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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
20603Network HGV [London]
Total claims:20
Fraud »08//08/201115/08/201153
My wife paid a company called Network HGV a total of £1294 for my cat C training. After passing my theory test, Network HGV sent me a letter stating that my practical tuition was to commence on the 8th August, with the practical test on the 12th August.

At about 17.25 on Friday 5th August I got a phone call from Network HGV telling me my training was cancelled because the DSA had double booked my test.

The situation currently stands as follows.

The DSA have confirmed that no driving test was ever booked in my name.
The actual driving school were never paid by Network HGV for my course and knew of the cancellation 24 hours before I did.
After contacting consumer direct, I sent a letter via recorded delivery to Network HGV asking for a refund. The letter has not been received, I suspect they refused to sign for it.

My wife and I have called Network HGV repeatedly and have been lied to on most occasions. They promise to call back and never do. I was told they had received the letter, my wife was told they had not received it.

My wife and I are at our whits end. We are very short of money and had to borrow the money to afford the course. Now we have no money, no course and no license.

I am seemingly left with either trying the small claims court, or trying to issue them with a winding up order. But at the moment I can't even afford to do this.

All I wanted to do was better myself by becoming a truck driver and getting off minimum wage. Instead all I got was defrauded out of £1294.

Everything I have posted here is true, I have the letters to proove it.

If there is anyone on this forum who can help in any shape or form, please send me a PM.

To anyone else thinking of using the above company, Caveat Emptor!

Thank you for reading this, I hope some of you can help us.


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7072Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49
non info before course »24/11/200924/11/200914

I recieved a phone call 3 days before my course from the course instructor.He told me that I can no longer do the course through Pathway as they owe him too much money.I tried to contact the company to find out what was going on,but was told there was a technical fault on their phone line.I have also tried e-mailing but have yet to recieve a reply.My course is now only 2 days away,so do I turn up or not, as I am concerned by the fact that the instructor wants me to pay him directly as Pathway have not paid him.Sadly I am unable to do this until I get either more information from Pathway or my money back.

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9799Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49
court hearing »13/12/200915/12/200914
i have contacted today TAYLOR WESSING lawyers branch in london and they are having a court hearing against pathway in january, they are looking for people who r willing to give statments in court, there is a chance for all of us to get our money back. telephone number to contact is 02073007000. please contact them and tell your story, if we all group against them we have a chance. taylor wessing have been informed about pathways by one of the companies who pathways owe money too a while back. please everyone get in touch, we will not rest until it is sorted!!!!

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10281Highway hgv [London]
Total claims:2
hgv coruse »23/9/200904/01/201013

it looks like i have been taking for a ride like the rest of you i paid by debit card 1650 pounds for a hgv coruse got my licence past my medical had a phone call in november asking me to pay 299 for pass protection but i said i would not pay any more money till after xmas then i tryed to phone them and got no reply this is when i new somthing was wrong that was in december hello all out there i have now been told to get hold of the

insolvency on phone num 08456029848 i will try and get hold of them tomorrow we then see where we go from there i hope we all can go on and drive the lorrys

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20866Network HGV [London]
Total claims:20
NETWORK HGV FROUD »05.08.201106/09/201113
Hello I make decision to upgrade me license to 1st class I've got now just second class. When I found that company NETWORK HGV and I spoke with mr SID JAMES he was very helpful I make a first payment 500 on 3.08.2011 and second 695 on 05.08.2011 so together 1195. Mr james give me date when I will have my exam 02.09.2011 and it was end from that moment I never recived any answer from ther.I was trying a lot of times to contact them but nothing.Last time I spoke with them it was 24.08 I heard that my exam was moved to end of next month.I decide to cancel it and send to them recorded letter with cancelation on 25.08 for 16 brune street london they recived that letter next day but when I reached them by phone I heared that they got this letter and I have to wait 28 days to refund. on the next day when I talked with them again proved that they not recived it.If somebody will have corect adress please let me now

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7022Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49
Fraud!!! »23/11/0923/11/200912

I contacted Pathways HGV Training a few months ago because I saw them advertised in The Sun. I wanted to take my HGV test and they promised me training and help with my CV and finding a job after passing my test. They sounded good and the price reasonable. I stupidly paid up front even though alarm bells were ringing because they kept pestering me for payment. After getting my provisional licence, I rang for a theory test appointment and it took ages to get through to someone who could make the appointment. I took and passed the theory today and have been trying to book my practical training, but all numbers I've got for them are unavailable. I have since read stories on here that are the same as mine and I can;t believe I have been conned out of £1500. Times are so hard and I used my saving to pay for the test. Please get in contact with me and we could get a group together and get in contact with Watchdog or Trading Standards. We need to fight to get our money back. People can't be allowed to get away this.

