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Rubbish Car »From day we bought car11/04/20091

Hi to all,

We purchased a second hand ford mondeo '02' 2.0l tdci 4 years ago.  Purchase price £7000. Admittedly we did not have a warrantry with the car.  From day 1 there were problems.  Heating control switch was broken and we also noticed quite quickly that front tyre was going flat.  Puncture! On returning to dealer L S Eaves we were told we would have to pay for these repairs as we did not pay for any warrantry.  Not things you would expect to go wrong on such a new car.  Oh to our cost!  We had the tyre replaced at our local tyre company much cheaper than ford dealer.  A few months later we noticed water in the front footwells.  Ford Dealer again not interested no warrantry! Again took to a local company who told us on inspection that the doors were missing internal membrane that should have been fitted at manufacture. We had these put right at our own cost!  The following year over the course of approx 18months all 4 fuel injectors 'went down'  Again no help no warrantry. Latest problem water leaking in spare wheel well in boot. Again no help now too older car!  On every occassion we have written to Ford Customer Relationship Centre who are just not interested.  We were even suggested to sell car before we had anymore problems.  This is no help to us! We spent £7000 thinking we would have a good car for at least 5 years but we bought a crap ford mondeo thats cost us an additional £1500 approx.  We also have an 'N' reg mondeo that is a treasure.  It seems they dont make cars like they use to and when you complain your more or less told told tough.  We have spoken to ford just this week and told them we would not buy ford again but i suppose a small fish in a very big pond doesnt make much difference to them.

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Total claims:2
Dangerous! »20/08/2000712/08/20081

my fiat punto was recently recalled for corrosion of the break pipes. i already new the breakpipes were severly corroded was going to replace them my self untill the recall came through the door.

So phoned our local fiat dealer who is morrisons in stirling who is also the seat dealer.

Morrisons told us to bring the car in and they would check out the condition of the break pipes 1 day later they said they replaced the corroded pipe work. went to pick car up from garage took it home and checked out the bteak pipes to find out they had only rubbed them down and painted them with underseal so i phoned them and told them that the work was not satisfactory and that the car would not pass an mot with pipes in that condition but they didnt want to no.put the car in for an mot and yes it failed on break pipes front and rear severly corroded and during the brake test rear brake pipe burst.but morrisons refuse to take resposability for the pipes.does anyone no how or who we should contact to take this further as mr family could have been killed in this car had the pipe burst out on the road.

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Total claims:6
Lose of "awards" »24 November 200824/02/20101

We took up Renaults offer of a test drive and test drove a car on the 24 November 2008.
Part of the “deal” was Renault would award KLM air miles.

Renault have said that they would “upload” the air miles, but 15 months latter, no “upload” of the air miles despite me phoning, writing and emailing.

Any suggestions on how to get Renault to honour their promise.

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953Volkswagen UK [Milton Keynes]
Total claims:2
Burning VW Touran »2nd Feb 200919/02/20091

Spontaneous combustion occured on 53 VW Touran, 43k on clock, full VW service history. Car written off, luckily no one injured. VW head office totally dis-interested, rude and aggressive. Refused to inspect vehicle despite chance of this happening again and killling someone!

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1014Mercedes Benz [Liverpool]
Total claims:4
Turbo problem »17.02.0924/02/20091

I purchased a mercedes cdi family saloon car 4 years ago which has just come out of warranty. It has only 24000 miles on the clock and is as good as new, so I thought. To my horror after just dropping off my two babies at my mothers was travelling down the road when the revs stuck fast as if it was going to blow the engine, the car was then engulffed in smoke outside and inside the car, so much so that the fire brigade turned up. I was just so glad my children were not in the car, but was absolutley terrifed. I then tried to turn off the car, but even after taking the keys out the engine was still running and bellowing out smoke. A passer by said the only way the car was going to turn off was by stalling it, which I did but yet very reluctant to get back in the car. We then returned the car to Mercedes. We did take out extra cover with the AA which covered us for £3000 for parts. On mercedes doing a report the repairs were to total to £4600, surely this cannot  be right for a car which has done such little milage. Getting any good will off Mercedes is none existant to pay £26000 for a car surely they should help with costs as we have been told by an AA member, and a member of Mercedes themselves this should never have happened and Mercedes should take some responsibility. I am gutted dont know were I'm going to find the money but on the other hand I am just so relieved that my children were not in the car, heaven forbid if the central locking also would have gone as I might not be here today to warn others of this problem.


