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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
1448Calderdale Council [Brighouse]
Total claims:1
Penalty Charge Notice »14/03/200923/03/20090

On the 14th March 2009 i was parked outside my house on a single yellow line for a maximum of 10 mins whilst loading the car for a numerous amount of trips to the local recycle centre which i might add Calderdale Council are big on promoting, however whilst in my garden sorting out the next load to go a sneaky warden pulled in his car observed my car for 3 mins only before ticketing my car and awarding me with a £35.00 fine for reycycling my rubbish, as far as i am aware you allowed a certain amount of time on a single yellow line when loading and unloading, this parasite didnt even have the guts to come speak to me, he cowardly walked away when challenged, after filling a claim for dispersal of the fine the council have rejected it.


Total and utter disgrace and if this is how they promote recycling in the area then i refuse to use the new recycle bins they have just delivered for me to do thier work for them, i will continue to use my black bags as i pay for the service of rubbish removal in my council tax.


Totally disgracefull behaviour and a waste of rescources pouncing like this, on people who are actually trying to help them. NEVER AGAIN !!! If this Warden had stayed and watched for a further few mins he would have clearly seen what we were doing, or all he had to do was ask us !!!!

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1646London City Securities (LCS Parking Control [London]
Total claims:2
Parking Fine Charged »4th November 200801/04/20090

Dear Sir 

I have been charged 365.00 parking fine for been parked for approximately under 2 minutes on the 4th November 2008, by the company below and above.  I have appealed and they have turned down my appeal.  I have written to the Mp and trading standards but could not get any help from them.  Please can you help me to get my money back.  This company have been ripping members of the public off for some time now.  I have other documentation should you require them.  My email address is [] (link:

Please read below the letter which I sent to London City Securities to get my money back.   

FAO Appeals Department,

London City Securities(L.C.S Parking Control)                                                              

27 Old Gloucester Street


London WC1 N3XX

                                                                                                                           MONICA HART

C/O Samantha                                                                                                                          

BOX 1148                                                                                                                       ENFIELD                                                                                                                           EN1 9NT


                                                                                                                                                                 5th November 2008

To whom It may concern



I am writing with regard to an incident that occurred on Tuesday 4th November 08, involving the above vehicle (my vehicle) and your company.  I wish to appeal the fees which were applied on the basis that I feel that we were misled, unfairly treated and that the penalties were unreasonable in relation to the events.

The details of the events that occurred on Tuesday 4th November 08 are as follows: 

At approximately 1:45pm the above vehicle was parked in a restricted area (private property).  The driver (my son) left the vehicle intending to return shortly and was advised that the car was being clamped.  My son was not away from the car for more than 5 seconds.  When he returned he was advised that his vehicle had been fined, clamped and that a tow truck had been called.  He was told that it would arrive within 15 minutes time.

My son called me and I spoke with the representative (the owner of your company).  I spoke with him for a few minutes and he explained the situation.  After the call had ended I travelled straight to the scene, and arrived there just before 2pm. I was expecting to see the tow truck as 15 minutes had passed but it had not arrived.

We were told that the tow truck was on its way and in order to prevent the vehicle from being taken away we needed to pay £365 in cash which included the towing fee (£155.00). By the time we had discussed and agreed that I was going to pay it was approximately 2.55pm.  During this time I had sought advice, from the police (who advised me to appeal regarding the tow truck fee) and was trying to work out how I was going to pay (in cash) as I did not have such funds with me.

 It is understandable that the vehicle was illegally parked and I accept responsibility for this.  However, I cannot comprehend why the representative had gone to such measures as to apply a fine, clamp and call for a truck all at once.  I feel that was extremely unreasonable and the subsequent fees were shocking. 

 I therefore feel that the fees were unjust for the following 2 reasons:

 Fee structure was misleading and unreasonable

The tow truck was summoned immediately and a fine, and clamp fee were also applied. I am unsure as to why you have a penalty fee structure in place for fixed fine clamping and tow if they are not infact being utilised in an appropriately structured manner.  If the purpose is to gain a sum of £365 from every person that parks illegally in this area, then I am not sure why the fee structure is as such.  Your signage is misleading as it details different fees for each action when infact, there is no lea way.  All of your sanctions in this case were infact applied immediately which I feel is a very aggressive method of enforcement. 

 For example, if a fine had been applied and 30 minutes was allowed before clamping,  then another time frame was applied before attempting to remove the vehicle, your fee structure would appear more reasonable.  I cannot therefore understand why it was necessary to apply 3 different measures of enforcement all at once.

 The tow truck never arrived within the specified timeframe

  The sub contracted tow truck was supposed to arrive within 15 minutes.  As I said earlier, after 1 hour it still had not arrived.  I was led to believe that it was called immediately which was why the fees were as such but I felt that we were being misled as to whether it had in fact been summoned at the time specified or infact, at all.

