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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
2773Offike [Perth]
Total claims:13
Customer service/ripped off »26 February 200918/05/20093

Hi Team

I ordered some ink cartridges from Offike on 26 Feb 09 which the web site said would be delivered within 7 days.  After many e-mails and unanswered telephone calls my cartridges eventually arrived on 23 March 09.  When I recieved my bank statement I realised that they had taken a double payment for the cartridges and Offike owed me £188.97.  I have tried e-mailing them and telephoneing them to no avail.  It is now mid May and the only response I have had from them is a standard e-mail stating they will look in to the matter.  I have contacted my bank who say they have no control over card payments and have advised me to go to the CAB.  I can't believe that anyone can take money from your account without your consent.


A few hours after posting this notice I recieved an e-mail from Offike stating that they would look in to my complaint and investigate the double payment.  So hopefully I wil have a resolution to this matter soon.  Watch this space!!

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more details » [Nottingham]
Total claims:2
unsupported software »19/02/200906/03/20092

I recently purchased a copy of Paint Shop Pro X2 on line from However when the disc came I had a great deal of trouble installing it into my computer. As a result I contacted Coral for some help. When I gave them the product ID number they informed me that this was an OEM version that was only to be given with a product and that it had no support. They also told me that it is against the law to sell this disc in the UK and informed me that riverstreams are in breach of contract. They also told me that I should get onto the company and ask for a refund.

I did this but the Riverstreams company have refused to refund the money, even though I have now to buy a legal version from Coral. So what looked like a good idea has now turned into an expensive mistake. Tradding Standards have told me that the product is not of mercantable quality as I have no way to get it working Due to there being no support for this disc and have advised me to persue it in small claims court.

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3072Offike [Perth]
Total claims:13
Non Delivery of goods »25th April 200928/05/20092


I ordered a pack of 4 toner cartridges for £160.85 from this website on the 25th April the money was taken from my account on the same day. Numerous attempts to contact them by email and phone calls were made and eventually over three weeks later only 3 packs of toner were received (with another customers invoice enclosed)

Since this partial success I have been trying in vain to get the last pack of toner from the company - emails are not answered - phone calls are not actioned - call backs are not replied to even good old fashioned letters are not replied to.

I either want delivery of my toner from the company or a refund ie (£40.21).

The company is R. J. Stennis & Co Ltd (trading as Offike)Unit 1 River View Business Park, Friarton Road, Perth, Perthshire, PH2 8DF.



Please help me get a refund


Raymond Gilmore

(order number 1501451)

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2919Offike [Perth]
Total claims:13
Liars and Thieves »5th March 200922/05/20092

I ordered a HP toner cartridge on 5th March 2009.  When it hadn't arrived after a couple of days I phoned Offike and was told it was being shipped "on Friday".  I'm still waiting!

When I've phoned Offike the line is usually engaged or unanswered, and when my calls have been answered I've basically been lied to about my delivery.  Calls are also answered with a simple "hello", with no business name given.  Emails are only occasionally answered.

On 20th March, when it dawned on me that my toner was never going to arrive, I requested cancellation of my order and a full refund.  This request was acknowledged by email and my online account was updated to reflect this.  I was hopeful that Offike would do the right thing but, once again, I'm still waiting!

Eventually I contacted Trading Standards in Perth.  One of their Officers paid a visit to Offike and spoke to the owner, who looked at my order and put a flag on my account "to remind him to do it at some stage".  I gave them a couple of weeks but when nothing had happened I once again started emailing and phoning them.  I still haven't been able to get through on the phone and my emails are now not being acknowledged, even with their usual lies.

It's not a huge amount of money involved, but we're only a small business and can't afford to be throwing money away like this.  As far as I'm concerned Offike are nothing but thieves, and I wish I'd done a bit of research on them before I'd placed my order.

more details » [unknown]
Total claims:1
Customer Service »Sept 200701/05/20091

I purchased this program called TubeHunter Ultra and it worked for a while.  Then they sent me an e-mail after several months telling me to remove the old software and install the updated software and they gave me a new registration code.  I did as instructed and the new code would not work.  Now I have a program that will not work at all and they will not respond or answer any e-mails asking for a new registration code.  All I want is for the program that I paid for to work and it would be simple for them to send me a new registration code.  For some reason, although their website says they will answer all e-mails usually within 8 hours, they will not answer mine. 

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3285Offike [Perth]
Total claims:13
Payment Taken/Goods Never Received »21/05/0912/06/20091

Do not use this company - they have no intetion of providing the goods you order. On the 21/05/09 I orderd 2 colour toners at the cost of £409.20.  Payment was immediately taken from our company credit card (21/5/09).  I have made several attempts to speak with someone but only get a scottish woman on the answer phone.  I have sent several emails and have had no response.  I have now given up and have asked for a full refund and a cancellation of the order.  Our credit card company are now investigating and I am going to be informing the trading standards office.  When everyone is trying to keep their business afloat in these tough financial times I find it dispicable that a company acts like this.  TOTALLY DISHONEST...NEVER USE!