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20146Porsche GB [Reading]
Total claims:1
Poor Customer Service and failed delivery »29 June 201112/07/20111
I own a Porsche Boxster, which at only 11000 miles required new tyres for the rear. The car is a weekend car, so I am bemused why they only lasted such a short period. However, i accepted that they needed replacing and set about locating new ones.

The vehicle is equipped with Pirelli PZero tyres with Porsches own design rubber known as N2, when I enquired about the tyres there were not any available in the UK through normal tyre distributors. I therefore approached Porsche to see if they could advise where i could get them.

They advised that there were none available in Europe, and recommended Michelin equivalents with N2 Porsche rating, they then went on to explain that Porsche specifications were that the same make tyre should be fitted to all wheels therefore I needed 4 tyres for which they quoted in excess of £1500, I went into the open market and priced the tyres at £1094, some £400 less than Porsche for the same tyres.

I then complained that the front tyres did not need replacing, and entered into correspondence with Ms D Smith at Porsche GB, who went on to agree to make a contribution towards the front tyres of 36% or £252.20.

However, when I enquired about the price of the tyres Porsche quoted £694.15 for 2 front tyres which in the open market I could purchase for £470.

By increasing the price of the same brand tyres, they actually negated giving any contribution towards the new fronts, as they are refusing to contribute towards tyres sourced away from Porsche dealers.

I feel this is both devious on behalf of Porsche coupled with the fact that cannot support the vehicles they market in service by being unable to provide the parts they fit at OEM in the aftermarket and consequently leave their customer to foot the bill.

Anyone buying a Porsche should be aware of their complete disregard for their customers and inflated (excuse the pun) prices for parts which are available in the open market. Together with the fact that the process of replacing 4 tyres when only 2 require replacing is far from environmentally friendly which i always understood German companies to be supportive of. Nice car, dishonest service and support.

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Total claims:5
Ford warranty »21/03/0812/08/20080
I have a Ford Galaxy still under warranty until October purcased as a Ford Direct car through a Ford dealership

I have had it 16 months and it has been in the garage for a total of 13 times the last 11 times since October.

It went in to have a new ignition Halo fitted and 2 new keys programmed.

I collected the car and it didn't have any interior lights

or a feture that was present on the indicator's.

It went back again and they said it needed some sort of module relating to the fuses.

A few days later it went in to have the nmodule fitted.

After the repair I have lost 2 features that I had previously.

One being global unlocking ehich meant when I used the remote key to unlock the car if I held the button down all the windows would go down,(handy in the summer)

Also on the indicator stalk if you tapped it up or down the indicators would flash 3 times I use for changing lanes on the motorway or on a roundabout.

I have been told by Ford Customer care that these are no longer options that are available!

According to th dealer on advice from Ford technical the new module fitted does not have the indicator feature on it and they don't make one anymore that does! However the feature was missing BEFORE thet replaced the module.

The global unlocking was a feature programmed into the vehicle electronically and that is no longer available!

So I have bought and pad for a car that has less fetaures now than when I purchased it.

Customer care said -tough ther'e nothing they can do, the dealer says tough it's Ford's fault not there's that they can't replace the fetures!



Posted on: 21/3/2008 10:23:26


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Total claims:5
Car warranty »27 march 200930/03/20090

My Ford KA BN54SCV was recently repaired by Ford Main Dealer in Gloucester under 6 year rust perforation warranty. From four rust spots wchich are evidently manufacturers fault they have done only two saying that the rest was caused by stones. I totally disagree with this opinion, but i do not know how to proceede with my complaint.

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Total claims:5
under garntee work not done »25 april25/04/20090

i bought a vaxuhall astra 1.6 sxi from m53 ford paying 4000 thousand and trading my near new perfect 1.2 corsa which i got 2000 thousand for .my astra iv only had it for a two months nearly and iv had problems all over the car i recieved it on the 19th of feb which even on the day of the 19th it was not ready cos they had sat on it for a week .i had to go to work in one of the staffs car from ford and wait at work for them to drop it off ,when i got my car it was really dirty it had not been serviced at all it would not start properly my drivers door was lose my back window would not open properly and a lose stearing which had been brought up on mot i took it back and they needed it for a day they sorted my door and window but my stearing was not done cos they dont do majore work on that make of car and told me it was up to me to go else were and pay for it to be fixted .one week after i was driving down the motor and the car just stopped and no electrics were working i stopped and restarted the car and just mannged to get home i found it was a bolb had dropped out cos a braket had come away and tripped out the electrics on the car ,i went backthe next day to ford and told them what happend and told them i would not drive the car cos of saftey i was told it was not posible for them to look at the car at that time an to book in for the next week and was told if the car broke down my insurer would tow me in which would cost  so i booked and told them again about the stearing so after that i went straight over to vaxuhall and i was helped straight away they unplugged the part and orded a new one which it cost me 18 pound then he checked for any other problems ,i went back the next week and they had my car for a day and told me they were driving it up and down the motorway checking out the stearing which they still could not dal with cos in there words there was nothing wrong with it mot says different .I then had problems with my lock key for my wheels they would not come off so i went to vaxuhall and had to order a new key at a cost of 27 pound which m53 was not gonna pay and then got vaxuhall to remove cos m53 ford had air gunned them on which is not ment to be done . i have now booked my car in to vaxuhall to have a major look through cos of all the problems and there are more iv been told so not happy

