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2178Bx Supplier Stores [Hudders Field uk]
Total claims:1
order never received »5/2/0903/05/20098

Dear friend,

I search online for wholesale and i found this wholesale name is Bx Supplier Stores carry phone. the price very cheap and i though it real i order from them 2 iphone on 5/2/09 total amount of 490USD..they asking me to do westion union so i did.....after i make a payment and who claim himseft as William Finnerty as sale manager.  telling me that his dept over ship package of 5 iphone.  He asked me to paid extra 2 and 1 for free. I have a feeling this is scam because they are no such as first order never arrive yet. i telling him to cancel and reshipped...but he try to put me to pay or my shipping on hold.  im now worry that i migh lost 490USD...if the package not arrive on 05/4/09 monday. I just want to confirmation to ppls in america...that becareful of this business.  before u making the info bellow

Ad posted in alibaba. [] (link: Consumer do not buy from this website because..he have so many website out careful

Good Luck

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1940Esources [London]
Total claims:3
Refund »22/04/200923/04/20091

I logged on to there site to sign up as a member for 3 months which was £29.95 when I got to teh checkout a message box flashed up to say upgrade one time offer you will nevver see this again upgrade now for life time membership for just £48 so I though well I may as well as was paying £29.95 for 3 months so to get it for £48 for a life time membership seemed to make sence, then just went on to say transaction complete no details, I logged onto online banking to relise they took £78 not 48, so I cancelled my membership instantly asn emailed advising I wanted a refund as they should never have taken this amount I never confirmed that amount and I want it all cancelling and refunding as I am exstremly unhappy.

I have sent 6 emails and no reply to any you can not phone them or fax them as they satte they dont offer this service,

I have had a email to confirm its cancelled but nothing about my emails or money and this was just a automated one from when I cancelled it.

I just want my money back from this company and to have no further dealings.

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1711Esources [London]
Total claims:3
membership »30/03/200907/04/20090 ar a company that is supposed to put you in touch with wholesalers in order for you to buy from them and start you own business on their site you can eleect to pay for one month membershhip at £19.50 so I ticked the box and paid with my debit card,they sent an invoice straight away and had deducted £97.00 for a lifetiimee meembership,I e-mailed them straight away to point out the mistake and asked if they would reimburse me,I had no reply,I have sent about ten e-mails and in one suggested that I may phone the policce,I still had no reply so I sent a letter,still no reply, they will not respond to any letters or e-mails I send and I do not know what else I can do.  I thought I would cancel my membership to see if they would refund me but I looked on their site and now my membership is cancelled  and they still have my £97.00

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4946Esources [London]
Total claims:3
Refund »Sept 200819/09/20090 IS A SCAM. I fell for their "Money Back Guarantee" lie.

I subscribed to their lifetime membership on the basis of the "Money Back" guarantee.

Within 2 days I realised that it was a total waste of money, it gave me nothing that I couldn't easily find for free so I requested a refund.

After a lot of time and effort I did manage to get a reply to emails only to be told "You have contravened the Terms & Conditions so your account has been suspended".

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2261Consumer Depot Nashville, Tennessee [Nashville]
Total claims:1
Sales Fraud »november 200805/05/20090

I bought a X-Box 360 Pro system from Consumer Depot at the end of november 2008 which I was told was refurbished by Microsoft and had a 1 year warrenty with them(microsoft). In less than 5 months the unit has the "red ring of death" and no longer functions at ALL! I called Microsoft and found out that not only was it not refurbished by them, but that it had been sent to them for repair before and had been tampered with and that they wouldnt even touch it for repair. So now I am 200.00 poorer and have a game console which I cannot get repaired for any amount of money! Consumer Depoy says they won't do anything at all to replace it or get it repaired for me. No customer service at all...

more details » [Nj]
Total claims:1
Delay order from »2010051019/05/20100
I purchased many iphone,blackberry,ipod fittings such as lcd,housing,cover,battery,charger from, but it has past 8 days, I receive nothing. The dinoguide service told me that it will take about 10 - 15 days to receive the pacage because it is free shipping worldwide service. I am worried about my package , can I get my money back if I can not receive the package ? I paid by paypal for the order. Thank you .

