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2059global visas [london]
Total claims:54
30/04/2009 »21/04/200930/04/200914

i called into global visas to help with my marriage visa application,i spoke to Taimur Jawed at global visas,after explaining my situation,he told me they will charge me 1100 pounds,so i went and pay a deposit of 200 pounds,since 21/04/2009 i spoke to him last,i tried to call in and talk to him,but everytime i call,it seems they new my number even when i block my phone,they never pick up,so on 29/04/2009 he called me and told me the fee had change to 1500pounds that the boss cant take the first amount,so i told him,but we agreed on 1100 pounds,so he begins to say diff. things.

and i told him i will think about it,but he said i can cancell the application and the money will be refund on the 30/04/2009 i send him an email to request the money i had paid,and he called back and change his mind that he cant pay me,that i will also need to pay the remaining 1300 pounds.i told him but i had not sent you any document,so how will i pay you money you had not work for.

so i believe GLOBAL VISAS THEY ARE SCAM.this is the link i found out about them,please people be aware of them as they will take your money.

i hope i can get my money back.

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5091global visas [london]
Total claims:54
how to sue global visas to get your money back »june 200927/09/20092

First of all I am one of the people conned by Global Visas.

I am going to court against global visas as i canceled my contract 4 days after i signed it thinking it was a scam, i canceled my credit card and now they are taking me to court because i paid the deposit and idnt pay the rest of the money , although i havent submitted any documents and they havent done any work.I have letters from Home Office proving that I am not elligible for what Global Visas told me I am elligible. They are trying to claim in front of court that a 30 mins conversation in which they told me lies and what documenst I should bring them is worth 690 pounds and any work after that with filling in the aplication form and submiting documenst should be done for free. This is a scam definitely as they want your drecit card details and sign a contract even before they check your documents to see if you have any chance when you apply for a visa.

First Global visas they are not solicitors or lawyers , they are just advisers w but they want to charge you 1300 pounds per hr for phone calls only giving you info that is free of charge on the home office website.

So to people who want to know what to do my advice is KEEP ON SENDING LETTERS , KEEP ON COMPLAINING


FIRST step is

complain to

they dont do much, wont help you get your money back but the fact that they investigate global visas
will be a proof for you in case you go to court against them.

after that complain to

Scambusters Team
Office of Fair Trading
Fleetbank House
2-6 Salisbury Square


then call trading standards

if there are enough complaints sent to them they can take the company to high court and close them down

for people who write complaints it is worth knowing that Liam Clifford, the founder of Global Visas and ex director was disqualified in 2008 for serious breaches and you can print this information from the internet and use that in your court case

if you go to court against global visas it will help to show the judge the owner and director of the company ws disqualified under section 7

if you want to read more about disqualification go to

after that prepare yourself to take them to court( only in the uk, i dont know how you do this in India)

I found on the internet an article written about someone else about going to court which I will present below as the guy was very explicit

my advice is ... keep on complaining, keep proof of everything you did so you have chances in court and complain coz this is the only way to change things. send all your true stories to the authorities because if you dont complain nothing will ever change

there are people who dont have the time to complain or they dont know to whom to complain and that is why global visas is getting away with lots of money for doing no work at all

when you take them to court you can complain about unfair charges, unfair feees, no work done for the money, unfair contract terms( there is a law in uk about it so research it)

the truth will always shine through your stories, you just have to complain

So here is below the story I found on the net about how to sue them from the UK
The name of this website, Moneyclaim Online, suggests a dodgy accident compensation service, like Claims Direct and all the other legal vultures who are pushing up our insurance premiums.

But is actually a website produced by our own wonderful government. To be more specific this website is run by the Court Service of England and Wales, the people who do such a fine job of punishing all the baddies out there.

I stumbled upon Moneyclaim Online earlier this year when I was planning to sue Wilcon Homes over the faulty boiler in my house (that's a whole story in itself which you can read more about in my op about Wilcon Homes). I have sued a few people in the past; most notably NTL when they used to be called Cable & Wireless, and a dealer who sold me a car which I later found out was an accident write-off. I don't suffer fools (or crooks) gladly.

On both of these previous occasions I won my case, although I had found the system to be intimidating and rather bewildering for ordinary people (or the 'information underclass' as we are sometimes labelled - those of us who didn't go to public school and don't have dinner parties with friends in high places).

