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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails [shrewsbury]
Total claims:1
barely working website development »march 201108/07/201112

I have a complaint about the company

They have left me with a very badly built e commerce site which I paid £2000 for a few months ago, I have had 2 independent reports of the issues with the sites development and in a nutshell its 3 old systems’ shoved together which is not correctable and is working very badly, Ian at e-commercesites refuses to reply to my emails or calls, although it’s only been a couple of months and he states on the agreement 12 months technical support, what do I do next as this is affecting my retail business severely!

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22697Ian Richard Morris [shrewsbury]
Total claims:3
Computer Hacking and Malicious Behaviour »November - December 201124/12/201110

This company should be investigated. Ian Morris has left a trail of deceit and disaster with customers. He disappeared from the company business address at Alaska House in Shewsbury but I have since tracked him down to his new home/business address at 175 Ellsmere Road, Shrewsbury SY1 2RE Telephone No.01743 344 636. I have had our website data checked by two independant web development companies and have been informed that this company deliberately and illegally accessed our website and installed a Trojan Horse virus via an ftp remote link. The virus completely blocked our business site from receiving order over the Christmas period and for our lucky customers who had suitable anti-virus installed they were warned not to use our site but for those less fortunate their systems crashed because of the virus. I have contacted Greater Manchester Police and intend pursuing this case of computer violation in an attempt to protect potentional customers of from being involved with this company. Read other comments on this company/person and make your own mind up about them. People and companies need to be aware of this so called web development company and the damage they could do to your business. I have already raise a small claims action against this individual but am now having to raise further legal action with regarding the virus being installed on our site.

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22764Ian Richard Morris [shrewsbury]
Total claims:3
Non Functional Website »September201130/12/20114

In May 2011 I contracted with to design and host a website for my business and to provide full training and support in content managment of the site, blog and forum. On August 8th I signed off the site to go live. I was however unable to assess funionality of the site until it went live. I was assured all would be well and that the site would function as discussed during development and I paid for the site in full. One the site was launched it became apparent that the site had not been tested and was not functioning correctly. When I compained I was informed that I could make all necessary amendments as I had full control over content management and all I needed was training in the back office functionality.

I requested training immediately, but the person allocated as my Account Manager and trainer was not experience in the system and was unable to provide me with adequate training. He could not answer questions and would have to come back to me with answers at a later time. I would spend hours on my own trying to fix the problems but was ubale to fix problems such as connectivity etc with out system training.

Despite repeated requests to the MD Ian Morris for support and training to resolve the funtionality and training issues he refused to take my calls.

In the end I requested a full refund in writting, which he refused to pay. I have subsequently taken legal action and made a county court claim and have recently issued a warrant and instructed the balliff to collect the monies owed to me. 

The business appears to have vacated the premises that I originally  submitted to the County court - The Alaska Building, Shrwsbury Business Park, Shrewsbury, SY2 6LG and now appear to be trading from 175 Ellesmere Road, Shrewsbury, S71 2RE  Teleephone 01743 344636

I believe that Ian Morris is a con artist that is continuing to take money from innocent people and then not provide adequte website services.

There are many people that he has conned and subsequently damaged their businesses.

Since I have commenced legal proceedings Ian Morris has removed my website from search engines. This is seriously affecting my business.

I was originally recommended this company by 'Approved Index' I have written to them to complain but they have not responded. I beleive they should also be investigated.



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Total claims:13
NO Goods and Refuse to Refund »10th Feb 200915/03/20093  (cosmetics)  

I ordered 3 lots of cosmetics, Paid by Debit Card, on 10th Feb 2009.  No goods have ever turned up.  They do not answer your emails until you email stating you are going to contact consumer rights.  They still haven't given me my goods or refunded my money and I am being ignored by them.  I have lodged a formal complaint with Consumer Rights and in a attempt to get my money back.  

I don't believe they ever had the intention of sending my goods as I never even had a confirmation email with an order number.  I think they are a rip off fake company. I ADVICE YOU NOT TO USE THEM. 

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Total claims:1
fraudulent obtainig of funds from my bank account »there are various dates inc present date29/04/20093

I have had money fraudulently taken from my bank account by direct debit and by card payment the latest being today by a company in America called [] (link: Now I had never even heard of them til the money was taken off my account. Apparently they are a company puporting to be selling an anti virus software.

Now I am with Sky Broadband, which automatically screens any incomming internet services wwith firewall anti virus, plus I have firewall norton anti virus and anoher anti virus security device on my p.c. I have no need for this junk from

So I never purchased it, how they got my details is beyond me they cerainly never got them from me, I was so incensed I contacted my local Police Fraud Squad, who found what I was telling them unbelievable, it was true though.