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Total claims:5
only just out of warranty »16th April 200929/04/20090

I have a ford fiesta 06 ghia. I recieved a leter from my Ford dealer Paynes of Hinckley stating my MOT and service was due by the 29th January 2009. I rang them and asked them to book me in at which they said they had made a mistake it wasn't due until April, I said ok give me a date  and they booked me in for the 16th April. The MOT and service done my fiesta past...... but an advisory note said Exhaust gases leaking from injectors *DANGEROUS* and oil leak. Cost to repair could be up to £400. If I'd had it done prior to the 16th it would of been paid for under waranty, My warranty ran out on Saturday 11th April. Ford say it wasn't thier falt it was booked in after warranty. I have spoken to Ford customer relations and they will only give 20% towards the cost of repair. The dealer said it is not their fault it was booked in after warranty.!!

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Total claims:2
gear box warranty »15/08/0827/08/20080

i have a 2007 fiat punto and it has a three year warranty. the gear box had blown and fiat will not fix under the warranty as they say the computer in the car states that the car has been over driven 255 times. i have been driving for 17 years have no points on my lience and belive i am a good driver. fiat will not budge on this matter

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Total claims:6
Very unreliable »15/07/0812/08/20080



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Total claims:6
Steering column »26th August 200826/08/20080

In November 2004 i took delivery of a brand new Renault Modus Car which had taken ten weeks to build, i paid £11.320 for this car & bought it due to the 5 Ncap euro safety rating, this seemed an ideal choice having children.


This car has been in the garage 26 times under warranty & now out of warranty the air bags have had problems and today i have just been told that the steering column has gone on tha car- a car that is still only three years old.The cost of the repair to my car is going to be £742.92.

This car took me three years to pay for on finance & as a single working parent i struggled so hard to pay for the car & now i face financial ruin.

Renault Croydon have been absolutely horrendous throuout my 3 year nightmare & have refused to change the car although it has had to be towed away, steering fixed before & in all 26 visits to the garage in warranty.

I feel the need to warn people of the dangers of buying a Renault.

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Total claims:6
Part exchange rip off »11/1/0914/01/20090


7 months ago I bought a new car from Renault (Laindon) for over £17000; due to parking problems at work I needed a smaller car.  I was looking at all the small cars on the market and went to one dealer and agreed a price for a new car, everything was going well until they phoned Renault (Laindon) for a price on my car for part exchange, I knew that I was going to lose money on the deal but could not believe it when they told me that Renault dealer at Laindon had quoted £7500 for my 7 month old car. My car is in perfect condition with only 3450 miles on the clock, it is not a huge juice guzzler, it does nearly 60 mpg and the car tax is only £120.

I phoned Laindon Renault and spoke to the manager Dave who said and I quote "that if I went to them they could do me a much better deal", an appointment was made with a salesman on Sunday 11/1/09 at 11.00, after explaining to him what had happened and my problem, after some time he offered me a 2 year old Renault Cleo that had only average mileage, and he told me that the best deal he could do me, was they would give me £8000 for my practically new car and I had to give Renault £1000 for the 2 year old one or £3000 for a new one.  Some deal.

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Total claims:6
Par no. 7701207587 DIR 85800 »13 Jan 0919/01/20090

my left dipped light went out. i tried changing the bulb- the bulb is a special part (cost £154 + VAT!)

After checking at a garage, it turned out the sensor for the headlight was faulty. (Part no referenced above -£187.60+15% VAT= £215.74!!!!)

Car manufacturers cannot sell their cars so the only way they can try to keep up profitibility is to rip consumers off on spare parts. The garage tells me the FRENCH car manufacturers are the worst of the bunch...........




