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20585Posh Drives [Cannock]
Total claims:1
This man stole our money »12.7.1113/08/20112

Martin Henden of Posh Drives in Cannock started our drive in July 2011.  He dug out the old drive and laid the foundation.  We foolishly gave him the cash to buy the materials and since that time no further work has been carried out on our drive and despite numerous requests, he has refused to return the money to us.  We are posting this article to warn other people that Martin Henden cannot be trusted and to avoid this company at all costs.

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1253Interlock Drive - Bristol [Bristol]
Total claims:3
0 »November 200810/03/20091


Do not deal with this company, or believe the sales patter they give you.

I contacted interlock as they were doing work in my area, and on the face of it their worked looked ok.  A guy called Tony turned up (one of the bosses) and after a lot of haggling agreed to do the job for a good price as none of the houses in my street had been done.  Keep it to yourself he said after dropping about £1,000 in price, might get some more business from it.

Guaranteed 10 years, no problems, good workmanship and, any problems at all they were local and would be straight back to fix it.

I checked them out on the Internet and companies house - they are a Ltd Company -so felt reassured.  How wrong can you be!

Drive was completed in Oct 08  and full payment was made on completion once I was satisfied, which took a couple of visits back from them to do some tidying up. 

So what's the problem?

During the ground work. I needed to remove the Tarmac they were trying to use as hardcore (I'm no builder but tarmac is too soft for a base).  Once the foundations were done Tony and his crew were a little elusive for about 2 weeks and then suddenly turned up to finish the job, which fair enough they done in a day or so.

All was ok until about 2 months later when after a lot of rain I noticed that the bricks under my damp course started to look very wet, so I contacted Interlock (Tony) in January 2009 to ask if he could pop around to have a look. 

To cut a very long story short some 20 - 30 phone calls later he eventually turned up at the start of March (and I think this was only because I was so fed up that I threatened to go to the local paper / take legal action (Both of which I'm still looking into)

To cap it all, when he arrived, he was full of attitude, and when I said that water was pooling by my door and causing damp (which was starting to rise) he produced a small spirit level and showed me how level the drive (well 2 bricks of it) was!  Totally dismissing the point I was making which was that there was a problem and should a drain have been installed. 

Tony, said that there was no problem with what had been done, called me a liar (couldn't quite believe that!!) and said he would be back in 2 weeks to use the vibration plate to sort it out.  Oh and if I wanted him to fix it, it would cost £200!!

At this stage (nearly at the end of the two weeks) I've heard nothing and do not expect him to resolve anything.

Would I recommend them - NO1

Would I have used them if I'd known about how much they really care NO!


Do I think I would have got better service if I'd paid the original full amount he wanted?  NO!

PLEASE BEWARE - I'd much rather pay more and have a reputable company who know what they're doing.




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13998Interlock Drive - Bristol [Bristol]
Total claims:3
driveway »August 201006/10/20101

This firm was in the area cold calling for work,I needed m drive done so agreed.I was given a form to say I had 7 days to cancel,but within 1/2 hour a team of workers dug up my drive,this was then left for 2 weeks,Eventually work was completed,however the first rain storm we had my garage became flooded causing considerble damage.I have been trying to contact this firm but although 2 representives called and viewed the damage and agreed it was faulty workmenship.They have not returned to re.pair.With all this rain the garage is still being flooded causing more damage.As they would not return to fix problem or return my phone calls I have had a professional company in who inform me tha a drain is required plus the levelling on drive is wrong,On original quote it stated "New Aco Drain Required By Regulation".Also they would only accept a cash payment {£2600}.

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Total claims:1
Poor customer service »07-03-1204/04/20121
This company damaged my fence and wouldn’t respond when I complained.

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28379Town & Country Driveways [Whitchurch]
Total claims:2
Shoddy Work »11.12.1314/02/20131
We waited twenty years to be able to afford to have our driveway paved (imprinted concrete). Afer two months, the work is still not completed. Even worse, what they have completed is a total disaster. Please see photos on FLICKR website. Just enter:- "town country driveways steps" - in the search option.

Since the 14th January 2013, I have heard nothing. They have not telephoned, emailed, written or made any attempt to visit.

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14045Interlock Drive - Bristol [Bristol]
Total claims:3
Unfinished Work »Oct 200910/10/20100
This guy just doesn't give up.

I used this company to replace driveway and patio area. The latter is badly constructed and both are still awaiting the firm's "amazing" protective coating. Of course, he's already taken the money with his threatening and intrusive approach to collection.