I am pleased to say, however, that the internet has changed the way in which ordinary folk can access justice. Or perhaps 'revolutionised' would be a better word. Although I have a very low opinion of Mr Blair and the New Labour machine, I feel that credit is due in one area. Several years ago Blair vowed that all government departments should be made more accessible to the public via the modern miracle of the worldwide web. This was one promise that Blair actually delivered - and the website I am reviewing is a good example of how Joe Public has been empowered with greater access to the "

From what I can gather, Moneyclaim Online was only launched last year (2001). Before this time you had to go to your nearest county court in person and obtain forms and leaflets if you wanted to sue someone. From my experience these courts were far from user-friendly. They were designed for solicitors who knew the way things worked - information was sparse and the staff were unhelpful at the best of times. Anyone entering the court building without formal dress was treated in a sneering and condescending manner.

But all that has changed. Whether you're looking for recompense from a crooked builder, or trying to get someone to pay you back a debt, you can now launch a county court claim from the comfort of your own home. Taking legal action against somebody need not be as daunting or expensive as you may think. And you don't need to pay a solicitor in order to sue someone (although I would still recommend getting good legal advice if you're unsure about the chance of your claim succeeding). As every case will be unique, I can not give an exhaustive guide to suing, nor can I give a guarantee that you will win, but hopefully I can give you a clear idea of how to use Moneyclaim Online.

You have to pay a fee to use the service (the fees are identical to the conventional snail mail method of issuing a claim), but the fee will be relatively small in relation to the amount you are claiming for, and will have to be refunded by the defendant if your claim is successful. The court fees are on a sliding scale but work out very roughly at 10% of the amount you are claiming, eg. a claim for between £1000-£5000 will cost you £115. If your claim is below £5000, the court will automatically allocate the case to the 'small claims track' which is a basically a more informal way of dealing with it.

Crucially you are going to need evidence. In a county court, the rules of evidence are not as formal as in a criminal co
urt, so the judge is going to take a "common sense" look at the plausibility of the evidence presented by each party. Typical forms of evidence used in county courts are professional written reports, photographs and written statements from witnesses. You must be able to show that you gave the defendant a reasonable opportunity to settle the matter outside court. Keep a written log of every time you phoned or wrote to them. Send at least one letter to the defendant by Recorded Delivery (this will cost you 90p at any Post Office) in which you clearly outline the situation and set them a reasonable time in which to act, ideally 14 days. Clearly state that you are going to issue a County Court Claim against them unless they act within this time limit. Keep the Recorded Delivery receipt and a copy of the letter - these will form part of your evidence in court, in case the defendant denies that you gave them a fair chance to sort things out.

When you are ready to make your claim, log on to and register for a username and password. You then fill in a series of simple forms, providing information about yourself and the person you are suing. Finally you are asked to write the "Particulars of Claim" in less than 1080 characters, so keep it very concise and to the point. At this stage you only have to give an outline of the basic details of your claim, so limit it to a few sentences. You will have chance to go into more detail later on. The website then collects your payment of the court fee by credit or debit card. Once you're done, the claim will be posted off to the defendant at 10.00am the next working day. You will notice that your claim is issued by Northampton County Court who issue all online claims. The defendant will be given 14 days to respond. They may buy extra time for themselves by issuing an acknowledgement of service, which gives them a further 14 days to consider their options. If the defendant files a de
fence then you will have to pay an extra £80 for an "allocation questionnaire" which is basically the next step in the process (but it's free if your claim is below £1000). Again, this £80 will have to be refunded by the defendant if your claim is successful.

Whether you decide to settle outside court, or go to a hearing, is entirely up to you, but remember that you can drop the claim at any moment until the day of the hearing. If you are suing a company, and the case goes to a hearing, then you should make sure the case is heard at the court nearest to you. Private individuals are given this advantage when suing a registered company. You will need to ask the court to transfer the case to your nearest County Court - they will do this free of charge. To find out the address of your nearest County Court, visit its.htm (this does not apply, however, if you are suing an individual person - the case will be automatically be heard at THEIR nearest courtroom).

If your claim is successful, either because you won the court hearing, or simply because the defendant entered no response to your claim, you can progress the case online by applying for a warrant of execution. Basically this means the court bailiffs pay a visit to your defendant to seize goods which they sell at auction in order to pay you what you are owed.

