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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails [Egham Surrey ]
Total claims:7
hotel was shut »April 22nd 201010/10/20102
We arrived at Agios Nikolaos on April 22nd at the Hotel Coral.(We booked through HOLIDAY DISCOUNT CENTRE,and the company the hotel was provided by was HOTELS4U)The hotel had not opened for the season and there was scaffolding up and workmen in.The taxi driver saw the problem and took us to the sister hotel.We waited ages with various receptionists and questions.We were not on their hotel company register at all.I managed to persuade them by showing our paperwork.It was a very traumatic experience in a foreign country and very little language.
On our return-6th May- I contacted Holiday Discount Centre and was given an email address to contact the relevant department.I emailed them twice-nothing.Then I rang and was given another email address,I emailed and -nothing .I have rung about 10 times since and always "Sorry the person you need to speak to is..out...on holiday...sick etc.I eventually got to speak to Anna.I was promised call backs but nothing came.Eventually I got a letter with a copy of one they sent to Hotels4U saying"We would like to acknowledge the receipt of your letter in our office today...forwarding your letter to Hotels4U.They promised a response within 28 days...nothing!I am not after compensation,just an admission of who was at fault and why we were not even on the hotel chain records.The hotel eventually opened 3 days before we left so was it the hotel chains fault or the Holiday Discount Centre or Hotels4U?

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Total claims:7
MARES HOTEL MARMARIS »5 10 1117/01/20121

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1852The Central Hotel [London]
Total claims:1
Mrs K Caddick »14/4/0917/04/20091

I booked this hotel online through, it was advertised as 1 star with basic facilities for a single room including: single bed, heating, fridge, microwave, TV, coffee maker, kitchenette.  However, what I was offered was a room with bunk beds, microwave and a chair so disgusting I would have thrown it on a tip.  There was no TV, fridge, heating (of any sort) or coffee maker.  I did not fany looking for the kitchenette as the smell of the place was awful.  I chose not to stay as this was well below standard. 

When I complained and said I would not stay I was offered another room that had just been turned down by a young couple (the hotel staff member dealing with my complaint told me they had turned it down for the same reason I had- it was not up to standard). I obviously refused another bad room but the company used the offer of another room as an excuse to rip me off and charge me for the room even though I did not stay there!

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2682Hilton Hotel Corporation
Total claims:1
Hilton Best Rate Guarantee »05/08/0916/05/20091

I searched for a hotel in Beijing and found a cheap Hilton deal at, remembering the Best Rate Guarantee as advertised by Hilton, I booked at a more expensive rate at and then claim the Guarantee.

Now here is what they wrote back to me:
Thank you for taking the time to submit a claim form regarding Our Best
Rates Guaranteed. We have reviewed your reservation and the information
found on

The reservation booked on the Hilton website was for a KING BED GUEST ROOM.
The reservation on the was for a Standard room type.
Therefore, as stated in our terms in conditions, your reservation is not
eligible for the Our Best Rates Guaranteed.

We realize that every guest has a choice when traveling and we thank you for
making Hilton family of hotels your choice. We look forward to the
opportunity to serve your future travel needs.

That's just ridiculous - when you
check the website of the Hotel
you can see that they offer 3 room types: Guest Rooms, Suites and Executive
Guest Rooms . So there cant be a difference between the King Bed Guest Room
and the Standard Guest Room.

It is just a shame how they behave against a loyal Gold Honors Member ! But
I am not alone, when you read the complaints at flyertalk for example it
seems like their normal business idea to deny all claims.

I am just very disappointed and will stay elsewhere on my next trips :-(


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3372Accor Hotels [Paris]
Total claims:3
Accor Favorite Guest scheme »2008/920/06/20091

Last year I bought an Accor Favorite Guest card (now A Club)because we were travelling not only in France but also Australia/New Zealand & Dubai. The idea was to not only get a bit of a discount on all the hotels but also to receive a welcome drink (gift) & more importantly points redemable into to vouchers to reduce hotel costs this year.

We duly presented the card at all the hotels we stayed at & this was swiped. However it was only in France that we got points & a welcome gift. I have since emailed/phoned/corresponded with the office in Paris but all I get back is "send us the original receipts & we shall put points on your account". I sent the receipts & they never turned up & as I foolishly sent the originals had no recourse & was told to contact all the hotels & get copy receipts. I sent my credit card statements with all the hotels/costs highlighted, even the booking references but still not acceptable.

