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185Two left feet
Total claims:4
car seat cover »3rd July 200824/08/20083

I ordered a car seat cover from this company in good faith on 3rd July 2008. to the value of approx £25.00 including delivery. The money was taken from my account the following day and to date I have still not received the item. I questioned this approx 10 days after placing the order and was told it would take up to 28 days to receive the item.

It has now been 52 days and despite 4 emails asking where it is or just for an acknowledgement or if the item is unavailable a refund and several attempte to contact the company on the phone which no one ever answers even after 10-15 minutes I have had no information or response to my enquiries. I can only ever get the sales team to answer the phone strangely enough and they can never discuss anything relating to after sales or my query and keep referring me back to the after sales team who never answer the phone or the emails. I am now at the end of my tether and have bought a replacement item so now just need a refund but can still not get anyone to respond to me. The customer services is appalling and I would not recommend this company to anyone. I am still out of pocket and have no car seat cover.

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183Twe left feet [Bedford]
Total claims:2
Undelivered goods »July 200824/08/20081

We have ordered a Quinny travel system for the arrival of our baby in November 2008.  Despite repeated emails chasing for delivery we have had no response and no indication of when we can expect delivery of our goods.  The after-sales phone line is never answered and sales will not take any queries regarding our order.  The website promises delivery within 28 days and we have not yet received delivery.  Having read reviews of this company online we are increasingly of the view that they have no intention of honouring their sales contract with us.  This is despicable behaviour which is exacerbated by the fact that this company make promises to people who are pregnant and under increased strain in any event.

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Total claims:2
Take products off the shelves »March 201114/03/20111
Re: Bras for 8 year olds.

How, in this current climate where most people are trying their best to prevent child exploitation, Matalan has not seen the huge negative issues surrounding the bras for 8 year olds?????????????????? It is completely irresponsible to not only sell these items but equally so to have thought the idea up!

And, is it really necessary to then produce T shirts for children with messages of a sexual nature as well???

I really think that Head Office need to get there act together and rethink their ideas!

It would be a very brave act to take these items off the shelves!


Kristin Vincent

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1284Twe left feet [Bedford]
Total claims:2
no pushchair no refund »28/11/0812/03/20090

I ordered puschair and paid online on the 28th Novemeber and then waited more than the agreed 30 days delivery - after several emails and phone calls endless delays - I cancelled the order on the 21st January 2009 and am still waiting for the refund. I think they just hold on to your cash and have no intention of supplying goods. They are now in breach of distace selling act and i am forced to pursue through the courts.

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796Two left feet
Total claims:4
Baby Goods »1 Nov 200805/02/20090

I purchased a new baby travel system on the 1st Nov 2008, well in advance of my baby being born. In January I started to chase the delivery of items and have had appauling customer service. They couldnt tell me when the items would be delivered and therefore I cancelled the order. Im yet to get confirmation that the refund has been processed and have re-ordered the items through another company who delivered the next day.

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1225Two left feet
Total claims:4
Silver Cross Car Seat »9th March 200909/03/20090

Below is a copy of the email I have just sent to two left feet.


Dear Mr. Lowe,      I am writing on behalf of my wife who has been trying to secure a refund from your company for some now. As she has broken down in tears this morning after my very unhelpful call to your sales staff I feel as I must step in take over communications. (as our new baby daughter was born on Friday morning I do not want to cause her any more stress and upset.) Below is a summary of our dealings with your company so far.  

10th January Ordered a silver cross car seat for £80 under order number *************  

13th January Payment taken from my wife's account for £80  

23rd January We cancelled the order Via email as our first daughter was very early and we were concerned the chair would not be with us in time. (the chair was supposed to be in stock when we ordered it)  

5th February Your company sent us an email confirming cancellation as of 23-1-09 and said we would be refunded within 30 days as per the law and your own terms and conditions.  

23rd February Still no refund so email sent to accounts and letter sent by recorded delivery asking for refund.  

1st March Received email aplologising for oversight and confirming we would be refunded ASAP  

Saw your coverage on BBC's Watchdog program and sent an email to the email address specified- no reply  

7th March Received an automated reply from aftersales confirming cancellation of order but we still had not received a refund. My wife replied to this email asking where her money was.  

9th March (today) It is 44 days after we had confirmation of cancellation and we still have not had a refund. I phoned your sales line and was told by Jan that I could not speak to aftersales, I asked to speak to a manager and was told none were available. Jan asked me to email aftersales, FAO John Lowe. I asked her to get aftersales to call me. She said no, only email was available. I asked her to ensure someone would contact me and to let them know that county court action was not far away which she refused to do. She said she had no way of 'writing a story' when she passed my details on. Our refund has not been received 44 days after confirmation of cancellation, this is in contradiction of your own terms and conditions and the LAW. If nobody has contacted me and satisfied my complaint within 48 hours I shall initiate a claim via the court system. I will also send a copy of this email to Watchdog, trading standards and the office of fair trading. I have my own small business including a retail outlet, engineers and internet sales and know it takes about 60 seconds to issue a refund via a credit card terminal so can only put down your lack of service to incompetance.