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Total claims:6
booking of duster »31-august-201201/09/20120
we booked a car renault duster top model, which we were told to be issued to us on 31-august, but when we called for the car they said thats its not available ,after some argument we wanted our booking amount to be returned ,they said cancellation would take 5000 from it . now we want our complete money back.
hope our talks is to be listened by some one .

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4616Volkswagen UK [Milton Keynes]
Total claims:2
Touran caught fire without warning »july 200931/08/20090

VW Touran 2004, 56K miles caught fire with no warning. We had 2 minutes to get ourselves and kids out of the car - seriously lucky to be alive.  Vehicle was well maintained and had full service history.   VOSA recall from 2004/05 relating to DMF (clutch design) carried risk of fire but we were told our car was not affected.   Fire broke out around clutch area.  Vehicle totally destroyed.  VW not interested in providing any help - say they cannot investigate.   We have been VW loyalists for 9 years but no longer!   My concern is that no-one else is driving around unaware with their kids in a VW death trap

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19555Mercedes Benz [Liverpool]
Total claims:4
Mercedes Turbo failure »24 May 201102/06/20110
Over the last 7 years I have had 3 Mercedes cars which have been serviced (all full service history)and 2 of them bought through Mercedes. 2 weeks ago on my R class the turbo failed.

I understood that it was 4 years old but as Mercedes position them selves as a prestigious car manufacturer I would not expect major engine parts to fail if following their servicing guidance.

When spoke to Mercedes all they can do is offer 25% of the bill leaving me with a £2000 bill. A colleague had a BMW which had major problems (£4,500) at 4 years and BMW sorted.

Well only answer is never to have an other Mercedes and change to BMW.

Not impressed with Mercedes if this is what you get for loyalty.

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23783Mercedes Benz [Liverpool]
Total claims:4
Mercedes Failure expected me to drive dangerously »20/12/201120/02/20120
I Have recently bought a Merc believing them to be one of the better cars around (yes it is second hand and I have had it 1 year but driven carefully with full MOT and serviced when I bought it), on the 20th December 2011 right before Xmas while drivng down my street a massive thud/snapping sound and then loud noise rattling around so I pulled into my local garage, about 5o yards from me at the time who told me they could fix it by the that day so I wouldn’t miss too many work days the suspention coil had snapped in half on the front passenger side (looking online I see this seems to be a problem now with the Merc 150) so I wrote to them hoping that they would compensate me and so the letters (emails) go as follows


Mercedes Benz Customer Services
Mercedes-Benz UK Limited
Delaware Drive, Tongwell
Milton Keynes
Buckinghamshire, MK15 8BA

Dear Sirs
Re: Suspension Coil on my Mercedes A150 model, Reg no: AK55 NCO
Yesterday I had the most disconcerting experience when the front passenger near side suspension coil spring sheered on my A150 late 2005 model which I have owned without problems for the last year.
To the best of my knowledge the car has been regularly serviced and inspected and has never been involved in any accidents. It is driven very carefully, never off road and is not fitted with a tow bar or any other aftermarket devices.
At the time of writing this letter the car has only covered 85000 of which aprox 5000 have been during my use of it. Whilst I appreciate that fair wear and tear and consumable items will result in maintenance and service requirements on the vehicle a catastrophic failure of a coil spring is not one I would expect on a vehicle of Mercedes quality.
I would emphasise that the car is driven carefully and has been services regularly. This failure has not only cost me the parts and labour to replace (just a few days before Xmas) but also caused me to be absent from work and to suffer personal distress, the noise alone of the coil sheering scared me out of my wits .
I would appreciate your comments as to whether this is a know fault on these vehicles or weather this is merely an isolated incidence. I look forward to your prompt response.

Yours faithfully

Ps I have retained the damaged article for inspection should it be required, I believe this is the original Mercedes Benz factory fitted item.

This is not worn, but a clean break through the coil, as you can see by the 2 attached photos


21st december 2011
Ref: CW-1-2379893704
Dear Ms Pearce

Mercedes-Benz Model: A-Class A 150
Chassis No: W_____________
Registration: A___________

To enable us to fully investigate the issues raised in your correspondence, we would be grateful if you would provide us with the details of the Mercedes-Benz dealership that saw the vehicle in the failed state.
If you can forward this information to us then we will be happy to look into the matter further on your behalf.
Yours sincerely
Claire Walker
Customer Service Representative
Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center Maastricht N.V.
Gaetano Martinolaan 10
NL-6229 GS Maastricht, Netherlands


The vehicle was not taken to a Mercedes Benz dealership, the nearest one to where the failure occurred is some 20 miles away. Instead the repair was carried out by a local garage (my garage details went here) as they were less than a hundred metres from where the failure occurred when I was on my way to my home from work at lunchtime. I was extremely concerned about using the car in an unsafe condition and am not in the AA.


