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1851Ahuja Group [Whitstable]
Total claims:2
No refund despite mortgage failure »3.4.0917/04/20097

The Ahuja Group are a property sourcing company who source deals for clients from Property dealers and sell them below market value to clients.

In order to get access to their deals you have to become a client and pay a fee of £374.99 upfront. for each deal they find you, you have to pay a reservation fee of £3000. The problem is, if you cannot complete the company will NOT refund you.

I have recently dealt with this company. I became a client in March this year, paying £374.99 to do so, thinking it would be a good way to begin a property portfolio. On doing this, the company found me a property in Blackpool. I paid a reservation fee of £3000 for this as it seemed like a good deal. I spoke to the sourcer and also the mortgage advisor who told me he could get a mortgage for this property.  A few days later I was offered another good deal which I also accepted, again paying £3000 for the reservation fee.

A couple of days after I had paid the second reservation fee, I received a phone call from Ahuja group telling me the mortgage advisor was unable to get me a mortgage because I had only recently changed jobs. I changed jobs in January this year and this was the end of March.  The strange thing about this was that I received a mortgage offer from this same lender in February for a property  I was buying through an Estate Agent, so I knew I was creditworthy and mortgageable.

Despite the failure to get me a mortgage for either property the company have not issued me a refund. I have tried unsuccessfully to claim through Paypal, and have not received a reply to any emails I have sent to Paypal, Ahuja Group or their mortgage advisor. I want to claim all my money back, that is £6000 and £374.99 client fee, total £6374.99.

I would advise anyone to steer well clear of this company. I will be taking legal action if nothing happens soon, but for anyone else I would urge you not to put yourselves through the same trouble.

The old addage 'If something seems too good to be true it probably is' certainly rings true here.


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4004Ahuja Group [Whitstable]
Total claims:2
outstanding money »summer 0703/08/20093

i am owed £ costs by the con man ajay ahuja of the ahuja group. They have refused me the refund when i was not told this by the man who i did the original deal with who then left about two weeks later

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357Barrett Homes
Total claims:3
Buy a Barratts house and get mould »19/11/0921/11/20081


I bought a Barratts house in 2005, two weeks into having this house mould began to grow across the living room wall. After much battle with Barratts they decided they would remove all of the plaster board from my wall, place a dehumidifier in for a further week and then place new plaster board back. Due to this incompetence I filed for compensation and received £500- I thought the matter was settled and in my naivety accepted this amount.

Little did I know that 3 years later I would begin to have the same issues. I'm fitting a laminate floor therefore I removed the skirting board to find mould and the plaster to be damp.

I have called Barratts and registered this complaint 5 times, sent an email and called again however no one has got back to me. I have researched with the NHBC Barratts responsibility in this issue and they state:

"If you discover any defects or damage in the first two years from the date of your Insurance Certificate, you must report these to the builder.  The builder must put right any defect or damage to your home, caused by not building to NHBC standards, within a reasonable time scale.  If the builder is notified of defects or damage within this period of cover, they remain responsible to put the problem right, even after this period of cover has expired."

 Barratts ware unwilling to communicate with me and in turn fix their incompetence therefore I am ready to start a media campaign to gain the correct resolution.

I urge Barratts to contact me as in this current credit crunch no company needs bad publicity.

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Total claims:2


A letter for my service charge reminder came in dated 18/02/09, requiring payment OF 134.78 within 7 days. A cheque for the cost of 134.78 was sent on 24/02/09. On 14/03/09 got a letter from debt company dated 13//03/09 requesting payment plus costs totally 219.06. Immediately sent another cheque for 134.78 forgetting I had sent a cheque in feb. I believe the first cheque was held because both cheques were cashed on 17/03/09, leaving a credit balance of 50.50 on my service charge account. I did my calculation, and I worked out the cost for the debt company  for 84.28 had been taken (This was also shown on my service charge statement sent to me later on). Yet the debt company still write to demand 34.50 which they say will be put on my property until time of sell and CPM agree. I sent in a dispute form to them on 2 things, one that I shouldn't have been reffered to a debt company because I sent them payment within 7days of the final demand letter sent to me in Feb, They held this cheque until March. Secondly they and the debt collection company still insist I owe them 34.50 even after the stement for my service charge shows 84.28 had been taken.

I have sent a dispute letter to them and requested a refund for 134.78 because my first cheque was sent to them within the 7days I was given to pay. They replied insisting there is still an outstanding debt cost I have to pay.