Despite umpteen phone calls and assurances of completion, nothing has happened. The bloke even had the cheek to send one of his monkeys around to ask for the money AGAIN to complete the work.

Am I the first? NO...

Will I be the last??? I somehow doubt it.

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12503Driveway concepts, Inc. [Quakertown]
Total claims:1
DCI fraudulent sales practices and failure to honor contracts »5/25/1001/06/20100

Driveway Concepts, Inc. came to our home to provide an estimate for driveway seal coating and a minor amount of concrete work to lower the edge of our driveway to street level. They first provided a verbal estimate of $125 for the seal coating alone, which was the same as other estimates we had received. They then provided a written estimate for the total of $160, which clearly included both the seal coating and the concrete work, which was written into the estimate. They even confirmed the estimate with my husband later that day.

On 5/25/10 DCI performed the seal coating, but not the concrete work promised. When my husband called DCI the following day to find out why the concrete work was not performed, DCI informed him that the concrete work was not included in the estimate of $160, even though it was clearly written in the estimate! We would never have agreed to pay $160 for the seal coating alone when the rest of the contractors all quoted $125 for the same thing. I then called the salesman, Bill Roberts, and spoke with both him and the owner (who refused to give me his name). Both were extremely belligerent and unprofessional, accusing me of trying to “get something for nothing,” and rudely hung up on me mid-conversation rather than even asking to see a copy of the disputed estimate! Nice customer service!

At the very best, Bill Roberts had made a mistake on the estimate, and any reputable business would have dealt with the issue professionally rather than throwing accusations at the customer; at worst, DCI is simply committing fraud by overcharging for work performed, promising in writing to perform certain work, and then refusing to honor a written contract. We are very sorry that we trusted DCI and would advise anyone considering using them to go with another contractor, who will likely charge you less anyway.

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28380Town & Country Driveways [Whitchurch]
Total claims:2
APPALLING SHODDY WORK »11.12.1214/02/20130
We have waited twenty years to be able to afford to have our driveway done (imprinted concrete). Town & Country Driveways commenced work on the 11th December 2012. It
is still not completed. Even worse, what they have done is a complete and utter disaster. The steps are crooked and dangerous and the concrete is already coming off. There are numerous other shoddy parts of the driveway too many to mention.

Since the 14th January 2013, we have received no letter, email, phonecall or visit. How unprofessional is that particularly as their brochure emphasises their quality of work and their cusomer service.

I suffer from M.E. and am now officially diagnosed as disabled due to this. I have to avoid mental and physical stress as this has an adverse effect on the condition. Not much chance of that. Consequently my condition has deteriorated substantially since January 2013.

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28467Town and Country Driveways Limited [Whitchurch]
Total claims:2
Town & Country Driveways Limited »20th February 201321/02/20130
Driveway started December 2012. After a complaint about the quality of work as well mas unfinished work, it would seem Town & Country Driveways Limited have abondoned the installation. We have now had to commence county court proceedings. All very stressful and disappointing. We were so looking forward to having our driveway done but it has proved to be a real nightmare.

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28916Town and Country Driveways Limited [Whitchurch]
Total claims:2
Town & Country Driveways Limited »12th March 201329/03/20130
Despite County Court proceedings - effective date 12th March 2013, still no remedial work carried out. Last visit of an "engineer" was in january 2013.

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29500Dave Block Paving (Dave Cosgrove) [Walsall]
Total claims:1
Tried to rip me off. »07/08/201218/06/20130
The above trader, tried to lay a driveway using 25mm recycled stone, not as per his quotation, he conned £500.00 out of me for the privilage, and has failed to respond to trading standards regarding the matter.

the following address is what was on his buisiness card.
44 Talke Road

Do not use this rouge trader.

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29878Town and Country Driveways [Whitchurch]
Total claims:1
Remedial work not carried out »November 201225/09/20130
We signed a contract in June 2012 to have a driveway laid. They laid the drive at end of November/beginning of December 2012. There were several faults which they said they would rectify when the weather improved. After many phone calls and e-mails, an "engineer" came at the end of February to rectify an unsafe part of the drive but could not do other remedial work because of the weather. It is now 25th September and despite many e-mails, advice from Trading Standards, a formal letter sent in August, there is still no sign of any remedial work being done. We are in the process of trying to write to the Directors, and finding out what else we can do. We would appreciate any advice.

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