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12489Yacast Limited [London]
Total claims:2
Item not received: Xun Chi 138 »18th May 201001/06/20100

I did a search online for a gadget mobile phone called a xun chi and it brought up a listing for Yacast Limited with an email address to contact them. I emailed them asking for information whether they had any in stock and how much it would be for me to buy. They emailed back to confirm the price and that I had to pay by Western Union. They then chased me a week later asking whether I wanted to place an order and that it will be delivered within 24 hours. I confirmed that I did and they sent me details to enable me to pay through Western Union which I did on 18th May and sent a confirmation email to them confirming this. They then emailed me back on 20th May saying that there was a problem at Customs and that I had to pay another $100 to them so that Customs would then ship the item to me. This didn't ring true so I asked for the details of the person at Customs, what Country it was being sent from and their telephone number and if not then I would like a refund. They came back that they didn't have this information and that I had to pay the money to their manager who was out in Africa through Western Union. I asked again for a refund and they replied that I couldn't have a refund until the manager got back in 90 days. I told them I was entitled to a refund within 30 days as I had not received the item that I had agreed to buy for the agreed price. I have not had any response since 26th May saying that the manager hasn't given him any information and that the price was going up $5 each day.

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17671Yacast Limited [London]
Total claims:2
how the hell do i get my order n my money? »11 march 201127/03/20110
228626 order numba.i ordered sum acai berry tablets n colon cleanse for £2.95 each they took a further £34.5out ov my account without anything saying it would n i still havent recieved my order! fumin as i carnt afford it! and i can neva get throu dispite it sayin it has a uk phone number but has a american person talkin everytime sayin its not open.. 08081891485 is the number. i have a acai lipo invoice number n a tracker number but there no way ov finding were my order is n y they taken £34.5 out? it says?

more details » [SHENZHEN ]
Total claims:4
creditcard fraud »20/1/201101/02/20110
HI on the 29 January 2011 i bought some itmes from i paid them withe my visa payment got through but to another company NN IECPS , TECHNOLOGY LT , SHENZHEN CN i emailed the sites helpline numerous times but i get no reply,every time i log on to my account on my payment is still being processed

more details » [SHENZHEN ]
Total claims:4
order from wholesalewebstore no more america »Jan 22 & Jan 30, 201103/04/20110
i placed 2 seperate orders from the lowlife scammers at, 1 on Jan 22,2011 & another on Jan 30, 2011. i was assured & reassured by this company that they were legit, & they would deliver merchandise in a timely manner! (if there is any such thing as timely from China) i was also informed my pymnts would be billed thru a dependable company called visamasterpay!(sounds pretty legit huh) the 1st order was a approx. $250 & the 2nd was approx $380. pymnt for each order was deducted from my debit card in less than 24 hrs & i was sent thank u emails for both. fast foward to today April 3, 2011 i have left well over 100 emails with visamasterpay as well as wholesalewebstore, all have gone unanswered, i have tried to call EVERY phone # listed for each site. 2 are not recognized & the visamasterpay # rings 13X then hangs up or goes busy. i am absolutely livid! this is the 1st time i ever had this to happen & i've ordered items from the internet hundreds of time so, i'm not sure if the anger is for the lyin lowdown scammers, or myself for not doin my homework researching either company! i need answers. as of yesterday i opened a complaint claim w/my debit card provider, but i was told this process could take up to @ least 3 mnths, if not longer!! HELP SOMEONE HOW DO I PERSONALLY CONTACT THESE CLOWNS...anyone have legit addresses, emails, or phone #'s? oops i almost forgot in mid feb i received a pr of the boots, & 1 pr of knockoff nike were the wrong size, & the shoes were not the pr yeah, i'm kinda seething pissed @ these crooks!

more details » [SHENZHEN ]
Total claims:4
NO MORE DO NOT BUY HERE »31/03/201105/04/20110
I PLACED AN ORDER FOR CLOTHING FROM AND I NEVER GOT a real tracking number, they gave me one but i still cannot check on the web page of EMS says that it doesent exist.
I think MY ORDER WAS NEVER SHIPPED. I've wrotte many time to libenny the person who works here to his mail but i dont have any answer.
i made a mistake cause i paid by Paypal so they allready have the money.
I'm very affraid y think i never going to recived the products...there's anything to do?? i think this happend often to other people like me..

more details » [SHENZHEN ]
Total claims:4
Never Received/Scammed »04/13/201125/04/20110
I ordered products from this site and was advised that it would take 5-7 days to receive. My payment was taken off of my card immediately, but the status on their site still shows payment being processed and I have yet to receive my products almost 2 weeks later. The email addresses given does not work and noone answers the phone on the number given in the payment email. Is there anything i can do to recover my funds?