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3006Invest Worldwide Ltd [Middlesbrough]
Total claims:2
Reservation fee Refund »22/01/0925/05/20091

I paid a reservation fee of £2000 to Invest Worldwide Ltd to reserve an apartment being built in Cyprus with view to buying once my mortgage application was approved. However my mortage application to the Cyprus bank was rejected at least 6 months ago but i was never informed of this by Invest Worldwide but only discovered this several weeks ago by directly contacting the property developers in Cyprus who had received my loan application pack from Invest Worldwide and had forwarded it to the Cyprus bank .The developers also explained that they had not received no fee deposit on my behalf from Invest Worldwide. Also before i had being made aware that my application had being rejected i applied to Invest Worldwide to cancel my application and to issue a refund due to other complications with the company which they agreed to. However some 4 months later after a number of phone calls and emails to Invest Worldwide concerning my reservation fee refund which has been met with various excuses i am at loss as to what to do next. I would therefore be grateful for any help that you can offer.




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26583Navinlall Ramrutton, Paul Sinrinder Chana, David John Tye (no longer director)
Total claims:1
Unpaid labour. »09/2010-01/201102/09/20121
We undertook several months work for this company, providing them with their company name, liasing with other professionals on their behalf, arranging meetings, and liasing with local council on property issues. These directors wanted to open a residential home for profit and indeed since have. When provided with our T & C for the job they refused to sign, and after four months refused pay. We did the work in good faith, They were like friends rather than clients. So please do not take work on trust from these people always get an agreement signed first. Our naivity cost us dear!!

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182Fateh Property & Financial Services [Wandsworth]
Total claims:1
Fateh Proptery & Financial Services Rip off Service left me out of pocket »28/05/200823/08/20080

I gave my property to be managed by the company and director Khalid Malik. He not only paid rent in my account late made me sign a form to say i will never complain againt him to Trading standards before he pays any rent to me. Which lead me to pay bank charges as my mortgage could not be paid on time. Nearly lost my house. He also gave out my personal details like account number address to other people to pay money into my account break all data protection laws. He did not manage the property at all also asked if the tenants want to stay on oafter his contract finished i or the tenants must pay him £1000. No where in the contract did it say this.

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175The Property Bureau
Total claims:1
Untrustworthy!!! »04/08/0818/08/20080

This company are totally diabolical and untrustworthy - featured on Watchdog!!

They promote that they will take care of your rental properties but whilst i was abroad. the rent stopped coming in. When i enquired, i was told that the tenants woudl be removed. So, i decided to pop back to liv there but found that teh tenanst were still there!!!

They lied to me and cost me a lot of money!!

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167Barrett Homes
Total claims:3
Barrett Homes Disaster »31/03/0614/08/20080

I bought a new house from Barrett West Midlands, in March 2004. I had a fantastic deal, could not refuse it.

The problems started when I popped round one weekend to see how the build was progressing. I was shocked to see a green BT network service box on the footpath outside my kitchen window. I questioned the sales rep about this and she denied all knowledge of it and said she would check with the site Manager and get back to me. It took 6 weeks to get it sorted and moved, both ,me and my new neighbour complained bitterly to their Head Office in Halesowen and they eventually saw sence and agreed to move it.

So, we moved in......then the list of faults started:

Scratched glass in windows

Bubbles in glass in windows

Internal doors that did'nt shut

A leak in a pipe in kitchen wall

A faulty boiler

Guttering not fitted properly

Cornice in kitchen, badly cut and finished

Dented radiator in en suite

Seal around bath inadequate

Strange noises from toilet cystern every 20 mins

Uneven floor in kitchen

I could go on...

They get around to sorting all these things EVENTUALLY!

My advice, DO NOT buy a house from Barretts, however good the deal may seem!


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168Barrett Homes
Total claims:3
Profit comes before customer! »27/06/0614/08/20080

I wish I had read this site before buying from these cowboys. We bought a 2 bed flat from them in a new development in Glasgow it was originally was advertised with its own gym and roof garden. Well I had never even seen the roof garden yet as the first party up there (which I was on holiday for) they found out the roof was lined with rubber and when people put fags out up there it put holes in the lining and caused floods but apparently that is nothing to do with Barrett homes it's the builders??? Not sure what that's supposed to mean.

