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2138Engine Warehouse Center [Southall]
Total claims:5
Engine Warehouse Heathrow »7th April 200902/05/200918

Engine Warehouse Center formally Heathrow Engine - Was informed recon eng would cost £1500 and take 5 days to fit.  It has now been 4 weeks and costs rose to £2500 after they had removed my engine.  Customer service they dont have any, they dont return calls and I have since read on [] (link: the terrible thing they do to cars ie crash them take 6.5 months to return cars if you are lucky to get the cars back.   THey rip you off by making you pay up front and if you try and pay by credit card (so you are covered) they say there is a problem with your transaction and you need to do a CHAPS payment so you cant get your money back.  There are so monay off us still waiting for our cars this company needs to be shut down.  Dean Vickers is the current MD, Kevin, Paul, Martin, Sean are all his bully boys and partners in crime. 

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4190engine warehouse/MPH ENGINEERING LT [Southall]
Total claims:13
CMacDonald Vs ENGINEWAREHOUSE/ MPH Engineering. »11-08-200913/08/20099

Contacted this companyon friday 7th of August  to arrange re-burbishment of an engine for our smart for two after receving quote on line. Was asked for payment in order to get engine uplifted from garage removing and fitting engine unit. on the following monday the 10th of august we were made aware by the garage removing the engine that the extent of the repairs went beyond the estimated range and cost with the result that a reburbishmentof the existing engine was no longer an affordable or economical proposition. We then informed The Engine Warehouse that we would no longer be requirig their services and gave them notification of this cancelation via email and telephone. this was all carried out within the seven day period required by consumer law. Since then the company have given every possible excuse not to refund our money. We have since found out that this company has trade under 7 different names and has been featured on BBC Watchdog in 2006 and has many sites reporting unfair and illegal treatment of customers like myself. They have been openingup and winding up companies as they go about scaming many people out of thousands of pounds over a period of six years. Some police action has and is in the process of being taken against them. Unfortunately for us we were unaware of all of this as they sell themselves under the guises of Heathrow Engines , Enngine Warehouse, MPH Engineering, RE_manifactured Engines to name but a few, so tracking them unless you are aware is not easily done. They all however operate under the same address of 169. Brent Road. UB5 2NE. We are currently having to consult a lawyer and raise an action against them in order to get our money back. We atre also speakingwith the police with a view to [ along with other customers ] having them charged with Fraud by Deception.This i am aware will take sometime  I only hope I can complete the process before they wind up and move onto a different company name as they did just over a year ago. I find it hard to understand why they cannot just refund the mony especially since we have infact not used any of their services or have any outstanding bills with them to pay

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Total claims:20
Replacement gearbox scam »19-05-0926/06/20095

Used their [] (link: Very fast at sourcing the apparent gearbox used various lies about carriers failing them.  nearly a full month later I ask for a refund then eventually they sent an email saying that the refund was given I waited a week to see if it appeared in my account and you gussed it nothing! Now i'm calling them to ask for a good reason! 

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4471engine warehouse/MPH ENGINEERING LT [Southall]
Total claims:13
engine warehouse »6.8.0925/08/20094

I cannot believe these peope can get away with their bullying and bad service, they have our car and have done the usual trick telling us they will recondition the engine for £1495. then once our engine was in pieces the price goes up to £3,395. We did not want to go ahead  as this amount is out of our budget, and want our car back, so guess what they want £700 so we can get our car back this money they say is for taking our engine apart and for storage of our car so they say at £10.00 a day, no proof of where the storage is just their word.  As for taking our engine apart and then wanting payment it says on their website £400 to remove and re-fit your existing engine, well it has not been refitted so the cost should be £200.

 So we have contacted Office of Fair Trading and I can only recommend anyone who has  the misfortune to be ripped off by these people should do the same.   So far we have been threatened on the phone that they will scrap our car and send baliffs down to our house to get the money that was by Paul.

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4956engine warehouse/MPH ENGINEERING LT [Southall]
Total claims:13
Racist Bully cowboys »7/7/0920/09/20094

On 7/7/09 I paid via my First direct visa card & virgin MasterCard over the phone the sum of £2244.80 to the Engine warehouse ltd, who advertise on the internet as [] (link: Please note the payments went to MPH engineering Wembley.