 In addition to the above I also felt that the representative was unreasonable, dismissive and rude in his manner and approach.

 I have contacted The Trading Standards, The Parking and Traffic Appeals Service and the SIA today by phone. I have given full details of the events and complaint to Trading Standards. Trading standards have advised a timeframe of 14 days for you to respond to this complaint before I can pursue this any further.  However, I am prepared to extend this to 21 days in line with your timeframe set out on your website.

 I look forward to hearing from you



Monica Hart


 CC: Enfield Independent, Ahmet Hasan, Bernadette Lappage, Christopher Andrew





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13354London City Securities (LCS Parking Control [London]
Total claims:2
clamping and parking fine »4/7/1016/08/20100

I sent you this claim on 29th July.It has not been printeddid you receive it?.Please email me if not received and I will be happy to type it out again. we are pensioners and cannotafford to lose this sum of money. This co.have been ripping off the public for some time,you published a similar claim from a lady on 2/4/09.Please help us to get our money back.We are also contacting our local Mp.Zac Goldsmith and local paper.
thank you J.A Green

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10313Securac [Brentwood]
Total claims:1
Parking ine charged »19 of December,200905/01/20100


On the 19 of December we encountered absurd situation. See the letter bellow we sent to Securac Company. Hope you can help us to get our money back. We weren't the only people who have been clamped the same day in similar way. If you need I can get details for you. In my opinion we have been unfairly treated. They can’t put the clamp while the engine of the car is still on and people are sitting in the car. You can contact me :

Lina Kleinaite
108 Alderman Avenue
IG 11 0LR,
Barking, Essex

Please read below the letter which I sent to
Securac PO Box 10556
Essex CM14 9FR
to get my money back.

Dear Sir/ Madam

We wish to complain about the fine we got on the 19th of December around 11:30am.We are complaining because in our opinion we have been charged unfairly.
On the 19 of December I Lina Kleinaite and my friend Darius Marcinkevicius left our house early morning. Darius Marcinkevicius was driving the car. The aim that morning was to look for Christmas tree in the Barking market in London.

In order to do so we needed to park the car. We were looking around where to park it. We drove into the yard which gates have been open (after fine was issued we realized that the sign was on the side of the gate’s which wasn’t clearly visible in the first place). After few moments we realized that we are in the private area, as there were few other signs on the yard walls. I together with Darius Marcinkevicius decided to drive away from the area and to look for parking space somewhere else. Our BMW( W136VRD) car was facing wall. So we needed to reverse it or drive backwards. Darius Marcinkevicius was trying to reverse his car but realized that two other cars are right behind him and wasn’t able to do so. We still have been sitting in the car and engine was still on. Suddenly someone knocked on the driver’s window, after we realized that it was traffic warden. He asked Darius Marcinkevius what he is doing there. Darius told that he realized that there is no parking space because it is private land and he wants to drive away. The traffic warden told us that we can’t leave as the clamp is on our back wheel. We quickly jumped out of the car and couldn’t believe that clamp was on. We realized that two cars of traffic wardens are behind and blocking our way out.
We have been still in the car. The engine was still on. Traffic wardens could damage the car if my friend started to drive.
We tried to explain again and again what happened but no one wanted to here us.
I was frightened. It was in effect hell hostage.
We asked how much it would be to remove clamp. The officer H.Smith was thinking a while and told us that is going to be £125. H.Smith asked would we like to pay cash or by card. He explained if we pay by card it is going to be 5% on the top.
We paid the amount stated on the receipt 04796(the copy enclosed) and still weren’t sure what happened. It was a big insult to us.
After the traffic warden told us that there is a car park 5 meters away.
We were very angry. There was another car blue Vauxhall Zafira GD04ZTT standing near by. His owner Oscar Nieto encountered similar problems. He paid £588 . Traffic wardens clamped his car the second time as his car battery was flat and he was waiting for help to arrive but it took too long.

We would like that you would return us £125 back and written letter explaining what are the Securac company procedures and what you will do about our complain. I also would like you to explain what happened that we were charged this amount of money even we didn’t park the car.
Not taking in account that traffic wardens from Securac destroyed our day and our mood, they breached human rights. They mentioned that we are foreigners. Looked like we have to pay because we are from different country. It was real in effect hell hostage.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to resolve this problem. If I do not hear from you within 30 days I will consider my legal alternatives. I am enclosing copy of my receipt. I may contacted at the above address and phone number.

Hope to her from you soon.

Your Faithfully

Lina Kleinaite and

Darius Marcinkevicius

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12067Frontline Parking, Reading [Reading]
Total claims:1
In correct display of private parking and subsequent clamping »08/04/201015/04/20100

I had parked near Woodley town centre on 8th April'10 as I went into Barclays Bank. There was no imeadiately visible warning in the area stating that this was a private car park and that vehicle would be clamped.

