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1023The Co- operative food [Thetford]
Total claims:1
Road Traffic Accident »23 June 200725/02/20091

My car was parked on the industrial estate, outside the factory I was working in, I saw a Co-op lorry coming round the corner and ran out as I knew he would not get round with out hitting my car ( they are not supposed to come around this part of the estate as it is to narrow for their lorry's). I saw his tail gate go into the back of my car, I shouted at him and ran towards my car, I had to jump in front of the lorry as he was about to drive away, at this point my father joined me and we got the registation of the vehicle, and the driver gave us his name, this is when the fun begins, The co-op have denied being at there and state that the vehicle was in another town at the time of the incident. I have seven witnesses who all saw the vehicle embedded in my car, or the lorry at the scene, The driver had given false details, the police would not get involved, until my Mother went through the complaints department, but it by then it had taken so long that they ran out of time before they could find the driver, we have had for force the insurance company to take it to court, it is now in the hands of the Solicitors, but they keep telling us the third party are asking for more evidence so we can not issue proceedings, it has be 20 months since the accident and I have got no where, I have the registration of the lorry that hit me on my mobile phone which I took at the accident, the Co-Op tried to say that I took the picture in Haverhill where they say the lorry was broken down, none of the paper work they have submitted makes sense, but I am still no closer to getting my claim sorted out, What is it they are trying to hide, this accident did happen, my car was written off, and I am out of pocket, it has cost us fortune in calls and letters not to mention the stress of it all, all I wanted was to be paid what they owe me, what is wrong with our Systems that a Company of this size can  lie about this accident and have so far got away with it.

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1736TESCO [Solihull]
Total claims:6
Misrepresentation »7 04 00908/04/20091

Tesco are presently advertising Irish Spring Lamb for saleon a special

promotional Half Price offer; £3.99 per kilo.

This "Irish Lamb" comes all the way from New Zealand!

So says the packaging info, Pity shoppers have to journey to Tesco

to find they are being duped.

Where did I see the ad.?   Here on the Internet.

Over to you please'


Paul Jellett.

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10048TESCO [Solihull]
Total claims:6
Misleading offer »21 December 200922/12/20091

I purchased a British lamb leg last night at Tesco, unwittingly believing it to be on offer at half price of £3.98. I returned home and checked my receipt which seemingly reflected the FULL price. Upon phoning their customer number (0845 No) the lady who eventually answered told me to bring the receipt back into the store to be refunded half the amount. She said she 'thought' I need not bring in the lamb joint itself. Point number one: a customer service personnel who gave me an incorrect instruction. Due to her uncertainty about returning the lamb along with the receipt, I asked then to speak with the store's customer services direct. Indeed, the product has a large red label stating "Half price" with "£7.97" crossed out, then the price advertised as "£3.98". Customer Services told me to look closer, "did you see anything else on the label?" were her exact words. Of course, she knew exactly what to say (prompted doubtless by other similar complaints) for indeed, upon minute scrutiny there is "per kilo" in small, no TINY lettering under both prices. The lettering upper case is 1.5mm and the lower case 'e' is 1mm: faint white lettering against a red background. Indiscernible to the average 'eye'! Surely against trading standard guidelines? (I will be checking now as I am incensed). Pity the poor pensioners and those with less than average eyesight! I have neither, but was still duped! Disgusted with Tesco for gross misrepresentation and misleading its customers. After many years of shopping at Tesco, I've had enough. Mouldy cheese, rank coleslaw, etc. A store member who did not know what sugar snap peas were, a young, rude upstart at the till querying my 'glamorous' dress (I was off to a party straight after not that it was ANY of his business!). Tesco have plummeted in my estimation but this latest deceit (amongst others) is an insult to their loyal customers. I shal be taking this matter further. Maria

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1379TESCO [Solihull]
Total claims:6
Filthy fish! »17th March 200918/03/20090

In this stire yesterday, the assistnat on the fish counter refused to serve me bevcasue I was using a mobile phone. He was serving meat and then came across to serve (or not serve in my case) fish without wearing gloves and without washing my hands. Teso have refused an apology.

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2345TESCO [Solihull]
Total claims:6
Staff references »August, 200806/05/20090

In August , 2008 my Letting Agency approached Tesco for references in respect prospective tenants namely Laura Harvey and James Maloney.  I relied on the references to agree to a tenancy in their favour, unfortunately Mr Maloney suffered a stroke shortly after and is still receiving treatment.  Ms Harvey however was not as Tesco described her "honest trustworthy and reliable".  She only paid one months rent and it took me six months and police assistance to evict from the property.  The property was trashed and the whole exercise cost me in excess of £5,000.00.

I have written to both the Llantrisant Store and Head Office on numerous occasions stating that I relied heavily on their refences however they havent even had the courtesy to offer me a reply.

Laura Harvey was employed to cover the CCTV under the umbrella of security. 

I am seeking some explanation and compensation from Tesco as to why the gave this reference when it was apparent that there were difficulties with Ms Harvey before the tenancy was created.

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2375TESCO [Solihull]
Total claims:6
Tesco Staff Yet Again »07/05/0907/05/20090

First of all, I'd like to say that I often shop in Tesco and normally the staff are frendly, polite & helpful.

