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1651Molenkamp Antiques [East Dean]
Total claims:1
Molenkamp Antiques Guarantees Are Worthless ! »02/04/200902/04/20090

A warning to anyone considering buying anything from Molenkamps Antiques.

I purchased a solid gold antique snuff box from the Ebay Trader Molenkamps Antiques. It looked fantastic in the picture and I couldn't resist it, even though it was on offer with a buy it now price of £6,950.

I was concerned about spending so much with an Ebay trader, but he was selling lots of expensive items, had been a member for a long time and had good feedback. He also offered a 7 day return policy, so I thought I would be safe to make the purchase. I haggled him down to £5,950 and bought the box.

I paid for the item immediately, but because I didn't want to risk the Christmas postal system I asked him to hold the box and post it the first week in January.

When it arrived it was clear that the picture on Ebay had been either taken with some sort of filter on the Camera or manipulated in photoshop. The rich burnished gold colour in the picture, turned into a flat pale yellow and the engraving that stood out so well in the picture was not visible to anything like the same extent.

Disappointed, I contacted Simon Wicks the man behind Molenkamps Antiques and told him I wanted to return the box under the terms of his 7 day guarantee.

He would not accept the box back, saying that he would lose his Paypal transaction fees.

I pointed out that this was not the case, as a refund via paypal removes the fees, but in any case I didn't want to see him out of pocket so I would refund him any fees that he couldn't claim back.

He still refused. I decided to get an independent valuation of the snuff box from Sotheby's, thinking that maybe I could recover most of my costs by selling the box at auction. They said it was worth between £1,000 and £1,500.

Clearly I had been ripped off , everybody is entitled to a profit but selling a box worth £1,000 for £6,000 is the sort of deal that would even make a banker blush with embarrassment !

I threatened legal action for breach of contract and failure to honour the 7 day cooling off period granted by the Distance Selling Regulations, but he still wouldn't take the box back.

I then discovered that I had no idea of his address to serve the legal papers. Nothing on his Ebay shop or the "Receipt" he had sent me had an address. I asked him to provide his address but he refused.

Have you ever heard of an honest trader who hides away and banks on the fact that nobody will be able to find him ?

I hired a private detective company to locate him and was eventually able to get his address.

I started a legal claim and when it got to the allocation questionnaire from the Court he contacted me and said that he would settle things by refunding me £5,725 for the box. I accepted this and sent the box back to him.

When the cheque arrived, he had only sent £5,497. When I queried this he told me that he had decided that he wouldn't refund any more than this and that I should put my loss down to experience!!!

He is so dishonest that he can't even stick to a settlement agreement he made a few days earlier

The case continues and will be heard in the Eastbourne County Court later in 2009.

If you have any problems and can't afford a private detective the address to serve papers is:
Mr Simon Wicks
T/A Molenkamp Antiques
2 Michel Close
East Dean
East Sussex
BN20 0JS

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22223Hayle Gallery
Total claims:1
Paintings mis-sold »2008/925/11/20110
Mr Carter from Hayle Gallery sold me paintings that were supposed to be of a value of £3500, total worth is approximately £1200! One of the paintings he sold was supposed to be by Charles Napier Hemy and work over £600, it is in fact by B B Hemy and lucky to be worth £100!! I have been informed that, on many occassions, he has overpriced his clients and that there is supposed to be a list as long as your arm with Trading Standards! I just want the shortfall paid back.

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28352Interior Home of Rossendale
Total claims:2
Interior Home of Rossendale »11 february 201311/02/20130
I was delighted when the kitchen arrived and was very impressed with the service Interior Home Designs of Rossendale gave me. They've certainly got a contented customer in me and everyone in my house loves our new elegant kitchen.

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29483Interior Home of Rossendale
Total claims:2
WE'VE BEEN SCAMMED - big time so PASS THIS ON .....My son 21 has survived MENINGITIS SEPTICEMIA with a less than 10 pc chance. DESPITE being bedridden for almost 5 months and Losing 9 stone [136LBS in 4 months] plus most of both feet and in awesome pain daily He is just so cheerful and upbeat, he is a hero - Our family has been through Hell But what has happened today this is just for me the last straw --WE'VE BEEN SCAMMED - big time THE KITCHEN PROMISED IS SHIT VENEER SO THIN ON CHIPBOARD .His Dad -who works hard in dangerous conditions and me are trying desperately hard to get everything in our home 'disabled' ready so at least we can PLAN to get our kid back home ASAP Ive never never had a 'new' kitchen its his Dads pension money and it cant be replaced unless this thief returns it Im going to have to fork out 120 for a CCJ . Which Im doing now..LOCAL FRAUD SQUAD/Trading standards are VERY helpful CRIME REPORTED AND CCJ ACTIVATED

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