The money paid was after the car was recovered to their workshop and an engine report  was sent to me via email stating the work that need to be carried out. I called Paul at the workshop as instructed on the report to discuss. The money paid was for the minimum items required to fit engine and for all additional recommended items except for the replacement turbo.

I was told that most parts were carried in stock and that the work will complete in 2 to 5 days.

I  spent 2 weeks constantly chasing the company, who never returned my calls and I tried to stick with dealing with one person Martin white as the another staff (his sons) contradicted their stories and they were abusive & rude. On one particular Saturday one of the staff said "we know where you live" & threatened to burn my house down, this was after I complained. They said the delay in getting my car back was due to the car being underpowered.

I finally collected my car on 20th July; my keys were now damaged with cello tape around them, as we left the place my friend who was driving behind me said I had no break lights. I took the car back & the mechanic came out to see me and said he disconnected it as it was staying on constantly due to a break switch fault. I could not believe they would let me drive without a road safe car and not even tell me. I bought a break light switch from Volkswagen & replaced it myself.

I drove the car to my work place at the recommended speed limit of 50 MPH due to a new recon engine. When I started it to go home it sounded like a tractor, I immediately called the engine warehouse and they said to bring it back in, I returned the car on the 25th July.

Once again after constant chasing them for 6 weeks and being told various stories as to what was wrong with my car I decided to ring the Trading standards to seek advice.

Amongst the stories I was told during the six weeks was;

The car needed injector washers - this took over 1 week to be supplied & fitted.

The car was all up & running, but there was a radiator leak, which required a new radiator (there would be no charge as I was waiting so long).

In line with the trading standards advice I sent them a registered letters which there has been no response. I looked on the internet & found many complaints about the Heathrow engine warehouse centre run by a Martin White, stories about haw he has robbed people and their threatening & abusive behaviour. I Called Martin on 4th September to say I will be collecting my car on the 5th September and he said the car is not drivable as it had a oil leak from the sump which he has ordered and he sent the old one off to get a new one & there was no oil in the car. So I said to him I will collect it next week.

I finally went down to collect the car on the 19th September. Although I called him on the previous day, he said that the car was up and running but there was a problem with the injector, which knocked out the crank shaft. I bought my spare key with me to look over the car. The car was dirty & looked like it had been parked in the same spot for a long time. I started it & there was black smoke coming out of the back &it sounded like a tractor still with warning lamps flashing on the dashboard &say a service is required in 1900 miles. In fact the car sounded like it did when I first let them have the car for repair. I noticed that the bonnet would not open and it has been damaged, also the engine under shield was missing.

I went in & there was a man complaining about the exact same problems & timescales, I recorded the conversation he asked to see the manager Martin White and was told he was dealing with other customers. When it was my turn I also asked to speak to the manager & was told he was not available. I demanded a full refund only to be told they had carried out their side of the contract & that it was an injector fault, which was chargeable. I said why are you telling me this now especially as you have had the car for 2 months? They could not answer, but became rude & said can I go, so I asked for my car keys, which they tried to give me the wrong key & I said that is not my car keys. They could not find the keys then Kevin the transport manager said I will get the recovery truck to drop your car back to you on Monday 21st September. I doubt very much this will happen.

I swapped name & phone numbers with the guy who was complaining before me, he said he has already wrote to Barclays his credit card company, who will take this company to court.

When I get the car back I will still need to get the engine reconditioned so I have contacted a company closer to home that have already quoted me, and I plan to ask them for a detailed engine report, cross referencing all the parts that the engine warehouse was suppose to change.

I will provide this report to any necessary parties involved.


As expected I did not get my car back or called to say the keys have been found. I called all week to find out about my car keys & to be told that the manager is unavailable, every time. On Fiday I spoke to a kid with bad Acne called Oliver who was racially abusive to me with death threats, saying he knew where I lived & he would burn my house down. I was patient and did note react, as I will see how the law deals with these pathetic scum.


I recovered my car back on 26/09/09 using the spare key to another garage for inspection and repair. The bonnet will not open as it is damaged and the engine undersheild is missing.