However, I have just come from Teso Expfress in Paddington (the one off Praed Street) and was queueing for just a few minutes, but in that time, I saw not one smile from any of the staff. I heard not one Please or Thank You. It was just about the worst shopping experience in my life, and believe me, I have shopped all over the world.


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13725TESCO [Solihull]
Total claims:6
selected items »15/09/201017/09/20100

HIDDEN UNDER ALL CLOTHING at bottom of sign (selected items) very small letters unnoticeable until a customer services pulls back all clothes to reveal duped £5.00

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1704londis [southampton]
Total claims:1
out of date goods / poor service »7th April 200907/04/20090

On Saturday 4th April 2009 I purchased some cooked ham from the above mentioned store. This was for my pregnant daughter, her boyfriend and myself to eat for lunch. We all had ham salad rolls. My wife realised later that the use by date on the ham was 3rd April 2009, the day before I purchased the ham. My wife decided to take what was left back to the shop to make them aware of their oversight. The manager was not there at the time and my wife was told to come back at a time that was not convenient to her, so she left her name and contact number and suggested that the manager contact her at a time that was convenient. There was no telephone call, so my wife revisited the store. The reaction from the manager was astounding. He did not careless. He commented on the goods only being one day out of date, as if that makes it ok. When my wife mentioned that our pregnant daughter had eaten the ham he said, 'well she is ok isn't she?' Unbelievable!! My wife then told him that as he clearly did not care, she would take it further. To which he said 'You need proof of purchase, you need proof of purchase!' As he is quite aware that they never give out receipts, we obviously do not have one. We still can and will report this to the Environmental Health. This man clearly has no thought to the health and wellbeing of his customers and should be ashamed!!

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2528Dominos Pizza [London]
Total claims:1
Stealing Money from customers! »05/10/200910/05/20090

Placed an order online. I have waited for almost 3 hrs, calling the store and nobody was picking up! Tried contacting managers at other locations. Noone has explained to me what is going on. Workers refused to help period! Checked my bank statement online and I have been charged for order!!!! Went to the local store " 3514 Nostrand Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11229.[Phone Number] (link: javascript:showStorePhoneNumbers() Phone: 718-769-3111" THE STORE WAS CLOSED!!! Contacted Dominoes again! Was told the store is marked as open. I HAVE NVER RECEIVED A PHONE CALL OR AN ORDER !!!! This is a big company and i dont understand why they are treating people this way!!!! 

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3780Tim Hortons [Brossard]
Total claims:1
A Quebec Tim Horton Franchise Discriminates Against Anglophone! »18 July, 200920/07/20090

Tim Horton a Canadian symbol? It's a joke, at least at [this franchise] (link: (2141 boulevard Lapiniere Brossard, QC J4W 1L7)

Lowest quality service and most disgusting management I've ever experienced! It is shocking to learn that Canadians love this brand!

No one speaks English there, when I tried speaking French to explain my nut allergy problem, all were extremely impatient and the supervisor (an Arabian boy) would not listen at all and snubbed my complaint multiple times after I told him how bad the workers' attitude was.

When I asked a female worker (she said I was stupid) to apologize, she shouted at me and and said her father is the owner.

When I insisted that they apologize, the supervisor threatened that he would call 911. I sat there waiting for 20 minutes and turned out he did not call. First time being threatened by a customer service personnel...

At Tim Horton, the food is not bad, but I'll NEVER go there again because of extremely poor quality of service.

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28081Iceland [Iceland ilford ]
Total claims:1
king prawns combo »11/01/1317/01/20130
i didnt like the batter so thought id peel it and only eat the prawn! ate 2 the 3rd one had a blue rubber piece on the prawn literally felt sick

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Total claims:1
Duplicate Order - No Refund »06/01/201608/01/20160

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30489The Beer Store [The Beer Store]
Total claims:1
Racist employee who is also a Thief »Wednesday, February 10, 201614/02/20160
I was delivering my empty Beer bottles at this location at around 5 minutes until closing on Wednesday, February 10, 2016, when all of a sudden this rude employee literally JUMPS OUT OF NOWHERE and stands in front of my shopping cart and says "WE'RE CLOSED!".

I then told the employee that it was 8:55 p.m. and he should still serve me as they close at 9:00 p.m. but he then said this Racist remark; ""DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? WE'RE CLOSED BUD!"

I then ignored this rude gesture and then begin to pack up and leave but he then out of nowhere said "CAN YOU PLEASE LEAVE NOW?!? OR I WILL CALL THE COPS ON YOU, BUD!"(I was just about to leave but I guess this guy is impatient).

So I ignored this Employee's racist remarks and came back the next day in the Morning and to my disbelief, It was the same guy at the Returns department collecting my Bottles.

This conniving employee then tried to rip me off by giving me a Dollar less than I was supposed to receive for my bottles.

So the next day after, I came in to speak to the Managers about this outrage, and to my shock, said that they couldn't do anything about it as all the Employees at the Beer Store are all unionized.

This Employee is a White Male, with an Overweight build and is about 5 Feet and 9 inches tall and has a Van Dyke/Goatee style Beard and Moustache with Brownish/Blackish hair and wears a Cap. He also has no audible accent and is of possible Mediterranean or British or Irish Descent.

Do not go to this Beer Store if you want to be treated with rude customer service and with Racist remarks as well as Management not caring about your issues let alone them being negligent with their Employees.

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