I tried to find out who this company was, lo and behold they are American, I tried telephoning them, waste of time I have e-mailed them even today demanding a full refund no reply

I have threatened to expose them to the world market, threatened to sue them made libelous claims to try and get them to respond by attempting to sue me nothing not a blimp,

I was on a website earlier and you should see the list of complaints against this company mainly fraud and theft, so I am not alone.

This company has to be stopped and put out of business, the whole e- information structure should be warned against dealing with this company, they have to be prosecuted for their fraud and theft somehow

As for me I would like my money back I never ever signed up for anything from them yhey will  claim I did I never I assure you and I am not alone in this.

So please help spread the word to stay well clear of this lot, remember you do not have to have any dealings with them for them to nab money out yoiur bank account.

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Total claims:2
theft of 47.50 »23/7/1028/07/20103
checked my bank to see 47.50 had been taken from the loan checked it out with my bank who said it was also a company called cornwall collections tried contacting them a number of times answered the phone once only to be cut off this is one big scam stay away ive had no loan the only way to stop this is by closing my bank account i dont hold much chance of a refund total rip off

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12767So Special Enterprises [Cardiff Bay]
Total claims:20
25th June 2010 »03rd June 201025/06/20103
On 2nd June 2010 I ordered Britney Spears Curious In Control 100ml EDP from the above internet site. I paid with my "Tuxedo" Pre paid Mastercard the sum of £24.08 GBP.

Since the confirmation of this Order, I have sent them 5 e-mails and several in-site messages. each time giving my mobile phone number.

Since the confirmation of this Order, I received 3 emails from so simple and NO phone calls/text messages.

Including card charges I am down £25.54 GBP also the goods were intended for a Birthday present on 14th June 2010 and has caused me a great deal of grief.

Please note the following excert has been cut & paste direct from their site.

"Our average delivery time from point of order is 1-3 working days, but please allow up to 14 working days to receive your order as certain destinations or seasonal demands could affect delivery times. "

Please note, I have recieved no goods.

please view this page:-

As of 24/06/2010 after receiving a copy of my complaint to trading standards the company clain it had now been dispached. as of 2000Hrs 25/06/2010 I still do not have the goods.

I am sick of empty promises and feeble excuses.

why are companies allowed to deal in such a dishonest manner?
yours. P short for more info/details

Response from Consumer Direct for RE So Special Enterprises

Dear Mr Short,

Thank you for your email of 24/06/10, your case is logged under the reference number WA3048583
Thank you for contacting Consumer Direct. I am sorry to hear of the difficulties you have encountered with your order.

Your legal rights in this instance come under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. This piece of legislation covers you when you order goods by means of distance communication; such as the internet, telephone, mail order etc.

The Regulations state that goods should be delivered within 30 days unless the trader states otherwise (I have checked the trader's website and the terms and conditions state to allow up to 14 days for delivery). You can cancel your order any time up to 7 working days (excludes weekends and bank holidays) after the goods are delivered. Cancellation should be in writing and a refund should be processed within 30 days. The 30 days is from when you cancel, not when the trader receives the goods.

At this stage I would advise you to send the trader a recorded delivery letter (keeping a copy) confirming your intention to cancel. Refer to the legislation above and give a deadline of 30 days to process your refund. If you have previously e-mailed a cancellation request and you can prove the trader has received it, you can count the 30 days from this date. It is still advisable to send a recorded delivery letter backing up your e-mail.

If the trader started the delivery process before you cancelled your order then they may be able to deduct carriage costs from your refund. In order to be able to do this, it would have to be detailed in the trader's terms and conditions. If not, then they have no right to hold you liable for delivery or return. If you do not get a satisfactory response from your letter, please contact us again.

If you do not wish to cancel your order but want the trader to deliver the goods without further delay, you could give the trader a final opportunity at delivering the goods by making time of the essence and thus making a delivery date within 14 days a condition of the contract. If you prefer this option, please write to the trader via a recorded delivery letter (keeping a copy), stating your intention. If they still were to fail to deliver, you can follow the above advice and cancel under the above regulations.

Please note that in offering this advice, Consumer Direct wishes to make it clear that it is based on the evidence to hand on the above date and is subject to revision or amendment in the light of further evidence. Only the courts can interpret statutory legislation with any authority.

If you need any further advice then please contact us on 08454 040506 or alternatively we offer a Welsh line on 08454 040505

Our office is open between 8am - 6.30pm Mon - Fri and 9am - 1pm Saturday. Please note we are closed on Bank Holidays.