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3192ADobe Systems Europe Ltd [Uxbridge]
Total claims:1
SCAM, FRAUD, DECEPTION »Janu, SWINDLEary / June 200804/06/20091

04/06/09  DELL & ADOBE     COLLABORATE, collusively, in mutually beneficial FRAUD against the public!

‘ADOBE Photoshop ELEMENTS 6' has,'Non Activated  S /Number but, deceptively, maliciously, fraudulently  states: -

" Use this media to install or reinstall this software." On the disc.

This software is ‘Bundled' as an, deceptive,  inducement to purchase,, from DELL!

Also, ADOBE! Benefits frm the sale knowingly, maliciously, deceiving with a 'Non Activated' Serial number. given

These   malicious, SC AM / SWINDLE / COUNTERFEIT premeditated stratagems, upon me, have inflicted-

Work, Stress, Pain, Waste of time and energy, lack and disturbance of sleep, i.e. damage to my Health and well-being. Additionally, hours / days/ months of abuse against my computer, attempting  to do the impossible, etc.

Recompense, Compensation expected!

more details » [Nottingham]
Total claims:2
090315-084044-5326 »March 200901/04/20090

I sent for an MP4 player from this company that failed after an hour> I'm sure it was a second anyway from the files already loaded on it. My 2 computers failed to recognise it so no music could be added or anything else. I reported this to the company in 6 E mails over a 2 week period, I've had one stupid reply and feel I'm getting nowhere with them. I'm not sure about the claim title in the above form, that is the order number that I was given when ordering the item.I dont particularly want a refund I'd just like a device that worked correctly. Thanks


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1195sega/si games/valve
Total claims:1
football manager 2009 »from day 107/03/20090

I know it's not a great deal of money bought this game in November game is by sega but downloaded through valve/steam had nothing but bother from day 1, now game has stopped working completely and here is the problem when you try to contact valve they say deal with si games but you have to go on si forums trawl through forum's and try to find someone with the same problem as the 1 you have now through lack of a response to my post's I have said a few sarcastic comments and I'm banned for life.It makes a good case for piracy as I think the problems are down to security/activasion issues I strongly advise do not buy this game.

more details » [u/k]
Total claims:1 »April 200908/05/20090

Ordered 2x R4 cards from the internet,cards never arrived.Unable to contact store!!

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2874Offike [Perth]
Total claims:13
No delivery »05/05/200920/05/20090

Ordered HP Back Tone (CB436A) on 5th May 2009. Still after 2 weeks not delivered. Payment taken via my credit card on 5th May. They constantly lie about delivery, saying its been delivered and then when I ask for delivery proof, they then state it will be delivered tomorrow etc (and on it goes....).

When I ring them up, most of the time I do not get an answer, but occassionally they answer, and they are so unprofessional. Its obviously a one man band outfit, who only objective is to rip people off with this scam.

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2916Offike [Perth]
Total claims:13
order number 1501554 »01/05/200922/05/20090

placed an order for ink cartridges to the value of £160.85, had email etc confirming order, after 10 days nthing had arrived, contacted company who promised would chase up order. Nothing heard for 2 days after promised callback so emailed on the 12th May requesting immediate refund. Email received that day promising refund. Emailed on the 18th as still no refund, email received advising they would look into it! Emailed again on the 19th May but had no reply so, on the 21st May, managed to get through via the phone. Sarah Fraser, again, promised to look into matter. I requested to speak to manager and was told he would ring me back. Still waiting for the callback and the refund.

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3014Offike [Perth]
Total claims:13
Samsung Fax Toner »30/03/0926/05/20090

I ordered 2 Samsung fax toners and money was taken from my account on 30/3/09.  Throughout the month of April,  I constantly emailed and phoned and was told delivery would be in the next couple of days.  On one occasion I was told I couldn't speak to the Manager because he "was in a bad mood" - how is that for cusotmer service.  I eventually ordered elsewhere - Offike agreed to refund my account but as yet NOTHING. 

They are not to be trusted please do not order with them unless you want lots of hassle and to give your money away.




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3247Offike [Perth]
Total claims:13
H. P. Toner »17th April 200909/06/20090

Ordered the toner on 17th April 2009, as yet nothing delivered despite numerous e-mails phone calls and promises by Gordon Anderson that the goods were shipped by TNT. We have asked for a refund on several occassions but as yet nothing.

7th September 2009 eventualy I have managed to get a refund from my debit card company, took a long time but got there eventualy.

