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11643iflorist [Altham]
Total claims:24
Flowers bouquet for mother's day »14th March 201015/03/20104

I placed an order with Iflorist on 11th March. They were advertising lovely bouquets of flowers to be delivered on Sunday 14th March so I decided to place the order. I stated the delivery date to be 14th March and was looking forward to seeing my mum's face when they were delivered.

Disappointingly, they never arrived. I sent an email to the company on 13th March, as my order was still sitting as "pending", and as I had not received any notification from them, I wanted to check everything was ok. I have never received a reply. I tried their "online" support, however this was unavailable - assuming they did not operate on Saturday and Sunday. I sent a complaint email to them, last night, explaining my disappointment and having to explain to my mum that her gift failed to arrive.

Again, today, I have emailed them, and also tried their online support, but after several attempts and the constant reaction being "you are the xth person in the chat queue...." I was faced with then reading "online chat is unavailable - please leave a message and we will get back to you". Nevertheless, I did follow instruction. I am still no further forward - no flowers - money taken - no response.

From what I have read, other people have experienced similar service, if at all service, it's appalling. I expected to pay for, and receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my mum and I am still left with nothing. Very embarassing. I have asked for a refund, but as you now know, I am hitting brick walls.

I hope you get more result than I do, and stop other people from experiencing this.

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400iflorist [Altham]
Total claims:24
Late Delivery »26/11/200828/11/20083

I ordered a bouquet of flowers to be sent to my daughter on her 21st birthday (26th November 2008).

They didn't arrive until the following day. They were not the flowers I had ordered.

I had no replies to my emails, and have heard nothing from them. Unfortunately, I can't find a company telephone number but I do have an address. I am going to write a letter of complaint and ask for a refund.  

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24215iflorist [Altham]
Total claims:24
iFlorist - very poor quality »16/03/201219/03/20122
I ordered some flowers for my mother for Mother's Day - the rose and lily bouquet. My sister who's visiting her has phoned to say that a complaint should be placed with the iFlorist. The flowers are wilting and the roses are brown.
There's no phone number. The email page when you login just reverts back to the 'login page' minus input. I tried the Livechat but just received a We're-very-busy-sorry-we-can't-answer-you right-now, type email. I won't be using them again.
I may try the old fashioned postal route to the Lancashire address!

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24268iflorist [Altham]
Total claims:24
iflorist Mother's Day Delivery fail. »18.03.1221/03/20122

On 15th March (2012) I ordered a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to my mum on Mother's Day. The bouquet cost £29.90 alone and I decided to pay an extra £6.90 on top of that to 'guarantee' delivery on the 18th. The flowers failed to arrive on the 18th. Nor did I recieve any explanation as to why this was the case. My mother spent all Mother's Day thinking I hadn't bothered to send her anything. I sent two messages to iflorist to enquire why the flowers had not been delivered and to request a refund. They never responded. The flowers were then delivered on the 20th. I have been sent between 4 - 6 messages to iflorist in an attempt to get an explanation, get a refund for the delivery charge at the very least, (although due to their lack of response I want a full refund) and some sort of apology. I have also tried using their online chat function which according to one iflorist employee on their review site, is functional 18hours a day. I have yet to find it online or functioning. I have had absolutely no contact back. Their customer service is the pits. Completely appalling. At least when interflora messed up my order they refunded me straight away, sent an apology and then continued to send the delayed item. I have never experienced anything like this before.

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Total claims:2
No Flowers »16/12/200830/12/20082

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11683i florist
Total claims:10
£46.90 »14/3/20017/03/20102

Flowers were ordered for "mothers Day" 14th March 2010
Nothing was delivered - I emailed the "" and had a prompt response say it appeared they had been delivered and they would check it out and get back in touch as a matter of urgency. Since then I have heard nothing. I think this is just an automatted reply. I have emailed them several times each day and had no response. They have no UK call centre, they do advertise a "call back service" If its anything like the urgency on the 1st email. It will be a further waste of time. Most of all the disappointment of no flowers for my mother on "mothers day" the first time in 22 years I have been let down. My advice is don't use IFLORIST as they are SCAMMERS
who have no interest in customers or service.

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24265Andrew Williamson [Altham]
Total claims:1
no delivery of flowers no response to support »17th March 201221/03/20122
Ordered for a friend and the site says 100% satisfaction, nothing. Nada, no flowers for my friend, no refund, no contact, nothing at all. Its now the wednesday and the flowers are 5 days late and I'm out of pocket. This company is clearly a scam site, no reputable company would treat customers in this way. They have no phone number support, they have online support which is never online, and they have a support site thats never updated.

Very disappointed. This company seems to be related/managed by
Colonial Gifts Ltd

Registrant type:
UK Limited Company, (Company number: 5734968)

Registrant's address:
Bancroft Road
BB10 2TP
United Kingdom

They need a watchdog slap! and I need a refund!