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3543engine warehouse/MPH ENGINEERING LT [Southall]
Total claims:13
Deposit Refund »22 April 200930/06/20093

I paid a deposit on an engine I bought from Engine Warehouse.  The old engine was returned on 22 April.  Since then I have currently telephoned 27 times to ask to get my refund.  Each time I am given excuses or they hang up.  I have been told there is only one person who can do refunds - he is either ill, gone to hospital, on holiday, just popped out, only works Thursdays or agrees to refund the next day; which of course has not happened.  They have many times put me through to a line which no-one answers.  When you ask for someone's name they give you the name but when you ring back and ask for that person the person who answers does not know anyone of that name.  I believe they have no intention of refunding my money.  I went to my local police station and they said it was Internet Fraud and they could take up the case if I wanted.  The policeman said he thought they had been on Watchdog.

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3496Geo Parts
Total claims:3
Failure to send out car parts »25/05/200928/06/20093

Geo Parts contacted me after I had made a request through 1st Choice spares for 2 sets of suspension arms, upper and lower, for my VW Passat. We agreed and I paid over the phone but Geo parts sent out the wrong order, I actuall received a shock absorber and 2 upper suspension arms, 1 of which was totally useless. Icalled and spoke to an Indian guy called Colin who said he would post me the proper 2 lower and replace the faulty upper suspension arms. Needless to say I never got them and after countless phone calls made by me Colin was always at lunch or finished early and the another Indian guy(who sounded like Colin) couldn't find my details, I asked for Colin to call me and never did. Eventually another Indian guy said I could have my money refunded obviously just get me off the phone and never done a thing about it. My last chance I thought woul be to e-mail 1st Choice car spares, as phoning cost £1 per min, and ask them to intervene and give me some assistance as they recomended this company, they also ignored me.

Regards Gerry Reilly

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106354front car sales [eltham ]
Total claims:3
rip off »1/01/0820/01/20103

4front bmws are based in eltham in kent, it is a used bmw site that also goes under the name of 4used bmws.. they advertise cars on there website, that they havent got which i believe is called spoofers!! i live in edinburgh and drove the 10 hour drive to buy a car id seen on there website, after talking to the owner called gary several times via phone and email i was delighted to make the journey so i gave a deposit over the phone and set off the next morning. when i got to kent to 4 front car sales the car did not exsit so a salesman tryed showing me another car i explained i came for a x5 advertised on the website he just shrugged his shoulders at me and carried on showing me other cars!! i left with them keeping my £2000 deposit and no new car when i refused to leave they threatened me with police, since this happened gary the owner has never returned my calls.. iv since found out they have already had trading standards on them and still they false advertise cars on ebay autotrader and there website they say they have 190 in stock i counted 43 at this garage, they are cowboys and give a bad name to used car garages who do make honist livings..

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Total claims:13
Car Valuation »15/09/0915/09/20092


I recently decided to change my car, I had always wanted a mini cooper so I was looking in the auto trader at prices. I currently have an 58 plate Vauxhall Astra sport hatch 1.4 SXI, I had only had the car a few months and it was like brand new with only 5,000 miles on the clock however I was after my dream car so decided to look around and see what deals I could get for mine.  Understandably I knew I may loose money on my Astra so I shopped around and my partner found the site '' I had seen the annoying advert also on TV, I thought we would get offered peanuts compared to its value so I was shocked when they gave us the valuation of £10,165.  Great! It seemed the easiest way to do it, we called them up to double check and they confirmed all the details were correct  all we needed to do is bring it in to our local dealer and they would check over the car for any scratches etc. as these may knock a little off the value. 

So that very weekend we decided to go and put a deposit on the mini we had seen, we worked out a deal with the garage around the offer ‘that we had in writing' from we buy any car and they could not match it in part exchange, so all done £750 of the deposit left and a further £1,750 left to pay we were booked in to take our car to the local dealer in Cinnamon Brow, Warrington for its inspection and to leave it with him.  Just as we were about to leave we had a phone call to say the valuation may have changed?? But we told him we were still attending our appointment.  When we arrived the ‘man in a small office'  told us that they would give us £8,700 with no reasonable explanation as to why the valuation had suddenly changed! He was extremely unhelpful and seemed to find the situation amusing in some way.  I cannot believe that a company can be so unprofessional and unfair to customers, I have spoken to the manager Paul Waterworth about this and he came out with the same line "there is nothing we can do, the market changes" I think this is highly unacceptable considering I have a quote in writing stating they will buy my car for £10,165 which is valid for 7 days.