I found the website extremely easy to use. For any of you who are familiar with internet banking, the interface is a similar kind of thing: a status bar displays the current progress of your claim (ie. Claim Issued, Acknowledgement Filed, Judgement Issued, Warrant Issued, etc.). All the terminology on the website is written in plain English, rather than legalspeak, which I found pleasing. The website includes a user guide, and each stage in the process is accompanied by a 'Help' button which gives you a pop-up window containing a text based explanation. Moneyclaim
Online also has a helpdesk telephone number (charged at 0845 local rate) in case you get stuck at any point. I used the helpdesk on one occasion when I had a query and I found the staff to be prompt at answering the phone and extremely helpful.

As I mentioned earlier, I sued Wilcon Homes using Moneyclaim Online. I won the case by default because they did not enter a defence before the 14-day deadline, and I was able to complete the whole process through my computer without putting pen to paper. When my claim reached the stage at which I requested judgement, I was particularly impressed to see a feature on the site which enabled the claimant to add interest to the amount claimed. The website automatically calculates the interest at the current Bank of England rate. It was only about three pounds but I thought this was a great little touch which you would not get with the old paper-based system. Wilcon Homes paid me the full amount without a fight, which was slightly disappointing as I had been looking forward to pressing the 'Send Bailiffs' button!

I think this website is a breakthrough in the way ordinary people can access the legal system, which until now has been elitist, old-fashioned and arrogant. It's just a shame that nobody seems to know about the existence of this website - as far as I know it has not been advertised anywhere.

I hope this has been of some use to you. If you have any feedback on this opinion, or are aware of anything I have left out, please let me know.


Their website is

for free legal advice in United Kingdom go to

after all this I wish you good luck in recovering your money from Global Visas, if they dont pay after you win in court just send the bailiffs to their office

remember to tell the truth and do resaerch and get lots of proof and witness statements, so get together with people who suffered like you

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1942whitehead Monkton solicitors [maidstone]
Total claims:1
working for third party paid by me »from april 200523/04/20091

my front wall was smashed by andrew clark using a grabber on a lorry on purpose, the police said it was a civil matter. the wall was belonging to me he had no insurance for lorry my insurance didnt cover vehicle damage. i went to christopher longdon my terns were i was to be consulted at all times. he did not consult me take my instructions to assist in resolving matters. he started by going behind my back not informing me.the payment terms were pay monthly or £500 but he didnot stick to that he ran up a bill of thousands of pounds each make more money he interfered in a right of way matter did work on that knowing insurance company were engaged to deal with that. he incorporated the work and had to be paid for something he knew he was not asked to do.his interference ment i will always have no right of way. the wall case he witheld information from me,he lied to me about whom would be in court. isaw no papers that were supplied to court before hand on purpose he gave copies of my personal diary with no case related matters to the court and other party without my permission this had no breaing on the case at all. he gave other party incorrect information kept information they supplied from me. he didnt represent me he was working for other party at my the end of case hekept my original diary, papers in plastic envelopes refused to give me what belongs to.just says he will but hols onto them some items have been given by Graham Jones to my bank items they were not entited to. once again behind my back only becuse i asked to see what they had and have my papers back.Mr Longden was paid money and has prevented me from an appeal by refusing me my case papers. when i took the case to him i made it clear someone had been harrassment by anti social behaviour damaging my house.i later learnt that andrew clark was related to marilyn chapman now mitchell to whom has cause me years of distress . the  court hearings seemed to be on the other parties side no matter how much proof i had nothing was used .ms gardiner lied to court got other people to supply false statements even when the court said it was my wall i ended up paying money to other party for lies they produced in court before the other party have breached court order many times buy i cant take them back to court as i dont have the case papers.i dont want the company to have my email address.

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2329global visas [london]
Total claims:54
832352 »March 17, 200906/05/20091