You can view our website

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Total claims:13
Out of pocket »18th November 201006/12/20102

I found this site via a site engine as a supplier of a cosmetic product called eye essential.It came up as the cheapest option so made a purchase via the internet with a credit card.I checked via my credit card website and noted that the card had been debited for £27.99. On the 1st of December the item had not arrived so decided to send an email.There was no responseso over the continuing few days after continued to send emails.
I also tried to log in to my account via the so special website with my log in details but to no avail.I also requested my password to be sent to me via my emails.I did this action 3 times but as yet have had no response to this request either.I did a search online as to the reputation of this company as well and found that this isnt the first time that customers to this site have had similar experiences to my own.

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Total claims:13
Refund »18.03.201114/04/20112

I placed my order with So Special on the 18.03.2011, however I decided to cancel it straight away as I found a cheaper product. I was charged for a cancelled order and my money was never refunded to me. My phone calls and emails to So Special remain unanswered. Any help would be appreciated. El Podgers

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Total claims:13
unathorised withdrawal »7-1-200910/07/20092

unauthorised withdrawal from debit card

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19867So Special Enterprises [Cardiff Bay]
Total claims:20
no contact, no info, but taken my money »16/06/201121/06/20112
made order, no conformation sent,cant get through to them , telephone line dead, they obviousley have no intention of sending goods out , probably dont have any, it seems like a big scam,tryingto claim my money back

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Total claims:13

Ordered on the 24th November 2009, 2 items that were listed as IN STOCK on the site. After a week items not delivered. I tried to contact them. Telephone is not answered. Emailed, no reply for a week then one of the items delivered damaged. Now, nearly a month on my second email correspondence remains unanswered and the second item from the order has still not been delivered.

Having read numerous complaints about this company on the internet it looks like it will be a battle to get the other item or a refund. However, Trading Standards and the small claims court are my next step.

BUYER BEWARE have a '' logo on the site stating that this is a safe place to shop. However, is registered to 'so special enterprises' and the two are obviously run by the same people in Cardiff.

Domain name:

So Special Enterprises

Registrant type:
UK Partnership

I would urge anyone who has unresolved problems with to email Secure Trading who are their payment service provider. Email details of your problems to

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Total claims:13
Non dispatch of goods »15th September 201016/12/20101

I ordered x2 of the Eyesential eye cream range back on the 15th September 2010. On the website they publish that they will deliver items within 14 working days.  I havent received the product and the little "SO SPECIAL" has been in touch has been excuse after excuse.

I have been in touch with consumer direct and consequently emailed "so special". I asked for the product to be with me within 7 working days or I would like a full refund including postage due to "so special" not delivering within the 14 working days they have stipulated and in theory breaching the purchasing contract between myself and them, furthermore notifying them they were also in breach of the distance selling regulations 2000...... surprise surprise I still havent had the product or a refund. I have lost count of the amount of emails and voicemails I have sent and left and I guess the next step will be to write to them recorded delivery, I as the customer really shouldnt have to go through all this rigmoral to get an item I paid for! Raging is an understatement.... over 70 working days and still waiting! I really dont want a refund as I would still like the product but I am guessing that my options are pretty limited due to the ridiculous lack of ANYTHING this company provide. A very annoyed and frustrated Amanda, Oxford.Yell

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Total claims:13
non delivery of item and no refund. »April 18th 201118/04/20111
Ordered goods on March 10th to recieve before my wifes birthday.
Money taken from my account March 11th.
April 1st no sign of delivery.
April 5th/10th/14 and 17, sent emails to So special.
No response.

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Total claims:13
ripped off by so special »17/07/201116/08/20111

ordered goods for my mum whos going thru chemo as a pick me up-- money taken- no goods- same email as everyone seems to get full of excuses- empty promises- demanded a refund- why aren't these crooks being exposed- still available to get ripped off from as i type!!!

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1468MobilityPass aka Iberpass
Total claims:3
Prepay ripoff »20/03/0923/03/20091

Used MobilityPass global roaming internet service to connect to internet in my German hotel room. The typical charge is $0.20 /minute plus a connection charge. Didn't notice in the small print that the connection charge on this occasion was $44.00 per use! I used the service twice and was charged over $90.00 for about 1 hour on the internet.

Company uses prepay plan with auto top up. They grabbed another $100 from me before I noticed and won't refund the balance 

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19723 connect mobile broadband [London]
Total claims:6
Loss of internet service within the Croydon area for 6 weeks »March 200924/04/20091

I am currently mid-house move awaiting the completion of building works to the final property.

We thought it would be a good idea to purchase an independent mobile 3-connect dongle pre-paid

for 400 hours internet usage,to ensure that I could be contacted for work purposes ( I am a Building

Surveyor) from early March we lost the internet completely, I travelled into Croydon to talk to the staff in the 3-connect stores to check the status of the problem, and have been brushed off every week with a different story regarding it 's return to service.