I am now looking at selling my car privately and the garage have told me they will hold on to the mini for me till then as they understood my situation, they were not surprised when I told them, as they have heard lots of horror stories about these type of companies.  I feel I have been treated appallingly and I want people to know about my experience as a warning.

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Total claims:13
Misleading Process »7/30/1101/08/20112
On Friday July 30, 2011, I entered information about my 2002 Chevrolet Cavaliere on's website. I intentionally undersold the car – conservatively identifying it as in FAIR condition - NOT good or excellent. The car had just passed PA inspections only weeks earlier. I received a quote of $1160. This quote was about half of the Kelly Blue Book value, but I wanted the convenience of selling my car quickly and reluctantly agreed to sell it at this “low-ball” price. My wife and I arrived the next day at the Pittsburgh branch in Plum, PA. A representative named Seth politely welcomed us and inspected the car, noting every possible flaw. He acknowledged that all of these were minor (i.e., tiny rust spot on hood, around gas cap cover, etc.). He entered all of this information on the computer and then made me an offer of $845 – almost 30% less than what I was quoted! I responded, “I did not misrepresent this car. Nothing you found in your inspection is inconsistent with how I represented the car. I listed it as in FAIR condition.” He responded, “But that doesn't include necessary reconditioning.” I said, “No thank you, I'll not be dealing here.” I felt the entire process was misleading. The company lures customers in with quotes and then finds reasons to lower the price even more – even if customers already accurately listed the condition of the car. If I had listed the car in excellent condition, it would have been reasonable to knock $300 - $400 off the price. However, I purposely listed it in FAIR condition. Of course this company's website includes many glowing testimonials. Not surprising is the fact that they conveniently exclude complaints from unsatisfied customers. I have since discovered others who have had very bad experiences with I would not recommend this company to anyone.

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1097Kwik-fit [Camberley]
Total claims:7
Cylinder Head »25.01.0902/03/20092

KWIKFIT incident Mr Nick Izzard

On or around 25th January 2009 my Son David took his car to the local Kwikfit centre in Camberley (Centre Number 643) on the London Rd. He initially took the car in for a full service and inspection prior to an MOT test.

Prior to the service being carried out, the inspection highlighted several items that might lead to an MOT test failure, there were as follows:

1. Renew RHF drive shaft assembly
2. Renew LHF drive shaft rubber boot.
3. Renew rear brake shoes.
4. Renew RHR wheel cylinder.

I personally went to the centre to discuss the repairs with the fitter (Mr Billy Parrant) on 27th January, and after agreeing to the repairs, was assured that it might take 1-2 days to repair the car.

We were notified by the centre on 29th January that the car was now ready for collection, but the engine had suddenly taken on a very bad "knocking" that they were unable to rectify. When I arrived at the centre, the vehicle was started and immediately showed signs of running very rough, as if the engine was not firing on all of its cylinders.

I suggested that it might be a simple misfire problem and that they should check out the ignition circuit. I was told by the centre manager (Mr Matthew Williams) that the fitter thought something might have dropped into the cylinder head via the spark plug hole, but after removing the engine oil sump, nothing was found inside it.*

I left the centre asking the manager to speak to his area manager and find out what the Kwikfit procedures were for such an incident. I was contacted later and told that there were no procedures, and that I would have to remove my car and get it inspected by a qualified vehicle repair centre to establish what was wrong with the car in order to apportion blame, as the centre manager thought his fitter had done nothing wrong.

I was also told that in order for me to remove my car I would have to pay the bill in full (£776.82).

I found a local garage on the internet called Motest UK Ltd located in Camberley also who was willing to recover the car and carry out a full inspection to try to ascertain what the problem was.

I paid the outstanding bill to Kwikfit on the 30th January and had Motest recover the car on the 30th also.

I was contacted on the 31st January by the manager of Motest and invited to inspect the engine which had by then been stripped down. When I arrived at the Motest centre in Camberley later on that day, the manager (James) pointed out an amount of extreme damage caused to the Number one cylinder area. The cylinder head had severe damage to it, as did the cylinder face itself along with the piston linings. He then pointed out to me, three small pieces of metal which he said he found in the head space.

After closer inspection the Motest manager identified these three pieces of metal as the end of a small engineers rounded file.