I am Canadian, and applied for a 6 month term of employment in Scotland.  I was offered the job, and contacted GlobalVisas to obtain a work permit. I told them I needed it by March 31, they said it would be no problem. To make a long story short, they were unable to obtain my work permit for me,  and I learned this while I was in transit from Canada to Scotland to begin work. Because I could not produce a work permit, my offer of employment was withdrawn, and I found myself in Scotland with no job.  I could not return to my job in Canada as I was given a 6 month leave of absence, and my position had been filled. As a further outrage, it took me 3 very frustrating weeks to obtain a refund of my £400 fee. No one returned my many telephone calls or answered my emails. I was sending emails to the head of the London branch, which were ignored, until I mentioned contacting their accreditation agencies. He then obtained my refund for me. I subsequently emailed him asking for reimbursement of my return airfare, cost of accommodations and the purchase of health care, all costs that were incurred because of my belief in the claims they make on their website, and their complete and utter failure to live up to those claims. He did not even have the courtesy to respond to my email.  GlobalVisas has cost me thousands of dollars in lost wages, but my request was that they cover only the costs I incurred because of their incompetence. It is obvious that is not going to happen.  For 2 weeks their agents  continued to assure me they could obtain my work permit. Upon arrival in Scotland I contacted 2 UK immigration experts, who both told me the same thing. I could not obtain a work permit unless my employer agreed to act as a sponsorship agency, which they do not do.  No one I spoke with at GlobalVisas seemed to know this.I STRONGLY URGE ANYONE CONSIDERING USING THE SERVICES OF GLOBALVISAS TO NOT DO IT.

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10445global visas [london]
Total claims:54
visa is a tedious job »15/10/0911/01/20101

i had visited a few agencies in london for my visa application and i was totally tied up... my business date was coming close and i had no clue of how much time more it will take.

hence i visited global visas by a friends recommendation and found them at least better then the other agencies. their workers were well qualified and knew their job quite well.


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10443global visas [london]
Total claims:54
global visas are experienced »29th dec 200911/01/20101
I already have recommended Global Visa to a friend of the USA and he is using your service...

i must say the experience it requires is all available with the highly qualified case workers you have.

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10918global visas [london]
Total claims:54
got my visa »na01/02/20101
i am a student and required a student visa some time back for which i took global visa's services.

they were quite friendly and the best thing i liked was that all the staff members were great listeners.

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2779Law Office of randall Walker [Wichita Falls]
Total claims:1
attorney not so truthfully »March 24,200918/05/20091


What is the correct answer to this situation? What do you feel the Attorney should do to attempt to resolve this issue with Client? Should there be some form of compensation to the Client from this Attorney?


Randall Walker Bar Card Number 20721600 has a client which had a scheduled hearing of March 24, 2009 at 1115 Congress, family Law Center, 5th Floor, Court # 1.  This is what Happened.........


On March 19, 2009 Randall Walker informed his client at a scheduled meeting in Randall Walker's office that he had contacted a friend, Mary E. Ramos, 1214 Miramar Street, Houston Texas 77006, 713-225-6200.


Randall Walker told the client that in the past he had worked at the Attorney General Office with Mary, and that he had sent an overnight package of his case to her and she had agreed to appear in place of Randall Walker in the scheduled hearing concerning client. Randall Walker told the client that Randall Walker would be responsible for all payment to Mary Ramos for services rendered. Randall Walker said that the"paid in full retainer by client" was all that client would be charged concerning this issue. Randall Walker said that Mary Ramos office would contact client on his cell phone Monday afternoon and let him know where and when to meet on Tuesday morning March 24, 2009


On March 23, 2009 at approximately 2:00 p.m., client had not received any response from Mary Ramos office. Client called Randall Walker office and was told by his staff that they did not know what Randall was doing concerning this issue and client was given phone number to office of Mary Ramos.  Client contacted office of Mary Ramos and was told that they knew nothing of this. Client called Randall Walker office and was told to wait a few minutes and call Mary Ramos back. Client was advised that the office of Randall Walker was going to call the office of Mary Ramos to finalize the arrangements. The office of Randall Walker told client that there was just some sort of miscommunication and they would get it solved. At 4:30 p.m., Client was called by the office of Randall Walker. The client was told that Robin ( the legal assistant of Randall Walker had been on vacation and had failed to finalize the Arrangement, but the issue had been resolved and call Mary Ramos. The client called the office of Mary Ramos. At this time Mary Ramos told the client that she had not discussed anything with Randall Walker concerning working with him concerning anything on behalf of the client. Mary Ramos said that her office had not received any documents concerning client from the office of Randall Walker. Mary Ramos stated that she didn't even know a Randall Walker. Now it was 5:00 p.m. and Client called the office of Randall Walker and got the answering machine which stated the office was closed.   Client had to be in court at 8:00 a.m. March 24, 2009 with Randall Walker listed as client's attorney on file, and Client had no idea what to expect when he went before the Judge, whom is known as a no- nonsense judge.


Client sent a fax to the office Randall Walker, fax 940-761-1910 asking Randall Walker to "Man Up" and get a postponement. Client advised Randall Walker that he would have no choice but to tell this to the Court.


