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5841Octavia Leisure / Bar Eight [London]
Total claims:1
Breach of Contract / Slander »October 200924/10/20092

After 6 months of negotiating we signed a 12 month contract with Sylvia D'Costa, Director of Bar Eight (Octavia Liesure) we opened for 3 days and made almost £4k for her.  Then on the Thursday we went to open for the night and she had locked us out and changed the alarm codes with no notice!  I went home after she did not pick up her phone to find a letter of termination in my emails saying that she was sacking us because we stole money  - UNTRUE!!!  In our contract it says that we should have 2 weeks notice, she behaved like a spoilt kid.  Since then she has told everyone she has met that we stole from her and have been arrested?  Complete slander and massively untrue.... where is her proof?  She has none because it is not true.

Now we find that she has reopened the club, using all our stock, our themes, our special offers - in fact it is exactly how we were running she obviously just used us.

We worked for nothing and made her money.

She is liar and is not to be trusted!!!!

She has since dissappered, is not answering her phone or emails.  She has property of ours and we have documents that we need to return to her... how can we get our stuff back and stop her bad mouthing us?  How can we get them money of ours back?

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1773Liquid,Envy,Redhill [Redhill]
Total claims:1
Bad treated »10/04/200911/04/20091

Fryday the 10/04/09 me and my cousin went to a nightclub in Redhill from Guildford.There were about 6 or 7 security guard outside when we arrived 10pm paid £3.50 each went inside we relise that the club was empty we ask if we can leave and come back later we ask the guard if we can go and come back later,they said alright but only if we come back in 25 minutes we went and come back in 25min wish was 1045 by than.

My cousin was standing outside in front of the club smoking when one of the guard come and said you cannot smoke there you should smoke down there in a agrassive manner.Well while aerler the same guard  had a funny attudute towards us but we ignored it.

I said to the guard:Why are you telling us in an aggrisive manner I thing you can tell us in a prober manner.The Guard said that how it is you rather do it my way or you leave.I said why is it because we are black or why.He said thats it we are not going in today,so we left althought we paid.

We dont drinks/drugs we where just there as any other customer infact we had better thought of Great Britain before.

We will be happy if we can get our monies back wish is to dat £7.00

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