I contacted Kwikfit and told them of the findings, and was assured by the Kwikfit centre manager that he would liaise between the Motest centre and his area manager to find out what should be done next.

The rest of this statement is a diary of events:


Contacted Kwikfit to see what progress had been made. I was told that they had requested a written report from Motest but it had yet to arrive. I drove to Motest collected the report by hand and delivered it to Kwikfit.

Decided to report the incident to Kwikfit Customer Services via their national webpage.

11.02.09 (all dates after this are approximate)

Was contacted by Kwikfit centre to ask for Motest telephone number. Supplied by myself.

Was contacted by a Mr Simon Carol, Operations Manager of Kwikfit who told me he was now investigating the incident and I should contact him direct should I have any questions etc

Got Mr Carols answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.


Was contacted by Kwikfit centre to as for Motest address. Supplied the address to the fitter on the telephone, asked him if he wanted the telephone number again, but he informed me there was no need as he used to work there!!!!

Got Mr Carols answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.


Got Mr Carols answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.


Got Mr Carols answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.


Got Mr Carols answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.

PM - Got Mr Carols answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Mr Carol apologised for not contacting me sooner but he had been in a meeting!!!!

Mr Carol informed me that he was now going to get an independent mechanic to inspect the damage and see if blame could be apportioned.


Got a call from a Mr Nigel Bowler of Kwikfit who was going to be looking after the case whilst Mr Simon Carol was away on holiday. Mr Bowler informed me that he would keep me informed of progress throughout the week.

Got Mr Bowlers answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.


AM - Got Mr Bowlers answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.

PM - Got Mr Bowlers answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.

PM.- Got Mr Bowlers answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.


AM - Got Mr Bowlers answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.

PM - Got Mr Bowlers answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.

PM.- Got Mr Bowlers answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.


AM - Got Mr Bowlers answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.

PM - Got Mr Bowlers answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.

PM.- Got Mr Bowlers answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.


AM - Got Mr Bowlers answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.

AM - Got Mr Carols answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.

PM - Got Mr Bowlers answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.

PM.- Got Mr Bowlers answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.

PM - Got Mr Carols answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.

Contacted Kwikfit customer complaints only to be told to contact either Mr Carol or Mr Bowler.


AM - Got Mr Bowlers answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.

AM - Got Mr Carols answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.

PM - Got Mr Bowlers answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.

PM.- Got Mr Carols answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.


AM - Got Mr Bowlers answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.

AM - Got Mr Carols answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.

PM - Got Mr Bowlers answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.

PM.- Got Mr Carols answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.

Mr Carol contacted me to inform me that he should have his independent inspection report of the car and statements from Camberley Kwikfit centre fitters by Friday 27th and will then make a statement regarding culpability.


Mr Carol left a voicemail on my phone but after redialing I got Mr Carols answering service and left a message for him to contact me. Nothing heard.


Mr Simon Carol contacted me to inform me that despite the car driving into one of his centres and having to be recovered out**, he felt Kwikfit were not responsible for the damage sustained.

Mr Simon Carol also refused to send me a copy of the report.

*I am a qualified vehicle mechanic of 25+ years and can state with some authority that anything falling into the cylinder head space via the spark plug recess cannot find its way into the engine oil sump unless it goes through the cylinder head.

**In my opinion a car with pieces of metal the size and hardness found would not allow the car to travel anymore than a few metres without causing irreversible damage to the engine and stalling.


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Total claims:20
ENGINE SCAM »24/03/0924/04/20092


Same complaint!!!

Don't buy from them unless you are prepared to lose your money!


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Total claims:20
Replacement Nissan engine »29.07.200922/10/20092

Arranged for engine through  Paid the money and got an invoice.  When the engine didn't arrive, I contacted them to be told they dropped it and so would refund the money.  It is nor end of October and many phone calls and mails later, I stil don't have the money.  Anybody successfully got their money back? If so, any advice?

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Total claims:20
Phantom engine »27/10/0919/11/20092

27/10/09 In response to internet enquiry to "FIND AN ENGINE" website CHADDERTON SALVAGE contacted me with an offer of a suitable used engine and I paid them the full asking price of £2340-25p.

04/11/09 Chadderton Salvage rang to say engine found to be unserviceable and offered full refund.

