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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
18501Advantage Training Services [London]
Total claims:2
withholding refund »18/04/201118/04/20113

I signed up to do an hgv training course this morning, but decided 10 minuites later that I couldn't go through with it just now.
I contacted company immediately and was given a lot of waffle ao I then contacted our bank who then gave the exact information to give to company so they could refund it immediately!!
Much to my dismay this company on being told what to do then said that they "DID'NT GIVE A DAMN WHAT THE BANK SAID"(their exact words) and that I would have to send them a registered letter first and then they would decide what THEY were going to do.
I was then told that I could be anyone on the phone, maybe even my worst enemy who had got a hold of my bank account details and was doing this to mess me up( even though money has to come back into my account???) very strange indeed.
I feel people should be warned about this company and under No circumstances take anything to do with this company.

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25023Harris Mamhood [KHMO(Direct LGV)]
Total claims:1
Driver Train Fees for Ben Pearson »04/04/201211/05/20123
Direct LGV sent this customer to me to be trained. They had already been paid by the customer Ben Pearson, I trained Ben on the 04/04/12 05/04/12 06/04/12 09/04/12 All Over Easter.

I have been phoning Direct LGV for over 5 weeks and they have promised me payment, the Director Haaris Mamhood told me he had been muggeg so he could not make the payment, then every day I phoned there was a different excuse, he could not make payments from his account bank would not let him etc, etc, hence us not been paid.

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Total claims:1
Diabiolical Company! »02/200712/08/20082

Diabolical Company!

Don't have driving lessons with them!

This all started months ago.

I paid up front for a block of 10 lessons, i had two no problem and then the instructor cancelled a lesson saying his girlfriend suprised him with dinner-my lesson was at 5! he said he'd contact me to rebook-he didnt.

it took 4 texts a day for a week and the threat of taking it further for him to send me a text asking when he could book me in. I had a 3rd lesson with him and he said he'd ring me the next day to book me in for another to make up for the one i'd missed. He didnt. i sent texts everyday, tried ringing him but he didnt reply. He then sent me a text saying he had a stomach bug and wasnt teaching until he was better.

Two weeks later i ring, the woman on the phone was really concerned and a man rang me back.

He said it was unacceptable etc and he would sort it out for me-baring in mind now i am owed about £70 odd pounds for the four hours outstanding. he said he would ring me last monday-he didnt. i then sent him a text, he then replied and said he was having trouble getting in contact with the instructor in question, but he had done-that day in fact(!) and he had asked the instructor to contact me and rebook the lessons in. he didnt. he then said he was having a meeting with the instructor to find out what was going on as he had had conflicting information(!) the meeting was booked for last thursday. i havent heard anything back.

what do i do now?

i've had lessons cancelled, phone calls rebooking lessons and i have been generally messed about. the instructor informed me that he didnt finish until 10 at night and if I really wanted him to ring me at that time he would-why couldnt he text? i'd get it the next day and reply!!!

i've been patient, understanding, i havent ever messed the instructor about and all i seem to be doing is waiting for the phone to ring because its me that keeps having to chase these people-i'm the victim here!!!

any help and advice would be very much appreciated but at the end of the day i just want my money back.


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4838BSM [London]
Total claims:2
Driving lessons and tests »july 200913/09/20092

I had paid in advance for driving lessons + one driving mock test + hired car for actual DVLA driving test. The instructor decided by himself that he wants to give me more lessons and booked them without consulting me. I didn't and he claimed that form the money I paid for the above. Now I am being forced by the BSM customer service to book more driving lessons and pay for another mock test and for another hired car for the DVLA test.

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22300simon [London]
Total claims:3
fraudulent company »september 201130/11/20112
this company is good at is the sister company of highway lgv ltd,and now they have a new one,called LGV for all ltd.

what they do is they offer training for large vehicles get your money and they ignore you for months until you get bored and stop asking for your money or training.they have no facilities at all,they are just scammers.

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24389Advantage Training Services [London]
Total claims:2
refund »27/02/1230/03/20122

Last year my husband decide to do class 1 driving course...because when baby comes to earn more money and have a good job..So we saved up and he found on internet company called Advantage HGV. So he pays for all courses till class 1. And then they promise him to find job after he pass the test. Ok time pass and he pass all his tests and decide to call them to ask what next step in finding job. They told him no they can’t find job for him, but if he do the ADR course with them then they will find him job strait after passing his test in 24 hours( witch i find out later that is not true, because for ADR licence u have to wait up to 5 weeks). And then they said that this course will cast him £949. My husband then say that he don’t have that amount because he spend all money for class 1 courses it was£ 3500 and he is out of work because he thought that he will find job like they was saying. Ok he believed them (the person on the phone was M. Davies) but he say he got no money left and that he have baby and he can’t afford to do it now, but the person on the phone told him to borrow money somewhere and he will not be disappointed about this and he say course will be nearby (they have all phone calls recorded). So he agrees and he borrows money from friend and pay for this course. After couple of days my husband name Saddam call the company to ask when the course start and the woman on the phone told him that it is in London only, then Saddam said that he can’t do it because its too far from where he live in Nottingham . saddam ask for refund the money he have been pay them and women on the phone (name Abbey) told him he have to write letter and they will refund it in 28 days time. So saddam done everything she told him. around 2 weeks after the refund been asked by saddam the company phone him up and they say that they have place nearby for his course, but saddam told them no he don’t want it anymore because he asked for refund already and he need this money urgently because he is out of work... after chasing them for long time there was no answer. Sometime they tried to not talk to him on the phone and even told him they will call back but never did... then they say they will not refund nothing but they didn’t give me the reason why. So they made me a deal if i do 21hr fast track cpc with them then they will refund me the rest what will be left...after saddam found out it will cost him 600£ and they say (Abbey) that she send the cheque for saddam on the post 349£ . 21 hr cpc in other companies cost no more than 200£. So agene they rip him off. And one more thing when I was talking with Abbey on the phone about our problem she say to me that ADR course is not refundable and I can find this in terms and conditions, witch i didn’t found. And all that time saddam wasn’t been told that as what is true here??????? And now saddam don’t want this cpc training and we want our money back... we run out of ideas, can we contact trading standards or what we can do??????