So what is the point in paying out (in my case 120 euros) when I get little 'reward'? It's their system that failed to register the points but it is me that has to do all the chasing around to recover the points- which I am not prepared to do. They will not even entertain making a settlement based on what information they have received. For the 7 emails/3 letters/2 phone calls I've got 3 'standard' replies, the rest have been ignored! Why should a big corporation get away with such poor 'after sales service' with no complaints procedure?


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3699Royal Holiday
Total claims:1
Playa del Sol FRAUD »January 200810/07/20091


To whom it may concern:

I welcome this opportunity to address what has been a horrendous experience in connection with the unrestrained use of false and deceptive sales practices on the part of GRUPO PLAYA DEL SOL (PDSG). On January 20th 2008, I purchased a timeshare at PDSG for $35900 USD, only after lengthy negotiations with PDSG Sales Representative Erick Hompe, and Verification Agent Javier Reyes, who each affirmed that the total purchase price would covered by the sale of my current Timeshares and additional bonus weeks.

At the time of purchase, I made it very clear that I was DEBT-FREE, only a few years from retirement and could not afford nearly $36000 USD in debt. However, I was assured by the PDSG sales representative that, Robert Jones; Director of Royal Vacations would arrange the sale of my timeshares from Rancho Banderas and Villas del Palmar, as well as the rental of 8 "Playa Del Sol Grand" weeks for a total of $12000 USD ($1500 each).

Before March 2008, I paid off the account balance in full by transferring the debt to my own credit card (When I figured out that I would pay an extra $16796 - or more than 66% in finance charges - for 84 equal monthly installments of $499.13 on a balance of $25130).

To make matters worse, PDSG has achieved this trough an insidious use of deceit, outright lies and other forms of dishonesty. In short I am seeking my complete refund. Since September 2008 I´ve spoken with Edgar Peniche, he was trying to help me with this matter. On October 22th 2008 I received a partial transfer in the amount of $25130.

I understood that PDSG was going to continue working on this matter in connection with issuing a refund balance in the amount of $11465 (This was the down payment I made the day of purchase). After time with no answers, I sent them a PROFECO´S complaint, when Playa Del Sol knew about it, they moved  out Edgar  and said wire transfer won´t be completed as discussed, since the Legal Department effectively takes me out of the case upon PROFECO´S complaint.

Since August 2008, nobody from Playa del Sol has ever responded to me, my e-mails, and my phone calls. I will not debate the specifics of my case in this public complaint, several points are being reviewed, even now it is difficult to realize how completely I was mislead by PDSG on practically all levels.

The PDSG has refused to my request of the full refund; their last offer is to refund $2500 USD on what I expected to be a payment of $11465 USD. The reason of their claim is that they were going to reimburse 100% (they were in fact, stalling me for months) but because I contacted PROFECO, Playa del Sol has to pay legal fees to protect their scam.

I advise to anyone who reads this letter, to take maximum precautions when traveling international the following:


  • 1. Avoid as much as possible to go to Puerto Vallarta and mostly attend a Timeshare presentation.

  • 2. Avoid going to Mexico since now I know that PROFECO cannot defend us, American citizens, of the deceitful sales practices that companies such as Playa del sol. This is, because of the "administrative nature" of this office.


I went online and was amazed at the volume of complaints against PDSG on so many websites, including requests to join class action suits. These claims alone, say a lot of this company.

If you have been victim of a timeshare fraud in Mexico and would like to join forces or are and expert on web design and would be interested in creating a discussion forum, please contact me immediately.


D Akhan.


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22121Poseidon Hotel Sunny Beach [Bourgas]
Total claims:1
Property Rights Violated »201120/11/20111
I own an apartment in the Poseidon Hotel and have been trying to sell it for he last 3 yrs. I informed the management company that I would not availing of the rental contract as I was trying to seel it and wanted estate agents to have access to the apt in order to show it. I have never been asked for management fees. The informed an estate agent in September that he would not be allowed access to my apartment as I had not paid the management fees. I contracted the Mgt Company straight away and asked for a invoice, they have ignored all requests. I enguaged a solicitor in bulgaria and he has refused to meet with her. She feels that it is a scam as they are letting out my apartment and pocketing the money that they are using the management fees as an excuse to not let the owners have access to their own apartment.

