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UNPAID WAGES »17 MARCH 0917/05/20091

I worked for the company that delivers all IKEA products in scotland. Using the reversing camera on a 7.5 ton truck ,i backed out of a tight spot after completing a delivery and knocked down an old concrete lamp post. i reported it to the council and the police within the 24 hour period as i'm required to do by law but my boss fired me and refused to pay me the £300 for the 52 hour week he made me work prior to this accident.the vehicle was undamaged.

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1907str spain [zaragoza]
Total claims:1
car purchase »10 march21/04/20090

I purchased a BMW advertised in the Auto Trader by a man called Jamie Lexton. He sent me a copy of the V5 and pictures of his car. All seemed perfectly legitimate. He was in Spain but was using a shipping company called WTR Spain. I had to transfer the money to their holding bank account, they would ship car and once I agreed the purchase they would pass the money to the third party. I checked out their web site and had no reason to doubt anything. Obvoiusly the car did not arrive  and through contacting the police have found that the car belongs to another owner in the north of England.

I have also contacted trading standards, DVLA, the bank and Watchdog.Dont know if there is anything you can do?

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