Then 2 months ago our factors left so the whole building is looking a right state what are Barrett homes doing who are still in charge of the building? Suing the factors and won't get in any more until they get their money back which in fact is our money as all the owners/tenants pay the factors so I have spent £135 in two months on factors to clean everyone else�?s rubbish up myself as I have a child and think that she should be able to play in the downstairs garden safely. Then we come onto the gym I used it for 2 weeks and suddenly it was shut because the factors left and it's now deemed a health and safety hazard so the money Barrett homes are still taking out of my bank could pay for gym membership but if you ring them a factor is always starting in a few days. Then as for insurance they now tell me two months down the line we aren't insured and haven't been since the factors handed their notice in cheers for the warning Barrett your and absolute joke sort your act out and think of the people living in your property overs your profits for a change


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176Taylor Wimpy
Total claims:3
Profit before People! »06/08/0818/08/20080

This company built my house and i have suffered ever since from being freezing cold and spending a fortune on heating!! This was shown on Watchdog and i woudl advise anyone NEVER to buy a property hat was built by Talor Wimpy!!

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1243Taylor Wimpy
Total claims:3
Nationwide - Proud to be difficult »200810/03/20090
I am 30 years of age & have only ever done my banking with Nationwide. I have been a LOYAL customer for 19 years. I earn good money & use my account well but they still will only grant me a cash card. I recently applied again for an upgrade when the girl in my local branch said no & that I should apply to Barcleys for a debit card & once that shows up on my credit file Nationwide may give me more facilities. I didn't go to Barcleys as I found what she said funny. Wheres the customer loyalty ?

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3296Taylor Wimpy
Total claims:3
Incorrect parking space »10th November 200813/06/20090


Plot 86

4 Banbury Way




10th November 08

Parking space for plot 86

When we viewed our house in October 2007 we were told that our parking spaces are the two spaces next to each other and the spaces were shown to us on the estate plan by Taylor Wimpey Estate agent. We bought the house on grounds that that these were our parking spaces.


We were told by our estate agent to sort our mortgage as the house will be ready to move in on the 20th of December 2007. We sorted our mortgage and started to make arrangements to end our contract for our rented property on the 20th December.


A few days before we were supposed to move in we got the final contract from the solicitor to sign - Philips, Basingstoke.  On the contract I notice that there was only one parking space allocated for us. I then asked the Philips to look into this matter for us. A few days later we got the papers back and we now had two parking spaces but with one on the original place and the other one on a totally different place on the other side of the new build houses right in front of someone else's front door. 


I spoke to our estate agent and she said not to worry as the other houses still need to be build and they will sort something out. I signed the papers as I believed that they will correct the mistake. We also had to move out of our rented property.  I have 3 kids and that was the only time we could have moved as we had to give up our rented property.


After many talks with the estate agent she said that she will talk to head office to sort the problem.

We weren't too worried as the new houses were not built yet and it seemed like an easy problem to solve.  Our estate agent moved on and I could no longer ask her for development on our parking space.


I was then revered to Mrs. Julia Walker - Walker, Julia - BH Southern Counties, Wimpey Taylor. She helped me to sort out all the snags in the house and I also brought the matter of the parking spaces under her attention. She gave me the telephone number Wimpey Taylor's legal department .I have phoned them twice. The first time (28th June 08) to tell her about my parking spaces.


When I phoned again (18th September 08) the Legal Dept. said that she will talk to someone who can sort the parking problem and then come back to me. Up to the present date I have not heard from her.


My concern about my parking space.


  • 1. It is not the original parking spaces that we had in mind when we decided to buy the house.

  • 2. The new parking space is on the other side of the new built houses in front of some ones else's front door.

  • 3.  I also believe that there are different contracts and not all of them show the correct parking spaces.

  • 4. On Sunday 26th October I received a parking ticket as someone parked on my space and there were no other place to park. Even the visitors parking space were full. I parked my car in front of the house on the sidewalk as I couldn't find the owner of the car in my parking space at 10pm in the evening. Only to receive a ticket the next morning.

  • 5. Monday 10th November, I had to ask people to please remove their car from my parking space right in front of their house. They refused to do so and said that this is a private road and anyone can park there. I had to show them the original contract to try and convince them about the parking. At the end they moved their car but also noted that it is silly for me to park right in front of their house while I live round the block. Since then there has been 15 incedents where I had to ask people not to park on my space. By doing that I've made a lot of unhappy neighbours as the road is free for all to park anywhere except my parking.

  • 6. My biggest concern is that when I ‘m going to sell my house in a few years time, nobody is going to be interested in a house with two different parking spaces. One on this side of the estate and one on the other side. It is also hard to monitor the parking space and stop people from parking on the space. The house is going to lose value and who can tell what it might be in a few years time.