What ever you do. DO NOT USE OFFIKE daylight robbery.

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3261Offike [Perth]
Total claims:13
Non delivery of goods »21st May 0910/06/20090

Printer cartridge ordered 20.5.09.  Money taken out of credit card account 21.5.09.  Still no delivery by 3.6.09. Cancelled order and asked for refund 3.6.09. Still no refund by 10.6.09.  Cant get hold of anyone on phone except one Scottish woman who doesnt do anything except say messages will be passed on.  No company should take money from a credit card account until the goods are dispatched.

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3733Offike [Perth]
Total claims:13
Refund not received »27/04/0915/07/20090

I placed an order for 1 x HPC9720A Black Toner Cartridge for £91.85 and 1 x HPC9723A Magenta Toner Cartridge through their website on 27 April 09. After placing the order with payment by credit card totalling £213.92 I waited and waited for our order. I attempted to call them to chase the order but the phone continued to ring and ring. I sent emails and filled the enquiry form out asking for an update of our order but had no response to any of my communications.

On 12 May I made an enquiry through the form on their website to cancel my order as my order status was still saying processed not dispatched I was entitled to cancel my order and I requested a refund. I also reiterated this in a letter outlining the reason for cancelling and the request for a refund.

I received two emails shortly after one stating my order had been located and a refund will be arranged from Sarah Fraser and the second email stating that my order status is cancelled and refund to customer. That was the last successful communication I have had with this company.

We are now in July and I have still not received the £213.92 refund. I have since made numerous calls throughout July, left several voice messages and sent plenty of emails chasing for our refund and still have not heard.

I called Offike again on Thurs 6 August and spoke to a very vague lady who didn't even want to say her name. She was very unhelpful and I am sure she was contemplating putting the phone down. She did not want to talk to me about my situation and said she didn't know when it would be sorted. She said I would receive an email / call from someone, but she couldn't say who. Interestingly this is the only call I have had answered calling this number and when I did so I dialled 141 before hand and amazingly the call was answered.

We are still due our refund from April/May. I have since written another 2 letters both of which have not been responded to.

Slowly losing patience at the way this company is treating its customers, and the vague trading that is going on. They are still trading as Offike as the lady answered the call saying Offike and the website is still trading however I still have NOT receivedour refund which is well overdue.

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3815Offike [Perth]
Total claims:13
Offike »22 June 200923/07/20090

On Monday 22nd June 2009 I ordered, on line, the above toner cartridge which we paid for by credit card.

I rang Offike's contact number on 29.06.09 to enquire where our order was. I was told that the order would be despatched immediately and that I would receive either a telephone call or email. The telephone call and email never came. Since then I have phoned so many times and was always told that someone would get back to me - they never did.

I eventually emailed a couple of times. On Thursday 16th July I emailed and asked for our money back. Then on Sunday 19th July I finally received an email saying that the lack of communication was due to "to staff issues at this time of year." and that the order was actually going to be despatched. And on Monday we received another email saying that it had been despatched.
The package arrived on Tuesday morning (21st July).
When I opened the package, the box had been opened and stuck back down with sellotape. I opened the box and the toner cartridge inside was not in a sealed black plastic bag. And the tab that one normally pulls to begin a new cartridge had already been removed. Therefore they had sent me a used cartridge!

I have phoned, emailed amd written asking for a full refund.

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4275Offike [Perth]
Total claims:13
goods cancelled and no refund receivedd »15 June 200918/08/20090

Ordered printer cartridges and when they did not arrive after two weeks cancelled the order.

It's now the 18th of August and have not received the refund. Since then I have learned that many more people are in the same boat with this company.

The owner Gordon Anderson should be stopped from trading.

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4787Offike [Perth]
Total claims:13
Printer cartridges not delivered »22 August 200909/09/20090

Placed an order for 2 cartridges valued at £48.28.   No delivery within 7 days as promised - despite phoen call (actually spoke to someone) and e-mails.  Cancelled order and claimed refund (paid via Paypal)  No response - unanswered calls and e-mails.  Raised dspute procedure with Paypal.

These people also trade as Parker Supplies - phone Parker Supplies, Tel: (01738) 451119   Same phone answering message.

This was my second order, first in cApril 2009 was delivered within 4 days ... which is why I went back.


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6826CD Earth, LLC
Total claims:3
Detecting every month »05/Nov/200918/11/20090

 I have ordered free cd on Aug month, After that i didn't visit CD Earth [] (link: at all, but they are detecting every month. please find the details below

20AUG CD EARTH 866-789-0369 866-7890369 TX USD 2.96 149.8 (Inr)

12OCT CD EARTH 866-789-0369 866-7890369 TX USD 29.98 1,442.22 (Inr)


Please let me know if any issues.


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