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22394highway lgv [london]
Total claims:2
Fee for driver training »27/09/201106/12/20112
On the 27th of September 2011 I booked a course of training for a C1+E licence with Highway LGV ( and paid £898.00. After a week without any confirmation or dates of courses I contacted the company to be told that there was a six week waiting list for courses. After a further four weeks with still no confirmation from the company I rang their customer services again and was told that, because of a backlog of tests caused by DVLA, a course would not be available until mid December. At this point I checked with another provider who told me that the earliest I could get a test was mid December so I decided to hang on. With about a week to go to the middle of the month and still no word about courses from Highway LGV I called their customer services number, on Monday 5th December 2011, to be greeted by a fax tone. This was also the response from their 0800 number and other numbers that I have found for them have been disconnected.

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23217Fast track HGV [London]
Total claims:6
no training, no full refund »August 201125/01/20122
I have paid for the course of both categories (C and C + E )£2099 in August. Few days later I had a phone call from them and the guy named Patrick has offered me a job of ADR driver for £42000 if I will have ADR licence. It was very interesting offer but I said that at this moment I have not got enough money for it but in the future I will go for it. Even I said to him I can not pay for it yet he has debited my wife´s account for deposit £300(I have paid part of money from her account) without mine or her permission. When I asked him for refund he said he will ring me but when he did so he asked me to pay outstanding balance. Between that time I was waiting for lessons for category C but they still had some excuses. Later I found out they have not got their own instructors only they keep contacting independent ones. I lost my patience, rang them and asked them for refund but this time for all money I paid them. I rang them many many times. Only from time to time someone picked the phone up but with no result. Once I spoke to manager and she said that I do not need to send any cancellation letter, just need to go to bank and asked them for dispute or charge back form and they will send me refund. But I was lucky only in Barclays Bank. They have asked me few questions, I have told them that fast track sill has not delivered any course to me and bank helped me to get all my money back I paid through them. But in HSBC Bank I did not have so much fortune. They have asked me for cancellation documents and cancellation policy from fast track. I rang them to get these but it was very difficult to speak to someone as they do not answer the phone. Even if they answered I was told they will send me these document as registered mail so I should have it very shortly. It was before Christmas and I still have not got documents or money. I try to ring them almost every day, they do not answer the phone or e-mails. It is hopeless.
I have contacted also Citizens Advice Bureau and was adviced to send them letter and give them few more days for answer. If they do not reply CAB will help me to take this matter further.
This is the worst service I have ever met with, probably the worst driving agency I could ever contacted. Avoid them as much as possible....
And hopefully this complain will not be removed as many others from this site untill I get my money back.

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25194Direct LGV [KHMO(Direct LGV)]
Total claims:14
Paid for LGV practical nearly a year ago »15.07.201122/05/20121
Gediminas Jasukaitis booked theory and pratical LGV test (double category C & E) through Direct LGV.
He took and passed theory test on 13th of December 2011. Since then have had three practical tests cancelled. Due to spurious reasons given by LGV. Finally test supposed to take place on Monday 28th of May. Called actual test centre in Lincolnshire to confirm times and no booking had been made. Tried to contact LGV but the phone just rings.

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30410Want Driving Lessons [London]
Total claims:4
Want Driving Lessons, Shame On You! »January 201430/08/20151
I had Automatic driving lessons from Want Driving Lessons for over a year. I paid a lot of money for the lessons. The instructor he wasted a lot of my time and when the time came to go for the practical driving test he would tell me to cancel it as he wanted me to have more driving lessons from him. So he could, make more money and he was very rude most of the time shouting and swearing abuse at me saying the F word banging his hands on the glovebox and breaking very harshly . I lost hundreds of pounds because this instructor cheated me had 90 hours of lesson but the instructor won't take me for driving test. Rude Instructor and Waste of Money! I wouldn't recommend this Automatic Instructor or this driving school to anyone. This instructor has a Blue Automatic Nissan Micra.