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10499iflorist [Altham]
Total claims:24
Flowers not delivered on date specified »7th jan 201013/01/20101

I ordered flowers to be dleivered for a birthday present to a friend in Switzerland. I chose iflorist on line as they offer 100% staisfaction and delivery by a local florist. The delivery did not happen on the date requested. I tried the on-line chat which continually fails, teh call back option does not work/is disabled and I tried to prompt an email response at 5pm on the day of delivery.

The MOST uninterested infamous Beth continues her poor attitude and service advising that this flowers would be delivered bearing in mind it was now 5pm and the flowerrs are due to be delivered between 9 and 6.

I was then advised that the flowers were delivered on time, which they clearly were not.

It has taken threatening them with further action and several emails to to get a refund on flowers than were not delivered on the due date. She's the only one who has actioned the complaint.

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11507iflorist [Altham]
Total claims:24
non-delivery »1st March 201002/03/20101

On the 24th February 2010 I ordered flowers for my brothers funeral on the 1st March 2010. They were to be delivered to the church imagine our distress when we arrived at the church and there were no flowers. My elderly mother was distraught, her only son was being buried and no foral tribute, I e-mailed the company but they insist the flowers were delivered, howwever cannot offer me any proof of delivery. To get any sense from the people online is like trying to plait fog USELESS. I want a full refund and compensation of a bouquet to the widow and my mother. This company is lauhable and they made a sad occasion even more unbearble.

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11872iflorist [Altham]
Total claims:24
no flowers »13/03/201029/03/20101
I placed an order 5 days in advance for Mother's day to be delivered on the 13th (Saturday before Mother's day), expecting delays on Sunday. My mum cancelled her appointments for the morning waiting for her flowers. No delivery!
There is only one way to contact them really - email. The callback service is not available.
I only got a reply to my email 3 days later, the issue is yet to be resolved. My order was identified and I got a reply saying "The order seems on the surface to have been delivered. We will place you on high priority and look into the matter". I have heard back nothing even after repeated emails.
Money was taken even before the delivery date and the status of delivery still says "order with local florist".
The customer service is extremely poor. I would advice to not use this service.

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16691iflorist [Altham]
Total claims:24
poor services and 31.70 pounds ripped off »february 14, 201115/02/20111
...i myself experience the same and even worst as other claimed.... i was devastated in choosing this scammed, faked & loot company. almost whole day yesterday(valentine's day) i didn't got back to them and upto now i really want to complaint for what i had paid them was not what we got last night, yeah the recipient got the ONLY the few flowers, so dissappointed because that's not the gift that i purchased (real ripped-off) NO, LUXURY CHOCOLATE COST OF 19.90 POUNDS and my additional finishing touch which I ALSO PAID FOR IT, BUBbLY & BEAR COST OF 6.90POUNDS, PLUS 4.90 FOR DELIVERY CHARGES. TOTAL AMOUNT OF 31.70POUNDS. BLOODY EARTH EXPENSIVE!!!! this is too much. The services and products is very terrible, so worst & a real nightmare in picking this website. Services: 1.)The roses arrived at past 3pm and theyn didn't even called up the recipient, the recipient only knew he got a flower when he was inform by his co-worker at the hospital 2.) no luxury chocolate as they advertised it, forget about how they arranged it too, so awful. 3.)what really really so mad about is why on earth THEY DIDN'T INCLUDED THE BUBBLY & BEAR which I PAID OFF!!!!!!!!!! WHO STOLE THAT????? WHAT ON EARTH DO THEY HAVE TO DO THAT TO ME????? I SPOKE WITH THE RECIPIENT last night and we will get back to them and get what is due to us or GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!!!!!! I AM TOTALLY DISSAPPOINTED AND DISSATISFIED ABOUT THE WHOLE. IF ONLY I COULD CURSED HERE OR THERE, I WILL DO THAT OR WORSE, I WILL DRIVE TO THEIR DUNGEON AND FACE THOSE DEVILS THERE, "give them a dose of thier own medicine" which the recipient will do that later when he wakes up!!!! What & why on earth did i pickthis IFLORIST WEBSITE WHEN I HAVE A GOOD FLOWER WEBSITE CALL "1-800-FLOWER.COM frm US, one reasonable answer was my fiancee lives in UK, so i thought it would be convenient to search from this country but unluckily found it as hell choice!!!!oh well, i will add more comments later. And yet still waiting for them to flagged down their "BUSY" posted til yesterday. BY THE WAY I'M FROM PHILIPPINES

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24221iflorist [Altham]
Total claims:24
If I Wanted Dead Flowers »17/03/1219/03/20121
Cheap flowers = nasty flowers. Ordered flowers (Roses & Lilies bouquets) for my mother and mother in law for Mother's Day from and, having been delivered on Saturday, they were dead by Sunday! Each bouquet looked nothing like they did on the website, and consisted of a single lily and four dead or dying pink roses that were already browned and starting to rot. There was a single sprig of smelly green leaves in each, and, like others, the flowers fitted only into a drinking glass, and not a vase.

Not only that, but since logging the complaint with iFlorist yesterday, a fraudulent transaction has been made on my iFlorist account, with a large bouquet being sent from a woman in New York to another woman in London, meaning I have had to cancel my debit card!!