05/11/09 Full refund paid into my account and then taken out again.

Since then CHADDERTON SALVAGE not responding to any communication.

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2595engine warehouse/MPH ENGINEERING LT [Southall]
Total claims:13
complete lack of any service watsover »3.5.0912/05/20092

 from Sarita Cameron

1 Gourdin Ouest

33580n Cours de Monsegur




 Statements  of events commencing 3.5.09.


Engine Warehouse
169 Brent Road
Tel: 020 8744 7007.


I feel as if we have been conned very badly by this company and am detailing the order of events below:


1- I call Engine Warehouse speak to someone who says that they can recondition my pick engine  ( L200, Mitsubishi 2.5 lt) easily as a bearing within the engine block has gone and the crankshaft is very worn. A man called Mathew says it will be returned to me within 2 weeks.


2-I then pay the following amounts to Kevin as they insist on payments in advance.

04/03/2009 MPH ENGINEERING LT £57.50

04/03/2009 MPH ENGINEERING LT £1776.75


3 - They then organise the courier and they take one month to return it. I have called them at least 7 times to check progress as see what the delay is.  Kevin finally informs me that the engine has arrived and all is well. Kevin calls to tell me that I need to pay an extra £200 for a new ‘Head'. I do so.


24/03/2009 MPH ENGINEERING LT £200.00


I complain about the length of time this is taking. Kevin then informs me that they will put it on a speed carrier on the return journey. I later find out that this is a lie (from their own courier company) there is no such thing as a speed courier to France.


4- My local garage ‘Duras Autos' call me immediately the engine arrives back in France to tell me that the engine has come back in pieces with loads of bits broken and missing ( they are horrified at the state of it) and its going to take a long time and cost a lot more money then originally quoted to sort  it out.


5- I call engine warehouse (speak to various people and eventually Michael) and they say I should only have sent the engine block not the whole engine to them. I ask them why they did not call me on receipt of the engine to tell me that it had arrived in the wrong format (they had plenty of opportunity even if they couldn't be bothered to call me because I was calling them).  Michael says that they are not in the business of putting engines back together again. This is another lie as they have a whole other section of their company who deals with re fitting and taking apart engines.  The response I get from Michael is his repeating the line ‘we take no responsibility' over and over again. I try to talk to a manger but he does not seem to care much either and says there is nothing he can do. I say I will call back and speak to the owner (he was away on holidays)


6- I then decide to wait and see what how much extra work the re-mantling of the engine is now going to take before I take further action or make any more calls.


7- As time goes on it becomes apparent that the engine is in such a bad state and like a jigsaw puzzle with new pieces needing to be ordered as every stage so that the extra work takes 6 weeks and costs me an extra 1500 euros.


8- Finally the engine is back together and the ‘original problem' (card juddering etc) still seems to be there.  The garage thinks it may be that the diesel pump needs re-tuning to the new engine and so it goes off to a diesel pump specialist.


9 - The diesel specialist calls to say that the crankshaft and bearing is worn in the engine block (which is the original problem). It seems that Engine Warehouse actually did nothing to the block. My local garage had assumed (as we all had) that Engine warehouse had fixed the engine block  so did not think to look within the engine block itself as the car engine was being put back together again.


10 - Therefore Engine Warehouse did nothing to the original block as far as we can tell and we are now back to square one.


11 - The car is now sitting useless and has been off the road for approximately 3 months at a cost to myself of about 4000 euros

(not including loss of work)


12 - I called the company back on the 5th May (the day after I received the appalling news) and I spoke to a new person -the sales manager Gary Davies . Having explained the whole story to him I was assured that Paul Fraser the general manager would call me back as soon as he was in at 9.30 am.  He did not bother to call me back.  When I called them later on (spoke to Gary again) he said that Paul had said he was too busy. Gary has been very friendly and helpful but essentially can't do anything so he promised to speak to the owner on my behalf on Monday (11th of May) and he promised to call me back on that same Monday. Of course no one has called me back.



I have now be forced to give up with this company. It is impossible to forge any resolution with a company who are unmoved and oblivious the lack of service that they have given, the amount of money I have spent and the time I have wasted with them and the predicament I am now in. This whole episode has caused me untold stress, sleepless nights and primarily I am in acute shock that a company can con so much and care so little.



