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1918Intuit Ltd [Twyford Reading]
Total claims:2
QuickBook 2008 »21st April 200921/04/20090


Our company bought Quick Book Premier 2008 6 months ago. I installed the system just to see how its look and decide to start new system from the 1st April 2009.

On the 1st of April 2009 I start using new system (QuickBooks Premier 2008) and spend 2 weeks to transfer manually whole my database. Today in the morning I was ask by quick book updater to install some updates for my system. Without question I run updates. I was sure that intuit providing quality service and they would not harm my system. After update I realise that all bills are no longer billed to customers and if I create new one I am unable to connect this bill to customer. The column Billable is completely blank. I called to technical support in order to resolve this problem, and was so surprise that I need to pay £16 per months for support, even if damage was caused by QuickBooks updates. Ok I would agree if people need support for learning how to deal with quick books, but for resolve problems which was done by Intuit updates....

"Please note: QuickBooks customers get 30-day free support from registration of their QuickBooks product." - Technical support and customer support are different things.

Now I have a second thought... maybe they do this in propose, run updates with some wrong scripts or bugs in order for people to pay extra £16 per months? I fill like I was cheated on my trust to this company.

"Intuit UK is committed to creating new and easier ways for businesses to tackle life's financial chores.
So, no matter where you find us - from the UK and Canada to the US - you can trust that our innovative products and services will give you more time to live your life and run your business." - definitely not in my situation, now I don't have a choice as spend 2 weeks from my holiday (instead to take my 4 years old daughter to sea-side) to re-entry all the system again and do not, in any occasions run updater again.

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1933Intuit Ltd [Twyford Reading]
Total claims:2
Intuit (Quickbooks) keep stealing our money by direct debit! »20/04/0922/04/20090

We are registered Quickbooks Pro Advisors, and Intuit originally set up a direct debit as payment - approximately £380 for a year's membership, including software and updates. I cancelled the direct debit as I was entitled to do once the first full payment had gone out - I thought we could negotiate a new deal next year, and didn't want to be caught short if there wasn't enough money in the account on a future DD date.

Since then, we have twice had them take the full amount again - despite cancelling the DD every time! We have spoken with Intuit and our bank, Natwest about this - Intuit just apologise and say they don't know how it happens, and Natwest say there is absolutely no way for us to prevent Intuit from setting up the DD all over again and stealing more of our money!

The first time this happened we got our money back within a week, and I believe a refund is on its way this time. Our demand for disbount next year has finally been met with the agreement of giving us 18 months' for the price of 12 - sounds like they want the chance to take even more money every quarter to me!

I don't think Intuit are a malicious or inherently bad company, but do watch out that they aren't billing you over and over again for something you should only pay for once per year!

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2482iyogi Tech Support
Total claims:1
Grady Morgan »April 17, 200909/05/20090

On April 17, 2009 I accidently deleted MY DOCUMENTS on my computter.  I had valuable info stored there and I could not recover it.  In desperation I call what I thought was a Microsoft Tech help site in the USA but it turned out to be an office in India.  I was connected with Iyogi Tech Support (PH: 888 935-4306).  I explained what I had done and they assured me they could recover MY DOCUMENTS for me and ask if I needed anything else.  I told them my computer was slow on start up and I was assured they would make it like new again.  They ask how I would be paying for the service and I asked what is was going to cost.  They said for $399.00 they would correct the immediate problems and service my computer for the next three years.  I told them to forget it.  Then they said for $139.99 they would fix the immediate problem and give me a year of protection.  I agreed and my Mastercard account was charged on April 22, 2009 for $139.99.  They checked my computer and then said they could not recover MY DOCUMENTS and they did not correct the slow start up of my computer.  I demanded a refund and after considerable discussion I was transfered to the billing department and was told I could get my refund.
After two weeks I still have not received my refund and they keep telling me "the check is in the mail".

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Total claims:1
Interior Home Designs of Rossendale »25-1-201306/02/20130
I was delighted when the kitchen arrived and was very impressed with the service Interior Home Designs of Rossendale gave me. They've certainly got a contented customer in me and everyone in my house loves our new elegant kitchen.

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