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5165National Maintenance [Bedford]
Total claims:4
UNPAID WORK »18/08/08-9/09/0830/09/20092

company formally trading as arena maintenance ltd took me on as a plumber via jobcentre website roughly 15/08/08.

first jobs carried out on 18/08/08, when jobs completed i had to hand over any cheques or cash over in a carpark 1hours drive from my house every friday,they were adament this happened which i thought was strange, was told i would get my money the following week so carried on doing jobs,2 weeks later still no payment so was told banks had changed so carried on working as i needed money especially as i had only just started my plumbing business, eventually recieved a cheque from first direct services ?? for £340.57 so got it banked and carried on working for them...

last job being on the 09/09/08  that following friday they were pressuring me to take the money and cheques to them same place at 3pm on a friday afternoon,they gave me new invoice pads saying ARENA MAINTENANCE SRVICES LTD AND TOLD ME TO USE THESE ONES NOT ARENA MAINTENANCE LTD.

it was that following week i was wondering where the work was as they used to phone me daily and that the cheque had bounced.

over 50 calls and being fobbed off after trying to get my money i gave up,even research into the companies from a good friend who is a barrister confirmed on companies house that they took me on as arena maintenance even tho it had been liquidated for 4 months prior, they were still using these invoice pads with company reg 06219373 on them and taking customers money even tho it was liwuidated,apart from my cheque bouncing being fraud surely using the old liquidated invoices was fraud itself. throughout end of  08 and beginning of 09 they traded under new name of arena maintenance services limited which surprisingly enough has been liquidated again,now trading as national maintenance ltd.

This company has committed 2 accounts of fraud but have also ripped off and kept the money from customers i was dealing with, this can be backed up as i still have all the paperwork for jobs completed and 1 very unhappy customer who paid arena via credit card over the phone for a new window,she never heard back,i want these fraudsters stopped before they rip anyone else off,so would be happy to see them on watchdog.thank you

jason crane

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4224National Maintenance [Bedford]
Total claims:4
lousy locksmith »15/08/200915/08/20091

I found these people in the Yellow Pages (I should have turned the page). I described my problem (lost keys) and they said they'd send a locksmith to have a look. Gary arrived promptly on day 1 but said he didn't have the right parts (despite my having clearly told them on the phone what the problem was). He lifted £45 from me for "materials" and said he'd call me back later that afternoon...... guess what?..... no phone call.

I rang Head Office who said they'd send Gary back at 10am the next day to complete the job....... guess what?...... No Gary. I rang Head Office who said they were terribly sorry, but Gary was busy (presumably his mobile wasn't working either.... which will be why he wasn't able to make a courtesy call to say he was gonna no-show), but that they'd ring me back later.......Guess what?..... no phone call. So, I rang them back and they assured me they'd send Gary back at 10am the next day (today)...... Guess what?....... NO F*****G Gary....... but hey....... Head OFFICE have PROMISED me they're gonna call back when he's on his way......

Stitched up like the proverbial kipper !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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1959Access 247 [Nationwide (Kent)]
Total claims:1
Unprofessional company »10/11/0824/04/20090

This company approached me to do some locksmith work for them. they come across as a very professional setup but once you start working for them i was soon to learn that this was not the case i would urge anyone looking for a locksmith not to use this company as they are grossley incompatent and don't pay there bills

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2691KeyMax [Knoxville]
Total claims:1
150.00 »May 10,200916/05/20090

My husband hired Jeremy Arnwine to come out and get our 1999 pathfinder unlocked. He didn't do a great job and the ignition locked up again a week later. My husband was in the hospital and I was the one who had to deal with him. I called him and asked could he come to my house where the vehicle was. Again the ignition was locked up again. He did return my call and finally arrived 3 hours later than what he said. He worked on my ignition for about an hour. I paid him in cash 150.00. Mind you my husband had already paid Mr Arwine 50.00 not even a week prior to that. Mr Arwine "guaranteed" that my ignition was fixed and this would not happen again. It has and on Mother's Day Sunday after church. I have tried to reach him for 6 days. He refuses to return any of my phone calls . Not even to say I will get back with you . He is truly a scum bag and I would never ever recommend his services to anyone. We only have the one vehicle . My husband has dialysis 3 days a week and I work 3rd shift . I am reporting him to the BBB on Monday morning . I am not seeking any type of restitution . I just would like this situation taken care of with out incident and drama.