As I came back from Bank vehicle was clamped and I was charged £150+£5 ( Credit card charges),then I was shown a couple of warnings on the wall in very small print mentioning that this is a private parking.

I beleive these guys with an intent of making money ensure that these warnings are not displayed clearly and in the process harass and make obnoxious amount of money for no reason.

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18350City Watch Parking [London]
Total claims:2
Parking Ticket »20/08/201013/04/20110
I had parked my car in 46-50 greatorex street, london, E1 5NP, for a short while so I could go to the shop to get some credit to phone for my phone to contact my solicitor Soni and Kuar Solicitors as he was not in his office. I come back from the shop and see that my car has been clamed in less than 5 minutes.
When I spoke to some one from City Watch Parking, I was told that the clam should have been on the car for at least 5 minutes but the clamp was taken off before the 5 minutes was over. This was against therir rules and regulations. When I appealed, I did not receive a reply for some time so I then contacted them again and was told it was being processed. After some time I still did not hear from them so I phoned in again where all I was told is that my claim was declined and was not given a reason. Just told that it was declined.

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18352City Watch Parking [London]
Total claims:2
PCN »20/08/201013/04/20110
I had left my car at Micro Business Park, 46-50 Greatorex Street, London, E1 5NP to go to the shop and buy some credit for my phone so I could Phone my solicitor Soni & Kuar as I had an appointment with him. I come to my car no more than 5 minutes later and see that it has been clamed. I told the officer my situation and that I was waiting for a permit from my solicitor but he did not want to know. I had to pay £205 to get the car declamped and was told to appeal. I phoned in and was told to send a letter, I sent the letter but did not recieve any reply, I phoned again and was told by a team member named Ryan to email the claim to him, I emailed the claim to him on the 14th Oct 2010, then again on the 27th Oct 2010. I phoned in again some time later as I did not get no response from anyone and was told that the appeal on the fine had been declined and that was it. They would not give me a reason as to why it was declined.
I was told by Ryan that the officer should have left the clamp on for at least 10-15 minutes, but the clamp was taken off in less than 10 minutes. I had to pay £205 to declamp the car or it was going to get towed away. I explained to the officer that I was waiting for my solicitor to sort out the permit issue but i just needed to phone him.

more details » t/as Ipark Airport Parking [Heathrow Airport]
Total claims:1
Breach of contract - meet and greet August 2012 »15/8/201209/09/20120
We had booked a 2 week Heathrow meet and greet service with t/as Ipark Airport Parking, in mid June 2012 for a mid August 2012 departure. Tried calling on way to airport 45 mins before arrival but both mobile and landlines continually rang but did not answer - only message being lines were 'temporarily unavailable'. (Have since discovered that a new Ipark company called Ipark Secure Ltd has been set up ironically on the same day as our departure). I had no option but to call an alternative Meet and Greet service whilst en route and had to pay a premium rate of £134.10. I had booked in good faith but had received no email or text to advise that it would not be able to fulfil its contract. If it has gone bust - which i assume it has - it is still showing as active at Companies House and using the same web site and contact telephone nos. I will advise both Paypal and my bank of the fraud perpetrated. I really wished I had viewed the numerous negative feedback on Ipark's appalling service on before booking.

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29613First Choice Parking [Unknown]
Total claims:1
Not Secure Parking, not professional. »July 201207/07/20130
Please be aware, before you choose this company to book long term parking at Gatwick Airport, that it isn't very professional and it absolutely NOT secure parking. They picked the car from Gatwick North and for £30 were also supposed to fully valet the car. On picking up my car 3 weeks later the car was still dirty. The car is stored in an empty trading estate unit with no security on site. Two sheets of corrugated metal serve as the doors to the compound with a 3 foot brick wall surrounding the premises.

I would not have know this but my car had a flat tyre so they couldn't deliver the car to me so they came to collect me. On changing the tyre and examining it there was a 2 inch rip on the inside wall, which they did not accept responsibility for. There was also a yellowish mud on the underside of the car and on all four tyres which seems to suspect the car was moved and maybe stored in a field.

I refused to pay the £30 valet cost and was threatened by one of the staff and they were told not to let me leave unless I paid up. On calling the police they said all I can do was to pay the fee and leave and then make a complaint to the company. I rang the "so called" head office which was a mobile and got no help whatsoever. Of course its my word against them, but if you are going to leave your car at least put the postcode in your satnav and view the premises, then you can decide for yourself if you trust to leave your car there! 45 Gatwick RD, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 9RB.

In total the cost of parking there was a lot more after a new tyre and wheel alignment!

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