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1616Two left feet
Total claims:4
Failure to provide goods »February 200931/03/20090

In February 2009, we ordered and purchased a 2009 Quinny Buzz 3 Travel system from Two Left Feet. Immediately after the payment was taken (from a debit card, unfortunately), we had an email to say that the items were not yet in stock but would be delivered to us 'within 30 days at the most'.

We were not too concerned as we thought this was not unacceptable or indeed unusual. However, on trying to chase up the order some three weeks later, we were persistently told that the staff did not and would not deal with telephone calls and that we should email instead. When we asked to whom we should email, the receptionist said she would put us on hold whilst she found out, only to cut us off. THREE times in a row. Eventually, we spoke to a man who revealed that he did not work for Two Left Feet, but another company called Two Right Feet and he suggested that we speak or email Richard Bone.

We sent several emails to Bone, getting poorly spelled and fatuous holding emails back from him (all autoresponse). Then, we had an email from Bone himself offering 'profuse apologies' and saying that the Quinny was now in stock and would be sent out the next day. This was after our threat of legal action and our demand for the order to be cancelled and our money returned.

Finally, later that same day, we had a further email from Bone to say that the company had been scandalously shut down by the Royal Bank of Scotland following its appearance on BBC's Watchdog.

Since then, there has been a series of self-pitying and whining propaganda sent to us by Bone blaming everyone but himself for this fiasco.

Frankly, we are not interested in his problems or the staff's supposed sob stories on the website (all of which appear to come from Bone himself, judging by the exceptionally poor grammar common to his emails). This is a recession and times are tougher than they were a year or so ago. Fact. The very fact that Bone has been shown to be wholly incompetent already by being featured on Watchdog in 2006 is no excuse for an abject failure to remedy any of the previous defects or learn anything from it.

Sadly, it is very clear that Bone appears unable to run a bath, let alone a company. I shall make every attempt to obtain a full refund from him or his creditors through the courts, if necessary.

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693all trampolines .com [manchester]
Total claims:1
play structure »mar 200822/01/20090

climbing frame that was provided wasprovided was un safe dreafull co would not refund lost all money and had to buy another frame 

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Total claims:4
to be fixed »9.04.0913/04/20090

hi i was playing on my ps3 when 5minutes later it crused then i restarted it like normal then the sound went then it crused again. i ring up sony and i explained they said that we can give you one  secound hand if you give yours and hundred and fourty five pounds wat i think is silly because its sonys faulit as not making it right in the fist place.

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Total claims:4
playstation3 download »31/01/1001/02/20100
yesterday my 9year old son downloaded a game from the playstation store without my permission. the first i knew of it was when i was reading my email and saw a message from playstation thanking me for my purchase.i sent them an email telling them the situation and they replied that i should phone them to get a refund.the total for the game was £23.99 the game was for a psp that he does not even own so it is totally useless. i phoned them this morning and after a while the said that it would be passed on to there team and i could expect to get a refund in 3 to 5 working days. then shortly after i received a message regretting that as the download was not broke there is nothing they can do. i am totally disgusted by this multi national company treating a loyal customer who has been with playstation for 15 years in this way. i have since sent them a note saying that i am disgusted and will be taking the matter further. yet again the small person gets fleeced by a large company who have no respect for their customer base.

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Total claims:4
Repair with authorised dealer »May 25 200916/05/20100

I was on a student visa and every penny was dear to me. In the month of April my friend went to Harrow shopping centre to buy a camera and she forced me to buy one. So both of us bought T300 Sony digital camera shelling out £250 each. It was a wonderful camera and I used in on some occassions. But when the actual time I wanted to present it to my daughter in India the screen changed to red in colour.the photos would change to red colour. I was very depressed and sad. I went to Sony Showroom and they said that the warranty period is over and gave me the number or an authorised service dealer in Preston . I went and met him he said he will send the camera and ask for the estimation, he kept the camera for a month and then got it back then he said it would cost me £50 only to check it I agreed then the camera did not come for almost 5 months. I was continuously calling this authorised dealer and at last I got my dear camera. It was good at the beginning when i saw the previous shots I identified some Indian men working. After two weeks due to an emergency I had to go to my country and this time i gave the camera to my daughter and again it is the same thing. Now the camera is lying in my desk. Everytime I look at it I feel so sad and depressed eventhough I have a laptop which is sony made. Its a shame.

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Total claims:4
Poor Warranty Service »27/10/201302/04/20140
I have had huge problem get SONY to repair my phone. It has been 5 months and it is due to go in for repair for the 5th time. SONY have been difficult and unhelpful throughout the process. I feel the have taken an unreasonable and of time to repair this fault and have cause me great inconvenience in the process. I have asked for the complaint to be taken further and they have refused.
They do not have any of my phones in stock and in exchange offered me an inappropriate phone so therefore really gave me no option but to have it repaired.
They have given no reason for the failure to repair my phone, nor have they acknowledged that this poor service has cause substantial inconvenience to me.
I would advise people to avoid buying SONY product due to this poor warranty service.

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Total claims:2
wellingtons injured my 5 yrs daughter »14/08/201227/09/20120
i bought a new pair of wellingtons from matalan 4 my daughter and they had injured my daughters legs with rubbing against them and going down to blood.

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