I am at my wits end and having to spend a fortune in Internet Cafes.

Other people judging by overheard converstions in the stores are equally furious I want full compensation for the cost of the dongle, plus my time and costs of using these cafes.

and an apology from the Company's management for their complete inability to properly contact customer's with the true position of the lost service.

Yours Sincerely

Marlyn Wilson


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2338Video Professor [Denver ]
Total claims:6
rip off »05/05/200906/05/20091

I was under distress from losing every thing on my computer. Due to a electriction working on a short. I had my computer off but it still fryed my hard drive and power source. I was given Video Professor at the end of a telephone conversation and was told they had a disk that would recover from a hard drive. I was under the impression I had 30 days to look at the videos that they sent. I was charged 6.95 twice for these disks and thought I had 30 days and figured after I got all my invoices reintered I could deal with trying out the disks.I was never told it would be 189.95 but they took that much out of my account. I have called several times and get nowhere and now I am told it would be 21 days before they will refund me. In this ecomy and with having to allready but a new hard drive an dpower source I sure do not have the money for this.   They are no way to deal with them. I had the charges taken off my pyapal account the first time it went through but they sent it through again and this time it got paid and since it is a backup to my checking account it will take the money from there.  This is a rip off and I told them I needed the money now and they ar insistint it takes 21 days. Can any thing be done?


Evelyn Gray






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2519HughesNet [Germantown, MD]
Total claims:1
Equipment fee rip-off! »August 200810/05/20091

I paid a $200 refundable equipment fee before a 30 day trial of HughesNet satellite internet service. The service was totally unsatisfactory.  Therefore, I cancelled well within the 30 day trial period.

A HughesNet customer service person told me to wait for them to send me an equipment return "manual/kit" with instructions for returning their equipment.  HughesNet never sent this manual/kit.  Later they told me that I'm stuck with their useless $200 modem and satellite dish!

Click Here to read Small Claims Reply »»

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Total claims:1
MORTAGE FREE FOR LIFE »MARCH 28 200921/05/20091

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Summary of Complaint


On March 28th I received a phone call from a gentleman who introduced himself as a representative from a famous TV advertised company called: “Mortage Free for Life”. (I had previously ordered a product from the mentioned company and temporarily canceled my purchase). The gentlemen presenting himself as Mr. Brown claimed that he works for the mentioned company and although I am not using their services anymore he might be able to offer his help with my financial hardship. He named a list of areas in which he will assist my family with our financial dept (payoff mortage in 7-10 years, payoff cars in 2 years, eliminate credit dept, pay off student loans and many more). He did not accept no for an answer and he even convinced me that he will personally approach my case and he promised to be at my service 24/7 giving me his personal phone number in case needed. With his persuasion I was convinced to purchase a package that included 2 parts “dept elimination” and “online business education”. According to his words the “online business education” was essential to help me pay off my debts. I asked to receive all forms before a final purchase and he claimed that from past experience it works better when customers fill out full purchase before they get started to assure full commitment to the program.  On March 28th, 2009 I paid the full amount of $ 8,325.00 ($4,000.00 & $4,325.00 on 2 separate credit cards). I received the online information via e-mail and for many days had trouble using the software they send me. My online account had to be reset numerous times because I could not access the online software. During a conversation with their customer service representative I found out that Mr. Brown is not employed by them, but he is a third party that works on commission to sign customers like me for the program using a false name for the company to trick consumers to purchasing the product.  After going thru much trouble and finding out about the scam I decided to immediately cancel the entire purchase. I contacted Alex Saavedra (on April 28th, 2009) who after long convincing agreed to refund a portion of the purchase ($4,162.00). He sent me a refund letter for portion of the purchase ($4,162.00) which I signed and dated (copy of that letter is provided to you). By his suggestion I was convinced to keep the “online business education” for trial period after I complaint for not having access to that portion of the service for the entire month.  After several days I decided to cancel the other portion of the program because I did not like the service. I left a voice mail to Alex Saavedra, mailed and faxed a cancellation letter and I did not receive correspondence for 2 days. On May 12th I finally got a hold of Alex Saavedra and very nicely tried to explain my reasons for the cancellation. With laughter he refused to cancel or refund any additional money claiming that the refund paper released their company from any further responsibility or liabilities and there is nothing he will do for me.  After a review of the refund paper I am sure that their company is still liable for the portion that is not refunded and that entitles me to ask for refund of that money.


My husband is sick and it is up to me to care for the entire family. I am a nurse and work 14 hours/5 days per week and this money is very important for my family. I would appreciate any help you can offer and I hope my case can help stop further scams from this company. Thank you for your time and effort in advance!



Lilit Mambreyan

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