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Inspection Report Rip Off »03.04.200906/04/20090

Linked to Meridien Milano claim - after speaking to Trading Standards I was advised to get an Independent Report as Meridien Milano refused to repair my 2 year old Alfa Romeo under warranty. I contacted the AA and arranged for an Independent inspection to take place to try to re-establish my position and to get them to repar the car  - oh no Dekra Engineer visited and next thing I know I have paid £175.00 for a report which I think is outrageous only to be told in the report that I drive the vehicle harshly and aggressively - I dont think so, and basically the report stated the same conversation that  I had with the dealer ship. anyone smell a rat!! I am appalled and am taking the matter up legally - the report concluded that I rode the clutch - most of my driving is along the M27 - hmmmmm!! and the Engineer was extremely rude to boot - the company didnt contact me when they said they would and custoemr service was Zero - will I get an apology - Im not holding my breath!! 

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30244ZF Gillforder [Solihull]
Total claims:1
Zf Gillforder »1/09/201401/09/20140
We work at Zf Lemforder but we call it gillforder now as Steve hill and his family have taken over the can threaten intimidate. And get all the over time they want even tho most are agency workers the management have give Stev 2 promotions in 6 months and the new job he's doing he had to retrain to do it by people who also applied for the job and we're better candidates will post more later

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