On March 24, 2009 at approximately 9:00 a.m. Client received a phone call from the office of Randall Walker.


Client believes that phone call was as a result of the fax. Client told secretary that Randall needs to do something, call the court, something for the client. Client was advised that she had not heard anything from Randall Walker that morning. She believed Randall might be in court in Wichita Falls. After 9:30 a.m., Client asked to speak to the Court. Client talked with Court Administrator.  Client told all which had occurred since March 19th through the last phone call from the office of Randall Walker. The Court Administrator asked for the phone number of Randall Walker. Client gave this number to the Court Administrator. The Court Administrator called the office  and was told by the secretary that Randall Walker knew of the court date, she thought Randall was in court in Wichita falls, did not know what he was doing , but she did know that he never had any intention of appearing with the client for the this hearing.  The Court Administrator notified the Judge about what was going on. Since the Judge was present at this time, he asked the court personnel if this attorney had notified the court concerning this case. The Judge was notified that no one had received any calls from this Attorney or his office.


The Judge reset the hearing for April 28, 2009 at 9:00 p.m. due to the reason that they could not proceed with client without counsel on record not being present. The reset was to allow Client to obtain new Council. While Client was appearing before the Court, Client received a cell phone voice message from office of Randall Walker saying that she had told Randall and all of this was on Randall now.


On March 25, 2009 Client telephoned the office of Randall Walker to set appointment. Client was told that secretary was no longer employed with office. Client stated that he needed an appointment with Randall Walker to discuss this issue and his expectation of being refunded his retainer fee. At 3:05 p.m., a message was left on Clients cell phone voice message that Randall Walker would not be able to see Client until 3:00 p.m. on March 30,2009 and if this did not work for client call back and see what she could do.


Client has 32 days to retrieve all documents from the office of Randall Walker, obtain new council and present payment for services to new council--- and Randall Walker could not see Client until 3:00 p.m. Monday March 30, 2009. Randall Walker was fully aware that the Mathews household had experience financial setbacks in February,( Client's wife lost employment due to office restructure and economy and Client had lost 32 hours month of overtime due to economy collapse) Client has no idea where and how he is going to come up with the funds to pay new council or to cover the travel expenses to return to court.


Now, since you have been told what happened, what do you think? Client would appreciate feedback on this issue!


The Client is Dennie Mathews, 306 E. Crystal, Iowa Park, Texas 76367. Ph 940-592-9002.


Mary E. Ramos, Bar Number 24045170 is the Attorney in Houston whom knew nothing concerning what Randall Walker was doing and associating her name with. The Court Administrator was the one that gave Dennie Mathews the information that he needed to file a compliant with the Wichita Bar Association. She stated that it would be a committee at the local bar responsible to investigate this issue and administer discipline action and help the client receive reimbursement of monies collected by Randall Walker on this issue.  Consider this the summons for filing a formal complaint and respond to Dennie or Dakiea Mathews concerning this issue and resolution.


Randall Walker is a member of the Better Business Bureau


Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Consumer's Desired Resolution:



BBB Processing


03/26/2009                co          BBB         Case Received by BBB

03/26/2009                co          MAIL       Manually Inform Member of Case

03/26/2009                co          EMAIL     SEND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO CONSUMER : Complaint Response Date bumped because: W/e

03/26/2009                co          EMAIL     BUREAU COMMENT : Correspondence sent to consumer BEFORE complaint was filed.

                                Thank you for your correspondence. Please let me first state that the BBB is a neutral third party and does not give any legal advice.

                                Processing a complaint is one option available to you and we will formally process this complaint.

                                You may want to call West Texas Legal Service at 723.5542, they have legal advice and assistance for consumers meeting certain financial criteria.

                                The Bar Association of Texas can be reached at 800.204.2222.

                                You will have a case number assigned to you shortly and we will forward this complaint to the company.

03/26/2009                co          EMAIL     BUREAU COMMENT : Correspondence from consumer after processing complaint and acknowledgement.

                                The Bar Association has already been contacted, the Grievance is presently being prepared. We are contacting and filing complaints every possible avenue. It is our goal that other potential clients might become aware that there  could be a very unfortunate outcome in their expectations. This behavior does not appear to be what the Better Business Bureau expects of their members.