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164Hotel Thirty Thirty NY
Total claims:1
Horrible experience »10/12/0714/08/20080

misrepresentation of their rooms. charged $399 for superior room rate and was given a standard room which was absolutely disgusting, horrible and appalling. ended up leaving and booked room at another hotel which was less expensive and 1000 times better. horrible, horrible experience!

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165Days Inn, Houston
Total claims:1
Never again »07/200614/08/20080

I checked in to your hotel at 12:41pm. I walked up to building and noticed all the empty rooms doors were wide open. After getting the key to my room, I went to my room only to discover that carpet had a bad smell. I quickly went back to the office and requested for another room that did not have an odor. I waited about 10 minutes to get a clean room. I went to a room upstairs on the right hand side next to the stairs. That room’s carpet smelled as well. I felt so frustrated because I was in town for Essence festival & felt I had nowhere to go. I lay down on the bed only to discover that the blanket reeked of bleach. Therefore, I did not go straight to the Reunion arena for the festival because of frustration and disappointment with my room. After much contemplation, I went down the street at red roof inn and booked a room. Down the street was motel 6 displaying their price of $41.99 a night, where as I was paying $54.99 a night for a disgusting room! Then I went back to office to check out at 3:00pm. I requested for a refund and did not get it. I had to remind them that I needed my money back for july 3, night as well. I got that. I told them that if they knew all the rooms had an odor then I should have been told that upfront after my first complaint. Then I stated that I did not have time to argue, (I came in town to attend the Essence festival) I would take it up with the Better Business Bureau.

I am requesting for a full cash refund with taxes of $61.56.

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225Braemount House [Windermere]
Total claims:1
Hotel condition »25.8.0830/08/20080

£420 for 2 nights for 3 persons in a 'hotel'. Loft room, pokey, shower not working, room not cleaned,towels and sheets not changed. Surly proprietor. Misleading advert.

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379Barnsdale Hall Hotel [Oakham Rutland]
Total claims:1
Wedding »25th October 200826/11/20080

We had our wedding at the hotel we had 86 Adult guests and 20 children we paid 38.00 per adult and the food was terrible it made us ill the pork was pink and the beef was not cooked it was red raw the veg was not cooked at all.  The childrens meals were stone cold.  They sent us £250 compensation.

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461Folio Hotels [Swindon]
Total claims:1
Refund of double charge and compensation for appalling service »05/12/08 - 07/12/0821/12/20080
Booked a weekend break using superbreaks at the Harte and Garter Hotel in Windsor, cost was £179.00 pp. Heater did not work in room (only blew out cold air, not what you want in December!!), and it kept turining iteself on. On four occasions we had turned the heater off and it turned itself back on whilst we out and we returned to a cold air conditioned room. Restaurant for breakfast had no clear tables, there was no food available on the buffet and it took 20 minutes just to get tea and toast (no butter or jam came out with the toast). The break was pre-paid when the booking was made, but the hotel still charged us again. Two weeks later we are still having to chase to get the double charge refunded. The staff do not appear bothered and do not return telephone calls. The refund was promised to be processed the day we complained about being charged twice and after chasing it up a week later we were advised it had not been processed because the member of staff was off sick. I requested compensation for the loss of interest on the money that had not been refunded but the Manager (Jennifer) did not seem to understand and advised we would not be paying interest.

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1082marriott jw hotel mumbai [mubai]
Total claims:1
telephone charges »25.02.0901/03/20090

my son and i were on holiday in mumbai. during my stay i became very ill and had to be rushed to the hospitl. the drs advised me that i would require an urgent operation.I had to call my husband to uk to advise him of my situation.

i made few calls to london lasting few minutes at a time.i did no use my mobil because it costs almost 99 rupees per minute thinking i was using a land line i can not be more then my mobile costs.

i was presented with a bill of 14 thousands rupees and the managment advised me that their charges are 300 rupees per minute.

i was so shocked i made a complaint however they were very unhelpful .

in the end i paid the bill however i would not use this hotel again.

it was my frist and last visit.