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16653My Catalogues
Total claims:1
Suspicious »8th February 201112/02/20110
I have had £81.19 taken off my account by an American company called "My Catalogue". I am still waiting on a refund from Choice White and this amount of £81.19 is the same amount as they took. I think that it is possible Choice White and My Catalogues are the same company.

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21774connect distribution services ltd [birmingham]
Total claims:1
washing machine parts »31/10/201101/11/20110
when using the internet to buy parts for washing machines E spares,currys part master , and eluctrue part are from the same company conect distrubution in birmingham , but have noticed the parts are different prices across the sites if u want better quality for your money i would use EBAY or a company called QUALTEX in brierleyhill, , and why use there one price repair when you can use FIXYA they will give you the advice to repair it yourself as for me i will be starting up a FREE to use web site on how to fix your appliance and where to get the besh priced parts from so keep watching


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27365palmoilderivativeltd [leed]
Total claims:1
Used cooking Oil & Palm Oil / Sunflower Oil & Rapeseed Oil ( Best offer CIF ). »16/10/201214/11/20120
At Palm Oil Derivatives Limited Our production capacity is about 30.000 tons monthly. We We offer Refinded USP/NF, Crude and Kosher (where applicable) vegetable oils and other oils for various industries (Used cooking Oil, Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil, Soyabean Oil, Corn Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Castor Oil and Jatropha Oil) in addition to 12.000 tons of margarine in a modern facility and technological system according to ISO 22000 for food safety management, as well as certificates of International standards and ISO 9001:2008 for quality system.

Bottling and Packing of our products are done in a mechanism way according to the rules of hygiene.

We export 100% of our products worldwide.

Available upon Request:-
*Technical Analysis Report

Contact Details :

Tel: +447035935946
skype : palmoilderivativesltd

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29080 [David]
Total claims:1
disputed transaction »Wed, 3 Apr 2013 11/04/20130

I am naming and shaming  LEBRON8NIKE.COM ( DAVID )

in connection with the purchase of >

Muppets x adidas Originals AR 2.0 SHOES on 22/3/13


Order Date: Friday 22 March, 2013 Order

Information - Order #115098 Qty. Products Total 1 ea.

Muppets x adidas Originals AR 2.0 Size:

- US:8.5 / UK: 7.5 / EU:42 $76.99

$76.99  Sub-Total: $25.00 EMS / DHL (Ground):

-$5.00 Discount Coupon: DIS1D5DPP : $96.99 Total:


Status History & Comments Date Order Status Comments 03/22/2013 rpapproved

Pay notice [rp transactionid: 13220319675710623D]

Payment Method Credit Card Payment


I paid for Muppets x adidas Originals AR 2.0 SHOES Size: - US:8.5 / UK: 7.5 / EU:42


The total cost of Muppets x adidas Originals AR 2.0 SHOES was $96.99


This company is In breach of contract the item was "as not described" I was sent the wrong item ,

they refuse to cover any costs of returning the wrong item back to them,

claiming i have to pay a further $40 >$60 to post item to them,

nowhere in there policy guidelines does it say i have to pay to return items if they are the wrong item,

i refuse to pay this company any more money as i have already payed $96.99 Total:

and i do NOT have the shoes i ordered and left with shoes i dont want !


i have brought this issue up with the company and asked for this issue to be resolve and they tell me that the manager

is not in the office and to wait for a reply which never came , now they have chosen to ignore me completely ,

i have been a very good customer in the past and now i'm left with shoes i don't want and will not return at my own expense ,

they have admitted the mistake and now refuse to adhere to there own policy and have the shoes returned or offer me a full refund ,

if i can be assured  that i will be paid back the cost of the extra postage i would happily send them back,

it appears now that i can`t sign into my account at

i believe they have deleted my account and are ignoring me now ,

i still have a copy of the invoice and emails,i have asked for a full refund to which they have refused ,

They continue to ignore any e mails and have turned off there own live help service 

I am in the process of filing  a visa dispute with my bank and visa/credit card company under the VISA CHARGE BACK scheme.

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