23rd December 2011
Ref: MvE-1-2380649762
Dear Ms Pearce

Mercedes-Benz Model: A 150
Chassis No: W_______
Registration: A________

Thank you for contacting the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center Maastricht N.V.
We were sorry to note your dissatisfaction with our previous response. As my colleague advised in his e-mail communication on 22nd December 2011, we can confirm that the failure of the suspension spring is not a known issue and the A-Class has not been subject to recall for this issue.
Whilst we do appreciate that you have had an unexpected repair invoice, Mercedes-Benz would not make any contribution towards the costs. The repairs have been completed outside of our network and due to the age of your vehicle it falls outside of our goodwill parameters.
We trust this clarifies our position on this matter.
Yours sincerely

Margaret van Eekeren
Senior Customer Service Representative
Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center Maastricht N.V.
Gaetano Martinolaan 10
NL-6229 GS Maastricht, the Netherlands
Phone No:
00800 9 777 7777 (international freephone)
0207 660 9993 (charged at national rate)
Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center Maastricht N.V. Domicile and Court of Registry:
Maastricht/ Netherlands Commercial Register No.: K.v.K. Limburg 33014909
If you are not the addressee please inform us immediately that you have received this e-mail by mistake and delete it. We thank you for your support.

PS: We invite you to share your experience with us, by completing a Customer Satisfaction Survey. Should you wish to do so, please access the survey by using the following unique link:
And enter the following reference Id 1-2380649762
Thank you for your time!

By the End of this I had lost the will to live. So couldn’t be bothered responding.
I am thinking maybe go AUDI or BMW next car change at the end of this year

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24477Mercedes Benz [Liverpool]
Total claims:4
Un Fair dealing with Merceds clients at T.Gargour&Fils in Lebanon Agency »27,March,201207/04/20120
Dear Mercedes –Benz representatives,

My name Farid Al-Haylai, I am the owner of Sakhar Group and CEO for the company

Recently we saw the new model of ML350 (2012 YEAR MODEL) at T.Gargour &Fils agent in Lebanon before few days ago and I like the model and I was willing to buy it immediately
We usually deal with Dubai agent ( Gargash )the sales man at showroom which I respect him and his company for the way of presenting Mercedes and professional services with customers)

I visit T.Gargour showroom in Beirut on 27th, March,2011 and before that I visit the website and I did not see the new model of ML350 , I met Mr. ? the sales man and he showed me the new model of ML 350 and I asked him about the specification and prices and he told me that there are only two models one in $92,000 without options and others $98,000 with options, he did not tell me exactly the options, so I asked him that I am looking for some options ( back camera, mirror kit, navigator, blind spot, etc. )Same what I have from Dubai agent and he told me you need to make order and wait 4 months, SO ITRUST HIS WORDS and he made the order for me in $108,000 and I told him that I will come next day for payment?

I came next day on 28th, March,2012 and I saw one ML350 in the showroom(see attached) and I was curious to see the options and I surprised that this model already has camera, mirror kit, navigator except spot blind system so I enter the showroom and I did not see Mr. Mr. Joseph Habshi he was travel to Dubai so I met the two other sales man and one of the manager Mr. Kamil Aoun and I told them that this is what I need and it is enough options for me and better to wait 4 months

I was surprized when they told me that during I came to the showroom there is another client maybe he will take it and I have to wait 48 hours if he will not buy it then they will sell it to me?? I tried to explain to them that this is not professional way to deal with clients but they ignore and said do not worry we will contact you!!

They did not contact me and I kept calling them for two days to follow the issue and they said (please wait until 6:00pm Friday )if the new buyer will not show up we will sell it to you and we will call you!! Again I kept calling them on Friday until 5:45pm they said in very simply way ( Sorry it is sold)

Dear Mercedes – Benz,
I have and my family long history with Mercedes and we are not having the car because of the agent but because we trust the brand, what the agent in Lebanon did with me I did not like and it is not professional and whatever their excuses and story I know one thing that I came as first buyer and they did not explain and show me what they have plus I was ready to buy it immediately
So kindly I am still looking to have this model and please inform me the next step
I will be in Lebanon on 12th,13th before I will travel to USA for business trip

Attached the photo for the car that I saw in showroom

Thank you

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