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961days inn rivergate-chattanooga [chattanooga]
Total claims:1
double charged »feb 14 200919/02/20090



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1133Travelodge Hotel
Total claims:3
false payment & advertising »4/3/0904/03/20090

A friend of mine was booking four rooms at a travelodge in Bath so that we could go to bath for the weeknd to have a spa weekend to celebrate our mothers birthdays. She selected what she wanted on their website and it came up with the total price for the four rooms and it was showing them all avalible so she clicked on the pay button. then next screen she had come up said it had taken the money for one room so she pressed cancel as this was wrong it was ment to be four rooms. It then told her the other three rooms weren't avalible so its just taken payment for one room.

we are so upset about this because they should not have taken the payment for the one room before teling us we couldnt have the four that we asked for. One room was no good to us and it was the websites misstake but they refuse to refund her money.

They made her believe she could have the four rooms then took the money for one without telling her.

Its false advertising and they have stolen her money.

we have reported it to citizens advise and waiting to hear back.

any advise welcome.

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2013Travelodge Hotel
Total claims:3
refund on services »feb 0928/04/20090

I had booked a stay for 2 of us at the travel lodge hotel in stafford.

I had booked the 2 breakfasts also as we wouldnt have time to go anywhere else before we set off on the rest of our trip.

The breakfast seemed ok value thinking it was a cooked breakfast like they have been in my many stays at hotels.

On arrival I asked where we go for breakfast as I couldnt see any signs. I was told it would be delivered to your room. I asked what we would get as I thought it was a bity strange the only way to have breakfast was delivered to your room. Anywy he said it was a bowl of cereal.

I asked him if we could cancel it as I'm not happy to pay £8.10 for a bowl of cereal. He said it will be refunded to my card and that was the end of it.

Later I got in contact to ask why it had not been refunded to my card but to my suprise Iwas told there are no refunds with extras on the stay.

This means the guy either didnt know or told me a lie just to fob me off.

Ive been in touch with the travel lodge complaints team and they are just refusing to refund me.

Problem is I have already booked my next stay with them. I have asked them to transfer the breakfasts over to my next stay if they cant refund them but again this is against their policy.

I have again asked for my refund as Ive now not only been ripped off by paying £8.10 for a bowl of cereal but I have not recieved the cereal so now Ive had my money stolen by them.

All I have asked is that they refund my money or they add it to my next stay and that will be the end of it.

But the recent answer today was no they cannot do that so now this is a matter of principal not the money and I will keep this going as long as possible as Im not one for giving up easily.

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11823Travelodge Hotel
Total claims:3
Refusal to refund »29/11/0925/03/20100

When my elderly parents stayed at Haydock Travelodge last November, my father booked two rooms rather than one by mistake, as he was not used to Internet booking. The hotel receptionist recognised that this was clearly a mistake, but the central office has refused to refund my father and has even turned down a reasonable suggestion that they could send £50 in vouchers instead. My parents used just one room. Travelodge know this but they persist in holding onto the money, even though my parents received no service in return for this payment. Travelodge's 'policy' of not refunding seems to be a very petty, stubborn response to a reasonable request, which suggests a total lack of sensitivity towards vulnerable people. I rang to register my concern and was told that someone would ring back the next day - this was two weeks ago and they have not called yet. So I emailed and received a terse, unhelpful reply. I have tried appealing to the company's reasonable side and have been very polite in all my dealings - but now I think it is time to let a wider public know about Travelodge's behaviour over this matter. By this means, I hope I can prevent other elderly people from having to endure the anxiety and upset
which my parents have suffered from at the hands of Travelodge.

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1479hotel roma blackpool [blackpool]
Total claims:1
hotel owners did nothing about loud clints after 2pm »13 febuary24/03/20090

we booked a couple of rooms and on the internet they were 128 for a family room and 98 for a room with three people.when we got there we got told that the three room was 128 aswell as it was only 98 with two adults and a child but it was that price first on the internet and that was crossed out and the new price put in.when we told him he said he would look it up but i trid to tell him there was none left to look at now as they were fully booked he just said it was we went up to the rooms and the kids we had in the family room went to sleep that night it was fine the next night the kids were woke up at 2 pm by four people coming in shouting laughing and running up and down the stairs and one off the women had just a t shirt went on until 4.30.when we told the owner of the hotel the next morning about what went on he just laughed and thought it was funny so we said we will not be going there again.but i think i should get my money back as they show you one price then tell you it is some thing eles plus it is showed to be for couples and familys well not if you have little ones as they will get woken up by the young ones who come in at all hours.

