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1112burnley council [burnley]
Total claims:1
unfair »august 200703/03/20090

30/01/2009 67 ighten road



BB12 0HP

Dear sir or madam,

i would like to relate to you a situation that happened to me in the hope that it does not happen to anyone else.

In March of 2006 i was diagnosed with a condition called plural plaques,a form of asbestosis i was given a sick note for five years because it affects the breathing and i found that i could no longer do the work i used to do.

I owed my local council some money for council tax,i went down to there office and explained to an officer that i was unemployed and could we come to some agreement as to how i could repay these arreas.

The officer told me to leave it with them and they would get back to me with a repayment schedule,the next i heard from them them was to appear in our local magistrates court for none payment.I appeared a few weeks later and spoke to an officer from the council and came to an agreement that they would take £3 per week out of my benifits.The council started taking the money out of my benifits on the16/10/2006.

In Febuary of 2007 i went outside my home to discover that someone had run into the back of my car and drove off without leaving their name and address or reporting it to the police.A neighbour who lives across the road luckily has a cctv camera on his home and it looks down the drive to where my car was parked accross the road.On checking through the tape we found that my car had been hit by a parks and gardens pickup owned by the council.The council denied that it was one of their vehicles even when i produced a copy of the tape and a witness statement.After numerous letters and phone calls, that ony got me passed around from department to department i informed the council that i would have no choice but to take them to the small claims court to reclaim the damage costs to my car.

I reported this incident to the police but was informed it was a civil matter and that i would have to employ a solicitor to take the driver to court.When i gave the police evidence of the incident i was told that the statue of limitions had run out ,even though i had reported it within 2 weeks of the accident.I thought that for any type of crime there was no time limit.I got the impression that if it was a crime that the local council had commited then the police turned a blind eye to it.

In August of 2007 i recieved a letter of the council stating that they wanted all my arrears paid within 21 days or they would take me to court and apply for a bankruptcy order,i went down to my local council office and explained to them that i was already paying off the arrears at £3 per week through my benifits and i could prove this with a statement from the D.W.P.,two weeks later on the 11/9/2007, i recieved a letter from the D.W.P.saying that the local council had requested that they stopped taking the money out of my benifits, so they could take me to court saying that i was not paying anything to them.I then went to my local post office and purchased a postal order for 1 months payment being £12,i took this to my local council office and asked them to take it off my arrears,two weeks later they returned my postal order saying they refused to take any money off me.

In the December of 2008 i was taken into hospital suffering the the condition that i am suffering from,whilst i was in hospital the hearing for my bancruptcy hearing was heard and i was declared bancrupt in my absence.A week later i had to attend a meeting with an offical reciever in Blackpool which is some 35 miles from where i live,it was then stated that the only asset that i had was my home where i live.

The offical reciever told me that they would put my case in the hands of a trustee who would handle all my affairs,the trustee they appointed was in Bristol which is some 350 miles from where i live even though they have offices a lot closer to my home.When the trustee got in touch with me i agreed to put my property up for sale to sort out my bancruptcy they then sent round their agents without informing me that they were coming and they valued my home at £95,000.I then complained to the trustee that this price was a great deal under market value,i then got my own estate agent to value my home and they valued it at £135,000.I then put my home up for sale with my own estate agent and informed the trustee that i had done this.

In March 2008 the trustee,s costs were £5,561,in November 2008 this had risen to £6,050 plus vat with a provision of £3,500 for work he might have to do?.I was then imformed that if my home was not sold by the 29/1/2009 that the trustee would take me to court for a repossession order and inform his agent to sell my property at the lower price of £95,000 the difference between the agents price and the market value would more than pay off any debts that i owe.

I was allways told to believe that if you tried to pay off your debts and had come to an agreement with someone, that you would pay as much as you can afford, that they could not take you to court and make this type of thing happen.

The local council are people whom we elect to office hoping that they will be upright and honest and not bend the laws to suit themselves,i for one have lost all faith in our local goverment and the laws that govern our country.

yours sincerely

Mr A F Drury






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1331Hounslow Council [Hounslow]
Total claims:1
Ref 029419 »15 December 200816/03/20090

I feel people should be aware of what is going on here. I have had a penalty charge notice (PCN)  placed on my car on 15 December 2008. The reason for the charge was that my wheels were on the pavement. I appealed against this and lost and was given no explanation why other cars were not issued a PCN who were parked in a similar manner. I recvieved no reasonable explanation for this. After settling the fifty pound fine, I was sent a notice to owner saying I had parked in a similar manner on 27 November 2008 and that I owed them £150.  I relpied to this letter return of post explaining there must have been some kind of mistake and that I have already paid the fine. The council then became addament that my car was parked oon this date, The PCN was not obviously issued properly, and I am not convinced it was issued at all to my car in November as I would have never parked in a similar manner if I had been issued a PCN properly. The Council used three different people to respond to my letters amking me feel outnumbered and they also implied that I would look for retribution to the Civil Enforcement Officer if they issued his/her name. I found that very offensive, Also I was made to feel I was trying to side step my responsibilities by not paying the fine. The fact of the matter is I never recieved the first PCN. I would never knowingly break the law and especially if it is going to cost me. Only a fool would do this, or a person with no respect for the law. I argued with Hounslow Council to see common sense, but they refused and I also wrote to my MP and Euro MEP and the MP helped a little and the MEP did nothing. It really apppears to me that the parking department in Hounslow Council are a law unto themselves and there is no way of getting common sense to make them see there was something awry with this case. I am now undergoing medication for the stress, anxiety and depression this whole incident has caused me as I really can't believe that this situation has gone this far. If I had of recieved the first PCN in November I would not have parked in a similar manner the following week. I was caught out even though I had been parking like that for several years before, and the Council can not tell me where I can and cannot park in a similar manner as I park in the area quite alot. I am so disgusted and disallusioned with this whole situation and really feel that no one is listening to me and no one really cares. If this is how the law works now then God help s all. This needs to change and I hope if you are reading this, then you may be able to help.