I have now struggled for a long time to sort this problem and would like one of two things to happen.


  • 1. My original parking space back

  • 2. Compensation for the lost in property value due to the fact that the parking spaces are unsuitable.


Reading through their Vision for Corporate Responsibility I note that they have a responsibility to look into this problem and come up with a solution that will be acceptable.

At the moment it is not a pleasure to stay in a house as I have to worry about where I am going to park each day. People are parking on my bay and I have to struggle each day to find a parking spot. I've had enough and would rather give the house back and let Taylor Wimpey sort this problem

Hope we can sort this problem

Kind regards

Charles Bloem

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Total claims:2
Very poor service »22/05/0818/08/20080

Belvoir Hull. The worst letting company I have ever encountered! I rang up about a broken tumble dryer so many times I gave up. Just before I moved in, the washing machine (only 1 between 6 flats), have been broken for three months before it was fixed.

I hate moaning about staff, as they are usually dealing with lots of things, so your problem cannot always be top priority; however the only way to describe these people is incompetent. You can ring up 6 or seven times with a problem and they will do nothing about it, saying either they’ll look into it or someone else will call you back, neither of which happens.

The company also failed to provide an inventory, I rang persistently about this and they claimed they would send one out shortly! It never arrived.

Furthermore they kept hold of my money they owed me after I moved out, for over a month, even after admitting they had inspected the flat and found no damage. (Again I rang 5 or 6 times about this.) I did eventually get this back, by threatening them with legal action.

I have no idea about the other offices, although I have heard from friends that poor service comes as standard with Belvoir.

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Total claims:2
Avoid »19/06/0818/08/20080

Head office of the company is not good either.
rented property without cleaning,broken garagedoor,and leaking tap in bedroom did take multiple calls and one month to fix tap and garage not fixed in 6 months.
customer relation is worst two months of 2-3 weekly calls to get part of deposit back and deducted 300 pounds for cleaning bill and no actual paper work to confirm it happened.despite repeat calls and lettersand original inventory list.Going to small claims.Avoid if possible

more details » [Perth]
Total claims:1
Rent Deposit »August 200920/04/20090

We have rented a three bedroom family house from in february 2008. We signed the contract and we paid them £600 cash deposit. the contract was signed for a period of 6 months. I have received a promotion from the company which involved moving into another city. We informed easy-let that we will not require the house after the initial period of 6 months of contract. when we took the keys back there was no one available to inspect the house and so we left the keys with the secretary at their office and requested that the owner should call us ASAP. When he did called us some hours later we requested that he sould send someone to check how we left the house as we needed to get our deposit back. The owner said that he trusts us and that everything will be ok. A few days later when we requested our deposit back he found various reasons why we can not get our money back. One of them was that we left the house very dirty and untidy, which it was an absolute lie as we cleaned even the windows and we fixed the fences around the property, which where failing when we moved in. Another reason was that we didnt complied with the contract we signed. This was not true either as we took the case to a lawyer and got our story checked out.The lawyer said that altough we are in the right he can not take the case to court because its not worth it for him as it is only £600. We got hte same answer from other three solicitors offices. No one takes these cases as they are not WORTH IT as it is only a small summ . I have spoken since to several people who all rented properties from the and they all got their deposits forfeited for the same reasons as us. We need somebody to help stop this unfair practice. They are abusing the situation we are by kn owing that no lawyer or solicitor would take on a case so small so they do whatever they want with us and our hard earned money.

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Total claims:2
Ripped off Again »200920/10/20090

Sorry this is a bit long....


Everyone on our newly built estate agreed to paying CPM in return for management of the estate (CPM were given this task by the builders of the estate 3 years ago). The first lerrer we sent was: 

After consulting our solicitor acting for the residents group of ‘the cotton mills estate' we have been advised that several other cases administered by Foulds Solicitors  (same circumstances, same company, same estate etc) are currently being heard by the courts and that the judge has stated that these cases should be heard as a group and not as individual cases. As such we are advised to submit our objection to the court and have it considered as part of a group hearing.  This is therefore the action we are going to take.


We were then issued with court proceedings against us. We sent this letter as our defence: 

Please find enclosed the defence for both Nigel and Heidi Trafford-Jones.


Items we wish to raise in defence of our non payment of Management Maintenance fee for our residence.


Please see copy of email regarding the outcome of a hearing held between CPM and a fellow resident, Burnley Court 13 Oct 2009. In addition to the items set out below I feel that this must set some form of president as to how we should proceed.