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7017Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49
fraud »25/10/0923/11/20099

I wrang up pathways hgv training and paid the full £1800 to do my class 2 adr, pass protection and also they told me they would get me a job, this was what i was told by tom roberts who works there. i passed my theory then i got a date for the 25-30 of october to do my driving test which was in shrewsbury with AVT where i live, now on the 23/10/09 just two days before my test i got a phone call not off pathways but off Jim West the training instructor of avt in shrewsbury saying he is really sorry but i cant do any training etc because pathways have not paid him for anything, jim told me they owed him over £8000, so on monday i contacted pathway and they would not admit anything to me so instead of doin the training in shrewsbury pathways sent me to wigan where they were goin to compensate me with fuel costs of £80 but they didnt pay up. i did my training with wigan hgv and missed a days training because of all the mess, i failed on the friday so i used my pass protection which i got with the package i paid for and my retest is on the 25th of november, now would you believe it wigan hgv wrang me on friday sayin sorry we cant put you through the test because pathways yes again!! owe them over £10,000 and not paid them,so the only thing i could do was pay a further £240 of my own money to do the test, now pathways just keep putting the phone down on me or they trying to fob me off. i went down to the head office today to have it out with them and they have gone and apparently are goin into liquidation but are still ripping off people and selling packages from there website. PLEASE READ THIS PEOPLE AND DONT GET RIPPED OFF LIKE WHATS HAPPENED TO ME, THEY HAVE RUINED EVERYTHING FOR ME AND ALSO NOW I HAVE NO MONEY TO SUPPORT MY FAMILY. they have taken everything i have worked for away from me.

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7237Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49
Pathway Fraud »9th Nov 200902/12/20095

Like many others I was fooled into thinking they were a reputable company as their salesman, Samuel Johnson, was an excellent actor and should deserve an Oscar. He even told me that if I paid the full amount and not installments that my son would be guaranteed a job.I paid £2600.00 to Pathway for the full works for my son who, like many others, is unemployed and this was to be a new startfor him and his family. I am a pensioner and have not any spare funds so paid for it on my credit card. My son had his medical and sent his licence off to have the provisional entitlement recorded and after it was returned we tried to contact Pathway but they seem to have disappeared. I have been in touch with RHA, Trading standards at Hackney, The receivership office and Companies House. It appears that Pathway are being looked into so it is just a matter of waiting. If anyone paid on their credit card then the money should be refunded by their bank. I have also had a further amount debited from my card to top up a T-mobile phone in the London area. Was that them aswell? I don't know. I would love to meet up with these fraudsters, face to face ,and tell them how may lives they have destroyed and see if they have any remorse.

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21150Network HGV [London]
Total claims:20
full imbursment,damages and compensation »august 201122/09/20115
my son wanted to better himself so decided to become a truck driver, after looking at some companies on the internet he was happy with the company Networkhgv has it seemed to have everything he wanted so after he filled the form in he got a call from someone who called himself Sid James, who seemed nice, so my son paid the sum of £1200 altogether, he then took his theroy and practical test which he passed he got the certificate through to say he passed, he posted the certificate to networkhgv and waited to hear about his driving lessons but nothing happened so he decided to ring them but got no reply so he then asked me to ring which i did for 4 days but still got no reply we then decided to look back on the net only to find that the company was a fraud company my son was gutted i went to the police, got in touch with watchdog,reported them to action fraud, wrote a letter to the PM and got in touch with the consumer advice people who have told me what to do if i do not get no joy from this company then i would like all the people that have been conned out of money by this company to get in touch with me and i will take them to a small claims court i am furious that people like that are willing to steal the money from hard working people and not feel guilty or have any feelings. people came to you from out of the goodness of their heart trying to make a better life for themselves....