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Total claims:1
Taking fees beyond agreement »Febuary 200925/03/20090

I applied to join the homeswapper site in July 2008 as I was desperate to move from my property.  I joined for 3 months as thats how long I was willing to wait.  I had no luck with the service and moved out of council housing on 1st Nov 2008.

In Febuary 2009 I received an eemail from homeswapper that my subscription had failed as something had changed on my card.  Luckily as I had lost my card they could not take that payment.  But they had already taken another payemnt for 3 months without my knowledge.  I emailed them asking for a refund and was told I had agreed to a 3 monthly subscription- which I was not aware on and I was never made aware of.

As this service is often dealing with vunerable clinents I think its operations should be made more transparent.

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2738Wiiral Council [Wirral]
Total claims:1
forgery & fraud »throughout 2005 -200817/05/20090

i have made a complaint of fraud 8 forgery to Wirral Council cheif executive Steven Maddox and solicitor Colin Hughes, i have supplied evidence to them, but i have been ignored, i believe Wirral Council should be investigated by outside

my evidence, letter to and from blatently show the ilegal way they have dealt with my complaint and will disgrace Steven Maddox and Colin Hughes as they are covering up the allegations i have made

they are blocking any attempts by myself to make contact with anyone who would listen.

they destyoed my company Willowfield Care Limited at one time worth approx £5 million in order to stop the fraud getting out

The company had a gross turnover of £4million pa

when your up against someone of senior level like these two you dont have a chance

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14016Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea [London]
Total claims:1
removal of vehicle‏ with my baby crying »02/10/201007/10/20100

To Whom It May Concern

On Saturday the 2nd of October 2010, morning time I decide to take my daughter to the National Army Museum as there is a lovely playground area for toddlers.

On arrival, I decided to park my car in Ormonde Gate, Kensington, London SW3, which had a permit holders parking space and also a pay and display ticket machine which I used to buy a ticket that would allow me to stay an hour, from 12:01 to 13:16 pm.

It is very easy to get confused and the signage is not enough to show that some bays are for permit holders only! When you have a parking bay right next to a pay and display parking meter I’m sure everybody is getting it wrong. This is not fair in itself as it is clear that I paid for parking the correct amount as was clear by the ticket paid for and displayed in my car window, I just mistakenly parked in the wrong bay.

When I and my daughter got to the Museum we were asked to wait for at least an hour as it was packed and we could not access it immediately.

At 12:45 pm I decided to go back to the car and pay some more as the parking ticket would have expired, or move the car to a different location. As I got closer to it, I realised that my car was being impounded by the local council officials who completely disregarded the fact that my 2 year old daughter was already crying, it was raining and I had no money with me even for the bus.

I asked them very kindly and in a polite and respectful way if they could leave my car and let me pay the penalty, which was £60.00 as I had parked in a place where I should not have been. But this was not enough for these officials and they decided to take my car which I had left open so that my daughter could shelter from the rain.

They could not care less if we called the police as there were being paid by the hour.

After about 15 or 20 minutes one of the men took pity on us and decided to speak to his Manager and see what they could do to help us, the person explained his manager that I had a baby crying with me, I had no money even to pay for the bus and that it was raining, but the Manager did not want to hear anything and demanded the car to be brought to the pound, of course he was only interested in fining me for the most money he could.

Regrettably, I had no money with me and that meant I had to call my wife who has a 2 month old baby to come and meet us with a credit card in order to recover the car. However as we had no card and money we walked for 30 min to Lots Road Car Pound 63 Lots Road, London, SW10, in the pouring rain. As a consequence of this unfortunate incident my daughter fell ill with flu the following day and is still with high fever.

They shouldn’t have done this; they don’t care about children, the only important thing for them its money.

I am frankly disgusted by the lack of sensitivity and respect I was shown by the people who took my car and also the Manager of the Pound as he was rude and seem to want to confront me when I asked why there had been a paying machine in a place where (allegedly) you could not park.

This episode had caused inconsiderable grief to me and my family. Apart from the penalty being extortionate, the enforcers were threatening to me and my daughter and behaved in a very inhuman manner.

My daughter is now very sick as a direct consequence of this inhuman behaviour. I and my daughter spent a whole day and sleepless night because of the traumatising way in which I was dealt with. I have had to take hours off work to look after my daughter and take her to the doctor, not to forget the sleepless nights she has which affects me too. If there are rules and restrictions to towing away a disabled persons car, then the same rules all the more so should apply to a parent with a toddler in a very difficult situation.

Yours sincerely.

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