04/02/2009                co          BBB         MORE INFO RECEIVED FROM THE CONSUMER : Dennie Mathews had a meeting with Randall Walker on March 30,2009 at 4:00 PM. Dennie took a  male witness with him,whom he never introduced to Randall Walker. The witness was present during the entire meeting. Randall Walker did return the records of Dennie Mathews - but there was no resolution to the return of the 1000.00 retainer fee or the .50  per mile travel reimbursement.


                                At this time, Dennie does not feel that Randall Walker has rendered a sufficient resolution to the issues involved. Per Randall Walkers admission during this meeting- Randall said that he would  charge 500.00 for a case to take before the Judge, when  in reality he charged  Dennie Mathews 1000.00 when he actually did nothing on this case. There are no motions on behalf of Dennie filed with this court.

                                Dennie Mathews is requesting the full refund of the retainer, and the travel reimbursement as that is only fair. Dennie Mathews would like Randall Walker to admit his part in this issue but Randall does not seem to follow that He lies as he goes.

04/07/2009                co          BBB         No response to first notice to member

04/07/2009                co          BBB         REMINDER OF DISPUTE TO BUSINESS - MEMBER : Called, left message. Contact 4/8

                                send complaint email to be sure.

                                Complaint Response Date bumped because: weekend

                                Complaint Response Date bumped because: Weekend

04/14/2009                co          BBB         BUREAU COMMENT : spoke with Terry, wants complaint resent via fax.

04/16/2009                co          BBB         BUREAU COMMENT : Ebindr form added 7 days to time frame when complaint was resent. Add days to tickler.

04/22/2009                co          BBB         No Response received from Business on 2nd Notice

04/22/2009                co          BBB         PHONE CALL OR TIME EXTENSION : Monica called. no answer, left message. give two more days.

04/24/2009                co          BBB         No Response received from Business on 2nd Notice

04/24/2009                co          BBB         Inform Consumer No Response from Business

04/24/2009                co          EMAIL     Inform Consumer - Case Closed UNANSWERED

04/24/2009                co          MAIL       Inform Business - Case Closed UNANSWERED

04/24/2009                co          BBB         CASE CLOSED - UNANSWERED : closure letter was returned and put in the file.

04/26/2009                              BBB         MORE INFO RECEIVED FROM THE CONSUMER : On April 15, 2009 the State Bar of Texas sent Dennie Mathews a letter stating The Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel of the State Bar of Texas has reviewed the Grievance H0040928622 Dennie Mathews- Randall W. Walker and determined the supplied information provided alleges Professional Misconduct. Randall Walker will be provided a copy of the Compliant, directed to file a response, and provide Dennie Mathews a copy of the response within thirty  days of receiving notice of the complaint. After receiving the written response the counsel shall investigate the complaint to determine whether there is Just Cause to believe the lawyer has committed Professional Misconduct requiring that a Sanction be imposed.  Disciplinary proceedings, including the investigation and processing of a compliant are strictly confidental. Facts and evidence which are discovered elsewhere are not made confidenetal merely becasue they are discussed or introduced in the course of a disciplinary proceeding. Dennie Mathews will be notified in writing of further proceedings in this matter.


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11638Thorpes solicitor,dudley court [Hereford]
Total claims:1
rights strpped »from may0815/03/20100
In may08 I seperated from my wife, there was alot of incidents that happened regardind the property after my solicitor wipped their hands of it. There was just before I left an industry incident that would have cast me my fingers. the lad involved has a dad who is a millionaire. lives at cookhill.I think all these are conected. as I think my wife was seeing his son. My solicitor strrpped me of my rights to fight for the peoperty. I tjhen represented myself and was denied this. I went to court in person and have been denied a hearing and denied maintinance for my son even though I have had him 12 months. the CSA have gone mad. Judge Jabbas at Dudley county court. Iam undera mental consultant as every thought I was mad. Iam going to try to get an enhanced Disclosure as I have a feeling it will be denied to. |I want to be hipnatized. you will get 25% of any comp if this is sorted out.

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1301Mckeag and co [Newcastle-upon-tyne]
Total claims:1
accident claim »14/06/200613/03/20090

Iwas unfortunate to have an accident in which i suffered a broken arm.I went to one of these no win no fee lawyers and thougt things would be preety straight forward.

It is now nearly three years since my accident and in that time I have had to , chase up my own hospital notes several times over, been told we had to wait for results of this test for ten months ( i had not even had the test)

I am constantly fobbed off  and phone calls are rarely returned and have now been waiting weeks for a so called offer, that at one stage was told it should all be settled by christmas (last christmas that was).

