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1502models direct [norwich]
Total claims:5
adminastration fee »april 0825/03/20094

i sent photos of my daughter and recieved a phonecall saying they were offering her a contact for 3 years ,the cost being 128 pound for what they said was an admimastration fee,i paid this by card over the phone and never heard anything off them since ,they were constantly sending me emails trying to get me to upgrade my package for more money .i have sought advice and have been told what this company have done is illegal,my daughter hasnt even got a modelling lisence which im told they should provide ,i would be very grateful if you could possibly help me get my money back .thankyou .

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4860models direct [norwich]
Total claims:5
Conned Modelling agency »March 200814/09/20092

I joined this agency during march 2009, I had seen them advertised in the yellow pages and also online. As i was new to modelling I did not quite understand the set up of agencies. When I first got in touch with the agency they seemed really nice and guaranteed me to help me get work.

All I had to do to begin with was pay a £90 joining fee which would help me set up an online profile for clients to see myself which I could update whenever I wanted to. They convinced me I would get work from them so would instantly work out that I get my £90 and then some. As I had already stated I was new to how modelling was and the set up of agencies so I took their word for it that it was a way from help promote myself.

When the paper work came through after paying out my £90 joining I then realised that I had to sign a contract and choose how many years I wanted to be signed up to the agency. I remember it was £150 for three years, as I really wanted to get into modelling I felt like I had no choice but to choose three years as they did seem genuine they would get me lots of well paid work. As I was a university student to I just wanted to get some nice paid modelling work in the hope in the long run to pay off my tuition fees.

Models Direct even make out that Easyjet was one of their well known clients booking models for overseas photoshoots, as that was something i wanted to do I thought I was doing the right thing on paying out to hopefully get it back and then some.

I have learnt my lesson since as I have had no work from them, I did update my profile regulary as I thought I was doing the right thing and hoping I would be put forward for work. Four months after I signed up I still did not hear anything, I even wrote a letter to them stating about me not getting any work from them and that I had some from other agencies who had not charged myself for a joining fee. I also asked for my money back.

I did get a letter back stating that I would not be getting my money back as apparently they only ask models for a small joining fee which I know is a load of rubbish. A year and a half later I still have not had any work booked from Models Direct.

I have learnt my lesson to never payout to an agency, but I am more wiser with the modelling industry.

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16287models direct [norwich]
Total claims:5
Modelling Scam »25/05/0927/01/20110
I signed up with models direct. They asked for a joining fee of £60 after i sent them the money they never got back to me

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26868models direct [norwich]
Total claims:5
Illegal direct debit transactions »March 201228/09/20120
I set up two contracts, one for my daughter and one for my grandaughter. I tried to cancel them in March 2012. I contacted the company using the on line email contact method. I received a phone message on my home voicemail asking me to write in. I wrote in that same month.

Despite three further letters the company continue to take payments from my bank each month. My bank is reluctant to stop as it was an agreed standing order. They call the company's Merchant bank every month. the Merchant bank say they will look into it but continue to take payment on behalf of their client.

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27933models direct [norwich]
Total claims:5
paying £125 for an eportfolio and getting nothing in return »16th sept03/01/20130
i applied for my son to a modeling agency and got told he was successful after his photos were put in-front of a panel of judges and was offered a 3 year contract , not only did i get charged £125 for and e portfolio they didn't take the payment for 2 months and i got charged off the bank £120 for being overdrawn as i couldn't pay it straight back in its been 4 months now and have had no contact off them and i cant even sign into my sons account on there web page talent management ,he was really excited to do modelling work hes only 10 and it has been a real disappointment they take your money for nothing in return and would like a full refund and the money back off the charges off my bank

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16421Evans Modelling Agency [Perth]
Total claims:1
Verbal attack »27/01/201103/02/20110
First of all I would like to say that my young daughter was enrolled at Evans last year in term 2 & she really really enjoyed the experience and the only reason that we did not continue with them was only because the time did not suit us & I explained to Louise Evans that I will contact her this year to find out the new times of classes, I had not problem with her whatsoever. Then the end of last month, I texted her to find out about classes for this year only to be attacked by Louise and really think its unfair of her to do this especially when I have done or said nothing to her and I only said somethings to her after her attack & I can prove this as I have the trail of texts that were going back & forth.
If you want me to forward this trail to you so you have an idea, I am happy to do so then you will know how absolutely nuts this woman is.

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