1. We have written to the management company and their representatives on numerous occasions asking for a copy of the contract. We have had no reply.


2. We have written to the management company and their representatives on numerous occasions asking for a residents meeting. We have had no reply.


3. We have written to Haslam homes on numerous occasions asking for clarification of items 1 & 2 above. We have had no reply.


4. Other residents who have thus far been in court of for exactly the same issues as ourselves have been told by the adjudicating legal person that the case should not be heard in isolation and that we should be seen as a group. This matter was obviously noted by the management company and yet we are still being targeted individually. We have written to the management company on this point and to the solicitors acting on their behalf. We have had no reply.


5. We have made the solicitors acting for the management company aware that this management company has a long and very well detailed history of employing the tactic of denying responsibility of upkeep from shifting from themselves to the residents in order for them to keep control and keep charging extortionate fees. Indeed there are several very professionally presented web sites which list in great detail the numerous cases which occur every year. Every one being very similar to the other.


6. We have obtained quotes from other management companies based on a like for like basis to the level of maintenance the site is supposed to receive. In every case these were around 50% cheaper than that being levied at the moment. We do not believe that we are being fairly charged for the service provided. When the fees are itemised it is seen that the majority of costs incurred are related to administration. These do not appear to be fair or representative of the work undertaken.


7. When we discussed the sale of the house with the Haslam representative we were told what the management company fees were and were told that these would only ever rise at the same rate as inflation. This has not been the case and we have seen an unprecedented rise without explanation as to why.


8. We were advised by the solicitor dealing with the purchase of the house, and dealing with the signing of the agreement between us and the management company that we would not be liable to pay management fees until such time as all properties had passed from possession by Haslam to possession by buyers. Members of our support group have correspondence from the management company (or their representatives) stating that they believe a certain number of houses to still be unoccupied.


9. When we discussed the sale of the house with the Haslam representative we were told that the management company would undertake the cleaning of house exterior windows on a monthly basis during the summer and a bi monthly basis during the winter. This has never happened.


10. We were advised by the Haslam General Manager (Timothy Ray) and by the solicitor dealing with the purchase of the house, and dealing with the signing of the agreement between us and the management company that the site would be attended to every two weeks during the summer and every months during the winter. We have noted periods of many months between the grass being cut during good weather summer months.


11. We have sought to have an annual general meeting at which we would dismiss the current management company and either take responsibility ourselves for the upkeep of the site ourselves or to appoint a democratically elected management company. We have had no such meeting despite this being a clear contractual agreement.


12. We wrote to the management company and their representative explaining that there were other cases to be tried before ours and that until these were resolved we would not be paying them. We had no reply. Court proceedings were duly brought against us.

 Unfortunately we posted our response a day late and a judgement has been made against us. The solicitor obviously knows they should not be seeing us as individuals, and that in identical cases from other residents they have been ordered no to pusue them for money until a residents meeting has been held  - and yet they still take us to court.


What are we to do ??


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12926Invest Worldwide Ltd [Middlesbrough]
Total claims:2
Reservation Fee Refund »Dec 0812/07/20100
In Jun 08 I reserved an apartment in Cyprus through Worldwide Investments. In Nov 08, I wrote to cancel my reservation, expecting a refund of £1500. To date, I have not received a penny of this. I have taken the company to court (they did not attend) and received judgement against them, but still they do not pay. I obtained a Warrant of Execution, which they applied to have deferred. This resulted in another court hearing, which again they did not attend. The matter is now back in the hands of the Bailiffs but I do not expect to see a result.

more details » [surrey]
Total claims:1
fractional sales »August 19th30/08/20090

Appears to be a scam company, postal address is a postal box only. Claims to be a fractional sales company, representing people wishing to purchase a property between themselves in Bansko, Bulgaria. Have checked with police, appears tp be a scam. Just wish for others to be cautious

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7019Invest Worldwide [Middlesbrough]
Total claims:1
23/11/09 »July200923/11/20090

I am claiming on behalf of Mario and Michelle Micallef who invested £2000 with Invest Worldwide over 6 months ago for a property in Cypres. The develpoment was never built and the investors were told they could have there money back or go with another development, they chose to have their money back, filled in the relevant paperwork which was requested to get the deposit back. Over 6 months have passed and our clients have not recieved any funds back. Trying to speak to someone at Invest Worldwide is very difficult the phones are very rarely answered and the manager does not return phone calls when he says he will. All in all very frustrating.

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