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7026Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49
fraud / miss sold class two »23/11/0923/11/20094

Hi guys i have had the exact same problem with them by telling me the world was my oyster and basically anything else that would help me part with my hard earned cash, i only found out today about this miserable bunch of fcuks from my driving school who warned me not to pay any other money to pathway as they are owed £15,000. i will not be letting this drop and am going to the cits advice tomorrow at 5pm to find out exactly what rights we have in claiming this money back and if not all of it as like us all it was sold to us under false pretenses. the last i heard from pathway was around three days ago asking if i wanted to take out an extra pass protection as i had failed the first one it would only cost £299 luckly i said no and that was that heard nothing else... I JUST DONT KNOW HOWTHESE PEOPLE CAN SLEEP EASY AT NIGHT KNOWING WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE THEM PAY!!! my email address is please email me your email address so i can send you the info i get tomorrow.  

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7056Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49
FRAUD »23/11/200924/11/20094

I have booked my class 1 and 2 with Pathway HGV training i have spent £2597 to do this i have passed my theory which they put me through but when i went to do my practical training with them yesterday at acompany called Newcroft training services in purfleet essex.When i arrived they told me they could not give me any training because pathways owe them £25,000 so i come home to ring them and can't get hold of them. All you get is we are having a technical problem and we can't take your call please email us at [] (link:  and we shall get back to you within 24hours now i have done this and have not had anythink back i have rung london courts to find out if they have gone into administration which they haven't not as of yet but i guess they are going into. I have rung the sun to tell them and i am sending an email to watchdog too. To see if they can help i really don't no what to do now if their is anyone that has any other numbers for pathways or manage to get hold of pathways could please share the number with me please. I do have a couple of numbers but the free phone numbers have been cut off so i only have this number which is 0203 004 3320 but its not getting me anywhere. I think we need to try and get together and take this to all the newspapers and people like watchdog and rogue traders to stop things like this happening again.

Many thanks

Darren Goldstone


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7118Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49
FRAUD »30/11/0930/11/20094

I can't believe I have just found this site and seen all the people like myself who have been completely ripped off by this company.  I too paid money up front to get my hgv class 2 training and was promised that they would see me through it all every step of the way.  I contacted the company once I passed my theory test which was approximately a month ago now.  I spoke to Junior Lewis who gave me a telephone number for the practical department to get my training done and my test booked.  Once I got through to them I was told there was approximately a 3 week waiting list for my area and that someone would be in touch with me.  I tried ringing back every week since that time and I too got the recorded message "your call is important to us, you will be connected to the next available adviser"  I held on for over half an hour and still wasn't connected.  I tried calling again the following day and daily for over a week.  I too then got the message "we are having technical difficulties but this will be resolved asap, please e-mail us etc etc"... I e-mailed them I still have had no response whatsoever.  I also sent a letter by special delivery, to ensure it was delivered and I still have heard nothing.  Like everyone else I now get the unobtainable signal when I try ringing.  I am so angry and upset since I was hoping this course of training was going to open up a new window for me.  All I have done is lose my money.  I am certainly happy to contact anyone that thinks it will help to get this situation noticed.  So if anyone can give me some advice please feel free to tell me!.  Where do I go from here?



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7274Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49
fraud »20/10/0903/12/20094

i also have been ripped off by pathway i rang the police in peterborough and my bank now the fraud sqad from my bank are also involved and guess what the police dont seem to be bothered but the trading standards are looking at this company im pissed of as its a months wages gone and i dont think i can get it back as i paid by a debit card it took me 3 weeks to do anything about it as i was waiting for my licence to come back from dvla then thats when i couldnt get hold of them.

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7059Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49
Ripped Off my Pathways! »23.11.200924/11/20093

I had purchased a Training Package with Pathway LGV 23rd June 2009, costing me £2009.

I received the Theory Test book and Hazard Perception CD from them. I passed the medical (costing me £49) and received the provisional HGV Licence. I have now passed both Theory and Hazard Perception and now want to book the training and practical test.

I have called the Pathway Customer Services number on several occasions last week - The number 02030043320. This just goes to a message asking to hold in a queue and then eventually another message saying "Hello and Thank you for calling Pathway, due to technical difficulties, we are unable to take your call right now, but we aim to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Please e-mail us at [] (link:



