inspector to authorise the work.

I was told that their own garage would collect the car prior to inspection, I objected to this however on the wenesday they removed the car,
By Friday when I called for an update UK Assistance told me that they had already ordered the parts to do the repair as they didn’t need authorisation from Tesco.

They had estimated the car to be valued at £7600 and the repair bill would be £4200 and would be returned to me by the 9th April.
Further conversations followed my re my alloys, I was told by UKA that they where aftermarket wheels styled on MV2 BMW wheels, and they were doing their best to match them.

I called tesco and complained at this, as far as I was concernened my wheels where BMW and should be replaced with BMW, Tesco said no., uka said my car didn’t leave the factory with alloys on. All BMW SE models came with alloys as standard.

Next arguament. Upon speaking to various mechanics and the service manager at Scott Hall BMW in Leeds I was informed that as a matter of safety especially on a car that has done 140,000 miles front suspension shockers should be replaced as pairs.

Back to UKA who assured med me that this was not the case, an d they always replaced shockers as a single item.

I then phoned Tesco again to complain the operator was very rude and sided with UKA

Back to UKa who then told me there was a delay on the wheels so it could be another week. I demanded a courtesy car from them, obligingly the agreed, This car was to turn up from enterprise between 8.30am and 9.30 am.

It had not arrived by 10am so I borrowed a car, at lunchtime I called UKA and complained that the car had not turned up and I had to go out. I then suggested that in the interest of safety I would forego the hire car in the interest of having matching shock absorbers, they agreed to this.

Next the car was returned. It had suffered extra damage, we are subsequently arguing this based on a statement from my valeter who had cleaned the car a matter of days befor the accident and done her usual damage report, I obtained and passed on a written report to UKA, they proceeded to call her and accuse her of being in collusion with me in order to get the dents fixd.

Along with this the car arrived back with a cracked windscreen and a new dent on the bonnet, it went back to UKA only to have the whole car buffed and polished in order to hide and remove the orange peel effect on the area they had painted. Now the whole car has hundreds of swirls marks on it under bright lights.

The radio didn’t work and the trim was broken.
The same evening I agreed with tesco that the car would be returned and I should point out everything to the driver I was unhappy about. This was arranged with Tesco and UKS. The driver arrived and informed me he didn’t work for UKI so would be returining that evening.

After many arguaments escalations with Tesco’s complaints dept Iam no waiting for an independant assessor to arrive tomorrow.

He works for Direct Line, Direct Line are ownd by RBS, UK assistance are owned by RBS, Tesco Insurance is underwritten by RBS. In the small print it turns out im insured by direct line.

He takes a breath now, Tesco put a value of £7600 on my car, upon reporting his valuation as too high Tesco sent anot0her engineer to look at the car. He dropped the value to £5600.

I offered to accept 4700 to write it off. So far without transport costs as it has been retuned 3 times
UKA has spent £4700 plus transport plus a new windscreen and now requires a new bonnet and paintwork. I estimate £6000 will be the completed costs.

At the weekend when it was home I tried to PX the car against a newer on, He took one look and said it had been in an accident so the most he could offer was £2000.

So I now have a BMW that should be worth 5K on the drive that should be worth 5600 .
Lets what happens tomorrow, I just want to get rid of the thing.

All parties have been notified that I’m getting over cancer. Yet they persist in arguing with me.

Any help appreciated


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2557swinton car insurance [blackburn]
Total claims:13
Charge? »29/4/0911/05/20091

I WAS a loyal customer of Swinton being with them a few years now.

I renewed my insurance this time paying monthly and everything was fine until I got a new job which I was not paid for the first month. So when I called Swinton to let them know this payment would be late, I was advised that they couldn't note my account that I would be paying a week later and failure to make payment would result in my insurance being cancelled.

That seemed to be fine until I received a £161 bill.

I have since emailed Swinton on their online contact us form of which they said they would be intouch in 5 working days. Almost 2 weeks later, I am still waiting for a reply to my email which simply said "What is this for"

I can understand that I owe £53 for my insurance when it was covered. I was never told about the £50 cancellation fee, but will accept that based on the fact that it is in their T&C. However, I have no idea what the rest is made up of.

I have paid this bill in full now (Not by choice, it was taken from my debit card) but I will fight this as nobody has broken down how this was charged and I hope this is explained and a goodwill gesture given at least!

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22010swinton car insurance [blackburn]
Total claims:13
Fully Comp Policy - discovered not insured »12/11/201113/11/20111

My husband is an HGV Driver currently working in Invergordon. The car policy was due for renewal at the end of August. We changed the car policy from our usual insurers to Swinton in 2010. The renewal Swinton sent us in 2011 was expensive and after running quotes through the comparison sites came up with a much cheaper policy with "Swinton". Contacted the branch who said they could not match the quote and had to take it out over the internet. I did this and when the documents arrived they clearly stated on them "Lancaster Branch" with their address and details. My husband has only been home 3 times since the policy renewal. Whilst working my husband used a work colleagues vehicle to go and do some shopping. Checking that his colleague was fully comp and he was he presumed that he was covered to drive any car third party. He was given a producer by the Police and duly took his insurance to the local police station yesterday to discover that he was not insured to drive another vehicle. After speaking with the branch they said that had he taken the policy out with them direct they would have included insurance for other vehicles but because he took it out over the internet they do not add it on, yet the policy documents have come from Lancaster branch and if we wish to make any changes we have to do it through Lancaster branch. Lancaster branch have rung me on numerous occasions offering us policies for life insurance and breakdown cover which are free for 3 months but it is up to us to cancel after the 3 months. My point is that everything goes through Lancaster yet because he didn't take the policy out with Lancaster branch because they couldn't match the price!!! he has now been charged with driving without insurance. This will now have a detrimental affect on his driving licence, insurance for years to come and also and most importantly his job. The branch never pointed this out to us just told us to take the policy out over the internet. Having always held a fully comprehensive policy and always having the ability to driving other vehicles under the policy it should be made very clear by the insurance companies that this is not included. The Police Officer who dealt with my husband said she had caught out with this as well.

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