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1483brittania hotels, Royal albion Brighton [brighton]
Total claims:1
Worst stay in a hotel of my life »6th march - 8th march24/03/20090

Me and my partner recently stayed in a superior double room in the Brighton Royal Albion on the 6th of March for 2 nights with a cost of £178.
This room was far from superior.  On first arrival at the hotel I was given a room on the 4th floor which was boiling hot with no air conditioning, windows that did not open and a bed with dirty sheets, the curtains were half ripped off the rail therefore would not close and was generally filthy. I complained about this at reception so we were moved to room 552. Whilst walking to the room in one of the hallways there is huge wall with plaster hanging off it obviously from damp which is seriously bad for customers health.
Once getting to the room it was no better but apparently was the only room available? I wanted to leave at this point but as my card had already been charged I did not have alot of choice but to except defeat. In this room the television did not work, the wooden television stand that this non-working televison was on was splintering and rocked back and forward if touched. The windows did not open and had mould growing around them plus wood and paint peeling from the sills. The wallpaper was filthy, peeling off the walls and had massive gaps in between joins. The curtains were brown, the telephone did not work, the headboard had a big hole in the material of which foam was falling out. When it got to the evening we found out that the windows actually had holes in the sills meaning that the wind and rain bellowed through the gaps keeping me and my partner awake til 4am in the morning. I went down to reception at this point and demanded another room or at least some help just so I could sleep but was told 'it's a full house I can't help you and I am very busy'. Which I found very rude. When it got to the morning all I wanted was a shower and to leave the hotels as soon as possible but there was no hot water coming from the shower. This weekend away was supposed to be a romantic stay with my partner and turned out to be hell.
The Royal Albion is advertised as a 3* hotel and is far from it. I will be taking this up with trading standards also as £178 for 2 nights of hell is unbelievable.
I work hard for my money and do not expect this from Britannia hotels. 
This hotel certainly does not deserve to be a 3* hotel and chareg obscene amounts of money for such dark, dank and uncomfortable stays. 

more details » [Egham Surrey ]
Total claims:7
Mistake in bedroom accomodation »30th September 200925/02/20100

On September 30th 2009 my friend and I went on a holiday to Turkey which was booked through "Going On Holiday Ltd" I did the booking and requested a double room with two single beds as we were two ladies in our seventies.
When we got there at about 4.45pm after a long day we were shown to a room with a double bed.
I was not impressed and told them that we could not share a bed especially as my friend had a bad leg due to artery problems
I requested another room with two beds and was told there were none available. This I think was due to the hotel season winding down.
I said the situation was not suitable so they offered to put in another single bed which we agreed to.
To my amazement the bed turned out to be a fold up one and really was not comfortable for someone our age.

We were told they would have another room available the next day so we had to stay put.
The hotel never explained how to use the air conditioner the next day and I found it myself when looking for a tv channel.

The hotel manager told us that the room had been booked under the name of a MR and Mrs Duckworth which should have read Mrs Duckworth and Mrs Nevin. At no point was a Mr Duckworth ever mentioned.

They told me I would Have to contact the agent "Going On Holiday" which I did on our return to the UK. They told me that it was not their error.

I was told to write in about the complaint to them which they would forward to Hotels 4U which I did.

On 30th December I was sent a reply letter from the agent with the letter from Hotels4U saying that there had been a misunderstanding on their part but were not prepared to offer any compensation as the rest of the holiday in the hotel was quite enjoyable apart from waiter service problems.

They also said quote"I have been unable to establish that she has been misled by us and therefore I am unable to offer any compensation on this occasion"

If giving a wrong bedroom booking is not being mislead then what is?

This letter was sent by a customer service executive Rachel Turner of ""

We were also offered the services of a rep who was on the coach trip from the airport.However we never saw him again after dropping us off at the hotel.

I feel that thirty pounds is a mere amount for the trouble of having to move clothes into another room the next day after my friend had put up with an uncomfortable sleep in a hot unair conditioned bedroom on a fold up bed.

As far as I'm concerned I will not book through Hotels
Pauline Duckworth

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