I am totally fed up with getting nowhere with this firm i certainley would not recomend them to handle any claim.


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1660Coley & Tilley [Birmingham]
Total claims:1
poor service, lack of care, professional misconduct, negligence, bias. »from December 2005 to date02/04/20090

my father died in 2004 and my mother died in 2005. i am one of three named executors & beneficiaries in my parents' wills. my two sisters took over my parents' house, neglected their duties and committed theft and fraud, malicious libel and harassment. they 'instructed' mr hughes at coley & tilley to 'act in the administration' of my parents' estate and i met with him to share my concerns. but his response to my sisters' fraud etc was that he 'could smooth things over' and he continued to pressure me to apply for probate, along with my sisters, which i refused to do, pending a full investigation into my sisters' illegal actions. i received a letter from mr hughes, dated 30/1/06, stating that probate was going to be applied for 'with power reserved' to me, which he did so the following day, which gave me no time to disagree. However, i had lodged caveats on both my parents' wills and i duly responded to mr hughes' 'warning' with a summons. On the day i was due to swear my affidavit, i told the probate registrar that i wanted my sisters removed as unfit executors, which my evidence proved, and i was advised to go through the chancery division, which i did. However, i discovered that my caveats had been lifted and probate had been granted to my sisters the day after my summons was deemed served! both leeds (in charge of caveats) and birmingham probate registries apologised for granting probate by mistake and assured me that the grant would be revoked in court. however, the judge did not revoke the grant or remove my sisters because 'they were equally named by the deceased' but agreed that my sisters should be strongly criticised and insisted that the matter was for a criminal court, not a civil one. i had to pay £12,927.41 costs from my share of the estate to coley & tilley -the very solicitors who had been 'instructed to act' on behalf of it! mr hughes and my sisters continued to abuse their positions and failed to administer or distribute my parents' estate correctly by failing to put my interests (as 'only a beneficiary') beyond their own etc. mr hughes paid himself and my sisters before the draft estate account had been approved by me (which i have still not done) and even sent me a random cheque, which i did not cash. i am requesting £15,000 each from mr hughes (coley & tilley) and my corrupt sisters, by way of compensation, which they are liable to pay for their lack of care etc, and which represents £5,000 for each year of my life that i have spent in a painstaking endeavour to reslove this situation according to my parents' wishes and according to law. In addition, coley & tilley still have over £20,000 in 'retained funds' and also owe me over £5,000 + for Occupational Rent, which Mr Hughes agreed i am enttiled to, and other monies which i am owed. they are cruelly prolonging my grief and i cannot move on until i have received a fair and final settlement, which was, and still remains, my parents' wish. How long must i wait? HELP!!  

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1833world justice international s.l.u [canary islands]
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compensation miss sold timeshare »12/03/200816/04/20090

we were contacted by telephone from world justice international about our time share with saphire lleisure sl  voyager holiday membership and that they were in aposition to get our money back plus compensation if we would let them act on our behalfto take saphire leisure to court to claim our money back they sounded very convincing and that with in 3 months they would be able to get our money back they said they had fees to pay to have all documents translated to spanish before it would go to court and a fee of £1500.00 would cover these costs and as soon as it goes to court we will get the above payment back still waiting for any correspondance   


                    yours MR G BARLOW


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1939bobbetts mackan [Bristol]
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bobbetts mackan »current23/04/20090

As part of an ongoing legal process I had to deposit the books records and papers relating to my own business with Messrs Bobbetts Mackan Solicitors of Bristol.  I now need them back urgently. At first they said they would return them, then they had lost them and the last time I heard were looking for them.  Since then silence.  This has been going on for three years.  they have now passed the matter to their Insurance Company Solicitors, Messrs Bond pearce of Bristol who have failed to respond to me.  It is vital I get these papers back soon.  I have contacted the Legal Complaints authority of ther Law Society who pride themselves on ensuring that Solicitors deal with matters like this, but they have also failed to answer my letters.  What can I do about this Mafia?

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14724global visas [london]
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Money refund »18.11.201023/11/20100


My name is Vamsi. I have approached global visas for Canadian Skilled

Worker Visa. One of the agents before signing the contract .misguided

me to get the payment from credit card enough though I am short of

some points. Keeping that in mind ..I have started the process. But

the version of client manager of my case if different. Now I have

requested them to return my documents. Just for assessing my

documents .. they have charged me more than 2000 euros. Now I end

up losing money and time and its been a lots of stress.