Thank you,

Rain Murphy

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7101National Maintenance [Bedford]
Total claims:4
Deposit Paid - No work carried out »06/10/0925/11/20090

Having read the above I am not now surprised about the problems I am having with this company. After my central heating stopped working I rang this company and an engineer duely arrived and dignosed the problem. He then rang his "Manager" to ascertain a price of £320. Or i was informed, it could be cheaper if paid by cash. A price was then agreed for cash and deposit of £100 was paid. The engineer said he would be obtaining the parts and return in three days time. Guess what!!! show. Another day was arranged for the repair, Guess what!!! show. Not even a phone call to say they wouldnt be coming. After loosing patience I made arrangements for another company to come and do the work. They actually came on a saturday afternoon and the work was completed by the monday night. However, after numerous phone in an attempt to get my deposit repaid i made calls to the Company which ended up with promises that a manager would be returning my call and guess what!!! calls.

I have now written to the company asking for a refund of my deposit and to date have not recieved a reply. You can make your own minds up on the standard of customer service and relations of this company.

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10926National Maintenance [Bedford]
Total claims:4
Suspect pricing/payment policy »15/1/1001/02/20100

We had no hot water running through taps despite having a tank full and the central heating was working OK. My wife called National Maintenance (company reg: 06577452 - VAT reg and Corgi reg 'applied for it said on invoice) - as they advertised no call out fee - from Yellow Pages and arranged for them to call a day later. The plumber duly arrived hour and a quarter later than agreed, but did apologise. He spent c. two hours diagnosing the problem which turned out out to be a thermostatic mixer valve on the water tank. He said initially this could be fixed by "tapping it", but said he had to ring his 'boss' to check his diagnosis was right as he had only been working for the company for two days. He went outside and was on the phone 10/15 minutes and came back and said his 'boss' was locating a part locally and he wanted £100 CASH 'deposit' to go and get it. Part cost £84 he said but no receipt - when questioned he said it was because it was bought 'trade'! My wife made him leave his tools, driving licence and bank card while he went to collect the part ... 40 mins later he returned and spent an hour or so fitting. My wife then had to go out to a local cash point for the rest of the money - £192.57 - as they would only take cash. She called me and I said no more money without full invoice (which they initially said they would post on to me in 2/3 days). His boss said the invoice would be delivered by hand in an hour ... nearly three hours later someone turned up with the invoice (no VAT amount noted) and my wife paid them. While I have no complaint with the workmanship, I find the whole procedure very suspect ... ONLY DEAL IN CASH? THE CALLS TO HIS 'BOSS' FOR A PRICE? I also believed they overcharged for the part as I have found similar online for between £35 and £55 + VAT. Of the THREE HOURS labour (@£55 + VAT an hour), the plumber has spent 40 mins getting the part (in Wellingborough 3 miles away!) and nearly 15 minutes on the phone to his 'boss'. I believe I should be refunded for that time ... £55 + VAT and the suspected overcharge - say £30 + VAT for the part as no receipt to back up cost? Sadly despite the power of the internet, I doubt if my claim will be settled or that National Maintenance will respond in any way. This is what Companies House say is listed for that Company Reg No: Name & Registered Office: ARENA MAINTENANCE SERVICES LIMITED SERVICES HOUSE PO BOX 155 NEW ROAD SANDY BEDS ENGLAND SG19 1WL Company No. 06577452 Status: Active - Proposal to Strike off Date of Incorporation: 28/04/2008 Country of Origin: United Kingdom Company Type: Private Limited Company Nature of Business (SIC(03)): None Supplied Accounting Reference Date: 30/04 Last Accounts Made Up To: (NO ACCOUNTS FILED) Next Accounts Due: 28/01/2010 OVERDUE Last Return Made Up To: Next Return Due: 26/05/2009 OVERDUE

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20501Armor Locksmiths [Muskegon]
Total claims:1
Never Showed Up For Appointment »07/28/201105/08/20110
I made an appointment with the company to come out and change the locks on my house. They did not show up at the appointment time. When I called them thirty minutes past the scheduled time, all I reached was voice mail telling me to "leave a message". I did leave a message but never heard from them. They never showed up at all to the appointment and I had to pay a different locksmith company extra money to come out so late at night.

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