I also have 3 independent witness statements from the two mechanics at Duras Autos and the Diesel Specialist And also from my translator.


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10969AGT CARS Ltd [Waltham Abbey]
Total claims:2
alternater »2.2.201002/02/20102

sent scrap part and tries to say its recoditioned/checked as working and tries to blame T N T for damage . not even sent correct part even after sending them a picture .its sad . but there stupid'ity cost people money .them the F word when you ask for a refund ?

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2897Parts Plaza Uk Ltd, 45 Thames Road, Barking, IG11 0HQ [Barking, London]
Total claims:1
Gearbox »03/03/200921/05/20092

Didn't fix my car after charging me all that money and keeping the car for 2 months. Bad customer services and always lying. Dont deal with them.

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12560mph engineering ltd [SOUTHALL]
Total claims:2
reconditioned engine »o3/o3/1007/06/20102

mph engineering ltd,are not who they claim to be,they most certainly do not lead by example or practice what they ford mondeo has been in their garage for three months plus now still waiting to have a reconditioned engine fitted,for the second time,this surely does not take three months plus ???????.still waiting for a reply or phone call,have been advised not to call,as each time i have been verbally abused.they simply do not care as long as they get their money which has been paid in full.

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17363Bray Engineering Ltd [Southhall]
Total claims:8
Fraudalent »07/02/201016/03/20112
Bray Engineering Ltd have had my van since 07/02/2011 I am a self employed owner driver and my van has been my only means of income for me and my family for the last 11 years.

My van broke down a month ago, the engine needed changing so I registered myself on the internet in order to find companies who reconditioned engines, Bray Engineering Ltd approached me and were very helpful at first they even towed my van to their garage, they strongly assured me the van would be repaired with in 5 to 7 days, they gave me the quotation of £1780+vat at first then they checked the van said the cylinder head needed changing so quoted a higher price of £3855 and told me they needed to order parts so I needed to make payment, I paid them half the money then after few days they rang saying they had ordered parts got the enging ready and were ready to fit it in asked me to make the rest of the payment so that they could finish the job. Not suspecting anything I paid them and ever since I have rang them every week and they keep telling me your van will be ready in a fornight, I still have not got my van they have my money so I cannot even put in a deposit for a new van, I am in a really bad situation. PLEASE HELP.

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679Whipps Cross Garage [London]
Total claims:1
Car Power Steering Failure - Rouge Mechanic »16/01/200920/01/20091

I went to Whipps Cross Garage to fix my car's power steering which fails intermittingly. They diagnosed it and said the pump is faulty and it needs to be replaced. As the new pump was quite expensive for me they offered me a second hand pump which will be in perfect working condition but will not come with any warranty. I agreed that to be fitted in my car. The diagnostic cost me £30.00, the second hand pump £150.00 and the labor charge £125.00. I also had new brake pads fitted for another £25.00 which I provided myself.

Before I went to the garage I had the ABS warning light on my car dashboard the above mentioned problem but nothing else. When they delivered the car I went for test drive and realize that the speedometer is not working. I took it straight back to them but they denied any liability and they showed me that the car's ABS sensor is broken which is the reason for the speedometer not working and asked me to have a new abs sensor fitted. However, as I had the ABS warning light before the work they blamed it on that and did nothing.

I took the car from them and was driving the car with my satang speed indicator. In the evening, while driving the engine management warning light came on my dash board and stayed on. Then my car power steering failed again even though there was a replacement pump fitted the very same day, which was supposed to be in working condition. Next day I opened the bonnet and saw there was lot of oil around the power steering pump.

Next day I took the car back to the garage but they refused to sort out the problems and said that it is not a leak, it is just some oil that spilled while topping up the power steering pump bottle, the engine management light is a different problem and they had nothing to do with it and as there was no warranty for the power steering pump, they have no liability. They demanded that the power steering has to fail in front of them. In reality the power steering pump fails time to time in my car but not always, which was the problem originally but it was not in a failed state when I took the car first time to their garage. In that occasion they took my word for it but now it has to fail in front of them! Also, I moved my car twice in last two days I found oil on the floor under my car in both occasions.

I went to Whipps Cross Garage with one problem, the power steering fault, but now I have four problems. My power steering still fails as before, the speedometer does not work, the engine management light comes on and the oil is still leaking. I have spent £305.00 to buy more problems!!!


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