I am presenting this claim here... does any one can help me in

getting the money back from Global Visas London.

I am furnishing my email Id: here


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10475global visas [london]
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read the following post

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4954global visas [london]
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refund for visa card fraudulent use »25th june 200920/09/20090


I Radha Patel of  7 walton crescent Nottingham would need your help and assistance .I am a overseas teacher working for Gedling School Wollaton Av Gedling Nottingham NG4 4 HX as a Mathematics teacher since __5th september2005 under a work permit as my work permit was expiring in the month of _september. I wanted it to get extended under the new point based system and needed help for my school to get registration as a Sponsor. I Approached Global Visas with the address of 28 Great Tower Street London EC3R 5AT to help me with the immigration formalities believing that as they are registered OISC immigration advisors i will get the correct guidance and help but unfortunately i was let down very badly. I gave my debit card details to Global Visas to deduct £250 as the initial payment  I am not sure if he is allowed to charge money in advance but i gave it to him in good faith after my initial payment Mr.David Odea was unavailable for me and my case was passed on to a lady called Shazia Rauf who set up an appointment with my personnel manager Mrs. Karen Bonser and never actually kept the appointment which can be confirmed by yourself by calling her on _01159521171. Then later Shazia Rauf said there was a muddle and the call was for me. However I did not receive no call either. They have done nothing to help me or the school other than sending the basic Home office application form, Which anyone can download from the Home office website.

That's when I decided I did not want them to handle my case. I made it quite clear on the 29th of May that I would like to withdraw and that my advance be duly returned. None of my calls were answered or returned. David Odea Refused to meet my husband . When my husband  went to see Shazia and he had to insist on seeing her. They had my card details and on the 25th of June without my authorisation removed another 727.5 pounds from my account and then refused to talk to us. The Client care letter which was sent to us does not mention that he will be charging us which Mr.David Odea is insisting so i am sending you a copy of the Client care letter and copies of the various emails. I believe Global Visas are charging fees they are not legally entitled to for work which hasn't been done.


  • I believe Global Visas haven't done any work worth 977.37pounds, I have never submitted any documentation to them to start an application on my behalf to the Home Office.


  • I believe Global Visas offer to their clients unfair contract terms which are not identical with the terms of business advertised on their website ( I will enclose copies of their paper contract and details of their Terms of Business published on their website).~I believe they put in the contract a line saying that in 45 days you owe them full fees and after that all the work done towards filling in the visa application and submitting the documents to the Home Office is done for free., this clause allows Global |Visas to do nothing after them making a phone call to you claiming they advised you and they do absolutely no work on the case but they withdraw the full fees from you bank account once they get them on the phone , they show the bank your signed contract without the bank knowing you signed a contract but you were not provided with the support you are supposed to get from a paid immigration adviser. All the people complain to the OISC but OISC can only acknowledge that Global Visas have done wrong but they are not taking them to court and people are not recovering their money.

This whole incident has created lot of stress to me and my family i am also under financial strain to run my family. I will really appreciate if you can help me to in this matter and get me my money back . I will be available on 07877271319____________ for any queries.

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10449global visas [london]
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easy visa brings happy holidays »na11/01/20100
I found the staff at Global Visas to be courteous and always responded when indicated..their help made me enjoy by trip with utmost peace.

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10448global visas [london]
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your support appreciated »na11/01/20100

our case manager was extremely helpful and supportive with our case and we were always kept fully informed about the progress and deadlines. I had been through a very difficult time personally before and during our application and the way our difficulties were solved was too good..

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10447global visas [london]
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global visa only could have done it »na11/01/20100
i had a lot of problems with my documents, my recent change of address caused some problems with my documents and i had to send an application to the embassy for that.

the way this problem was solved could have been done only by global visas i think.

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10446global visas [london]
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i appreciate their patience with customers »26-08-0911/01/20100
hi all,

few months back i visited global visas and i was welcomed warmly by the receptionist. i was just waiting for my case manager when a man came in and started shouting on some issues with his documents. i noticed and later on asked my case manger on what was the issue with him and came to know that the documents he had submitted were not true or real, and he's failing his verification every time due to the same.

what i realizes was that the way global visas deal with their customers no matter what is really appreciable.

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