Since I have logged the complaint, I have had no response to my queries, either regarding the dead flowers or the fraudulent transaction appearing on my iFlorist account. I will NEVER be using iFlorist again, and will not be accepting anything less than a full refund for both bouquets, and compensation for the issue with the fraud on my account.

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24207iflorist [Altham]
Total claims:24
complete rip off »18th march 201218/03/20121
My Wife recieved her mothersday flowers today from iflorist, it was supposed to be a bouquet of "roses and lillies" what we recieved were 4 dead roses and no lillies and a lot of leaves. its so embarassing we could only fit them in a small drinking glass rather than a vase and to top it all off they included someone elses message card!!!! what a complete joke, No customer service, NO replies to emails, No phone number to call.


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Total claims:2
Non delivery »16/12/200830/12/20081

I ordered flowers for a friend in Japan on 12th December for a 16th December delivery. it s now 30th December and still no flowers. I have written several emails to them (there is no phone number) and have received no replies.

I searched on Google and it seems i am not alone:

[] (link:

I have reported them wherever I can. OFT Consumer Direct and Watchdog.

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2930Arena Flowers [London]
Total claims:1
Fraudulently take money - no flowers! »06/05/200922/05/20091

Ordered flowers and free chocolates online for delivery to South Africa for a family funeral.

No deliver took place, but company happily took full payment (through PayPal I must add!!) and sent a text stating delivery had indeed taken place.

Rubbish! When demanded a refund, they were all in agreement and even offered to send a free bunch of flowers to the recipient as an apology.

Still waiting for both refund and free flowers - they couldn't deliver a thing if they tried.

Now fighting this through PayPal, just as useless and the bank. Don't touch them with a bargepole. Site is [] (link:


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16711Bloomin Delightful [middlesex]
Total claims:3
Late Valentines delivery wrong cheaper product received »14/02/201115/02/20111
I ordered my mother valentines flowers from,. i ordered Sweet expressions which should be 12 roses mixed pink white and red as described and pictured on site. I received a small bunch of orange and yellow roses on the 15th not the 14th .....i could have got better from asda for £10 OR LESS YET I HAD TO PAY £20. When i emailed to complain not received i was told they couldnt garantee delivery date and i could not cancel. since then all emails returned to me and contact numbers are for a coin collection service or just plain not answered..........REALLY NOT HAPPY

more details » [Lancashire ]
Total claims:7
Tulips delivered instead of roses »14-Feb-201215/02/20121
This is relating to Order Number: 95291

I had ordered 12 roses + box of chocolate for delivery on valentine day - 14-Feb.

Instead Tulips were delivered instead of roses and no chocolate. This is hugely disappointing and poor service from

I have tried to contact support via email and chat but there has been no response.

Could you please acknowledge receipt of this email and process refund of £24.80

more details » [Lancashire ]
Total claims:7
No flower delivery »18/03/201220/03/20121
I ordered flowers, vase and chocolates for mothers day, they never arrived and when trying to contact no replies to emails or live chat. REALLY REALLY annoyed, spoiled mothers day

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Total claims:1
Dead flowers!! »23/03/0806/08/20080
I recently ordered some flowers as a gift in the UK (we live in Australia). I used a UK service as it is much cheaper than Interflora or other international companies.

I spoke to my family a few days later and they had found a card saying that a parcel was waiting for them at the post office. This was now Sat afternoon so they didn't have time to go and thought there would be no problem waiting until Monday. They were of course very upset to find a box of dead flowers waiting for them.

The terms and conditions on the website state that they would try to leave with a neighbour first (which they didn't do) and failing that they would try to re-deliver later on (which they didn't do) and leave a card with a phone no to contact (which they didn't do).

I wrote to them and asked for a refund or a re-delivery. They state that they tried to deliver them and could only deliver to the recipient (which is not what it said on the T&Cs) and if they are not there they will be delivered to the post office.

They are completely ignoring my emails now. I have just today threatened legal action as they are in breach of contract.

What should I do now, it is so hard being so far away and they are just ignoring my emails now! SO SO ANGRY!!

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95Blooming Britain
Total claims:2
Blooming Britain Dispute »03/200612/08/20080
I ordered some flowers from Blooming Britain for mothers day on the 21.3.06 and was charged on the 22.3.06

The flowers, however, arrived yesterday on the 28.3.06 whilst I tried for 2 whole days to resolve this problem. I was told twice I would receive a call back- I never did.

I received no reply to e mails or voice messages that I had left

On my final calls and e mails I had requested that the order be cancelled and a full refund be made, but instead the flowers were delivered and no courtesy call made to myself, to apologise for the inconvenience caused, not to mention the embaressment due to my mother thinking I had forgotten and suddenly remembered days later.

I am still in dispute with the company as I want a full refund or more flowers sent to my mother, with an explanation and apology, but in true Blooming Britain style the lines have been busy for 36 hours now.

If anyone can give me legal advise on this it would be much appreciated, as I intend to take this to the bitter end.

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