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187431st Class Trucking [Enfield]
Total claims:7
Patrick's your best mate until you've paid the money »25/04/201127/04/20113
The claim is for £355 but that's not even close to what this bunch have cost. My son in law was aiming to get an HGV by the end of January but the delays caused by this bunch of do nothings has cost more than £300 in phone calls via a mobile phone to a charging number. THEY NEVER CALL YOU BACK UNLESS THEY WANT YOUR MONEY. It doesn't matter how many times you call, it's the same collection of stories time and time and time again. We called them every day for a month and were assured a phone call back every time, and nothing happened. He was due to attend the Driver CPC Module 4was late. 1st class trucking were very sorry but there are no refunds. You miss the test you lose the money. But in come the return phone calls eager to book in for a retest... for another £355. After a bit of research I spoke to a LGV Trainers ( who do a "concise package is designed to prepare you for both modules 2 and 4 of the Driver CPC Initial Qualification.” They charge £246.99 for both modules including the tests! There was another company near Birmingham who offered the Module 4 for £195 but only took 50% of the money up front. With that company we might have lost a maximum of £100 if we missed the test. The guy there actually told us there's bound to be some other company in our area. He reckoned that 1st Class Trucking are probably just agents who are buying in the service from someone else and charging double for the privilege.

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19824highway hgv training
Total claims:5
money back »start in november17/06/20113
Hello my name ewelina, I have a little bit unusual question I paid £ 1500 for highway HGV training in November and since then, nothing is as it should I call them almost 2 times a week since then. is now the end of June and continues for one bell. besides it's hard to get through to them. I am desperate because it's a lot of money and I do not know if I can recover everything. I still have two friends also have paid them money and also have the same problems. We do not know what to do and how we recover our money.
my history with this company is long and is constantly running.

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22130fasttrack hgv [london]
Total claims:3
hgv training »january 201121/11/20113
paid for hgv driving lesons and test in january 2011 with this company fasttrack hgv.paid up in full.9 months laiter and still nothing .cab and tradeing standerds have all tride to get in touch to no sent a test date for november 14 in manchester with company called enterprise week befor my test.I phoned them up to see what i needed to bring with me on the day.I was told my test has not been booked.and thay dont deal with fasttrack hgv becuse evary cheque thay sent bounced.and there are 12 more men who lost there money as well.this compay is STILL trading.

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9862pathway hgv [london]
Total claims:8
hgv training fees »28/10/0916/12/20092

i saw parthway hgv in google web and i applied for hgv catergort c, and they called me the following day and they promised to get ma a job that there are a lot of job opportunity for hgv drivers and i was convinced by what one basted samuel johnson told me, and at the moment he called i payed the sum of 300pounds through debit card and another 1000 in person and they gave me a receipt for it, after a week i called there no it was not going through, then i went to there office at liverpool street there i was told that they are thieves. please befor any web site, newspaper or magazine will publish any organisation they should make sure if they are truly genneieu and see how progresive they are going parthway will definately pay my money back. i dont no how they will do it but i no i am going to recieve my money.

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7078Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49
PATHWAY FRAUDSTERS »24 Nov 0924/11/20092

Please see my comments in the pathway complaint section under 'KARL'.

(I've used the email [] (link: http://index.php/?go=details&id=7026&adv=yes)

[24/11/2009] KARL: Hi there, I just read all the comments regarding pathway, I'm devastated because I wish I'd researched this 'company' more.

My wife saw their advert in the Sun & because we need more money (because we've got a baby due Apr 2010) she gave them a call. Big mistake.

The smooth talking 'Raj' on the end of the line promised her the world, then when we handed over our hard earned cash he would hardly talk to my wife and was very rude.

I had lots of phone-calls from 'Natalie' who was trying to book me a course in Jan 2010 (even though Raj promised my wife I'd get a course by Xmas). She booked my theory test (due for 4 Dec 09) but then the phone-calls completely stopped.

My wife has tried calling them but there's no answer. We're planning to go down to their head office in London and taking a police officer with us to sort this out because if I go there on my own I'm not sure I'll be able to control myself.

Sorry to bother you with my sad tale but I'm so angry with these b*stards taking £1000 from us. It looks like we've been kind of lucky compared to some who've paid +£2K.

If you have any advice it'd be appreciated.



p.s. I've emailed BBC Watchdog & Brent Trading Standards.

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7149Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49
seminar certificate »9/10 december 0901/12/20092
I have just been informed that pathways have been bankrupt,i have paid £299 to pathways for a seminar in which i should attend,so that i could gain a certificate for my lgv class 2 ,so that i could show employers that i have that 6/12 months experiance.Pathways promissed me that they would help me find a job,i paid 2500 for my lgv in which i just passed in sept 08 09.
problem is there is no seminar held on the dates,and i have lost out to 299 pounds,thanks to pathways who promised me,they would help me get a job,but the only help they reaaly give you is being really pushey in you parting with your money,prommising you all the help and support they will give you,blah blah blah.thats what they are good for.

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