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1921Aim 2 Drive [harrogate]
Total claims:1
shame »4/4/200921/04/20090

I booked driving intence course for £690 with the above company and while doing the theory the company fell out with my instructor, my options from the company are to go with the instructor they have let go or to travel 30 mile to have these people teach me i feel my agreement is with aim2 drive not some guy that they have let go.from them they say he has the money i am confused and not sure what to do . we paid this company not the instructor



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20691BSM [London]
Total claims:2
REFUND FROM BSM »03/05/201123/08/20110
Have been with BSM over a year now.I was going to book my practical test but found out that my driving instructor had left BSM.I called BSM several times to get a new female instructor, One person from the BSM call centre told me that they don't have any female instructor in my area and that I should get a refund and go somewhere else.So I spoke to another person from BSM to give me a refund, They have only given me a refund for 2 hours instead of 9 hours. When I first started with BSM, My Dad and my gave me a 4hours Club card voucher to use with BSM, These vouchers were used when I first started with BSM.I then brought a 40hours pass promise pack which costed around £1000. Now BSM are saying they cant give me the 4 hours back as these were Club card vouchers which have not been used yet. This is completely wrong as I used the voucher first so I could see how BSM driving school was. BSM have ripped me off and I will be taking legal action within the next few weeks If I don't hear from them soon. DON'T HAVE LESSONS WITH BSM THEY ARE A RIP OFF AND ARE A WASTE OF TIME. ALL THEY ARE GOOD FOR IS TAKING PEOPLE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

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Total claims:1
IT STEALING MY £1100 »Auguste 200922/07/20100

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22601simon [London]
Total claims:3
POWER-LOAN taking money from my account »16/12/201118/12/20110

searching internet for loan information completed my details but was not made aware they would be taking any money from my account this is criminal ! POWER-L0AN.COM took an ammount of £62.67 without my permission or informing me when they would be taking it! I have bills going out that i now wont be able to pay. I have spoken to my bank and they will try and investigate via they fraud team don t hold my breath! this company should be ashamed of themselves . Have tried e-mailing -they are dealing with the matter -no response from phoning ! I want my money refunded I have not received a service from them so therefore they should not take my money!

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30499simon [London]
Total claims:3
Fraud »6/3/1622/03/20160
Bough a vehicle (Mercedes Benz 2012 c220) from Copart Wolverhampton for £7000, they advertised vehicle it as Cat C, when the vehicle was delivered it had very bad structural damage which made it UN-repairable, this should have been a cat B (Breaker Only) that's not my opinion, it's the opinion of a 2 mechanics 1 of which previously worked for an insurance company.

I done some checks on the vehicle and the vehicle is showing on HPI as cat D, something dodgy is going on here.

(Vehicle sold as cat C, HPI say cat D, but the damage to vehicle makes it cat B not suitable for repair)

I contacted Copart who basically told me to F.... off, I then sent them some images of structural damage and then they said they will contact the seller of the vehicle and pass on his details to me.

If you're not a experienced mechanic and you can't view vehicle from copsart on a ramp before purchase then don't buy.

I think this will end up in court.

I will let you know the outcome.

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20862Drive LGV [London]
Total claims:3
hgv driving paid for »11/11/1006/09/20110
Lgv paid £800 out of the £1500 for my licence. I recieved training books, dvd and driving licence application form. Not heard anything since.

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15782Drive LGV [London]
Total claims:3
Ripped Off »05/01/1105/01/20110
I paid for a LGV course in full with Drive LGV, But my circumstances change and i was unable to do the course so i rang the company and asked for my money back iwas told that i would have to pay an administration fee witch i accepted but no money was returned to me so i tried to ring the company again surprise surprise i could not get an answer nobody would pick up the phone and now i am out of pocket by what i consider a large some of money to me i am not happy as you can imagine, i cant find any information about who the administeraters are so that i can get them to send me a letter saying the company has gone bust which i can then send to my bank so that i then might be able to some of my money back

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16231Drive LGV [London]
Total claims:3
Ripped off »17/11/1024/01/20110
After paying for lessons, i was sent the training books, and have not heard anything since, cannot be reached by email/phone!..
My credit card statement says payment was sent to ORCUS DESIGN LTD, MANCHESTER, UK!!!! which is a web design company, registered address is the same for DRIVE LGV LTD, please look at the sites!
I am disgusted and im in the process of trying to get this money back, AVOID AVOID AVOID this company

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24154highway lgv [london]
Total claims:2
highway LGV »02/02/201114/03/20120
I paid this company £1599 for a pcv course . they did not give me any course just loads of false hope. 1 year on they still give me a different reason why thy can not get me on the course this month.. DO NOT USE this company they will just rob your money its all a scam ....

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23912Fast track HGV [London]
Total claims:6
paid for no service »15/01/201228/02/20120
I have started to apply for the driving training with Fast Track in August 2011, finally in January I had my 'training', on the first day the lorry was broken so no driving, then in total I missed 3 hours of training. After failing my test I have tried to book another one, of course I paid for new one but since then I haven't heard from them. They are apparently so busy. Nobody answers the phones, emails etc. Its outrageous. So unprofessional. I have asked 3 times for ferund, sending recored letter demanding the refund, nothing. Please avoid this company!

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